Dance Moms: Maddie and Chloe Go Toe to Toe

DancemomschloemaddieNot only is it time for my favorite show, Dance Moms, but something I have ALWAYS wanted to happen is about to happen this episode. Chloe and Maddie are going to compete head to head in competition with the exact same solo! I have long said that Chloe is as good if not better than Maddie and Abby favors Maddie and gives her better choreography to insure that Maddie always wins. I bet Abby will still spend more time with Maddie this week, but I am praying for a Chloe win. I love Maddie and Abby but I just think Chloe is undervalued on the team and somewhat mistreated.

Abby is in an unusually good mood. That means she is up to something. Or getting laid. Asia is back. YAY! Annnnnd Nia is on the bottom again. Boo. Did Mackenzie even dance last week? How is she up so high on the pyramid. This is ridiculous.  At least Brooke got recognized and is on top this week.

DancemomschloeOh Lord. The routine is about cancer. Really, Abby? Must we do these Debbie Downer routines with young children. Asia, Mackenzie Chloe and Maddie all have solos. Of course Chloe’s comes with a lecture from Abby. Grrrrrr. It’s always Chloe. Now she is lecturing the moms, which they totally deserve. I’m zipping through all the cancer stories. :(

Sigh. Abby is doing this to prove Maddie is better. I hope it backfires. Asia and Mackenzie are also competing against each other. Mackenzie looks nervous. And she should Mackenzie has beaten her in competition several times before Asia ended up at ALDC. Meanwhile, Chloe’s mom is on a covert mission to try to catch Abby giving Maddie extra private instruction. Kelly sends Jill in to catch the extra privates on video and she does. It’s pretty funny.

Abby is bitching at Chloe about Kristi’s constant harping that Chloe doesn’t get equal choreography (she doesn’t) and then makes Chloe stand in the corner and not watch as Maddie goes through the solo. Maddie is already pretty much flawless.

Abby and sends Kristi and Kelly to dye elastic together for the group dance.  Everyone is hoping they will makeup but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Oh lord, Abby is going into graphic detail about cancer with the girls. Everyone is crying. I wish she would not make these dances so deep.

dancemomsasiaAt the competition, Mackenzie is up first. She has an acrobatic number which is her best genre. She’s her usually cutesy adorable self. The dance is good, she remembers her steps. But it was not her best dance, in my opinion. Asia watched nervously from the wings. Asia’s routine was much sassier. Asia is a grown women in a kids body and her routines are always a bit….too adult. That said she is a little firecracker and you just can’t take your eyes off of her when she dances. Both moms think their kid one. I would pick Asia over Mackenzie this week, but since this is a reality show and drama is key, Mackenzie may win. Abby is furious with Asia for lip syncing the song lyrics while dancing. Which she did. I suppose that is a huge no no. Asia is a dancer, not Beyoncé. In Asia’s talking head, she says,” Miss Abby can yell at me all she wants, she is not going to make me cry.” I wish Chloe had some of that attitude.

Chloe and Maddie both look nervous about going against each other with the same costume and same routine. Chloe is up first. Okay, Chloe was good, but Maddie was better. Maddie has much better emotional expression. Chloe’s longer body doesn’t fit the choreography as well. Maddie was more “graceful” for lack of a better word. I think Maddie wins this. Which means that Kristi will bust out the undercover video of Maddie getting extra privates when Chloe comes in second.  Oh wait. Maddie says that all of her turns were bad. Kristi (Chloe’s mom) says it was just one.  We shall see what happens. Maddie is really upset.

Good Lord, they are getting the girls all upset over family members who have died of cancer right before they go out for the group number. I thought the group number was subpar for these girls. The ribbon was more of a distraction than a prop. Maddie seemed still upset from her solo and had problems getting under the ribbon at one point. This routine might win first, but it probably should not for technique.

The group number wins first. Asia beats Mackenzie in their solo division taking 1st and 2nd. In the main solo division… CHLOE WINS! CHLOE WINS! CHLOE WINS! I am so happy for her. I hope this gives her the confidence that Abby is trying so hard to erode.

OMG. Abby says she is surprised Chloe won and to Maddie’s mom she says, “She should have won.” I am not loving Abby Lee Miller in this moment.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. The dance guy comes in and tells them there was an error in scoring and the real winner was Maddie. This is the worst show I have ever watched. It just got worse. Abby lied about going to the judges. She went to them and demanded to see the scores. She found the mistake.

OMG I officially hate her.


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38 responses to “Dance Moms: Maddie and Chloe Go Toe to Toe

  1. michelle

    I tweeted you right after this episode aired. I was appalled!.

    • I’m glad I missed it. I save Dance Moms for the weekends when I can give it my full attention. I am shaking I am so pissed off. That was the dirtiest thing I have ever seen anyone do on reality TV and it was done to a child, for fucksake. I am horrified.

      • nicky wilson

        I totally agree should have guessed abby would make sure maddie won.Thought chloe was better though

  2. michelle

    I’m not the biggest Christy fan but she must be doing something right. Chloe handled it with grace. That kid is resilient.

  3. KAM

    I just watched this episode- This was disgusting. If Christy doesn’t take that beautiful child and walk away after this, then she is as much to blame. I am sure that another studio would be happy to have Chloe.

    • Linda

      I heard one of the moms say on one of the episodes that in the contract with Abby it says that if they leave they have to pay her $100,000.

  4. momadison

    I hate Abby ALL the time! She is everything reprehensable in a woman, teacher, plus size person, reality show member, human etc!

    • Dylpeyt

      You did not just say that being plus size is reprehensible did you? Wow you have some mighty big balls there! I can’t think of a million more loathsome qualities in a person that their weight but hey, to each their own!

      • I think she was saying that she is a reprehensible woman, reprehensible teacher, reprehensible plus size person, etc; not that being plus sized is reprehensible.

  5. cher

    Maddie is a cute kid with oodles of talent, but I get so tired of Abby’s favortisim of her. What she did with Chloe last week sucked, and Chloe is just as talented as Maddie. Also, I sometimes wonder if the judges are influenced by the show and that is reflected in their scoring, giving Abby’s dancers an unfair advantage, Maddie in particular.

  6. cher

    I agree; the way that Abby always picks a theme for her dancers that is politically correct and/or depressing sucks the fun out of it. She gives me the feeling that she has lost track of the fact that she is working with children to give them an opportunity to develop talent, pursue something they love, and to HAVE FUN. Once in a while it is kind of cool to have a touching, sentimental number (like the tribute to Anthony’s dad, which was awesome and appropriate as his father had just passed away) The worst was the runaway dance, which was not even topical. Is she living in the 1970’s when that was a big hot topic? Shit, the problem parents have now is getting them to leave as adults and stay gone!

  7. cher

    I really think some of the voting at these competitions are affected by the show, and Asia is a perfect example. She is probably the best PERFORMER of the group–so sassy, dramatic and cute– but she is one of the weakest dancers. Having a daughter who danced competitively (nothing like what I see at the Abby Lee Dance studio; if it had been like that it would have been the Toothless Abby Lee Dance Studio the first month we attended and the first month would have been the last; might have been good for Abby’s health in the long run as the need to receive all of her meals from a straw would have slimmed her down a bit), they are scored on a point system and you can get only so many point for dramatic.

  8. Shellbelle

    I was surprised that they showed the clip of Maddie acting like a brat and pushing her sister away… If any of the other girls had acted that way, Abby would have their hides… With Maddie, it seems to slide by. Maybe we will see her address that in the next episode?! Chloe showed class and dignity- good for her.

    • omg thats what i was thinking maddie showed her true bratt colors that day, n if it wasn’t any other child abby would say they were a bbay n to grow up ! Chloe is a better dance point blank and she should have won that dance!

  9. Barbara R.

    Tamara, does it help if we actually watch the video at the end of each blog?

  10. Mamma_needs_a_cocktail

    I too was very disturbed and disgusted by this episode. I am a teacher, and I cannot for the life of me imagine treating my students in this manner. I was literally cursing at my tv when Abby did that to Chloe. Abby is awful to Chloe, because of Christi. If she hates Christi and Kelly so much, then why not let them out of their contract from the studio? I don’t get worked up over reality tv shows, but this episode drove me over the edge. Abby is AWFUL.

  11. Tango

    Why would a teacher go to all that trouble to make one girl, (Maddie), look better than another, (Chloe)? What difference does it make which one got first place, they are both Abby’s dancers, so Abby wins either way. I hope this show is fake, I really hope that this drama is all an act and the girls are in on it.

  12. Maddie IS better than Chloe. Almost always. And she was better in this case. Abby knew it. So she knew there had to be a problem and she fixed it.

    You’re so right about Asia. I hate to see a tiny almost-twerker. But I love watching her.

    • Jonya

      Wow, disagree wholeheartedly. Chloe is a beautiful dancer with depth while Maddie at best one note. She has nice turns. She has a painfully bad expression on her face all the time though which is distracting. Chloe will grow and continue to dance, but I don’t see Maddie dancing professionally. She’s just too choppy, and frankly she always looks the same.

    • minavina

      Except for the fact that Maddie placed 2nd. In the official results, Chloe placed first. Either the mistake was NEVER rectified or there was NEVER a mistake to begin with! The answer: There was never a mistake to begin with.

  13. peachteachr

    I agree teecee. Something about Asia’s dancing gives me a yucky feeling. Maybe it’s because she’s so young and dances such grown-up dances. Of course, all the make up on these little girls is a bit disturbing. I saw them applying blush on their arms this week. Is this some new beauty trick that I am not aware of?

  14. becky white

    It is widely known in dance circles that the competitions are no longer regular competitions -as Abby has been banned from most major ones. Lifetime casts the competition – they run ads asking who wants a chance to beat Abby Lee’s girls. The girls probably do not know that the competitions are fake.

    • I did not know that. Why is she banned?

    • Kate

      The ALDC does attend regular competitions but the ones we see on the show are usually not your typical competitions because of the cameras. Regular competitions got too crazy when filming so the competitions we see on the show are usually taped before the regular competitions start. If you’ve noticed there are less people in the audience & kids on stage during awards now than when the show first started. I have several Dance Teacher friends who still compete against the ALDC at regular competitions… And won!

  15. That photo is funny. I keep thinking they have cones on their heads like midievel courtesans, but it’s their feet. With soft shoes, which are only slightly more dangerous than toddler socked feet.

  16. I do not like Abby Lee Miller’s attitude but I do love watching the girls perform. I can actually see how the girls have improved over time, especially Nia. However, I missed this particular show and I’m glad I did as it would have broken my heart when Chloe’s win was taken from her. She will work even harder now and maybe next time she will win!

  17. Candle

    Is anyone else sick of all of Abby’s snide comments regarding Chloe. I understand that she greatly dislikes Christy but she comments on Chloe’s personal being and it’s so wrong on so many levels. What price for fame? No one will remember once the shows over and the girls are no longer cute. The where will they be. Pulling their self esteem up from around their ankles?

    • Shelly H.

      Did anyone notice the the music for Chloe and Maddie’s “identical solo” was different. Chloes was slightly faster and in a different key (more harsh sounding). Music speed and tempo and the key will make a difference. Chloe had to speed through different dance moves. Maddie was able to make her dance look a little more fluid.

  18. Thought you might be interested to know that we see Cathy at one or two competitions a year here in Columbus, OH. She says the same thing each time that the show is not real. It is scripted. As much as you want to not like her, she is very gracious and patient.

  19. Ryah

    It was actually Chloe that had one but for the camera the had madie win it was all fake and Chloe really won

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