Kathy Griffin: Jodi Arias is Following me on Twitter


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32 responses to “Kathy Griffin: Jodi Arias is Following me on Twitter

  1. Carol

    I don’t even understand why Jodi Arias has access to twitter.

  2. Tiffany C

    Jodi Arias doesn’t have access to the internet. She calls a friend who sends out the tweets for her. The friend is following Kathy Griffin.

  3. SweetTeaNShade

    Jodi says the chambers were bugged during the defense’s conversations? Per NG, bombshell tonight.

    Building a case for mental illness? I see a huge media circus this time around, she will tweet through some crazy twatter of hers and go off the wall in jail so they send her to a cushy psych ward.

    She wants more freedom really bad, interviews, more sunshine on her face and only 19 other inmates in this women’s facility. She would own every one if them in a week, (in her mind). American Idol contests!!! Art time and education where she could teach women to read like only a saint could!! Slop which is fried, not baked! Survivor t-shirts sales! The promise land cometh!!! She’s so damn predictable.

    Can someone tell me what new info pertinent to the case will be admissible? Her tweets? Her jail rap sheet? Interviews bashing jury? Forged letters??

    Excuse my heavy punctuation in this post. :).

    • USED2B718

      Psych wards aren’t cushy. I don’t know where you’re getting your info from. State run facilities are not a Club Med vacation. It’s bare bones with shitty toilet paper, smelly hallways from the nasty commercial disinfectant that they use to clean. Yeah, sounds awesome.

      • sammiejane

        Hey, I am a mother of two…. sounds like a nice getaway to me…. ~LM~effin~AO

      • Bobbi

        Not to mention……….toilet paper usually is……..um…….shitty!

      • SweetTeaNShade

        Cushy compared to what she has now or would have on Death Row, not cushy in general as The Ritz Carlton. IMO she deserves a few stabs in the back like she handed to Travis Alexander, besides a hard mattress and 1ply TP.

        Tweeting thru friends and hurling insults at the prosecution in her interviews are a bit cushy for a murderess. All IMO. JA = psycho.

  4. steve

    saw that last week along with donald trump and christianne amanpour? and others. She must be so happy with herself. Kathy got a good laugh out of it for us though.

    • Bobbi

      I think Jodi, in her many delusions, fancies herself as an up-and-coming Christianne Amanpour. Jodi writes of her fantasy world in her journals, therefore, putting her on a par with Ms. Amanpour as a famous journalist! I wonder if JA is even allowed to have her stubby pencils in her new 23 hour/day accommodations. After all, she could poke an eye out! …………Although, I don’t think she’d ever harm a hair on her head!

  5. lori

    I just heard that the next jury will be sequestered?

  6. steve

    Az. doesnt like to sequester their juries. The question i have is willmotts other case for july is it a death penalty case? If not which is more important? The def wants the extention then they can be released and new lawyers take over. Thats what the judge said at the end of the hung jury part.

  7. sammiejane

    I know I am going to burn in hell for this but it must be said. First and foremost, this murder was a heinous tragedy and I feel horribly the family is going through all this pain and agony for such an extended period of time… Now with that being said…. ummmm BRAVO! Kathy Griffin for making me laugh about something I would feel horrible uttering myself. Being a member of BBC (the Bitter Bitch Club), I can see the humor in how Kathy portrayed this wretched … uhhh, what was the word the jury asked her to define… ohhh yeah “skank”. For gawds sake, I have a degree in nursing and criminal justice administration… give me a rusty needle I’ll do the long overdo deed with no hesitation. On a much more serious note, I would really like to know what the jurors feel of her manipulation of them and her less than stellar remarks of them while they were having such a hard time in the deliberation room. TBO they were played and publicly humiliated as well as outwitted by a 32 year old psycho… What a pitiful tragedy! For the love of god please let this second go at the penalty phase end the torture I feel she is intentionally inflicting on his family for her own amusement. Now, I think I am done with my tirade for the day… Thanks to all for dealing with my rambling and handling my dark sense of humor now and in past posts.
    Couple of questions if anyone knows the answer:
    Have they released the name(s) of her new defense team whom I am sure, as with Willmott and Nurmi, don’t want the case but have no choice but to take it?
    And did I hear correctly Martinez (or rather his superior) is refusing to take the death penalty off the table?
    Last but not least, are they going to put LavaLamp (LaViolette) and Dr. Dick (Richard Samuels) on the stand again? I had read somewhere LavaLamp put some type of order against Martinez or his office to prevent them from “abusing” her?
    BREAKING NEWS: Arias defense team has asked for a continuance until January of 2014 to prepare her new defense and get up to speed on what happened previously.

    • Dlister

      LavaLamp? Why do you hate a 70’s décor icon so much?

      I think the problem with LaViolette from the get-go was that she is, at base, an activist, not a scientist. This is why, to me, she was a very poor choice. I’m surprised the defense counsel did not recognize this difference.

  8. steve

    what could alyce testify about that Juan cant counter? Everybody is drinking the jodi kool-aid i think by buying into the i was threatened so wont do its. Alyce didnt want to face Juan after being caught in a lie on stand..the patty friend didnt want to explain why she didnt report income from selling old jodi pics to tv to welfare dept. Darryl was there waiting to testify so the def claim that NOBODY wanted to speak for jodi is a lie. The judge said if this trial goes in july JW and KN cant be released but if delayed then new council can be appointed. We will find out next week at the update hearing if they get to bail

  9. peachteachr

    I did read that JW is asking for more time to rehabilitate ALV. Sorry, I was laughing so hard I had to stop posting for a moment. Steve, I believe you are correct. There is no NEW JA trial. This is simply to finish the penalty phase. They are free to bring in witnesses for mitigation but isn’t that the extent of what remains to be done? Aren’t we still at LWOP or DP? If they cannot decide at this point between the 2 penalties, I believe the judge decides.

  10. steve

    yeah Peachteacher this is just to decide death or life. If life judge decides with or without parole. JW needs six months to find a way for people to speak for jodi? Thats BS and i dont mean bank speak!! I guess jodi getting lonely all by herself in her cage they hafta find a way to be around others..its been two whole weeks alone boo-hoo for her. after the last motion to withdraw the judge said ONLY if there is a delay then kurt and jenny can go..so now askin for a delay. After waiting 4 years to get to trial and 5months of trial they need another 6 months to prepare? I want to know what JWs more important case for july is. Why delay a death penalty case in its final stage now?

  11. Hey TT, I didn’t follow any of your posts on this trial, but this sums it up enough for me. I’ll wait for the Lifetime Movie. LOVE Kathy Griffin.

  12. Mark A B.

    About this BS movie coming out. Dont hey need permission to portray TA? I cant imagine his family doing such a thing.

  13. steve

    Cammie- a shout out for your Bruins. thought they had the first game. Double overtime. Good luck for tonights game.

  14. The Disher

    anyone catching Nancy Grace tonight? this is the first time I’ve seen Jodi Arias interrogation tapes where she takes the police through a maze of lies about the other two purported killers….I still marvel at how elaborate her lies are.

  15. steve

    Disher..i would like NG to follow these with the mom n dad tapes..the whole murder and more are on them. Listen to jodis voice as Det Flores first tells her that he has the accidental pics showing the murder. she leans forward and says one word..really? when she does that you can hear greed or desire in her voice. 4 seconds of the real her slipping thru

    • peachteachr

      She is sooo obvious in her desire to see the crime photos. It’s almost cliched but it is seen over and over in the movies and TV crime shows. Along the line of the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. I think she even says something like I must admit to a morbid curiosity when Det.Flores asks her if she wants to see the photos. That’s one evil woman.

  16. Justobserving

    Bring on the K-Y…

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