Season Finale of Don’t Be Tardy Recap

kimtardyNote: This recap is out of order with the last half hour first. Sorry.

The season finale begins with a court date for Kroy to adopt Brielle and Ariana. I can’t recap the adoption scene because my allergies are acting up or something. Kroy is such a good guy.

In the very next scene Kim is complaining about being extremely tired. Kroy thinks she is pregnant. They call Shun to go get the pregnancy tests but then they all three go and wait for her in the car. There is a camera crew. The store is magically empty. Sigh. Come on Bravo. Anyway these three are clearly not going to be consultants for NASA any time soon. There is much arguing and discussion about how to simultaneously use a dozen or more pee sticks. Everyone has a theory. In true Kim from they all involve red solo cups. The girl has Versace tableware and she drinks wine out of plastic cups. Kroy makes the executive decision for Kim to pee in the cup first and shove all the test in the cup of pee. Um, duh. I won’t bother to explain the other options. We are treated to hearing Kim pee in the solo cup. A lot. And she is pregnant. They are both hoping for a girl.

Kim Zolciak New HouseThey go to visit the new house and it is really stunning. Especially Kash’s room. So much pretty molding for a kid’s room! Kim just sort of drops the pregnancy bomb on the girls and Brielle doesn’t take the news well. ALLEGEDLY. She whines about time with her mother. Total storyline.

I worry about Brielle’s education. There is something on every show that she doesn’t know. Like the name of the thing in the bottle that grants wishes is not gypsy. This episode she says, “We are going to the Caribbean for my birthday weekend. It’s not the Bahamas but I’ll take it.” Sigh. I wonder if they will be living on a boat all weekend. Otherwise…oh nevermind. It’s Turks and Caicos because Kim wants a new place for the Biermann family vacation, not her old single girl stomping ground on the Bahamas.

Oops it seems I am watching these shows in reverse order. I watched 14 before 15 but at the beach they are talking about being excited to get adopted. For some reason the last half of the final was call episode 14 and taped separately as wells a with the finale episode. Sorry for the confusion.

Kroy has a father daughter walk with Brielle on the beach. Brielle got a check for $15K to buy a car with, they are going to make her buy in that price range are make her own payments for the difference to build credit.

This was a really cute series with very little drama. I like it. I hope we get another season with the new pregnancy. Which I am sure was the plan all along.


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13 responses to “Season Finale of Don’t Be Tardy Recap

  1. The only episode I watched this season was the finale. It was great.

  2. I love this show and Kim’s unapologetic, “this is who I am, so fk y’all” nouveau rich tackiness is the best part of it. She seems down to earth and able to laugh at herself, while we all laugh along with her, which is one of the reasons we all became hooked on the Bravo gravy train to begin with. The scenes in the beginning of each show with those adorable babies, shows what a sweet and gentle mommy she is, I know some people think she’s over the top and self absorbed, but when you see those clips, you can truly see how much she’s enjoying her new family life with Kroy. I for one am looking forward to a new season, Biatch better be in the new house, unpacked and organized!

  3. Mollymom

    Kim for sure is entertaining, but she sure got lucky meeting Kroy. A sincerely nice guy.

  4. I’ve always liked Kim but like her more and more with each show. I do love her interaction with the babies at the beginning of the show. Those little fellas seem to be very happy and so very cute.

    Brielle wanting more time with Kim might be a storyline but it is one that is very real. My daughter is dealing with this very thing. She remarried 2 years ago, when her daughter/my g’daughter was 14. Things were great for about 3 months and then the complaining began that her Mom wasn’t spending enough time with her. My daughter bent over backwards to make sure my g’daughter was included in nearly everything and spent more one on one time with her, getting mani/pedi’s together, something my daughter was never able to afford before but it never seems to be enough. Now, my daughter is pregnant and though my g’daughter is very excited, she already saying her mom will have no time for her once the baby gets here!

    I really liked the scene where Kroy walked on the beach talking to Brielle about why he is strict with her and how much he loves her. That’s something I think all dads should do at this vulnerable time in a child’s life. BTW, TT, the check was for $15,000, which is what I knew you meant!

  5. Love Kim, so happy happy for her, she deserves it!

  6. Yeah I wonder about education too. Hopefully Kroy is not too late. Kim’s attitude of just being happy if they don’t fail and accepting it if they do is a serious problem. When they tried to make the thanksgiving slut brownies, it was just scary how none of them knew what to do.

    The boys are sweet and cute — hope they stay that way. It was a fun season. Too short. I wish the shows were an hour long. I guess it was good that something happened in each episode though.

  7. bendy

    I just sat and watched the entire season today. I really like this family. They argue but they always see the other’s side and it works out. (I know it’s TV but I’m enjoying it.) I hope there is a next season I find myself tearing up with some of the sweeter moments.

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