Couples Therapy Episode One Recap

CouplesTherapy3FlavorFlavRemember when I insisted that everyone watch Couples Therapy? So, yeah, I forgot. But my DVR picked it up last night so It’s finally time! Meanwhile I read today on TMZ that Flava Flav’s last Chicken and Waffle franchise is about to go belly up. :( First up is Flava Flav and his fiancée they were together during all the Flava Flav shows where he was hooking up on TV. She says in her talking heads she has no access to money or bank accounts. Flava interrupts her to say that she does. She is crying like victim of domestic violence already, and as if on que, there it is the police incident report where he was arrested for domestic violence. This might be too serious to be funny. FF is already talking about frying chicken. I guess this is how the house catches on fire.  I can’t decide if Flav is mentally ill or on drugs or both. Flav also refuses to be seen without the huge clock around his neck. Ever.

Tyler and Caitlynn are there for premarital therapy. They plan to get married soon after the taping is over. I haven’t heard that has happened yet. Supposedly, even keeled Tyler has a bad temper. I’ve never seen that before but I suppose with his genetic background it’s possible. Caitlynn has lied to Tyler in the past (when she was 16) and so they are claiming trust issues. I honestly believe these two are just there to earn money for their wedding. Flav almost immediately tells them that they should not have given up their child for adoption.

coupleschingyChingy and Temple have been together for five years. He’s a rapper, she is an actress. He lives in St. Louis and she lives in LA. She thinks he might cheat. Really, Temple? You think? Chingy is a moron. I made that assessment in 30 seconds. Like super stupid. And he is not particularly hot. I have no idea what this woman is doing with him.

And it’s Joe Francis and Abbey his girlfriend of four and a half years. Abby says it is hard to date the owner of Girls Gone Wild. She’s pretty. Why does she date this creep? They pulled up with a moving truck full of suitcases or something. Abby has an eating disorder. He is moving in furniture and the whole nine yards. Joe tells Abby to make the bed. She doesn’t do it fast enough and he calls her away from the cameras and tells her not to be a fucking bitch. Raise your hand if you are surprised that Joe Francis is an asshole who treats his girlfriend like shit? I see no hands.

On the bowling trip Liz and Flav don’t even make it to the location before they are not speaking to each other. Liz says Flav is psycho and if it were not for Karma she would have been gone a long time ago. Liz seems a little whackadoodle too. I think she is on something to deal with Flava. She is sitting on the floor underneath the counter. Liz refuses to participate and goes outside to pout. Tyler goes into counselor mode like he has always done. Flava starts getting drunk. Which they usually don’t allow on this show, I guess since they are at a bowling alley and the therapy hasn’t started yet, he will get away with it. I’m sure we will hear about whatever else these two are on sooner rather than later.

So basically, that is the setup episode and things should start getting interesting next week. Did anyone watch?

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45 responses to “Couples Therapy Episode One Recap

  1. Watched it, Loved it! Abbey could do SO MUCH better than Joe Francis, YUCK! I think Liz is controlled by FF and there is definitely some violence in that relationship. I love Tyler and Caitlyn, and really hope things work out for them. I don’t understand Temple being with Chingy anyway, esp when he kept saying he would never live with her! WHAT?!?!?!?!

  2. Isabella J.

    Flav lives here in Vegas and I swear to god he is on the news with a mug shot at least once a month, it is a running joke. That girlfriend of his walks through Walmart like she is on crack.

    • Katrina

      I thought Flava Flav was married? I watched episode of wipe swap with him on there.

      • Isabella J.

        Married like as many times as me (5), he has long term gf though, I think this one is relatively new.

      • Nope, this is his longest relationship ever of 9 years. Or that is the tale they are telling. It might have been 8.

      • Isabella J.

        I see him out at clubs sometimes and the women he is with are not his “wife” or girl friend. I personally could care less, it is his life and he seems to be an OK dad. He was real instrumental in getting our dispensary law passed recently which knocks him UP a notch in my book.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Wasn’t he also in some bizarre relationship with Brigette Neilson in this time period? It was painful watching those 2 together. She always affectionately called him Fifi Fofo or something stupid like that.

      • Isabella J.


      • KrissyB

        I think it was “Foofie Foofie”. :/ Should I be embarassed I remember that? ;)

      • Lori

        Well if you’re embarressed than so am I because I was just about to answer that question until I scrolled down and saw that you did. Foofie foofie. lmao

      • Isabella J.

        I am sooooo not embarrassed about my marriages, lol, I would not change a single thing!

  3. RealChicagoHousewife

    The thing that most irked me about this episode is when at the bowling alley the counselor went to FF to see if he was ok. I saw not one professional go over to the grown woman who crawled under the table and sat in an upright fetal position. Seriously?

    • Dylpeyt

      Omg I was yelling at the tv by this time! Why would nobody go help that poor woman? I mean look I am not a nice person and that little episode would have sent me back to my junior years and I probably would have stood over her laughing. However it’s not my job to help people. I thought it was disgusting that none of the staff reached out to this obviously tortured soul. I am going to hold off on judgment of her just yet cause I’m sure it’s got to be pure hell to with this maniac ff. Joe is a grade A douchbag and he needs to be castrated ASAP to prevent any further Joes. It was sweet to see him tear up when she was talking about her eating disorder though.

  4. SB

    This was a little juicier than I had imagined it would be! LOL at the look on ff’s face when Tyler gives him some actually good advice on how to deal with his fiance. I think my “favorite” couple on the show will be Joe and Abby..Joe Francis seems like he might suffer from OCD. He REALLY wanted that bed made!

  5. lwickedgirl

    FF on drugs and or alcohol? I may be wrong but wasn’t he on crack for a while back in the 80/90′s after Public Enemy kind of fell out of popularity? I may be wrong but I don’t think that I am. He looks like he will lay his hands an a chick and she looks like she will let him. I am just shocked he has so little shame to put everything on TV all the time but then he has to make money some kind of way.

  6. lwickedgirl

    Am I banned from posting?

  7. I watched and wanted to either bitch slap flav or hug Caitlynn when FF was saying how she hurt the child she put up for adoption. I’m sure he has a litter that is completely well adjusted with their birth father around. I was hoping Joe Francis wasn’t a dick. I knew it was too much to hope for.

  8. karen

    I did not watch but after reading your blog I will now

  9. Isabella J.

    A Las Vegas judge has scheduled a September trial for Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav on felony charges he chased and threatened his longtime girlfriend’s 17-year-old son with a butcher knife.

    A court spokeswoman says the case is set for Sept. 30 in Clark County District Court for the 54-year-old former rap and reality TV star. His legal name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr.

    He could get up to 12 years in prison if he’s convicted.

    Drayton pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Nevada state court to felony assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges stemming from a family argument last October.

    Edited to change link to an excerpt.

    • Katelin

      I have a couple of “friends” who live in Las Vegas. Flav may receive an O.J. type sentencing if found guilty.

      • Isabella J.

        No he won’t. The jails here are so crowded if he gets a substantial amount of time it will be automatically cut in half right up front and then they get 3 days for every 1 day served. It is Clark Cty, he won’t get crap.

  10. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I think Joe Francis actually called his girlfriend a fucking c–t. He pulled her off camera to call her a fucking c–t because she didn’t make the bed fast enough.
    You’ve got to have the lowest self esteem EVER to stay with a Prince Charming like that. You can only imagine what happens when there are no cameras or mics around.

    • Ah. you are probably right. There didn’t seem to be enough dashes for bitch. That actually sounds more like him. Total douchebag.

    • Because_racecar

      Yep. It was see-you-next-Tuesday. VH1 even had it as 4 stars in the caption

      Wow-that was really low. You could tell it upset her

      • Dylpeyt

        Did anyone else catch when she said don’t talk to me like that on camera? So like its fine and dandy to say those things off camera? I very rarely ever feel bad for pretty rich people but damn how can you not cry for this chick?

      • Because_racecar

        I’m pretty sure she said “why don’t you say that to me on camera?” ie she was posses that he was a little bitch & didn’t have the balls to say it “to her face” on camera

  11. Because_racecar

    Is it just me or does joe francis give off a gay vibe? His mannerisms are off

    • Katelin

      Yes, I got the same vibe but, not from his mannerisms. I’ll have to watch the scene again. I thought he went over the top regarding the making of the bed. He didn’t want to come across as gay, or an extreme neat-freak, so he pressured her to make bed. Mostlikely, he would have made it himself if the cameras weren’t present.

  12. Ellis Scarlett

    I read an article quite a few years ago in the LA Times about him being sued for raping women after recruiting them for Girls Gone Wild. Wonder if they’ll bring that up next week when he says he doesn’t exploit women.

    PS-thanks for changing the response order back.

  13. vivaladiva831

    FF and his fiancée are the oddest couple…I hate to say but she is not all there and makes FF look like the stable one in that relationship. I am thinking on her part either drug or mental issues. I felt bad for both of them having to put up with the other.

    I continue to love love love, in my best Teresa Guidice, Caitlyn and Tyler. I don’t see Tyler with a bad temper, after all look how calm he (and Caitlyn) remaine when FF basically told them they screwed their child up by placing her for adoption. They were too polite to him.

    Joe Francis, hmmm, didn’t really know what to expect bc I have never watched anything of him on television. It wasn’t what I saw though…yes he was a douche and I expecte that much but someone above mentioned his mannerisms being off and I agree something Is off about him. He seems slightly retarded. I also think he really cares about his girlfriend. As well as someone like Joe Francis can. I just wantto give his girlfriend a big hug. She is heartbreaking.

    Fast forwarded Chingy and his girl. No interest in either.

  14. Not A Kim Z Fan

    I watched and I think FF girl is slightly developmentally delayed. I mean you’d have to be to say it was love at first sight when you saw Flava Flavvvvvvv. Come on now! I’m not sure he physically abuses her but there seems to definitely be some serious power and control issues as well as emotional and financial abuse.

    Chingy has bad skin. Him and his girl remind me of Too Short and his girl from last season. I don’t these relationships are real and they are all just on the show for money and exposure.

    Joe’s girlfriend actually called him out for NOT saying what he said on tape. I think she called him a coward who was trying not to show how he really behaves on camera. This is terrible to say but eating disorders don’t pull on my heartstrings. So I don’t feel sorry for her because of that but rather because she is was a mysogynist pig. I have no tolerance for couples calling eachother out of their names – even in heated arguments. I just think it is highly disrespectful and very distructive.

    I think SB might be onto something about Joe having OCD…

    • Katelin

      I agree, the girlfriend seems to have mental problems. I can’t picture her raising a small child in her present state of mind. I’ve seen families like this before. The teenage son may act as her protector when Flava gets out of line with is mom.

    • Lori

      Anyone who would procreate with FF is definitely out there. Ewwww… remember watching him kiss girls on Flavor of Love? It was always so nasty I had to turn away from the screen. blech.

      • Lori, the old saying, ‘love is blind’ certainly applies with FF! I so agree with you about kissing him and having babies with him…uh, no way! What the crap is up with that big old clock around his neck. Does he have mirrors around him to see how ridiculous he looks or, better still, anyone around that really cares about him to tell him to ditch the time piece!

        I have heard of Joe Francis and can NOT imagine why such a pretty woman would hook up with him to start with! z

        Poor Caitlyn. Will she ever find happiness with Tyler? They have been though a lot together but they are still so young. I hope they can make it.

      • Isabella J.

        FF is NOT that bad looking in real life, he has kind eyes. Or one kind eye, lol, the other one kind of roams.

      • LOL about FF’s roaming eye! He obviously has more than one roaming eye from all the women he has been involved with! LOL

        It’s not just the way he looks that makes him unattractive to me, Isabella. It’s the way he acts and the way he treats Liz. I have a problem with disrespect. Granted, she allows him to treat her that way but I think she is either on drugs or has some sort of mental health issue.

      • Isabella J.

        You never see them out together so I don’t know. I have seen her at Walmart once but it was just a casual thing. The truly WEIRDO family IMO that lives here are those Sister Wives, omg, they are all miserable and just blah, ick.

      • Hush Your Mouth! I LOVE the sister wives!

      • Isabella J.

        I will send you some pictures of me with them, they are goofy and REALLY depressed! The only happy one is the husband.

      • I do find the Sister Wives a bit strange! Well, to be honest, more than a BIT strange!! Really, I don’t know any woman that is truly okay with sharing her husband with one woman, let alone three? It’s just too weird and goes against the grain to not be jealous especially having sex practically right under their nose! And how are they able to afford these big houses now?

      • Isabella J.

        I have no idea how they can afford it. They have the SW jewelry and the book, I wish them the best but they seriously need some therapy IMO!

      • sasha2.0

        Caitlyn and Tyler, though very young, may last a while. Both have had to overcome major stuff during their short lives. I believe they really understand and seem to truly care for each other.

      • Katelin

        Yeah, it kinda makes you want to throw up. I believe he’s a kind-hearted person who needs a lot of attention. For some reason, women are attracted to him. He has a few bucks but I still can’t see myself with him. Yuck!

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