Juror Descriptions, Bios & Voir Dire Statements from George Zimmerman Trial

jodijuryAttention fellow bloggers both friend and foe, news media and others desiring to reproduce my work. I have spent many, many hours compiling this list of jurors. Please do not steal my work. You may add some of my information to lists you are compiling. But please do not use my work in it’s entirety. Please link to this post on Tamaratattles.com from your story. Your professional integrity is appreciated.

Okay y’all. I know you have been waiting for my exhaustive jury description list. You know it is my favorite thing to put together. I will continue to update it when and if more information is available. Please click through for bios of all jurors and alternates.

Juror B-29 is a married woman with 8 children. She is the one minority on the jury. She is believed to be Hispanic. The prosecution has referred to her as black/Hispanic. Other observers refer to her as a “lighter skinned black woman.” She has been married for 10 years Her oldest child is 20 the other seven are under age 18. She is a night shift nurse (some sources say she is a CNA) who works primarily with Alzheimer’s patients. She relocated to Seminole County recently from Chicago which is where she lived at the time of the shooting of Trayvon Martin. She is active in her church and focused on her large family. Tamaratattles.com is pleased to report that this juror enjoys watching the housewives shows on Bravo and hopes that she will be a Tamaratattles.com reader who will comment later! One can dream… B-29 also has been arrested in the past. Not sure what for yet. She says she believes she was treated fairly and the charges are no longer pending.

In voir dire she stated that she was completely unaware of the case other than hearing that a young child had died. She stated, “I don’t like watching the news, period. I don’t read any newspapers, don’t watch the news.” She said that in Chicago some of her friends and family were “on the side of the child” but that there are many crimes in Chicago and she paid this one no more attention than any other. She is focused on her children.

Juror B-37 is a white married female. She has been married for 20 years and has two daughters who are middle twenties. May or may not have been previously married. She works for a chiropractor (some sources say management).  She does not trust the media and stated in voir dire that she uses newspapers “for the parrot’s cage, that’s a better use than reading.” She is an animal lover with many pets. Along with the parrot, she has three dogs, four cats, a ferret, two lizards and a crow with one wing. This officially puts her on the tamaratattles.com favorite juror list. She has been called to jury duty four times previously. She has previously been licensed to carry a concealed weapon but no longer carries one. Her husband is a gun owner. She has gone to shooting ranges in the past. Her husband is an attorney.

In voir dire she mentioned her knowledge of the case involved being aware that “riots” occurred as a result of the “unfortunate incident” where a “boy of color” had died.

Juror B-51 is unmarried and retired from a career in real estate. She has short brown hair. She has no children. She does read the newspaper. She has more knowledge of the case than the other jurors. She has previously served as a juror twice, once in Seminole County three years ago, and once twelve years ago in Orange County. Tamaratattles.com would suggest that the juror had limited interest in the case at the time because she was the executor of the estate of her recently deceased uncle, a responsibility that took up a lot of her time.

In voir dire she was asked if she had prior knowledge of the case and answered, “I haven’t lived under a rock for the past year. It’s pretty  hard for people not to have gotten some information.” She said about Zimmerman that the police “asked him to wait . . . I’m thinking he didn’t wait was the problem . . . he didn’t wait.”  He answers about Zimmerman seemed to change depending on who was asking the question. At first she said that he did nothing wrong because he was on neighborhood watch. Later she backtracked a bit and said that perhaps he did. She stated that when it comes to hearing testimony that,”I’m not rigid in my thinking.” She also stated about the investigation that, “The end result was somebody thought it was mishandled.” Tamaratattles.com noted that this juror thanked Mark O’Mara for explaining the legal terms to her.

Juror B-76 is a married white woman with short brown hair and glasses,. She has been married for about thirty years. She has two kids one son and one daughter both are in their late twenties. Her son is a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy and divorce cases. This is her first time on a jury. She is retired from a family construction business. She is heavily involved in animal rescue. Her neighborhood has a neighborhood watch that she has used to report vandalism. She has family members that own firearms. She does not trust the media to report things accurately. She and her husband manage their rental properties.

In voir dire she was asked about taking the law into your own hands. She responded,“If I saw someone beating a child I would definitely get involved, I’d push the person down if I needed to, to protect the child.” The prosecution tried to strike this juror tamaratattles.com believes because at one point when asked about her knowledge of the case she turned to Martin’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, asking, “Is that his mom?” and also because she said during voir dire that she wondered why a child was out alone at night buying candy. She seems to believe that Travyon was young based on the pictures in the media at that time. The prosecution moved to strike based on her having an opinion prior to trial. The judge denied the strike. When asked about the shooting, she stated, “There was an altercation with the young man. There was a struggle, and the gun went off.”

Juror E-6 is a married white female in her late 30s or early 40s with two young children aged 11 and 13.  She has blond hair. She is unemployed and volunteers at her children’s school. Her previous employment was in the financial sector.  This is the juror that we heard say that she used the shooting as a teachable moment for her children. The gist of what she told them, according to tamaratattles.com was to be careful not give anyone a bad impression and never go out alone after dark. Her hobbies are babysitting and gardening. She also mentioned that she attends church regularly. This witness has previously been arrested in a domestic dispute. The case is no longer active and she stated that she believes she was treated fairly. She has no previous experience as a juror. She believes that the media is biased in their reporting. He husband has many guns in her household, two handguns (a 9mm and a .38 revolver) and several rifles.  Her thirteen year old son has a hunting rifle and some BB guns. She has been to a shooting range to target shoot and has shot BB guns with her son. Her husband is an engineer.

Just like juror B-76 the prosecution tried to strike this juror. Tamaratattles.com believes that the move to strike was because of the juror’s recognition of a few names on the list of potential witnesses. This move to strike was based on the juror stating in voir dire that the prosecution would need to provide her “first-hand witnesses and facts to overcome any reasonable doubt.” She she also said that, “the repercussions of a criminal case follow you for the rest of your life.” The judge denied the move to strike. As for previous exposure to the trial, she has seen a picture of George Zimmerman with facial injuries. She also heard George’s non-emergency call and the infamous 911 call from a witness with screaming in the background. E-6 became emotional during voir dire when discussing being the victim of domestic violence.

Juror E-40 is a married white woman whose age has been described by various observers as late fifties to mid 60s. She was living in Iowa at the time of the shooting and moved to Seminole county within the last year. She has one child, a son who is 28 and unemployed. It is not clear if they live together. She has been working as a “safety officer” for 25 years. Tamaratattles.com is not sure what that means exactly. She has previously served on a drug trafficking trial in Pennsylvania and enjoyed the experience. Tamaratattles.com reports that no verdict was reached in that trial. Her brother-in-law owns hunting rifles. She is a football fan whose hobbies include reading and traveling. Her husband is a chemical engineer.

In voir dire she said that people who carry concealed weapons should be required to undergo some sort of training before given a permit. She said her prior knowledge of the case was that a teenager had been shot in a gated community.


E-13 is a young white female aged presumed to be between 18 and early twenties. She is single with no children. She is a student and was previously a surgical assistant for two years. She who owns and rides horses. She attends church Her step-father owns firearms and she has been to a firing range and shot a weapon. She does not follow the news. She lives with her parents. She has no previous experience on a jury.  Some reports indicate that “her brother is black.” Tamaratattles.com is unsure as to how this black brother issue is mentioned in some reports and not in others. Tamaratattles.com could reasonably assume that her step-father is black but has not seen reports where this was stated.

In voir dire, she referred to the case as a “racial thing.” She had seen the Martin family on TV. She stated she had no opinion.

E-28 is a married nurse.She wears glasses. She has been married for 29 years. She has two adult children ages 28 and 33. She served on a juror more than 30 years ago when she lived in Texas and enjoyed the experience. She volunteers for Relay for Life, works with the Girls Scouts of America and is a soccer coach. Her husband is a teacher.

In voir dire she  stated her friends did not discuss the case and after she received a jury summons she did not seek out any information. With regard to circumstantial evidence she stated, “You would have to not be able to hold much credibility to circumstantial evidence, because it’s circumstantial, it’s not to be something you can conclude on.”

E-54 is a married white male in his 50s who looks like Oliver Stone. He has two male stepchildren aged 16 and the other is late 20s. He enjoys tracing his family roots using genealogy sites.

In voir dire he stated that one of his stepson wears hoodies that he had  talked to him since the shooting about being “careful” and “cautious.” He also said that he was aware that Zimmerman was “attacked and beaten.” He was aware that Zimmerman had not been immediately charged. He felt there was a lack of evidence against him. When he was charged later he assumed there must be some sort of new evidence. He was aware people were protesting the fact that GZ was not arrested. He considered joining the protests! He knew that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were involved with the protests.

*ALTERNATE B-72 was dismissed for reasons unrelated to the case on June 26th leaving 3 alternates*
B-72 is a young man in his 20s. Courtroom observers differ when presuming his race. Some say he is white, others say Hispanic. Others refer to him as mixed race. His is originally from Chicago. He is a maintenance man at a school. He is very athletic and competes in arm wrestling. He thinks the media attempts to brainwash the masses. He has a dog.

In voir dire he stated he remembers the day he first heard of the case because it was an important day in his life. It was the first one armed pull up he had ever done. He says he didn’t pay it much attention. His major recollections were the names of the deceased and the defendant and ‘skittles’. He said he would not pursue someone he thought was suspicious but that he would wait for police. Tamaratattles.com notes that he also stated that sympathy should not play a part in determining the verdict.


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27 responses to “Juror Descriptions, Bios & Voir Dire Statements from George Zimmerman Trial

  1. steve

    steal your work? NEVER!! But i did share your return home account with my grandma and she got a real kick out of it. *that poor woman* is what she said as she about drowned in her juice laughing. This trial is nowhere near as cut and dried as jodi. How will these jurors react? Most are parents so will they see TM as a wildchild or as a young innocent kid? Most have or are familiar with guns so will they see GZ carrying a fully loaded and chambered pistol as responsible gun ownership or as a cowboy type itching to have an excuse to use it? Half the witnesses ive seen ive had trouble understanding what they are even saying so i have no clue to how this one will play out. How many def witnesses are on their list?

    • LOL at sharing with your grandma. I was not of course talking about us sharing with friends. The thing is that there are bloggers who make lots of ad money off “their blogs” and essentially what they do is just cut and paste real bloggers work there and sit back and collect the ad money. Most people with REAL blogs where they create the actual content act professionally, while others ….

  2. MaRiley

    Excellent info on the jurors, Tamara. I watched some of the jury selection but it made me uncomfortable that there were times that they and the lawyers were yucking it up. Also, I only watch the trial live steaming on my computer to avoid the obvious annoyances on TV.

    When I read that the jurors referenced the 911 tapes that were heard multiple times on TV and radio, it makes me cringe. Zimmerman sued NBC 12/2012. Zimmerman’s attorneys said there were multiple deletions, removal of intervening dialogue between Zimmerman and the dispatcher and they juxtaposed unrelated content “to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist and he racially profiled Trayvon Martin”. I think a few low level folks were canned and NBC gave a lukewarm apology.

    I’m quite certain that the Defense will address this….if Judge Nelson doesn’t exclude it.

  3. ckrdpast

    hey Tamara! will you be watching the Andrea Sneiderman trial? Its sure to be a good one—and its in your neck of the woods

    • Probably. God willing and the creek don’t rise…

      On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 9:20 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • peachteachr

        Oh, but the creeks are rising! (love that saying & use it all the time) On the news yesterday I heard one of the commenters say that one of the jurors would look @ TM’s dad, who was crying, every time an autopsy photo was shown. So sorry I missed the ME’s testimony yesterday. Must have been a hoot to watch. Please know that I am speaking of the ME and NOT the subject of his testimony.

  4. Lori

    You are absolutely amazing doing all of this research! Great job! Being an animal rescuer myself, like you, my favorite juror is B-37. The one winged crow sealed the deal! lol – Although my work is primarily with pit bulls, I kept an injured squirrel in my house for 2 months! I don’t like the other animal rescue person for this case due to the fact that she had an opinion prior to being chosen. I am especially concerned about the “There was a struggle, and the gun went off.” comment.

  5. Nicole

    I’m not feeling this jury. I like that it’s all females, but it sounds like a few of them already have strong opinions about what happened.

  6. Michelle

    Thank you for posting this. It is the first juror profile information I have seen regarding this trial. They sound like excellent jurors who will do a fair job.

  7. The Disher

    HLN needs to hire you.

    • Funny you should mention that, and HLN segment producer started following me today. I am available for hire. :) As long as I don’t have to leave my house, or you know interact with people in the real world. :)

  8. steve

    I would MUCH rather hear your commentary by phone T.T. on hln than watch the people they have talking over each other to the point no points ever get made. As soon as that happens i change the channel. After dark was ok this week though. the guests on JVM and NG make watching unbearable anymore.

    • JustUsForAll

      Totally agree Steve. If the show’s producers are trying to ramp up the arguing than it’s pitch makes my ears bleed. If this discord between guests is “for real” for real – then we’re all in deep sh_t ! I still haven’t absorbed the fact there is an ALL women jury ! ~ Wow !

  9. steve

    Hi Justus…safe holiday? The guests on HLN seem like they get paid by how many words said on air and they all are fighting for 30 pcs of silver. I will not watch that squabbling overtalking stuff it gives me a headache. Usually i jump over to FOX NEWS and try to see what testimony i missed at work that day. Jodi trial i was snowed in so more time to research.

  10. Let’s keep conversations in this post about the jurors and use the Sidebar post for general comments please. :)

  11. NAA

    The lesbian is going to be problematic. Trust me.

  12. steve

    Lets just hope that however this jury finds (agree with or disagree with) that people dont get too crazy. Our personal opinions are fun to banter back and forth with while the trial goes on but lets respect their findings.

  13. steve

    Too bad florida does not do jury questions like jodi trial had. It would be nice to hear what if any questions they have

  14. steve

    these jurors seem smart enough to realize that if you are in your car on a street you dont have to get out and walk up sidewalks by peoples BACK DOORS to get an adress

    • I am not sure if they allowed the visual that the defense wants to use this morning, but you might want to watch it if they do. You don’t seem to have a clear understanding of the layout of the neighborhood or the paths he walked.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 7:31 AM, Tamara Tattles

  15. Ashleigh Banfield says that E-6 is the only juror to address the court regarding issues with hearing or seeing things. For this reason she comes across as “the leader” and therefore the foreman. This is just speculation as the foreman has obviously not yet been selected.

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