Exclusive: Long Island Princesses WWHL Appearance Has Been Cancelled

WWHLWe were just talking about the appearance of the Long Island Princesses on WWHL this Sunday in the wake of public outcry for the show to be cancelled, thinking it would be interesting to see what Andy and the princesses decided to say about the recent controversy.  And now Tamaratattles.com has an exclusive source  that the appearance by princesses Erica, Ashlee and Chanel has been cancelled.

Despite the fact that Erica, Ashlee nor Chanel were involved with the disrespectful behavior that occurred during Amanda’s photoshoot, it seems that Bravo is taking a huge step back from the princesses at least until things settle down. The Facebook page, Boycott Princesses of Long Island has many members who have been bombarding Bravo with their displeasure over the girls appearing on the show. I doubt they are the only group that feels this way. Edit: It seems I was right about that as someone sent me this link to Adams Angels Brother to Brother Initiative  a Facebook site dedicated to another fallen firefighter from the same squad, Adam D. Rand, FDNY Squad 288. They too have been pressuring Bravo to cancel the show. So due to the public pressure the girls will not be appearing on Sunday.

This leaves Andy Scrambling for last minute guests on a holiday weekend. I would expect to see Kathy Griffin or Sandra Bernhard show up as substitute guests.

What do you think? Should Andy have caved to the pressure? Should he have Amanda on to state her case? Is all the negative media attention going to cause more people to tune in to see this trainwreck? Leave me a comment.


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43 responses to “Exclusive: Long Island Princesses WWHL Appearance Has Been Cancelled

  1. pdt090

    I don’t really think this is grounds to cancel their appearance. If he did this every time a ‘Bravolebrity’ did something awful he’d never have the channel’s stars on the show. I can’t stand Amanda and what she did was pretty bad, but really, really doubt she had any malice intent. She’s just an idiot.

    • rene

      I agree the girls appearing had nothing to do with it I think they should have a chance to state their thoughts about it this is not the first time a bravo celebrity said something awful or displayed shocking behavior and I do believe what this Amanda girl did could possibly be the lowest crap I’ve ever seen so screw it fire her keep her off the next season

  2. Urethra Franklin

    I can’t believe Andy “jewed” them out of their appearance….Just kidding. Really.

  3. I read a few Jewish newspapers on line, this has caused quite the controversy even in Israel.

  4. Lori

    I think that Bravo should definitely have had them on. It would be nice, if for once, a network would take some responsibility for the idiots that they make millions from, and air their dirty laundry. What do they expect when they purposely pick morally bottom of the barrel people to be on their shows. I guess it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Then they run and hide.

  5. Dawn

    I know critics are from other faiths and communities, but wonder if he would not have caved if his own faith wasn’t a big part of the outrage and the stars. Would he cave to rednecks?

    • I think you know the answer to that. :)

      But to be fair to Andrew, the protesters are not primarily Jewish. Their major complaint is the disrespect shown to a memorial for a heroic firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. And of course the entire community of Freeport.

      • Rene

        What happened? Did I miss an episode?

      • Linda Moore

        This is probably one of the worst shows Bravo has ever put on the air. I hope they cancel it….I quit watching it. Who are these people and where in the hell did they find them?? Disrespectful to all Jews, not even counting firefighters. Get it off the air pronto!!!

    • That is a really good point. Andy doesn’t seem all that religious to me but media is really a hugely Jewish owned industry. I cannot figure out why he thought this would have been a good show to begin with, surely they screen these shows to preview audiences, why was this allowed to be aired???

      • Almost all of Andy’s social circle is also Jewish. I think he is pretty Jewish…whatever that means.

      • I dated the head of the Jewish Federation here and they are just up in arms that any Jew (Andy) would promote or even air this show primarily because he is Jewish and he is promoting this stereotype of Jewish women. He showed me the Haarzet articles about this, just pure outrage. Even Sheldon Adelson is speaking out about this. Andy might have just cut his own throat on this one. Step away Andy, step away.

      • What? Why is it an outrage (aside from idiotic behavior with the fallen hero) to show Jewish girls acting stupid/?. I say air the show.This is the age of reality tv. If the “princesses are weirdly funny to watch, so what? Nobody’s sacred on reality tv. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Just goes to show how parents can raise a future obnoxious, pseudo-overprivilidged, spinster.

  6. The Disher

    AC should not have caved…not because he supports this idiot, Amanda, but to go ahead and air it out. Bring it to the light, honey. She was thoughtless, but there are better crusades to join than this one. No one is going to buy that ridiculous drink hanky pos she is hawking anyway.

  7. You can take the girl out of NY...

    Andy should cave to the requests for the show to be cancelled from its inception – that the New Yorkers AND Jewish people involved in the show’s production actually thought this was a marketable program is mind-boggling. They’ve been drinking too much of their own lemonade. This show is reprensible even without the disrespect to an entire Sandy-ravaged community (Freeport) and the horrific 911 memorial incident. These people give all of humanity, not to mention Jewish people, Long Islanders, women and men, a bad name. It feeds into the worst stereotypes ever, and the disrespect these “stars” pay to their own religion is abominable. I enjoy plenty of Bravo junk but I have never seen anything this offensive. Shame on all of them.

    • pdt090

      How is this different from any other Reality TV show featuring a cast from a certain area, culture, or religion?

      • It’s not, completely. Andy is an equal opportunity misogynist. Atlanta and Jersey tried to defend themselves but eventually gave up. BH and OC are in no position to argue with their botoxed portrayal. Ditto Miami. This is different because it is Jewish people and Andy has had a lot of support from the Jewish community and because they disgraced a heroic firefighter and mocked an entire city, rather than just humiliating THEMSELVES like normal Bravo folk.

      • Excellent point, he was the golden child, for real, even with trash tv, he had a spot at the head table with all producers, investors, etc. That is now washing up. Mess with the sacred cow, make these men’s daughters (metaphorically) and culture look bad, you will pay.

  8. SB

    This show is so bad that they are probably going to cancel it after this season anyway.

    • Agreed. But there are only four or five episodes left and I want to see the finale when Ashlee marries her gay father! Or maybe JEFF marries Ashlee’s gay father. A nice gay wedding would be right in light with current events.

    • Olive

      I think it’s going to other cities, hence the title being “Princesses” followed by a colon, then the area.

  9. Willow

    I thought I had seen all of the episodes of this show,although I couldn’t tell you which girl is which ( which one is Amanda?) I have never seen an episode where any of the girls go modeling, and I just thought of the show, as kind of a silly bunch of Jewish chicks, desperate to get married, and trying to show off how rich their parents are, and how indulged they are. I do know who Ashlee is, because she had mani-pedi’s with her Dad, then asked some poor guy to carry her on his back, to her car,because the pedi flip flops didn’t have heels. I thought there was no way this could be real, and watched it as the fiction Bravo cranks out.. I had no idea it caused any controversy, but I would have liked to see what they had to say on WWHL . Has the modeling episode aired yet?

    • Amanda’s the one with the gay boyfriend. The offense modeling thing was last week. Amanda and her photo friend took a model to the park to show off her ridiculous drink hankies. Go to the link about the people wanting the show to be cancelled and you will see pics from the show.

      On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 1:36 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • Willow

        Ahh the one with the mother who goes bikini shopping with her and the BF stands outside the dressing room, and pretends to be turned on.. I must have missed last week.. I will check out the link, Thank you!!

  10. gosh, torn after reading this. seems as if this is not really about the statue (and Amanda’s comments about 9-11) at all but rather because the jewish community is embarrassed/outraged at this portrayal of some of its young women. that is not right. don’t know how much money is behind this. guessing that bottom line is more important to bravo than doing the right thing is.

  11. it would be nice if bravo would turn this into an opportunity for these thoughtless young women to volunteer their time/energy toward helping fundraise for the firefighter families affected by 9-11.

  12. eastjames

    If Andy “caving to pressure” means a WWHL with Bernhard/ and or Griffin as guests then count me in. I couldn’t think of 2 more talented or funny ladies I’d like to see.

  13. Olive

    Probably stupid Barfenny Frankel will make an appearance since she’s even going on Wendy (!!!!!) Williams this week

    Barf also grew up a lot in Long Island so may have an opinion on the show. She’s such besties with Andy anyway

  14. Sharon Korsberg

    I think they should be on…along with the Mayor of Freeport and the family of the firefighter. Let them offer a public apology to both.

  15. ahem…….like we all forgot to watch the trailor trash debacle of suicide?
    Princess Mandy will televise ANYTHING!

  16. Shirley

    That whole Jesus comment was sooooo outta line!! I’m sorry for thier region but that was wrong!! period

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