Outraged Long Islanders Demand Long Island Princesses be Cancelled

PrincessAmandashootI know we have been enjoying mocking the stupidity of Long Island Princesses. It a show so ridiculous that we can’t help but tune in. I knew that the fine citizens of Long Island were outraged in much the same way that we, here in Atlanta, were when Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes and the crew were selected to represent our fair city. Likewise the residents of New Jersey were rankled by Snooki and Mike the Situation becoming the face of their state. But the situation in Long Island has taken a more serious turn.

First, the citizens of Freeport who were hit both by Sandy and Irene were mocked by Ashlee as their city was called ghetto and practically crime ridden. Feminists were outraged that some of the “princesses” sole goal in life to get married. The Jewish community was appalled on many fronts. There were in fact many factions of outrage over the show. However, it was not until the ridiculous photo shoot for Amanda’s drink hanky that all the factions joined together in outrage and began campaigns for the shows cancellation and the sponsors to be boycotted. It seems that the photo shoot which took place in Great Neck, in a park with a model holding a drink hanky up to a Memorial Statue of fallen Firefighter Jonathan Ielpi, a heroic member of the New York City Fire Department, Squad 288 is the cause. You see, that statue is a memorial to the local fire fighters that lost their lives in the line of duty on 9/11. The entire community feels entirely disrespected.

PrincessstatueThat Andy Cohen, who is Jewish himself, chose to present young Jewish women in this way is bad enough. Though at least he is consistent in his negative portrayal of women… But to disrespect the fire fighters of 9/11 has gone over the line. Andy seems to realize this and has somewhere that I have never seen issued an apology and promised to remove that scene from any future airings.

You can see the grievance’s of everyone on the Boycott Princesses of Long Island Web page.  Amanda has posted the following apology on her Facebook page, “I would like to take this time to apologize to the community of Great Neck and fellow Long Islanders, as well as anyone who was affected by 9/11. I would especially like to extend my sincere apologies to the family of Jonathan Ielpi.  I never meant to hurt or offend anyone when I was doing my photo shoot for The Drink Hanky. I hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me and understand that it was a spontaneous photo shoot without being aware that that statue was of sentimental value.”

Um say what? Anyone who was affected by 9/11? Isn’t that everyone? Sentimental value?  And way to get your product name in the apology Amanda. Sheesh.

Thoughts? Is this a national insult or an innocent mistake?


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14 responses to “Outraged Long Islanders Demand Long Island Princesses be Cancelled

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Though they are nitwits, this incident was a result of mindless guerrilla photography.

  2. This is neither an insult or a blunder. It is the natural consequence of putting morons in front of a camera.

    The reason that people erect a statue is sentimental. What is this woman blathering about? For that matter, what am I blathering about?

    :: cuts ::

  3. This is a woman who came up with a product called “The Drink Hanky”, she also has not yet figured out yet that her boyfriend, Jeff, is gay. Clearly she is not the brightest person on Long Island. In stead of ridiculing her, we should be sitting Shiva for her, because it quite clear she is brain dead.
    It’s just a silly Reality Show. people should get over it.

  4. Otherpeoplesproblems

    Least she didnt say ni–….

  5. Please let them take this off the air, it is really bad, even drunk Jelly is giving us whores a bad name.

  6. oh my, i didnt even notice it was a firefighter. i left the east coast before 9-11 so i’m not aware of permanent commemorations. already knew she was a moron coz of jeff but she should be ashamed of herself. talk about setting a low bar for the other idiots of this world.
    dont like seeing train wrecks but this one is a guilty pleasure.

  7. drink hanky? ew.
    lip gloss/mint idea? not bad…

  8. sammiejane

    ADOIS, putas!!! ~>self explanatory…

  9. sammiejane

    Now they can spend time on more important issues, i.e. Ashlee (sp) finding a suitor other than her father, Jeff receiving therapy~> not for being gay, but for overcompensating while drowning in a pool of denial….

  10. What is a *drink hanky?* Which one is Ashley? The blond or the kind of chubby one who had an extravagant birthday? I have watched about fifteen minutes of two separate episodes and am glad I missed the rest. It is nice to know (I guess) that Andy is an equal opportunity misogynist. That POS Andy! His head has gotten way too big anyway… I used to like him but now I like him less and less. Not that he gives a shit! He is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • sammiejane

      Well, to put it in Amanda’s friend’s words, “It’s a cover for your coffee because coffee looks like shit water”.. I think he needs to write all her campaign slogans… Of course that would be a pipe dream for the idea is SHIT!!!

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