Chef Roble & Co Recap: Things Get HOT in the City

ChefRobleI’m baaaack! Now that all the nasty weather has blown through, I am feeling good and raring to blog. Which is good because I am way behind. Let’s start with Chef Roble! If you are not watching this show, you probably should be. Roble and Jasmine are all excited that their (ridiculous) tea party with Phaedra made Page Six.  The phone rings and Jasmine is all “well hello daaarling” and it turns out she is NOT talking Phaedra, but B. Scott, who Roble describes as a guy that looks like a girl who is an Internet entertainer. What could possibly go wrong with this?

I must say that B. Scott makes a much more beautiful woman than…oh let me hush. Already B. is making demands. She wants people to think they are eating one thing but they are really eating another. No beef or pork. For Jasmine’s design he wants a heart-shaped ice sculpture with a big B on it. And pictures of um, her everywhere with a grand entrance. Also, he is insistent that the location be very chill, like literally. Frankly, this is the one time I think Jasmine should just let Artie do this one. You know he is going to try anyway and this is more in his wheelhouse.

roblejasmineJasmine has already said she is taking over. Artie is already looking constipated. B. is already threatening that heads will roll. Artie says they have promised too much. Meanwhile, the kitchen is making weird crap that looks like other weird crap. I am sure that it will be good, but if I was having Roble cater, I just tell him to do whatever he wants.  Roble has been freaking out the whole show about not calling his company Chef Roble & Co because it is Roble & Co. That may be true, Roble, but your TV show is called Chef Roble & Co. Take a breath.  This argument over Jasmine mistakenly saying Chef Roble & Co has extended over two days with Roble cursing like a sailor at his sister. Jasmine actually calls Artie to mediate. She also called their mother. Roble is heated.

Speaking of heated, despite Jasmine going to great lengths to get the location as cold as possible by turning on the air full blast at 8 am, it seems that it didn’t work. There is an insane about of setup for this event. Tons of furniture. Also, all the kitchen appliances are blowing the circuits. Thus the air is not working, and the space is HOT. This is no bueno for the ice sculpture. B. Scott  comes in and has a flinging fit and leaves. Roble says he will throw the event all over again for him. Drama. Generally, on this show everything goes great and it all works out in the end. Not this time.  At least Roble and Jasmine made up in the end. And can I just say that Artie was well-behaved this show.

Next week it looks like a different story and Artie loses his cool at a chi chi polo party, with some hot polo players. Yum.


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8 responses to “Chef Roble & Co Recap: Things Get HOT in the City

  1. Isabella J.

    First time I have seen this show, I loved it!!! Great blog as usual!

  2. Urethra Franklin

    So Roble hates his company being referred to as Chef Roble & Co? Then he must really be cursing Bravo because the title of the show perpetuates his main pet peeve.

    I totally understand the host being pissed about the lack of a/c. Until this show I did not realize that they bring the kitchen setup on site. I thought the food was cook elsewhere and catered to the venue.

    • James

      I think his problem is that executive level people in the company should know the proper name of the catering business which is a separate entity from the show

  3. Monihew

    One thing I got: I hate being hot! I would rather freeze and drink whiskey than to be sweating.

    One thing I didn’t get: Why Roble was so pissed off about his business being called “Chef Roble and Co” when that is actually the name of the show.

    The jury is still out on this one…………………………..

    • Katrina

      It would appear that “Chef Roble & Co” is the name of the show and not the name of the company. As long as people remeber his name, his brand will be fine.

  4. CoCo

    Thanks for the blog. Tamara! I recorded this on the DVR and, surprisingly, the only thing that got messed up was B. Scott’s appearance at the event. I do wish Roble would be nicer to Jasmine and Keku though….

  5. myinfo

    the show was boring to me. The drama seem fake or drawn out since nothing else was going on.
    Why did Pharda has a catered meal in NY when there are tons of places to eat?
    Just a dumb Bravo forced setup.

  6. Reach4Wisdom

    Thanks for the recap. Roble reminds me of a tall boy in a man’s body with a good job. Is it his hair cut? Maybe the back pack? The skate board? I dunno, to me he looks like he skate boards and plays video games in his free time. Although he’s very qualified he seems immature.

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