Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Mommy Issues

RHOAkimkroybrielleI’m just getting to recapping Don’t be Tardy… Sorry for the delay. First of all, can I just say that I love that Kim is in sweatpants and that the kitchen is not exactly pristine. With four kids in the house, nannies or not, it just makes it seem so much more real than on Real housewives where the kitchens are all staged for someone housewife to cut fancy cheese and create a fruit plate in a sterile environment. Brielle tries to talk to Kim about her school issues but she is distracted by the boys. Brielle is having a hard time getting time with her mom because two under two is so time-consuming.

Meanwhile, it’s the end of the football season and Kroy is pretty banged up. He is at chiro trying to get into the best condition for the upcoming playoff game. Then Kim gets adjusted and says that it is because of Kroy’s sexual antics that her body is all messed up. Also it seems  that she thinks a wig weighs ten pounds. Um noe. Brielle is bugging her mom on the chiro table, seeking attention. Apparently, the chiro is able to predict the number of kids and the gender Kim will have through some sort of muscle testing. I don’t think the doctor or Kim really take it any more seriously than other methods like the wedding ring on a string test. It’s just cute. Brielle is not excited about more kids and she definitely doesn’t want more girls. She says she has always wanted blonde hair and blue eyes and older brothers and that is what the new girl would probably have. Kim still seems to be in denial that her boys are redheads. The doctor says the next kid will be a boy. Apparently he was right the last time.

Kim and Kroy are in the kitchen where Kim is making bloody marys and going down a list of things he needs to do and just spouting out random comments. Kroy is frustrated because he can’t follow her hyperactive train of thought. Kim cannot focus. She says she has ADD. Kroy is annoyed. Kim says she thinks it is the IUD making her spacey. Kim wants to yank the IUD and use the pullout method. Kim wants to remove it RIGHT NOW, Kroy wants to make a doctor’s appointment like a normal person. Somehow, she convinces him to try to remove it. We are hearing everything from behind the door. Kim yanks it out herself. Neither one of them know how the IUD works by the way.

Kim, Brielle and Jenn go to the house she is building. Brielle is trying to talk to Kim about them getting out and doing things. Most teens don’t usually ask so straightforwardly for time with their mother. It’s sweet and sort of heartbreaking. Brielle points out that she knew this would happen. Brielle and Arianna both look stunning in their talking heads. However they are glammed up like grown women, and I wish they would not do that. Brielle is sort of acting in this scene. Whether it is for the cameras or just the typical 16-year-old playing her mother, I don’t know. Either way it is not genuine. Oh Lord, it is storyline. She starts fake crying about her grandmother. Not buying it. Brielle should not look into a career in the acting field. Kim is much better at fake crying. The conversation ends with Kim promising a vacation. Next week: Everyone is at the beach!  So storyline.

That said, I do like this show and wish it were an hour long.


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25 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy Recap: Mommy Issues

  1. Nicole

    I like this show too. I was thinking how much happier Kim is. I wonder if she also has a new PR person. At any rate, it is a cute and sweet show. I know alot of people is saying that nice, cute shows doesn’t do well with ratings and dramas do, but just look at Duck Dynasty, it’s one of the highest rating show!

  2. I really enjoy “Don’t Be Tardy.” It’s turned out to be a much different show than I expected. Not very much like housewives. A little storyline, a little acting, but mostly just a funny family.

  3. Isabella J.

    I love DBT! Such a sweet peak at Kim’s life! Still think most is staged but it is much more fun than before she met Kroy! She genuinely seems happy!

    • This was an episode where I felt like the whole conversation at Kim’s new house was BS. OTOH, I felt like the conversation with Kim and Kroy was not. I know there is some staging but I really like this show.

  4. Tango

    Omg she really yanked her iud out herself? OUCH.

  5. Susan

    Did I hear correctly when Kim said she paid 7,000.00 bucks for a pair of shoes??????
    By the time Kroy wants to retire they wont have any money left. If they pay for the house – that is great but it takes lots of money for other things in the house, taxes, and all the other bills, not to mention all the kids. I like the show Kim is much happier and it is cute to watch. The shoe thing though is just stupid – if that is what she said.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what you heard as she likes Loubs and they aren’t cheap!

    • DJ

      @Susan – There’s nothing wrong with your hearing. That’s what she said.

      • Susan

        Thank you DJ I thought that’s what I heard. yikes. I hope Kroy stays healthy and can play football for a looooooooong time. They will need the money. Poor guy will need a wheel chair by the time Kim’s done spending bunches of money.

  6. AngieB

    Kim strikes me as the type who would spend alot of money on clothes, decor and cars for her kids but not put aside money for their college education. I hope Kroy is taking care of the long term planning. Riley may not have alot of “stuff” but I bet Kandi has a college fund already set up for her daughter.

    • Angie, did you see Riley’s room in the new house? She has a LOT of stuff, including a stage in her room. Her room is very pretty, though, and I do think Kandi probably has a college fund for Riley.

      • AngieB

        Riley’s room was very nice, but as I recall Kandi decorated her house on a budget and takes pride in being cheap, while Kim hired a high-end designer and then disputed the bill. I guess my point is that with all of those kids I wish Kim saved for the future more instead of blowing so much money on temporary, material things. I remember the conversation she and Kandi had about retirement and Kim’s retirement plan was some inventions Kroy came up with making alot of money. Pie in the sky stuff. I’m not saying she doesn’t love her kids or isn’t a good mom, just that I think her priorities are out of whack.

  7. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    TT I too would love an hour long show. Even with some scripting it seems obvious that as lazy as she is, Kim is a hands on Mom. She had her daughters when she was young so was like their playpal and they are feeling the change with her being so busy. They love Kroy but have had a ton of changes to their daily routine.

  8. TT, I noticed the messy kitchen, too, and I liked it. I think Kim is really happy with Kroy and love how the show starts with the babies. I feel for Brielle trying to get Kim’s attention. It must be extremely hard on her to have so many changes and not only to share her mom with Kroy but with two babies, as well. I’m glad Kim finally ‘heard’ her, even if it was scripted I think it is a real problem for Brielle and a lot of other kids in blended families.

    • That’s why I liked Tardy Season 1 (haven’t watched the current one), it felt more real. Kim ran around in sweats, her hair in a ponytail, makeup not done. And she is a different person with her family and real friends on this show than the person she is on RHoA.

  9. lori

    Of course she had to throw in the $7000.00 Louis Vuitton. This was a really sweet episode. Ghe only thing that struck me is how far gone things have gotten on TV. All that talk about pulling out and jumping off. To think that 60 years ago married couples couldn’t even sleep in the same bed on TV, and a woman couldnt even show her belly button. But put the viewing public aside, I’m sure that Troys parents must love hearing that stuff, and Kim’s daughters too. Sometimes (often) my soul really longs for a simpler, more innocent time.

    • I’m sure his parents don’t watch for the very reason is they know how crass she is and it’s not something they would enjoy seeing.

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      I can just imagine what she says when the cameras are not rolling is even more low class than what Bravo lets on with a silly beep, and, its scary to think what those girls have heard or even seen with Kim and her uncouth antics to get coins from a man.

  10. the queen doesnt need saving

    is it just me or was anyone else thinking during the kim and brielle convo stop making it about u and hug ur daughter? ?

  11. Otherpeoplesproblems

    Kims boys are what i call “blonde gingers” Kroy has the white eyelashes/brows of a ginger but his hair is blonde and hes probably not a firecrotch. Blonde gingers are an interesting breed.

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