Real Housewives of Orange County Recap


The RHOOC leaving LAX for their trip to Whistler.


I am watching the very end of last week’s show and the credits are rolling and I just happened to notice the following, “Promotional Consideration Provided by Wines for Wives.” I found that odd. I thought that the whole point of these products was the free advertising. Now Bravo is making the housewives pay for advertising? Very interesting.

This is going to be a down and dirty blog because I have to be done by 10 because my DVR is recording two shows and 10 and I will miss the ending if I get too far behind. So y’all feel free to add in the details I miss tonight in comments. Lydia is taking everyone skiing in Canada. I posted about this at the time. I’m dying to see Whistler. I’ve never been there. I would make fun of the Bible that Alexis gave Lydia but I have one like it covered in mother of pearl. I think we got it in Jerusalem. It wins any my Bible is prettier than your bible contests. Sorry RHOOC.

Tamra quote of the night, “Vicki will hardly say vagina. She’s definitely not going to go down on one.”




Alexis has sewn a fake, gigantic engagement ring on her gloves. Just to annoy the ladies. I am starting to like her.  These are some of the weirdest packing for a trip scenes in the history of Bravo. Heather announces in the party bus that she has to return that night to LA to shoot Malibu Country. Gretchen and Alexis now both say they were asked to be on the show and were not available.  I don’t know what to make of that, what do y’all think. OOOHHHHH The Four Seasons at Whistler.  Gretchen says she liked the canoe in the lobby. It was a bobsled, most likely for the winter Olympics hosted there. Looks like a great place to go for Christmas.

Lydia’s Uncle Greg is there. He’s cute, but more importantly, he’s rich. I guess Vicki is the only single one. Tamra is busting at the seams to tell Vicki what Lauri said about the threesome. She is trying to make it seem like she is doing Vicki a favor but she really, really just wants to start some drama.  Since Heather is the target this season, why not start with exposing her?

Lauri is the Faye Resnick of the RHOOC

Lauri is the Faye Resnick of the RHOOC

PUHLEASE stop calling each other “mama.” I find that so juvenile and odd. Gretchen says to Greg, “So, you know a lot about Canada?” For the purposes of simile,  what is dumber a box of hair or a box of rocks. Please decide and construct your own comparison to Gretchen. Shaking my head. Now she is trying to say concierge. I can’t. I do love Gretchen’s ski suit. Everyone else is going to wish they had one when they get on the hill.

I have to be honest. I am a travel junkie and am mesmerized by Whistler. I need to get this blog popping so I can afford to go for Xmas! Lauri now says that she never said the word threesome. She is already trying to cover herself.

Nobody skis anymore? Of course they do, Lydia. They are acting like they are on the black diamond slopes. They are not. It’s a nice easy slope. Tamra wastes no time to tell Vicki that Lauri says she caught her having a threesome. Tamra sends her to Gretchen to get a first hand account.  Vicki confronts Gretchen and Gretchen seems madder at Tamra than Vicki is at Gretchen. Lauri skis up and denies that she was having a threesome. Vicki says that there were three people on her bed watching a movie. In her blog she says it was her sister and someone. She doesn’t say it was her sister during the confrontation. Vicki admits that she and Donn both cheated on each other because they separated many times. Lauri spouts off a laundry list Vicki’s supposed sex partners. Who cares? What is it to Lauri?

Bravo has been running commercials for four minutes so I may lose the last few seconds. Why do they run the shows right up on the hour? Lauri tries to backtrack with Gretchen. Gretchen says she just wanted to hear about Vicki’s  ” indescrepancies.” Vicki is screaming about WATCHING A MOVIE WITH CLOTHES ON! And scene. I guess.

Next week looks like more Whistler! And More Drama! YAY!



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31 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

  1. Sandra

    You sure that it’s not “whine for wives”? (tee hee ha, snork)

  2. Superb blog! Lauri never lied, Vicki admitted to affairs, sowhatwhocares??? Threesomes are fun, why are they acting as if she robbed a bank?

  3. Linda

    I do not see Vicki and threesome together in a sentence. Now affairs yes, and good for Vicki to own up, but the threesome I do believe is a lie. Love that Vicki took it right to her and both Gretchen and Tamra are s*** stir-ers. Right at the end as Vicki was heading back to the hotel she commanded that Lauri be sent away and not come to dinner so next week will be good stuff.

  4. Urethra Franklin

    The scene with Gretchen packing showed about 5 of her pleather handbags with the tacky G’s, for never will be confused for Gucci ,spread out on the bed with the tacky logo all faced to the camera. It looked like a QVC set up. Yuck….. I’m glad nobody told Gretchen that it was NOT a good idea to wear all white in case she gets lost in the snow. She would be hard to find from a helicopter, but I guess all that makeup would be visible from the air.

    Why did Bravo producers let the drama play out on a snowy hill while wearing those huge ski goggles? It just looked so awkward. I was just waiting for Vicki to start beating Lauri with her ski poles.

    I recently watched all of the Real Housewives of Vancouver episodes on youtube, and in the first season the ladies took a trip to Whistler also.

  5. Tango

    Gretchen is fast becoming the idiot of this show. Alexis is indeed much funnier and likeable. Lauri is an idiot and a b!tch. It’s obvious she is exagerating crap to attack Vicki, I wonder why…

    • Andy Cohen had waaaayyyyy too much glee in his eyes during the show tonight to be a Vicki fan, I think this is her last season, she cannot recover from all this scandal.

      • Gingersnap

        Get rid of Vicki? I can’t imagine Bravo would ever get rid of Vicki…she’s the Bravo dinasaur, an original of an original. I hope they don’t ever get rid of Vicki, even when she’s in a straight jacket in a padded room.

      • I don’t really think it’s much of a scandal. Definitely not to the scale that would keep her off future seasons of the show.

      • AlwaysALady

        I think Gretchen needs to leave, just so we can see how fast Slimey dumps her…lol. I have been trying decide if Alexis is strong for enduring all the hazing or if she was week(leaning toward strong). She has learned not to take sides trying too hard.
        I also think its funny how new target Gretchen always wants Vivk to own her crap, but she NEVER does.

  6. When you’re a bitch, you’re a bitch all the way! LAURI

    • Why does everyone hate Lauri so much??? I think she is beautiful, has a loving husband, so she has a son that has drug issues, perhaps she did not want to enable him by taking the baby, or maybe she just considered what was best for her, is that a crime? I have read people give her crap about her daughters friend being in porn, so what who cares?? I wish I lived in perfect land where nothing ever bad or disappointing happens.

  7. pdt090

    I get the Faye comparisons but I can’t help but kind of like Lauri. She’s just doing such a good job of stirring shit and her target is sooo deserving.

  8. At least there was no Slade. Or any of the men for that matter. Except Terry, they are all so unlikeable.

    • Linda

      I so agree, that is why I have enjoyed the last 2 episodes; no guys or kids or friends of…… Just the ladies warts and all.

  9. karen

    I am glad to see Vicki get a dose of her own medicine. She has started so much crap with old and new housewives. I just hate Vicki. I do not like anyone on the show except Gretchen and Lauri. Granted Gretchen is dumb as a box of rocks but I still like her and that is because of the way Vicki and Tamra treated her when she came on the show.I can’t stand Lydia she looks like a skeleton her face and body. Plus she is a pot stirrer.

    • barbinga

      I call Lydia ‘Mater from Cars. It’s uncanny. Lauri is pond scum for not taking the grandchild. I don’t remember the source, but read it somewhere.

      • Linda

        I have a lot of problems with Lauri and how she has re-entered the fray but not taking her grandchild will not be one of them. That baby has been born addicted to drugs and needs a treatment foster home. In that environment, with someone trained in dealing with a baby who might cry 24/7 for a long while, the baby will get the care needed. It is intense for sure. Lauri and her household will not be equipped to deal with what this baby needs. Being in a treatment foster home does not keep Lauri from being a grandparent if she desires. Trying to guilt a grandparent into taking on something this intense when they do not feel capable is not in the best interest of the baby! It would also seem that the “Brady Bunch” household is not the place for a baby that requires medical/therapy attention for the next few years.

      • lori

        Lmfao at mater. Just had to go and check him out. Hysterical!

  10. DJ

    Does anyone else think that Lydia’s uncle looks a lot like her husband?

    • Yes. A lot of times that seems to happen. I used to watch those Jerry Springer shows where they would have all the old girlfriends of some guy on the show and they all looked remarkably a like. Some people have a type. If you lined all of my exes up it would look like a United Colors of Benneton commercial with a few nerds and geeks and such thrown in.

    • eg

      @DJ Yep I thought that too when I saw him.

  11. leecee

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Gretchen and her hee-haw laugh, but it drives me crazy that Vicki refuses to admit she has been hypocritical. Maybe she doesn’t understand what that word means.

  12. momadison

    Tamara, Whistler is in my backyard, sorta, takes me 3 hours to get there from where we live in Wa State. We usually go there for Thanksgiving, when their season starts, and finish in April at a big music ski festival but they have skiing until June most years! You are right it is breathtakingly beautiful and ccccold at Christmas but at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler the rooms are spectacular and the fireplaces are blazing and the fondue is chocolatey and yes, you should come sometime! Also Lauri, in the words if my spirit animal Ludacris “You’z a hoe!”

    • I am taking this as an invitation to bunk with you! LOL. And I had no idea that Ludacris was your spirit animal. That is like way cool.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 4:38 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Laurie in NYC

        Tamara – Love your Blog! I’ve stayed at The Four Seasons in Whistler and it was so luxurious. The rooms are soundproof so you don’t hear people in the halls and the suites are amazing. I had a fireplace in my living room area and in my bedroom as well as a large soaking tub. So decadent. I recommend it highly.

      • While I am very good at getting first class airline seats, I have yet to figure out a way to get affordable Four Seasons Suites. :) Now that I am unemployed, I think my days of traveling in luxury are over.

  13. cher

    I actually find the whole infomercial for the products part of these shows annoying. Some episodes are more infomercial than show. I particularly find the cosmetics annoying since they come from people who sell hair care products claiming that is why their hair looks the way it does and don’t disclose or even deny the fact that they are wearing a weave (Teresa, Gretchen), or have fillers in their lips and claim their full lips come from plumpers( Gretchen) Also, cannot believe how stupid some of the fans are that get sucked into buying their products. For that matter, cannot believe how many stupid fans believe that their favorite “loves” them or that they express love for their favorite housewife. The only thing any of them love are the fans’ dollars. Pretty pathetic and gullible people out there.

  14. eg

    Why does Vicki SCREAM so??? She creams and tells other grown women to shut up like they will actually shut up (?) One of these days she is going to screech like she does and all of her face “work” is going to collapse in on itself. And Tamra really has issues, always picking til she gets something stirred up, then sits back to watch her handiwork unfold. As I’ve said before, Gretchen is an idiot. I like Lydia, but she reminds me of a Bratz doll, but she is the sanest one in the whole bunch.

  15. Can’t stand Lauri. I wish she would go away, permanently. Her storyline is stupid and boring. Andy having her on WWHL added to her liar, liar, pants on fire momentum. If they make her a permanent; I’ll have to add RHOC to my boycott list.

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