New Chateau Sheree Update!

August of 2012

August of 2012

Well boys and girls, it’s time again to check in on the goings on at Chateau Sheree. The infamous property purchased  way back in December of 2010 has been the bane of the neighborhood for almost three years now. But I got an update today!(Now yesterday 7/8/13) Could it be? Will this be the Christmas that the whole family enjoys their spacious home?  Click through to see all the changes from August 2012 to today.


Oh my goodness. There is no façade? Isn’t the warranty on the house wrap nine months when uncovered? It seems the Chateau has been sitting like this for over a year. That certainly can’t be good. I wonder what could possibly be holding up the process?  Maybe Sheree is just really loving apartment life? The monsoons we have been having lately can’t possibly be good for the Chateau. The neighbor says there are signs of any work going on at all! Perhaps we should not get our hopes up to be invited to a Christmas party at the Chateau.

But all is not lost. Are you one of those foursquare people who like to check in and let everyone know where you are? Well there is good news for you! Chateau Sheree is listed on Four Square as a History Museum. It seems this guy from New Jersey traveled down to the Chateau just to become the mayor!

If you missed all of the history of Chateau Sheree, You can see previous posts, including my courtroom visits with Ms. Whitfield, here.


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49 responses to “New Chateau Sheree Update!

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Uh oh..No you di’ant…Ah yes you did….

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    This post made me smile cause Ms. Shezilla ain’t stopping nobody blog flow with her frivolous lawsuits.

  3. NAA

    Lawsuit goes here.

  4. I am going to have to dig into my savings again aren’t I??? When you get the knock at the door of the process server try saying NO HABLA ENGLISH.

  5. Damn woman! You are brave!!!!!

    • Dana

      I said the same thing. I just can’t understand why someone would get a big house like that? Does she have plans to be on TV again? You can’t do a show about a house, can you? Maybe a decorating or something, but that would be one episode.

      • It is FOR THE CHILDREN! Do you not watch Iyanla Fix My Life? PS her son graduates next year, likely before house is ever finished and the youngest daughter is also in HS I believe. But she is building the house for THE CHILDREN. There will be a skatin’ rink, and a ballroom and a LIEBERRY. FOR THE CHILDREN! (who have lived in an apt for the past few years/seasons with the air mattresses and the bologna sandwiches as seen on TV. But soon! They will have a skatin’ rink! Be patient. These things take time.

        And she did tell Andy on WWHL that the Chateau was more famous than any of the houseguests and should have it’s own show. Andy just laughed and laughed.

        On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Dana

        “It is FOR THE CHILDREN”
        But it’s incomplete says Ilyana and the world.

        Lol. I forgot about that. I laughed so hard when Ilyana said that. Ilyana had a serious look on her face too and she who I won’t name just had a look of stup… !

      • LOL, mo money, mo problems. Sheree must not have a single problem.

      • It isn’t for the chil’ren, it’s for the boy! She doesn’t give a rats ass about her female children, oldest or youngest.

  6. Dana

    You are brave Tamara. I found this blog when all that court stuff started, I will admit I did comment under a different name because I was scared to use my real name, say something that she didn’t like then her come after commenters. Only because the way SHE ( not saying her name – nope! ) was pursuing you.
    By the time this house gets done someone’s kids are going to be 18. What does someone like (you know who) financial situation:
    Cars reposseded, hiding stuff from IRS Allegedley, having different names on property. Why does she need a big house like this for? It don’t make no sense.

    • We have already been to court numerous times. In every event the judge has already ruled that I am allowed to blog about whatever I wish. It’s a first amendment right. You can’t keep going to a judges complaining that your neighbors are providing bloggers information about a construction site in their neighborhood that has been ongoing for three years. They have a right to have their voices heard.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Dana

        She is lucky that is all they are doing and not filing complaints with the city. Where I live at, your grass can’t get past half a half a foot with out having the township on your ass. Matter in fact, when my parents applied for a add on building permit – I think that is what it is called? They had to have it done with in 90 days, they were doing an add on to their kitchen. They had to get a permit because they extended it from the house. She needs to be thankful that is all neighbors are doing and stop abusing our court system.
        I am really sorry for all the trouble you went through with her.

      • iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

        Ooh Dana you give me an idea for TT. Don’t most municipalities have rules regarding the permit and activity that has to take place? I know in Florida, a builder has to perform so many hours of work/month or the permit is revoked and they have to pay for a new one. Wonder if She by Shebroke has an active permit and is in compliance with all the rules, etc with respect to said permit. Now wouldn’t that be a funny if one of her ahem “neighbors” just happened to discover she is in violation and reported it and her permit got pulled.

        I think this fool might be thinking after she finishes her palatial estate house that she is going to sell it and live off the profits. Now frankly that would be a good idea if she had better timing and understanding of the market and when and where to build. My guess is this heap a hunkjunk is gonna go into foreclosure and someone who wants to live up on top of their neighbors on a busy street is just going to be so happy to buy this at an outrageously rich price. More likely the city will take a bulldozer to it. And TT I agree with you, the house being exposed with just the wrap can’t possibly be good, I predict a whole lot of leakage and water damage to be repaired before the sheetrock goes up. Matter of fact I would expect that she might even have some roof damage as well.

        Thanks for exercising your first amendment rights to keep us updated on Chateau Sheree and Sheree you know damn well you are hunched over reading every single line, so hi there :roll:

  7. Abby

    I feel really sorry for the neighbors who have had to look at that hot construction mess for the last three years. Sheree should just sell it “as is” so someone serious about building a house can finish it!

  8. Dana

    LieBerry! Library.
    I can’t stop laughing it hurts

  9. Is Sheree’ building this damn house herself! You know it’s only a matter of time before the bank forecloses on this property. Pretty sure Kenya might buy it up since she seems to not have a home anymore.

  10. The Disher

    If she has a mortgage on the property, then I don’t see how she’s recording deeds to convey the property to someone else — as most lenders prohibit you from doing that. Wonder if the lienholder/mortgagor knows it’s been conveyed to others?

    • Jazelle P

      The scenario you’re referring to is called the “Straw Buyer” scheme and it’s illegal and unethical. I sure hope this isn’t what it’s come to.

  11. jarlath

    At least Sheree didn’t buy a foreclosed home and called it her dream home which she was building LOL

  12. cher

    Ok, I am new; who sued Tamera and why?

  13. Tiffany C

    This is so awesome! It’s great the house has not been finished. I would love it if you make a post each month showing the progress. You could just use the same picture over and over. Sheree is such a clueless moron.

  14. SB

    Sheree is a damn fool.

  15. peachteachr

    Who gonna check me, Boo?

  16. TracyMC

    I honestly don’t understand where her money is coming from. No way Kitsy Lane is bringing in enough cash to pay a mortgage like that.

  17. So, I love an update on the joke that is Chateau Sheree as much as the next TT fan, but where is the scoop on season six of RHOA? I’ve been waiting to hear your take on casting rumors. Is Kenya really out? Did Porsha make the cut? Is Crystal Mocahontas Barnes actually a new housewife? Any chance of Kim Zolciak returning in any capacity? Will Kandi & Todd have a big Bravo-sponsored wedding?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but surely you’ve heard something 😉 Tamara’s always got the tea

  18. Someone else was posting pictures of the Chateau on twitter last night and it seems they have put in a driveway, sort of.

    • Abby

      Not true…. no driveway, just dirt. This is too early for a drive way anyways… all the construction trucks would destroy it. Especially the trucks bringing all that stone or brick for the facade.

      • Abby

        oh, I see what you are talking about… that is the beginning of the asphalt from the previous house.. There is not a new driveway.. that would cost money!

      • lol. True. I just saw it in the guy’s picture which was a different angle from the neighbor’s picture. I stand corrected.

  19. dylpeyt

    Is it normal to hate some that you have never met as much as I hate Shitree? I mean honestly it’s to the point that I think I need therapy! I have never seen on TV or met in person anyone that I despise more than this horse face wanna be rich half man delusional maggot of a person. I can’t even say woman cause I’m not sure that she/he is one. It’s sad for me that someone could invoke such anger from me that I have never even met! I’m hoping that more of you feel the same but if not I guess it’s back to the therapist! I have them on speed dial anyway so it’s all good either way.

  20. tuqwain

    Tamara I told you a while back that sheree whitfield would be back RHOA .. she has been fillming with kim around atlanta… CHATEAU SHEREE will be her story line again this season… since kenya moore can’k come to and areeement with bravo..

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