Ramona Singer Attacked By A Wild Animal! RHONY TEA!

RHONYramonabidetPerhaps our wildest dreams have come true. It seems that Ramona Singer went on an African Safari DURING FILMING and managed to get attacked by a lion or something. I’m not even kidding.

On Friday, Countess Luann called in to VH1’s The Gossip Table and spilled some interesting tea about what is going on with the current filming of RHONY…

First of all, Luann is desperate to keep her name out there as rumor has it she and Aviva are likely demoted to the position of “friends of the housewives” and seem to have been replaced by two unnamed new housewives. Casting for this season a been a huge flustercluck with all the veterans getting uppity and making huge salary demands. Thus, Bravo has decided to bring in two newbies who will work for less.

Anyway, back to the animal attack….according to Luann, Ramona went on an African Safari with the cameras trailing in her wake and recently returned claiming she was attacked by a wild animal. What wild animal? Luann would not say, apparently to protect the storyline. So did all the ladies go on Safari? I would presume so. I can’t see Bravo sending a film crew to “Africa” with just Ramona. So it seems this is the big trip.

Luann says the two new girls get along well with each other but there is massive fighting going on with the other ladies. We have learned that these women are the worst at hazing the new comers so I expect to see them put the two new ladies through the wringer.

Is it wrong that I can’t wait to see Ramona get eaten by a Lion?


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27 responses to “Ramona Singer Attacked By A Wild Animal! RHONY TEA!

  1. Mollymom

    She is one of the few I like. She likes to drink too much and always has a good time. Plus, she doesn’t use her child as a story line or just use her, like the others tend to do.

  2. Wait, what will happen to our beloved toaster oven?????? Isn’t one of the new housewives Kristen Taekman? She is supposed to be another Brandi.

  3. ViVaLaDiVa

    lol oh please i bet it means she got it up the butt again while out on a safari.

  4. I’m betting it was a man and they are saying “wild animal” to hype the show. And I’d also bet the man was either hungry to be on TVor minding his own business when they accosted him and started yelling “look at him attac her!!!”


  5. It’s time for Luann to go. She basically always a “friend of” the housewives. She never had a real storyline. All they really need is Ramona, Sonja and some Pinot and they got a show.

    • Marty

      Stephen I can overlook that you voted for Romney. I can overlook your love of Minelli. But this is just blasphemous.

  6. Marty

    Luann is the OC of the NYC!!!!!!!!

  7. MaggieG

    In the story that I heard, it was that Ramona Singer (who had gone on safari with her husband & daughter) who was attacked by some animal. Surely the wild animal was traumatized.

    Love LuAnn.

  8. Marty, Luann has outlived her usefullness on The RHONY, she needs to be put out to pasture. After Jill left (was fired) the show, there has been no use for Luann anymore. I’m guessing you are the one person who bought Luann’s plastic plates on QVC.

    • Marty

      I did buy them and they are great!

    • MeganG

      Hear hear. I don’t dislike her but apart from completely made up story lines that last 5 minutes she’s as dull as paint. This season is her absolute last chance to bring it. No one can help her with her ‘storyline’ so she’ll have to jump into the fray if she wants camera time. That’s why she’s stirring the pot about Ramona and the other fights going on and she’s only started filming a few weeks while everyone else started shooting back in May. A few weeks ago she was telling people she was getting her own show! She has no idea that you can’t remain so detached or keep so much of your personal life under wraps – you have to be willing to get your hands dirty (or bloody considering how some HWs fight). Definitely last season unless she surprises us all.

  9. sammiejane

    OOoooh! I can’t wait to see Ramona post attack… So here is my unsolicited take on the scenario. Lion just roaming around enjoying the peace and quiet… one with nature… Then, out of nowhere, a bug-eyed, Pinot guzzling, loud mouth stumbles into the lion’s tranquil turf… Game on Beyotch!!! I am more than sure the lion was merely reacting out of fear for its life… Poor thing must have been in need of a palate cleanser after having that bitter, expired pill in its mouth… #teamlion

  10. MeganG

    It’s not the big trip. Ramona went with Mario, HW’s stayed behind and there was some filming in the Hamptons and the city. LuAnn is stirring again but she’s right in parts and the problem isn’t with the new girls. And she’s only hearing it second hand because she’s barely seen them. Aviva and Carole are going at it, that is something I cannot wait to see play out.

  11. pdt090

    Whose the second new HW besides Kristen Taekman?

  12. Tango

    I feel sorry for Luann, she is a good back stabber but not enough flair to be “interesting”. You gotta be in WW3 with someone or be batshit crazy to stay relevant on these shows. Luann is classy, but almost too reserved for tv. She had a good storyline for a second with “Johnny Depp” though.

  13. Cannot wait to see this trip! According to Twitter, Ramona only went to Africa with Mario and Avery and the camera crew. No other housewives tagged along. Supposedly Ramona and Sonja are feuding this year, either for real or for fake for the show; I guess we’ll see soon. The rest of the wives were in the Hamptons that weekend for Sonja’s Caburlesque performance.

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