Mediocre Big Brother Recap: BEST EPISODE EVER!

bigbrother15allcastSorry ladies and gents but Miss Franklin has the night off. Something about having a life and plans and some other fancypants excuse. So you are stuck with me for this week. That means a quick and dirty recap  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS EVICTION.

Let me start by saying that my girl Helen cannot keep a secret to save her soul. There should be a blindside tonight and my girl Helen ran around like a fool telling the other side. SIGH. Oh Helen. So Elissa is officially my favorite. Not because she is Rachel’s sister but because she gets under Aaryn’s skin so badly. And I hate Aaryn more than I ever hated Rachel.

Candice knows that the boys are going to pick the girls off one by one and she is trying to broker peace. Ooops sorry. I was listening to all the guys meeting two by two. Spencer, Howard and Nick or worried about Amanda and her influence on McCrae. McCrae realizes he has to choose between Amanda and the Moving Company. Hmmm this is a hard one. Heh. I said hard one. Should he pick a bunch of guys or should the quirky pizza boy spend the rest of the summer boinking a hot chick from Florida?

bb15aaryrnhowieAaryn is told that some of her houseguest think she is racist. Um, wherever is that coming from?  COULD IT BE THIS BIGOT REEL THAT IS BARELY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG AT THIS POINT?  Julie says the bigoted comments have made national news outside the house, but now it is effecting them inside the house. Cue the new bigot reel.. Candice says, “Aaryn made a derogatory comment to me today but I just ignored it.”  Howard says, “You know the fish story, right? Aaryn says that she noticed the white fish all fight to stay at the top of the tank and the black fish stay at the bottom because the fish tank is segregated.”  Amanda goes to talk to Aaryn. She says that she gets Aaryn is joking when she makes racist comments but that the minorities in the house find it hurtful. So Amanda just wants her to be mindful of that. Aaryn says, “That is the most obnoxious and annoying thing I have ever heard.”  Aaryn says she is not even going to acknowledge that because it is such a joke. I wish that I cared more about this, but I don’t.”  Oh Aaryn, I think you will start caring sooner than you think.

Amanda is asked if she actually realizes that the is being filmed. Then she asks Aaryn. She says she doesn’t forget the camera’s are on, she is just an open person. And now America knows all about her. Julie simply says, “Yes, we all do.” In a way that says fuck you racist bitch we all hate you. It was priceless. The houseguests all laughed. Aaryn looked worried. Perfect. That was better than telling her. Now she will wonder what we think of her. I bet Julie calls Aaryn a racist every week until the boot and then shows a bigot reel to her during her exit interview and then Aaryn runs off and kills herself. Oh um, maybe not that lost part. Sorry I got carried away.

bb15elissamvpLOL Elissa gives a shout out to America again. It is so obnoxious and perfect. Nick seems to think he going so he just did sort of a Dan speech about the people he likes or something.  During the voting, Andy had a good spot amongst the Elissa haters so he may fly under the radar. WOW SURPRISE VOTE! Howard votes to evict Elissa. What is up with my Howie!  I think he might have thrown the vote to make McCrae look guilty? I don’t get his strategy. But WOOHOO whatever Nick is about to get the boot.

Gina Marie is literally SOBBING like a wife at her husbands funeral. Se is wailing They can hear her outside the house. Some of the audience is laughing. This is going on forever. Now the other girls are crying because it is contagious. And Nick seems blindsided. He says Spencer must have turned on him. He is right.

Time for the HOH. It is expected to be Trivia and the hamsters have been Jedi Drilling forever. Helen was up all night. I hope she gets it, or Candice, or Elissa.  We need Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlin on slop!  Too bad Jeremy has a slop pass FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER.

OMG I WAS TOO ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT TO BLOG! HELEN WON! HELEN WON! HELEN WON! HELEN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ! YAY! YESSSSSS! Um, sorry. It was very close. There were five or six people still in at the end and they had to do two tie breakers. Kaitlin was fast and knew everything. The last question was how many seconds did it take Jeremy to win the last Veto. Helen got it. This is FABULOUS NEWS! I was going to go to bed but I really want to stay up and watch the live feeds from midnight until two on TVGN!

This is fantastic. Helen and Elissa will control all three votes AND WILL GET PAYBACK ON THE EVIL BULLIES! It looks like Helen might not put Gina Marie on slop though.

Helen is comforting Gina Marie is crying still. Jeremy is pissed. Candice is acting like she is not excited. And that is all for now. Sorry this was such a crappy blog. Miss Franklin will come back and do it right soon. I hope. :)


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    Aaryn says to Amanda, oh so now they are just going to vote out whoever they don’t like and that is OKAY WITH YOU?

    BWAHAHAHAAHAHHA this is sofa kind awesome!

  2. Spencer is spreading or at least thinking that Jesse was the flop vote. She wasn’t. It was Howard. Does Spencer know that?

  3. SweetTeaNShade

    My girl Helen!! Yippee! Who will turn first? Arryn? Gina Marie?

  4. No Spencer does not. Howard is lying to everyone and the outcasts believe him and I think Spencer does too. Howard is saying it is Jesse.

  5. Shellbelle

    How about Julie Chen’s comment to Aaryn… Talk about cold shoulder! Love it! So glad Helen won HOH! I hope her first order of duty is put Aaryn on slop.

  6. Howard is not just LYING to Spencer, he is saying he felt bad about voting nick out (WHICH HE DID NOT) but that he PRAYED about it and it felt like the right thing to do. Spencer and Howard or going to talk to Jeremy at some point???? why?

  7. Michelle

    Helen is hoh and Elissa will be MVP. Aaryn Gina Marie on the block with kaitlyn as MVP nom hoping to bd Jeremy. This week is predictable. Funny thing is other people worked harder than Elissa herself to stay smh. I guess I will tune in to see who actually goes home. Hopefully it will be Aaryn so the focus gets off her

  8. Big Momma

    All I can say is get a restraining order Nick cause your no-showmance is Cray-Cray!!! “I didn’t even get to kiss him!!” “If I had only 2 more weeks with him he would have kissed me!!!” Wow… so sad. Aaron is sooooo misunderstood! (NOT) If she thinks being cAlled ‘Barbie’ is bad why does she dye her hair blond and wear ittybitty bikinis??? Pull-leezzee, reality check! Time to pay up insensitive, unkind, bigot! You can self-evict any time along with with you entourage!

  9. pdt090

    Aaryn is really the perfect Reality TV villain. She ticks every evil checkbox and has zero self-awareness, I can’t believe she didn’t pick up on Julie’s shade.

  10. Jesus Christ, the bigot bitches stole Candice’s bed and Jesse’s bed. At some point one of the called Candice Shaniqua in front of Howard. Candice and Howard are freaking out because oward knows he is about to lose his mind and beat a bitch. The stupid ass bigots can’t figure out why when they walked in on Candice and Howard they were so upset. THe bitches think CANDICE AND HOWARD ARE FIGHTING. HOWARD IS ABOUT TO GO POSTAL ON THE HOUSE> HE IS IN THE HAVE NOT ROOM PRAYING AND TRYING TO GET HIMSELF TOGETHER> DR KEEPS CALLING HIM HE LOOKS LIKE THE INCREDIBLE HULK

  11. KB

    I missed all the action but I see GM had been crying over Nick. Didn’t he say he didn’t feel anything for her? These people are insane. A bunch of bullies, bigots, lames, liars, and losers. I will have to check out Thursdays ep on On Demand before I go into work this morning and then I can see what all the hub nub was about . Apparently GM, Aaryn and kaitlyn turned over Candice’s and Howard’s beds. Then a huge argument ensued. This was all on BB After Dark.

  12. KB

    Could someone please tell GM that Nick was never checking for her like that? It’s driving me crazy listening to her whine and cry while everyone tries to placate her. I liked Nick and I’m so glad he’s out if that house.

  13. Urethra Franklin

    It is 3:30 AM and GinaMarie is STILL fucking crying for 7 HOURS. Her tear ducts need a social security number for working so hard. This is the most ridiculous display of emotion I have ever seen. #GinaMarieStopCrying. #HeReallyIsNotThatIntoYou #YouBigDummy #STFU

    Post Evel Dick, this is the most bizarre night I have ever seen in the BB house.

    • lori

      Lmfoa @ social security number.

    • NAA

      I thought nick was gay, no? Not that the gays don’t make great husbands.

    • I stopped watching shortly after Evel Dick’s first season but man I loved him then.

      • I can’t seem to wake up today. I was up all night watching the feeds knowing I had to get up but I just could not tear myself away. I really want to address everything that happened last night but… I think UF was watching maybe I can convince him to explain it.

        I have watched every season of BB. There is always someone ostracized. People are often rude. Pranks get played. People talk shit about each other. But this was different. In my opinion the racist comments are not what makes it different. That hot Muslim guy whose name I forget was on the receiving in of racist comments. It was ugly. I don’t recall anyone being bigoted to his face. I don’t recall anyone flipping his bed or trying to keep him from being able to sleep at night while making relentless nonstop racist comments. It was beyond atrocious. It was beyond Evil Dick. It was simply evil. And Kaitlin was a willing participant. Kaitlin bullied a girl in her own bed, so did Jeremy refusing to leave her alone. Calling Jesse all sorts of names because she is the runt of the hamster litter, The easy target. It is interesting to me that Helen still refers to Arryn and Kaitlin and Gina Marie and Jermey as “the popular group.” Interesting because I call them the racist homophobic douchebags.

        I know everyone in this house will learn something from this. I have learned something from this. I live in Georgia and in Atlanta, we have gay friends (practically gay capital of the world, we assume men are gay until proven otherwise) tons of black people, tons of Hispanic people. We all interact together, socially, at work, everywhere. And I did not know that there were still such racist people especially so young. As I said regarding Paula Deen, the oldest generation still has residual racism. But college age students? When I was in college at UGA this was not going on. I can’t wrap my head around this sort of prejudice and hatred. It makes me upset to see it. It makes me upset to talk about it. And I still don’t want to believe I saw what I saw.

      • I think you mean Kaysar Tamara

      • I think you mean Kaiser Söze.

      • NAA

        I’m convinced she exists.

      • I should have said in my earlier post that I liked Dick’s sarcasm and humor and I don’t recall seeing/hearing the racist or homophobic comments he might have spewed. I was losing interest in the show back then (haven’t watched since) and only 1/4 paid attention.

  14. GeorgiaSmilez

    This goes up as one of the BEST. EPISODES. EVER! It was filled with every emotion possible with the last being comedic (GM wailing over her husband leaving her and without ever consummating their marriage, even without a simple kiss) and victory (Helen winning HOH)!

    That Julie Chen, she is so slick and was throwing the best shade ever. Aaryn is so dumb she didn’t even realize it. Julie was giving all the houseguest a warning of sorts; Amanda, your boyfriend may be watching, Jessie, you look desperate, hun; Aaryn, we see you for your true colors…

    I am so disappointed in Howard with the lying and throwing poor Jessie under the bus. Howard you will be found out soon. I do hope he keeps his cool, though. (This could possibly be your test of faith… be bigger than them.)

    I can go either way with Nick but he was a little too smug thinking he wasn’t going home. When on the block, NEVER assume you are not going home. Elissa played it cool. She is one of my favs as well and it is NOT because of Rachel, she was so annoying, but because of how the others can’t stand her and she actually is likable.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Great comment. I do find it [insert your chosen word here] that a man who considers himself as a God-fearing man who reads the Bible and is a youth [pastor? Counselor?] is so at ease with his lies. Don’t misunderstand — I know it has to be done if you want to win BB as I have yet to see an honest contestant win, but where is the outcry that was heaped on Dan last season for being a “Christian liar”? Just curious.

      • Howard is confessing to this on After Dark at this very moment. He’s coming clean to the group and saying that he was having a difficult time with his lies. Evidently, he was not at all at ease.

      • Puravidacostarica

        I am happy to hear this,… That one’s morals and beliefs mean more than $500K.

      • Twilly

        Because he’s a hypocrite

  15. diamondgigi

    CBS w/the BB15 NASTY, VILE house guest Aaryn is just killin’ me. Just saw the clip on TMZ of the bed flippin’ ish. I LIVE for BB in the summer but this racost chick along w/the homophobic, racist crew is workin’ a nerve for me. I can’t enjoy it. Glad to know that Helen won HOH and I hope she puts up the racist chick so the house can go HAM on her and GET her the HELL out. So she can begin living her NEW non existant life and won’t have a chance at being on the jury.

  16. Explain to me how saying the fish bowl is segregated is racist? And how calling someone shaniqua is racist.

    You’re making me start to like aaryn.

    • Urethra Franklin

      I am starting to think of Aaryn’s mindset a little differently now. Is it possible her mindset of racist is different than the rest of us?… I can’t speak for her, but she is unable to wrap her mind around the fact that she is perceived as saying racist comments. I suspect that in Aaryn’s mind she feels she is not racist because she has not said ” I hate black people. Black people are scum. Asians are worthless trash. White people are the best race”…But she does recognize that people are different, and she mocks them immaturely. We all have differences, and we do notice them. I never believe someone when they claim, ” I do not see color, I only see people.”

      TT stated that Paula Deen, from an older generation has some residual racism. Maybe Aaryn is the complete opposite. She does not know what racism is. A while back I lectured my 15 yr old nephew not to use “my niggah” on facebook when posting about his best friend who is black. My nephew who is American-Arab told me his best black friend calls him “my sand niggah terrorist”. He said that they are best friends & consider those comments to be celebrating their differences. His generation does not know what it was like 30-50 years ago. They just don’t get it, didn’t see it, not live it. It is a completely different mindset for the 20 yr old and younger.

      Aaryn is not celebrating nor tolerating peoples differences.She is mocking them to dehumanize, and I still think Aaryn truly is a raging mean girl spoiled bitch IDIOT with an extreme case of racial insensitivity with a side order of foot in mouth disease.

      • What’s funny is that she’s no different than Dick Danato. But it’s more acceptable from him because he is a man. Or sort of a man. He probably has a penis.

      • She is so much worse than Dick (who I also hated). Her insults and bad behavior are all racist, or homophobic, all the time.

      • Nah. Saying fish are black and white is not racist.

      • lwickedgirl

        When I hear young black people, well young people, say” niggah” like it is cool I think you can tell who is raising them, As a black woman with a child I know it is my duty to teach my son that that word is hate filled and no joke but to many it is just part of their everyday lexicon. I think racism come in different flavors of consciousnesses. Just because someone is not waving the confederate flag does not make it not racist. Maybe she does not think she is not racist but by your words and deeds you show what you are. If it walks like a duck…. I wonder if your nephew or his friend would use that language in font of each others parents?

      • lwickedgirl

        Urethra Franklin when I was a teenager I had ‘friends’ who use to say things about black people around me because to them I was not black since I was their friend. Later in life I wondered why I put up with obvious racism but all I can say is I was young and almost just as ignorant, or maybe I was just eager to be friends with people I would not walk across the street to spit on if they were on fire now a days. None of it is cool and one day some people will realize how uncool it is.

    • NAA

      I watched the bigot reel, tee, and had a strong meh reaction.

      UF may be on to something. She’s using their race to mock them but it does feel more callous/stupid than KKK to me.

    • I think a lot of what has people freaking out is just normal. The whole outcry of homophobia? Someone called Andy something that ended in fag instead of frog because he was wearing green. To his face. He laughed. It’s like people calling me Taco or Naa jolly gay giant. Way overblown.

      • It’s not about them going for the racist insult to the person’s face, it is about the camaraderie of talking about how black people stink, and nobody likes queers, or America is going to vote for the queer because America loves queers. Jumping up and down with Glee because their racists comments made the black girl cry. Their behavior is despicable. Maybe it is no different from Dick in your eyes, but I hated him too.

      • I guess I’ve missed a lot. Some of that is bad. Some is not. We know that gays get good edits and lots of airtime on housewives because Andy is gay and bravos demographic has a lot of gay. How is that different from America loves queers?

      • NAA

        Well, you definitely don’t get all that from the bigot reel.

      • Linda

        And saying Helen should make them rice, saying they would have Helen do their nails, saying Candice’s middle name is “Shaniqua” …….. the fish statement was to the effect that the white fish were on top and the black on the bottom like being at the back of the bus. Ugh, so many more than I can recall here but racist, homophobic and feeling superiority as they stick together in a homogeneous group. Disgusting.

      • Asian people do eat rice and do nails. So what? Like she said, how is that different than calling her Barbie?

      • Linda

        They call Aaryn Barbie what’s the difference?
        What’s the difference? Howard, Candice, Helen and Andy can’t change what they are, but Aaryn can. She can CHOOSE to be a Barbie. She can CHOOSE to demonstrate the blonde mentality. THAT’S the difference. But she could change, be educated, more self-aware. Being black, being Asian, being gay aren’t just for the sake of offending anyone or by choice, it is fundamentally who they are and can’t be changed. They are being mistreated and belittled for WHO they are. Stereotyped in a racist manner.
        Asian people eat rice but being told “go to the kitchen and make me rice” is belittling Helen because she is Asian. It is hurtful in a racially charged manner.

      • Congratulations. I think that may be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read online. And that is saying a lot.

      • Bobbi

        Hmmm…….”the blonde mentality.” That sure sounds like stereotyping to me. ~ Dumb blonde, bimbo, uneducated and ignorant may not be racist, but it’s still a stereotype, nevertheless. Just saying….

      • Linda

        Point taken but what you don’t know about me is that I am Blond, have been all my life. I am the first one to laugh at a Blond joke and may even make one, mostly about myself. I believe that I may be Blond but it’s how I speak and what I say that will ultimately be judged.Just like Aaryn, she is being judged on what she is saying and how she is acting which is under her control. I may not have said it very well, but I was trying to explain the difference between “Barbie” comments and racial comments.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Linda and Bobbi: you both make good points. I was a blonde for most of my professional life (hair naturally got darker as I got older). But I could not ever change two things about me: I was and always would be white. The other has to do with my IQ which was either attributable to genetics or to environment. Either way I was never accepted as a smart woman until my hair color darkened (coincidentally ?? With age).

      • Bobbi

        Linda, I really didn’t mean for my comment to sound so snarky. Having been a blonde myself with 2 blonde daughters, I guess my panties momentarily got in a bunch! I absolutely agree that there is a big difference between the Barbie and racial comments being made in the BB house. ~ ‘rica, I know you are a smart- ass….er….smart woman regardless of the color of your hair! Like Linda said, people will be judged on how they speak and what they say!

    • Is this a real question? Are you really serious you do not understand what is wrong with those statements?

    • You’ve asked an interesting question. How is Aryan saying that the white fish float to the top and the black fish stay on the bottom racist?

      By itself that statement might not be considered racist to most people. But, taken with all of the other insensitive things that she has said and done it is reasonable to conclude that the woman is a raging bigot, and the observation indicated that whites were above blacks.

      It’s important to understand what racism really is, what a bigot really looks like. Is saying the n-word racist? No, it’s not. Saying the n-word in a benign context or conversation is not the mark of a bigot. I point to someone like Quentin Tarrantino, a white man who regularly uses that word in his movies to interesting effect. He’s drawing attention to the problem, not celebrating it. (And, if Samuel L. Jackson is on board with it, I’m not going to argue with that bad-ass motherfucker!) When Snoop Dogg uses the word in a song, he’s just being a rapper, and rappers gotta rap.

      The problem is when the n-word is said in a derogatory way. GinaMarie saying that welfare is “n*gger insurance” is an example. This is stereotyping a group of people and marginalizing them. It’s wrong because not every black person is on welfare, nor is every person on welfare black. It’s rude because it perpetuates a stereotype that a person of color is not as good, as smart, as able as a white person. It is a dangerous mindset that results in discrimination and violence.

      Aryan is a bigot because her words indicate that she thinks people of other races are not as good as she is. She insults Asians with mocking remarks like, “Go bring me a bowl of rice, maybe that’ll set her eyes straight.”

      She vandalizes a black woman’s bed by throwing her personal property on the floor, pillows on the floor, and flipping the mattress off of the bed. Notice that she didn’t target another bed… she picked the bed the two black people slept in. Then when discovered and confronted by Candice she responds by mocking Candice with an affectation and patois that can have no other purpose than to insult her.

      Aryan seems oblivious to her own bigotry. This isn’t new. A lot of people think they are just fine, but still do things that are racist and insulting. Several years ago I worked with a woman who accused me of not liking her because she was black. I had to stop her and let her know that I didn’t like her because she was a bitch, not because she was black. It helped slightly that several of our co-workers and our boss was black, and no one had thought that of me. But, even though I didn’t like her, I would not have wanted her to think it was a racial issue. (Geez, she was such a bitch!)

      So, you have a decision to make. If you think that Aryan’s actions and comments are appropriate, that’s your opinion. Spend some time thinking about how you feel about other races. Do you stereotype? Are you a bigot? Where do you draw the line on unacceptable behavior?

      • NAA

        The word is nigger. Seriously, saying “the n word” may be the most you can possibly do to empower racist idiots.

      • I choose not to say it. And, if that’s all you got out of my comment, then it doesn’t matter anyway. The point is obviously lost on you.

      • Seannea

        Well said! Aaryn lacks empathy and self awareness and may be incapable of change. I do hope she learns to be accountable for her actions, but she is in for a rough ride when she leaves the house.

      • Puravidacostarica


  17. Puravidacostarica

    I like UF’s post. I just can’t get over how much Aaryn reminds me of the Regina George character in “Mean Girls”. But in that movie, the putdowns of gays was more prevalent than the racial slams. Can BB give Aaryn a box of high-fat, high-carb protein bars so she ends up with Danielle’s (and Regina’s) fat ass in velour sweat pants by season end? :-)

  18. Just a note: It’s affecting, not effecting in this sentence: “Julie says the bigoted comments have made national news outside the house, but now it is effecting them inside the house. Cue the new bigot reel.. “

    • Puravidacostarica

      How charming of you to point out an error (whether it be intentional or inadvertent)…

      You affected an air of superiority! :-)

      • Linda

        Puravida you effectively made me spit iced tea! Grammar troll in da house!

      • It was trying to be helpful. My statement was a fact, not an opinion. And it wasn’t said sarcastically or rudely. It’s a fucking fact. Try to enjoy the world being a more intelligent place.

      • Linda

        Um, today are you talking to me? If so, you are in error on how the post/reply works on this site. I have made no comment directed to you. My reply is to Puravida regarding the comment above her reply. Orient yourself to how replies are posted here before you put me on blast. I have not read your essay and probably won’t so I don’t know that you have made the world more intelligent place. If I had replied to you my comment would have posted under your essay and not under Puravida’s reply to SouthernCharm. Not everything is about you!

      • Puravida you effectively made me spit iced tea! Grammar troll in da house!

        That’s the comment I was responding to. You have affected an air of superiority.

      • lori

        Ummmmm. Today, I think that comment was not for you. I believe it was in response to a reponse to a post by southerncharm who was correcting tamara’s grammar.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Hey maybe SouthernCharm and Todaycoupons are the same person… :-). (At least they share the same level of over-sensitivity to humor.).

      • They are the same person. Once she figured out I would let her name link to her coupon blog despite coming on my blog with her link to correct my grammar, she decided to just go ahead and use her blog name to lure you to click on it and go get you some coupons.

        But now you fucknuts have hurt her feelers. How the fuck will NAA ever get good coupons now???

        I hope you are all satisfied with yourselves.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Okay who the fuck is NAA???

      • God’s most perfect creation.

      • Puravidacostarica

        If it ain’t you, my hubby

      • Puravidacostarica

        Sorry posted too soon! If it ain’t you, my hubby, me (or any of my favorite regulars I love so much on this blog — Docwall, peach, Isabella, Sandra, JustUs, Linda, Bobbi, Lori, karma grant, popcorn, Uretha, Adam and so many others I can’t remember right now — even you TeeCee, damn you — then I don’t know NAA.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Oh and Stephen (Jersey Boy) and Steve (even when I don’t agree with him)!! We can’t forget those guys!!

      • Bobbi

        Maybe NAA is “Jan” in disguise! :-)

      • Puravidacostarica

        Oh Bobbi, you are so astute! Sadly, there are many “Jan’s” amongst us, quivering in their insecurities. Oh, sorry, meant to just “think” that latter part!

    • Just a note: Stick around. I make frequent errors in relative pronoun usage as well. I regularly use ‘that’ when the correct pronoun is ‘who’. You should try to find each instance while trying to hold off on your grammargasm until you find them all. FUN TIMES!

      • But but but you’re a teacher!! Humans make mistakes not teachers/blog writers! /sarcasm

      • Puravidacostarica

        Grammargasm….oh my! I need to get me one of those. :-)

      • I won’t stick around. My original comment was meant in good faith, an attempt to be helpful. But, you’ve got enough friends here to bully anyone else who wants to join in and participate.

      • Puravidacostarica

        Todaycoupons left her SouthernCharm at home. Twins?

      • Puravidacostarica

        Love me them “just trying to be helpful” excuses! I am gonna call you a dumbass (just trying to be helpful, idiot!). I think you are too fat (just trying to be helpful cuz you’re too lazy for your own good). Etc. Go back to the “trying to be helpful” planet and take your minions with you. :-X

      • Linda

        Puravida, TT, so glad you guys cleared that up! I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. I was just having some word-play fun with Puravida over the grammar police and then wham from somebody coupons. Thank you Lori for having our back. I really think she thought she was taking us to school!

      • Puravidacostarica

        Linda: nobody puts Baby in a corner. :-)

      • Linda

        OMG, loved me some Jerry Orbach~

  19. AlwaysALady

    I’m protesting CBS & it’s thirsty ness to make ratings by continuing to entertain these racists. Once again, TV is rewarding barbaric behavior. Are Neanderthals running CBS?

    • This is utterly ridiculous. THE WHOLE POINT OF BIG BROTHER is to watch people 24/7 in a stressful environment and observe their true colors. If you don’t want to see any racism, or stereotypes or unacceptable behavior, there are very few channels that you might enjoy.

      Something tell me you aren’t a BB fan in the first place. I doubt CBS will care about your ridiculous boycott. Especially since you see this as a network profiting off racism rather than a network bravely showing the unedited, unwhitewased racism in this country, and starting a nationwide debate all over social media.

      How judgmental and sad.

  20. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I was glued to TVGN until midnight last night. Every single time I try to give Aaryn some sort of benefit of doubt she just raises the racist bar even higher (or lowers it lower?). The Get a Clue gene just doesn’t exist in her. There were times last night though where you could just see that this girl must be so incredibly unhappy inside, and unhappy with herself. You HAVE to hate yourself to be so horribly cruel to others. I feel sorry for her, yet I can still see her brushing it all off outside the house, declaring all of America to just be “haters”. I don’t think she’s ever going to learn a lesson.

    I don’t applaud OR complain about what CBS is showing — they have no choice at this point, because there are no other storylines going on in the house. But it’s gone from a travesty of reality TV editing to a great example of what many people suffer from every day. Now that the focus is actually on these horrible happenings in the house, I think this is the best season ever. Just think how awesome it would be if Aaryn somehow had a breakthrough and a breakdown, and redeemed herself… HAHAHAHAHAA that will never happen… but what if it did? This season is going to go down in history as one of the best examples of reality TV (if CBS keeps it up). So I do applaud CBS in making the right choice at just the last possible minute.

  21. lori

    Nick was just on omg insider. They showed the clip of the fight between Candice and Gina Marie. He was shocked by it, and said no one in the house has any idea what’s in store for them. He said he thinks either mccrae or helen will win. When asked I’d he would have a showmance with Aaryn he said she is GORGEOUS, but not my type.Then the host said “no no. you just said she’s super gorgeous. You had no idea that underneath it all she might have like a hood tucked under her pillow case.” And Nick said “no idea”.

  22. KB

    Just saw the Thursday episode. I think Nick may be gay. Also…Aaryn is an ice queen. Somebody is trying to tell you something for your own good about something your doing and you give a response like she gave? I can’t believe it! What is wrong with her? She is sick…

  23. I just realizehis is the first time since I started watching feeds I have felt so stressed out!! Aryan nation and her crew are just so ignorant as to what they are doing!! I mean like wth are you thinking!! You told Julie you do not forget the cameras araound, so you intentionally say things like whachu gun do gurl? And flip Candice’s bed?? OMG! Last nights epi was so fun, and the feeds were an emotional roller coaster. And who Knew Amanda had the biggest balls of all the guys in the house! Craziness I tell ya, craziness!

  24. NAA

    Newsflash – stereotypes exist for a reason.

  25. tata4now

    I faithfully watched the first 9 seasons of BB but I got bored and haven’t watched for a few years. Well all the hubbub online and UF’s post made me start watching again. I saw the live feed last night and I was so disgusted by Aaryn and GM. The are the epitome of mean girls.

    I have a feeling that Aaryn has lived a sheltered life and has gotten a pass for her bad behavior because of her looks. Aaryn is a clueless racist. I’m blond and I have been called Barbie and it is in no way the same thing as what she is doing. To even try to compare it to her racially charged comments is so ignorant and insensitive.

    Did anyone see when Julie told Aaryn to give Helen the HOH key how she stopped over and shoved it at Helen like a little brat?

    BB is a social experiment and I don’t have an issue with CBS letting it play out as long as the just show it unedited.

    Can’t wait for the live feeds tonight. I’m hooked….thanks a lot 😉

  26. I shall keep this up until I get a reaction you PC tards.

  27. I can’t decide who to hate most in these comments.

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