Big Brother 15: 1/2 a Recap and Funny Youtube

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Chop by the fabulous @ArchimedesChops

Oh great. Apparently there was some sort of sporting event on tonight which screwed up the Big Brother taping. So I am missing the last 30 minutes or so of the show. Oh well, at least Archi sent me a good graphic. It really pretty much sums up the events immediately following HOH.

Gina Marie is a nutbag! She is 32 times more butch than Nick. It’s not a good look to be suicidal over someone you don’t even know. Jeremy congratulates Elissa on her game play and Helen is certain he is talking about her. Helen’s behavior since winning HOH has made me not a fan.  She has been running around for days saying this is “the people’s HOH” and “I am doing this for America” and we are “the alliance of the people.”  Is she from the People’s Republic of Condescension?”

Aaryn and Kaitlin think it is unfair that the majority alliance is just going to vote off people they don’t like, because they are jealous of the beautiful people. BWAHAAHAA! GM interrupts their conversation for more wailing. She wailed until the wee hours of the morning. She wiped he snot on his red Richard Simmons  shorts (talk about a red flag on the gaydar) and wore his stupid baby blue cap and carried around his lipstick chapstick for as long as I have seen the feeds this week.

Any excuse to use this picture will do.

Any excuse to use this picture will do.

Aaryn begins terrorizing Jessie which Uretha Franklin has already covered in splendid detail in the spoiler thread here.  If you somehow missed that post go read it now, it’s good. Aaryn and Kaitlin are cunts. If there was a more offensive word I would use that. Kaitlin says she feels like she is back in high school but she is on the other side, the loser side. Aaryn thinks about that for two seconds and flips Candice’s mattress with all her stuff on it. Jessie comes back to her bed and Jeremy gets in bed with her and refuse to get off. Then the Howie and Candice scenes start. This scene on the heels of the Zimmerman acquittal is going to make the bigot brigade look even worse. If that is even possible. I am starting to love Amanda.

OMG! Aaryn apologized to Candice. I did not see that on the feeds (I don’t really have time to watch) and had not heard about it. Oh, shocker! In the diary room she says she is sincere in her apology to the extent that Candice misunderstood what she said and she doesn’t want her spreading lies. Nevermind. For a minute there I thought she might have had a shred of enlightenment about her racist mindset. In Candice’s talking head she says she doesn’t believe a word. Um, right after Candice leaves, Aaryn puts her head on her knees and breathes out a single word. I imagine if I were to go look on social media right now there would be a lot of discussion of how that appeared. That is all I am going to say about it here.

Sadly, that is where the show ended for me tonight. I felt a bit bad about missing the sour milk Have or Have Not competition, but then I remembered there was a Wil Heuser (BB14) Youtube I had not seen yet. So I will share that with you below to make up for missing half the damn show. Feel free to tell me what I missed in comments. In the meantime, enjoy Wil…

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31 responses to “Big Brother 15: 1/2 a Recap and Funny Youtube

  1. pischina

    Gina Marie blowing her nose into the shorts… and picking her nose with them… and then rubbing them all over her face… I’m still cracking up. I can’t imagine what Nick is thinking as he watches this. I’m sure he can’t WAIT for her to get out so he can get his shorts back.

    • diamondgigi

      Who the hell cries that much over some guy you just met – she is really showing signs of mental issues or is she desperate.

      • I have a question. Is it truly possible that Aaryn totally believes she is not a racist? I can’t wrap my mind around that concept.

      • bendy

        I really think she has no idea the things she says are racially inappropriate. It seems like she is just a mean girl, and owns that, but thinks she’s just being a meanie not a racist.

        Give her 10 years and I think she’ll be horrified at the way she used to think.

  2. This is the worst bunch of losers ever (they are such big babies) as long as they were winning it was all good. Despite all, I’m really liking the game that Helen/Elissa are playing. Disappointed, very disappointed in Howard. Jeremy is a straddler but I guess this is how you play the game to save your on azz. Guess CBS is still feeling the heat from these racist/homophobic HG “given their statement before the episode” I was done w/CBS but rethought my decision and watched tonight – not disappointed – but I’m still uncomfortable on how CBS has handled this. I just want the HG to vote the losers out before they have a change to serve on the jury. Would love to be the fly on the wall when the blondes get out and find out they are UNEMPLOYED, and will pay total hell getting a job because America knows them now for what they REALLY are.

    • Urethra Franklin

      But YA’LL, Aaryn is the victim.
      She told Spencer yesterday that she thinks BB producers cast her, a blonde blue eyed southern beauty, to set her up as racist on tv because all southerners are a discriminated minority…… Delusion, white party of one, your table is ready.

      CBS is really using this as a major story line. The timing is just unfortunate coinciding with the Zimmerman trial. This weekend I felt like the country just went back 50 years.

      • Aaryn just said to Helen on BBAD about herself “It’s so hard being in the minority!” (She means alliance…../bangs head She is just not smart enough to apply that to the world outside the house. She is quite sure she is unfairly persecuted for being so pretty. And she is certain that if Elissa was gone she would be MVP every week because she thinks she is the prettiest girl in the house.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Yesterday Spencer(of all people) tried to have a heart to heart with her about the racist perception of her. He suggested she rehab her image after leaving the BB house by volunteering at an urban center. When he left the room, she started crying and told Kaitlin & Gina Marie that Spencer ganged up on her about being a racist. That is not what happened, but that is what she heard. Kinda reminds of Delusional Danielle from last season BB.

      • lori

        That is really sad. That girl is as self centered as they come.

  3. lori

    Tamara, I learned years ago to extend the end time on Sunday night bb episodes after it happened to me a couple of times. :(

    A lot of my animal rescue work is with the nyacc which is nyc’s shelter system. There are 3 locations and one is in Staten Island. Trust me when I tell you that Gina Marie is not Staten Islands proudest moment. You know it’s bad when people who reside in the same bureau/city that you are supposedly “REPRESENTIN’!!!” want you voted out. Especially when that city is SI. They are like their own country here in NY, and they stick together big time. She is people’s imitation of Staten Islanders times 10. What a hot mess! And Nick is probably having nightmares right about now. Like the kind when you wake up and look over to the other pillow on your bed and she is laying there with your snot covered shorts on her head, her eyes peeping out of the leg holes saying something like “I’m your number one fan.” And then you wake up screaming, drenched in sweat, repeating “thank God it was only a dream” over and over again. Yikes!

  4. From TMZ:

    The mother of the female African-American houseguest on “Big Brother” says she’s seen ENOUGH racism on the show … and her church is so fed up with the bigotry, they’re calling for a BOYCOTT.

    TMZ spoke with Candice Stewart’s mother Hazel … who tells us it “hurts” to watch a disgusting racist like Aaryn direct her bigoted hatred speak at her daughter.

    “She’s a devil,” Hazel says. “She’s mean and a racist.”

    As we previously reported, Aaryn’s been on a racist tear in the house — most recently mocking Candice by speaking in a super-racist “black voice” that would probably make the KKK blush.

    Hazel says her family church has also become concerned … saying, “They will no longer watch ‘Big Brother’ anymore because of the racism. The community thinks Candice is being bullied.”

    “If I would have known this is the way the show would turn out, I would have convinced Candice not to go.”

    • lori

      If her Mom can resist watching the show (or the love feeds for that matter) she is a stronger person than I. I would never be able to do that if my daughter were in the house, as much as it would kill me to see my daughter in so much pain due to the horrific way she is being treated. Her Mom must want to beat the crap out of Aaryn.

  5. lori

    I loved the video by Wil. Are those videos a new thing? If not, how have I missed them up until now? Great impersonations. I loved Paula Deen with the stick of butter. Very funny. As for Aaryn’s apology, I was already prepared for it to be half ass because UF said so in her recap the other night. I think Amanda busting in on that conversation and completely calling Aaryn out just turned me into a huge Amanda fan. I also really liked her reaction to mccrae’s confession. I also thought it was sweet and telling when said “funny thing about LOVE is. ..” when she was talking about the queen protecting her king thing. I personally think McCrae is HOT! He looks sooo much like a very dear friend of mine who died years ago when we were still in our 20′s. Right down to the curly hair, although I think Mccrae looks even hotter with his hair straight. I have a feeling that McCrae and Amanda could be one of those couples who end up trying to have a relationship outside of the bb house. That is if he gets some aspirations beyond being a pizza delivery boy. They both seem like really genuine people.

    One last thought… Helen’s ego really turned me of tonight. Expressly the scene where Jeremy comes into the room to tell Alissa (and he was looking right at Alissa) and said something like “Congratulations on still being the house. Amazing game play”. He said it like 3 or 4 times, staring at Alissa every time, and Helen kept saying “Thank you. Thank you so much”, making sure that he knew it was her. If she was smart she would have kept her mouth shut instead of showing herself as more of a threat, but I guess her ego just wouldn’t allow it.

    • Puravidacostarica

      I thought Helen turned into a little dictator with diarrhea of the mouth. Read somewhere that some commenters were referring to her as “Kim Jong Helen”.

  6. Thurston

    funny thing is Nick tweeted the shorts aren’t even his.

  7. Brillke

    I’ve never watched Big Brother but I’m addicted to these recaps! These people seem like idiots and I can’t believe they do some of the shit they do knowing cameras around. Surely they are putting on a show, right?

  8. KB

    Go Amanda!! Can you believe Aarn and Kaitlyn think they’re minorities” just because they are currently on the losing end? All I could do was laugh when i heard that. GM is acting really unstable. If I were her employers I would have cut her loose too(racists comments excluded). Kaitlyn is going to have a rude awakening when she finds out that she was being used by Jeremy the whole time. Helen needs to take it down a thousand because HOH is only temporary. If she gets rid if Howard or Spencer now its because its based on her emotions but if she rids the house now of Aaryn or Jeremy…. Neither will be on the jury which is where you don’t want them. That would be smarter….just sayin.

  9. KB

    Go Amanda!! Can you believe Aarn and Kaitlyn think they’re” minorities” just because they are currently on the losing end? All I could do was laugh when i heard that. GM is acting really unstable. If I were her employers I would have cut her loose too(racists comments excluded). Kaitlyn is going to have a rude awakening when she finds out that she was being used by Jeremy the whole time. Helen needs to take it down a thousand because HOH is only temporary. If she gets rid of Howard or Spencer now its because its based on her emotions but if she rids the house now of Aaryn or Jeremy…. Neither will be on the jury which is where you don’t want them. That would be smarter….just sayin.

  10. bendy

    I am really impressed at the arguing skills of Amanda and Jesse. They can get their point across without the nastiness of house guests past.

    Jeremy has been awfully calm this week. I feel like the diary room has assured him that if he can lay low this week and not piss anyone off they’re going to fix it so Aaryn goes home. The DR wouldn’t let Elissa put up Howard and I think they’re worried about the racist backlash and will work to get her voted out.

    Aaryn and GM will really be crying when they see how they are disliked by the audience. I think Kaitlin is the real threat to the nicey-nice side of the house, she’s smart, mean and athletic. If she gets HOH all Hellen’s delusions of grandeur will come crashing down and they’ll be the minority side of the house again.

  11. Mimi

    TT, You should try to watch the Have Not competition if only to watch Howard try to throw it and POURING rotten milk all over Aaryn. Will’s video is really great above and he did a fantastic Paula Deen voice. It is going to be SO awkward when Aaryn walks out of the house to boos and/or crickets and Julie Chen. WOW! Can’t wait…

    • Lisa in Oregon

      OMG my husband and I rewinded the part where Howard throws milk on Aaryn twice because it was so hilarious! Best part ever!

      • lori

        I too thought Howard totally dousing Aaryn with that milk was hysterical. You could tell by his expression that he was really enjoying himself, and I would venture to say that it must have been quite therapeutic for him. “This is for the Shaniqua comment! And this is for the fish comment! And this is for being a complete bitch! ” etc. etc. – If he had gone through them all, he probably would have ran out of milk.

  12. Enough Already

    I’m really disappointed in the way that CBS is handling this situation….IMO, Aaryn and Gina Marie should be disqualified due to their actions….it’s not right to give them a chance to win….

    • Me too I just want them GONE. They MUST not win. If any of the three win CBS will have hell to pay. The producers had better get to fixin’ this RIGHT NOW. Them being in the house has made this a very unenjoyable BB season.

  13. Belinda

    Signed a petition on to get rid of Aaryn. They are saying that BB will kick her to the curb (does anyone say that anymore?) on Thursday night’s live eviction.
    When you think of the price that Paula Dean paid for one word thirty years ago, it only seems right that this disgusting cunt bag should be eliminated and publicly humiliated.

  14. Urethra Franklin

    On the Talk today, Julie Chen aired the video of the confrontation between Aaryn & Gina Marie against Candice. I’ve seen it a dozen times already, and it pisses me off every time.

    Julie Chen is gonna make sure these ignorant girls learn a lesson.

  15. lori

    No updates on BB? I cannot believe that GM is seriously having a memorial service for Nick, with pallbearers and all. They were supposed to have had it already, but GM is not quite ready to do it yet and has announced that it has been postponed until Monday. How pathetic (and delusional) this whack a do is!

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