Sidebar: Jodi Arias!

Thanks to Lurker Jen for this photo. :)

Thanks to Lurker Jen for this photo. :)

I am trying to get ready for a double blog tonight of RHOOC and The Newlyweds, so I am pressed for time. I have HLN on in the background and it is really good tonight despite the hilarious dramatic readings of the attorney sidebar stuff being released. So where are you guys? I will come back and edit in all the new stuff when I get a chance but y’all need to be in here talking about this.

Juan called Laviolette a liar to the Judge, told the judge that the penis and boob pics were in admissible because of identity issues, the jurors were asking about her boob job. All kinds of salacious stuff. Come keep me updated while I blog tonight!


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  1. Babsdeaner

    My satellite TV reception is down due to bad weather. :(. I’ll be checking for updates too!

  2. I think that Nancy may have popped a lude tonight. She is almost at a normal screech and WHERE ARE YOU GUYS. If you missed this show, you have to DVR the second showing.

    • Isabella J.

      she is definitely out of it.

    • tleigh

      I am sick of hearing crazy Nancy ranting about the jury’s “obcession” with Arias’s boobs. She has said this a thousand times and tries to get the numerous lawyers to agree with her outrage. I need a lude.

      I do love the dramatic readings, however. Very entertaining :)

    • Nancy was a bit over ( or under) the top tonight. We all know she pronounces some words strangely, but names are names and should be pronounced correctly. Did you catch her prouncioion of Einstein? “Eye in stein” **gah**
      There were one or two others but ill have to watch again …brain farts.

      • Bobbi

        deco….speaking of names….Nancy mispronounced CAYLEY Anthony’s name from the time she went missing right through “tot mom’s” trial. Instead of saying CAY-LEE, she would say, CALE (KALE)-LEE. It drove me straight up the wall for all those years that HLN covered the case!

    • Adam Friedman

      HAH… oh my a Lude. She would have had to slur whilst screaming those “MAAAHN on the JUREEEE are OBSESSED with ARIAS’S BOOB JOB.” I thought I was going to barf I laughed so hard. She is crazy. As long as she is basically on my side I can watch her but she is a beeeyatch and I can not even imagine what it is like to work on that show. Anyway, I have to admit there was a feeling of the gangs all here tonight, tonite as I loved hearing JM go off on JW and ALAV U lette. I believe more and more that that thing is going to be the villian when this trials history gets told. Clearly, JA was heavily influenced by her and it would be interesting to research how much of Laviollete’s writing was quoted and utilized by Satan’s Kitty (JA) during the trial. I think a lot. Nice to be back TT

    • JustUsForAll

      TT – Now you just gave away your age.. !! – Popped a lude, huh ?? ~ Ahh-ha !

      • Whatever happened to Quaaludes? Did they just disappear from the face of the earth? You never hear about them anymore.

      • Isabella J.

        My BF has ludes, he is in a band though and a bit older than me though, I will ask him where he gets them.

      • Those 714s’ were taken off the market by DEA way back when…(Dont know why i cant remember when)..maybe the late 79’s?
        I knew pharmacists that had to dispose of them.. Uh huh…lol

      • Isabella J.

        My sexy time man says pharmacist can make them and still do.

      • Adam Friedman

        TT if you or anyone comes across ludes ….Well Dayum oh my. I will slur a big thank thee.

        What time is it?….7 14

      • Isabella J.

        I thought the time was 420,

      • JustUsForAll

        TT – Yes, actually, I hear they are still around. Alot of my old “crazy party” friends were in love with them… I preferred upbeat, happy, laughing parties to falling off the couch and guys puking & pissing in the front yard ! Nothing like hitting on a guy all night that ends up “ralph-earl-ing” then passing out mumbling some ex’s name. They’re still out there through careful dispenserary (sp?) ROER’s off course. – LemonTrees as far as I know – have been long gone with replays of Fleetwood Mac albums. HA ! :-) Not for me, now I’m just a hermit with fun and funky memories…

      • I would like to state for the record, I have never tried ludes. I was mostly geeky and later more of a partier in HS. The girl who did ludes in the parking lot at school was rather weird. I am certainly not interested in trying them now. I would prefer a drug that made me LESS mellow. Like speed or something if I am going to become a late in life drug addict. I am constantly fighting the urge to nap as it is.

      • JustUsForAll

        Wise thinking ! – Old days were different. Everybody used to go for the “fun stuff” before the need to numb on nuts set in. I’m glad I had my crazies when I was young – ’cause your body still pays for it one day. I highly advise occasional help with Dr. Feel Good but Purity of the Poison was a “must” then and still is now. ~ Life around musicans – I’m just a cheap date now (1 blk russian .5 xanni can be sleep lethal, so I get a whole lotta’ freaked out – more than freaky, too TT.

      • And, uh, I know a lot of old people…:)

  3. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    TT thx for headsup. Set DVR for rest of night. 😆 Needed Criminal Minds fix so watching marathon on ION. Will take a break for RHOC.

    • Bobbi

      Ooh, Criminal Minds……love that show! I really miss Mandy Patinkin, but I like Joe Mantegna, too! And now Paget Brewster has left again – hopefully, they will bring her back for a guest appearance.

      • iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

        @Bobbi I agree, I really liked Paget and her interaction with the rest of the gang. can watch episodes of this for hours on end and enjoy every second.

  4. Manuel

    I don’t understand why the Boob questions were prejudicial. I think it shows a pattern of using men to “climb the ladder to success”…

  5. Ginger

    I am listening to the trial at work on my headphones and I LOVE JM. I know this might sound strange but does anyone think JM sounds like Steve Carell? I love him too, but I swear their voices and mannerisms are the same. P.S. J.A. Is an ASS. One big piece of ASS!

  6. steve

    well i never thought Juan would have nice things to say about alyce..she did lie on the stand and was clearly biased in her testimony. I think as more records are released we may learn what..if any, things were done to alyce about that. The boob job question was more to jodi finances more than the boob job. im broke but i just got these type thing. But since she was in sales the bigger boobs would mean more tips..hooters dont hire flat women

  7. tata4now

    Anyone know where we can read the transcripts? I’m going to do some web sleuthing and see if I can find them.

  8. CoCo

    Was I dreaming or did I just see previews for a Jodie ArIas movie on Lifetime airing on June 22nd?

    • yeah the lifetime channel has been running mad previews about the movie.

      Nancy doesn’t seem to grasp that a chick wanting fake boobs might have asked the questions from a “I can’t afford boobs but you can? “POV. Also didn’t she say she paid something stupid like $500 for them I would have asked who paid the rest. ANd please hunt down the side bar transcripts and link me. It has been a VERY busy night here.

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Watching it late here on the West Coast… Nancy is making me crazy with her screeching about boobs. The question was about the financing of them, not how big or soft or enjoyable they were!
        I’m relatively new to HLN so I’m still trying to figure out why these others continue to appear on Nancy’s show just to be abused and mocked by her… but I guess any exposure is good exposure?

      • Clearly you ARE new, lol because that is the most subdued I have since Nancy since the OJ trials. I don’t normally watch but I was taping something to watch later and setting up to blog, so… she was on in the background.. and I wish I would have followed my own advice and taped it because I thought all the Jodi folks would be barraging me with links to the sidebar transcripts by now. I think they have abandoned me because in another thread I said I didn’t think she deserves the DP. :( As the blogger, sometimes sharing my opinion is intimidating… whatever.

      • Hey Popcorn, you made me LOL about NG comments about the boob job. Loved “The question was about the financing of them, not how big or soft or enjoyable they were!” I have to agree with you. Although I’m probably in the minority here, I actually like NG, but agree that sometimes she goes WAY over the top. I find her entertaining. Just like the opinions of some of her guests, sometimes her comments are ridiculous. As far as the ongoing guests who are bulied by her, it seems she’s known most of them for many years. She frequently states that they used to try cases together, or worked together in the prosecutors office, or have known each other for many years. I’m sure they must know what she’s like, but they still come on the show despite her abuse. Maybe they’re publicity whores :)

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        I have seen NG act like a normal intelligent person before, haha, and I’m sure most of her show personality is an act which has gotten worse and worse over the years, but I guess on HLN that’s what people want – since everyone on this network is Super! Shouty! I have to believe that her guests understand they’re just part of the entertainment game. I do wish Nancy would stop with things like “THEY’RE OBSESSED WITH HER BOOBS! SQWAAAAK!” because she just encourages people to be stupid and not actually *think* about things. Ah well, wishful thinking.

        Tamara, no one is going to leave you. Between court cases and Real Housewives, this is the most entertaining blog on the internet!! Besides, I think JA deserves the DP and I don’t even believe in the DP – but I still love you! :) <3

      • we’re still here TT!! Just have a lot to read lately with RHONJ causing so much drama. I will be googling the sidebar transcripts today because I am dying to read them too-love JM’s sarcasm-so I will post them here for you if I find a good link.

  9. Seriously ....

    Dang it, my mother and brother have come down for a visit and I’m missing some good TV. Hopefully someone will link those transcripts

  10. lori

    Dammit. I cant believe I missed this post. I was too busy hanging out on the rhonj thread! Becore this trial, for years, I used to tape Nancy Grace every night , and then I would basically usually delete it the next day, unless she had something interesting on. Over the course of the JA trial I got so sick of hln, and especially NG so I stopped recording it. Looks like I need to suck it and prepare for the screech and the beating a dead horse and start recording it again.

  11. Jen

    Missed HLN coverage lately, I’ll have to get back up to speed here!

  12. Jen

    I dont know how to post/ or if i can post an attachment, but azcentral has the april 4th sidebar document where JM tells JW she should go back to law school or something to that effect. its a fascinating read…

  13. peachteachr

    Just saying hello to my trial friends. I didn’t catch all of NG last night as I was preparing for my new crush, Longmire on A & E. Love that show. I thought she would mostly be rehashing the transcripts that were released last week, but I did get the men were into the boob thing. TT, I too read that she got a boob job for $600. I just figured she went to Mexico for it. Years ago when I got a divorce, one of the old guys in my small town asked me if I was going to get a boob job. He said that the men always got a corvette and the women got a boob job. I told him I’d rather have the corvette b/c I had the small breasts all my life. Must say, it was a conversation ender!

    • Adam Friedman

      Hey Peach the Craig Johnson books that the LONGMIRE show is based on are just awe inspiring and wonderful. His relationships with Henry (The Cheyenne Nation) and Vic are so cool and wonderfully written. Take a gander and let me know what you think I just finished the new one, “Serpents Tooth.”

      • peachteachr

        I’ll go to the library before I leave to dogsit for my daughter. Adam, should I read the books in order? My favorite crime writer is John Sandford who writes the Prey series and they do need to be read in order.

      • Adam Friedman

        WOW me too Sanford and I just read his latest Lucas Davenport and Freakin stopped because I was getting too revved up. I will save for an appropriate crave moment. Also his Virgil Flowers series is great. Yes, if you can read in order especially to see the growth between him, Henry and Vic (Victoria). The A&E show is good but when you read the books you certainly get a different Walt. A little more Human but also very uhm… dangerous and unpredictable which makes for a great great read.

    • JustUsForAll

      Peachteachr – I’m reading back and forth tonight… realized – Did YOU start this BOOB debate ?? :-) It’s like the joke about the girl who wanted to surprise her boyfriend for the night they decided to do the dirty-deed and had “B & B” tattoos put on each butt cheek for the joke – “Biggest Boobs” or “Best Boyfriend”. That night after romantic dinner & wine – she drops it all to reveal her surprise – and her boyfriend exclaims…”WHO’S – BOB ?”

  14. JustUsForAll

    Hey Tamara… Don’t dispair ! ~ I dont think the “SideBar Gang” has left you… Probably just had to get some semblence of normal back – like bills, husband, yard stuff, blah, blah. Hell !! – I still have winter clothes in my dresser !! – It’s amazing, trying to keep up w /the sudden barrage of court cases coming up !!! Is it my imagination or is there more trials than usual popping up ? Anyway, I think the JA crowd is missing the intermittent coverage (I am) because we’ve overdosed on HLN. Secretly we mourn the wall-to-wall coverage. (sometimes I can’t get the links to work) but I’m dying to read them. I quit taping all of HLN except Drew because he won’t let Arias alone and I’m loving the new sidebar transcript dramas done in (ha !) perfect Brooklyn (NY) & Hackensack (NJ) accents – LOL ! – Picking a new jury is on the way… !!

  15. JustUsForAll

    Did anyone watch NG interviews inside Jodi’s current jail ?? – The girls she interviewed were pretty interesting – probably the more well-behaved convicts there. Funny how every once in awhile HLN has to feature NG in some cameo special – to prove to the world – Nancy is kinda warm & fuzzy, and really just human, afterall. (HA) My husband even mentioned she gained back her weight she lost on Dances w /the Stars. Ya’ know… despite the fact that Nancy Grace — IS A BOOB — job – She almost had me teary eyed there in AZ. ~ Strange Brew !

    • Bobbi

      Hey, JustUs……….LEAVE MY NANCY ALONE!……..I like NG despite the fact she gets rather screechy and annoying on some topics – like “BOOB-GATE” last night. I think, ultimately, she means well and fights for the rights of all victims.

      • JustUsForAll

        Oh Bobbi – I’m sorry… Ya’ know I try to like Nancy. For you, I will say that sometimes she does have her moments… when her dry wit comes out unintentionally. – Makes me laugh. Like my husband says, when i catch him watching her yell at her guests… ” Those poor insufferable bastards” Ha !
        It’s Ok for us to like different things afterall – it makes us interesting ! :-) ~ JustUs

      • Bobbi

        No need to be sorry – like you said, it’s OK to like different things. I’m noticing, though, that the men seem to have a harder time tolerating Nancy. My husband leaves the room when I have her on, saying he just can’t take it anymore! Oh, well……to each, his/her own!

      • For all of you NG lovers/haters, Jon Stewart did a very funny bit about her reporting on the Arias trial on his show. It’s posted on YouTube. Just search for Jon Stewart On Jodi Arias | Hilarious Clip | The Daily Show | JonXTalks | 9/5/13

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        That was hilarious, Thanks!!

  16. You know that trial that we are not talking about here? Yeah that one. I LOVE jury selection. this link is great and has commentary by legal dudes in the recesses. We are in recess unti 3:30 and the state is probably about to use their first of ten challenges to axe her because she said that had the kid not been suspended none of this would have happened.

  17. steve

    seacat GUILTY M1 in kansas..yay! He will get a 50 years before parole sentence. Hey Just Us what gets me about NG like last night the story began as A jury question about the boob job and as the show progressed she adds her flavor to the story and by the end of the show it was the male jurors obsessed about it during deliberations. :)

    • JustUsForAll

      Steve – i’d love to see the writer’s & producer’s first script of the show to see how she builds up her angst…. Ha ! I actually grimace when she goes after her guests. How would you like to be the guy that forgets to pick up her milk @ the store ?? [maybe she’s real nice off-set] :-)

  18. JustUsForAll

    Seacat (what a name…) Case and Point why defendant’s SHOULD NOT take the stand… even if they say you have to – (the Defense, technically doesn’t have to put on a case – only the Prosecution has the burden of proof) —- so contrary to my inclination – like I was told as 1 of 32 grandchildren – There’s an ol’ Italian proverb – “You speaka witha your heart — NOTa – your mouth ! Capeesh ?

    • Hey JustUs, I agree about the Seacat name, so I did a little digging. From what I could find it seems that it may be a version of Secat (German). Other variations are SEACAT – SEACATT – SEEKATZ.

      Dr Drew had the niece of Vashti on last night, and she said that Brett had dogs that were his whole life, even more important than his kids. She said that Brett trained them in German, so that no one else would know what he was telling them to do (talk about being a paranoid control freak, no?) so I’m thinking that maybe his family is German.

      • JustUsForAll

        Nancy – saw that about his dogs. I’ve been around real police K-9’s a little, especially German Shepherds (I have a big beautiful AKC Old Fashioned GSD) and almost all of the cops that get their dogs (fr: Germany, etc.) speak and/or teach german to them. It’s such a control-club thing. Quite a paler shade of white actually… Secat would be German – usually anytime I’ve seen an “S” it turns into a “Z” like Siegfried. (…guezz he got hizzz payback – that ZOB !) :-)

      • Hi JustUs: I knew that a lot of police K9 handlers spoke commands in German, but I didn’t think that Seacat had ever been a K9 officer, so that’s why I did a bit of research and it seems his background is German anyway. I’m glad he’s going away for life, and I hope he gets the ‘hard 50′ that the state will be asking for. He’ll be 85 before he’s even eligible for parole.

        How much do you want to bet that ol’ Brett will be getting marriage proposals in prison, from women on the outside? Now that he’s a widower, I bet he’s probably already getting letters from female admirers, and it won’t be long before he finds one that wants to marry him. Pretty disgusting eh?

  19. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Could someone please answer this for me: What is the correct pronunciation of “voir dire”?
    I have never had a French lesson in my life, but I always thought it was VWAH DEER. But everyone on HLN today has been saying VOY DIRE. So I thought I was wrong. But now Mel Robbins is on saying VWAH DEER and she appears to be the least shouty and most reasonable (and totally out of place on HLN!!), hahaha.

    Does anyone know for sure?

    • This drives me crazy it’s Vwah deer. however Mark Omeara said voir dyer all day today. When I complained on twitter a few weeks ago one of my atty followers said it could be either way and her law professer said dyer. I have heard ATTYs!! Say Voyer Dyer. It just kills me. Oh on HLN the lady who mispronounced it last night said it was from the Latin for the truth. NO NO NO it is French it is two verb infinitives Voir means To See Dire means to Say(Speak). There is ONLY ONE CORRECT PRONUNCIATION and apparently it is not taught in law schools.

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Thank youuuu! I love your outrage. I’m going to be just as outraged from now on. If I, as just an English Major, can figure out the correct pronunciation then I expect attorneys to know the same! 😀

      • Seriously....

        As a French speaker, I vouch for this. This is on par with ” deja vu all over again” for me. It drives me nut.

      • Puravidacostarica

        It would drive me nut, too. Lol

      • Puravidacostarica

        Sounds like déja vu! :-)

      • Sharon

        Voir is derived from the Latin word verum. Verum means ” that which is true.” Of course a great many words are originally derived from Latin. The combination voir dire is French.

      • The French word for truth is verite dervived verus “truth”. The Latin * vidēre* is to see. Some say voir come from the Latin *vidēre* , but most agree that both words are in fact Anglo French or Norman French and do not come from either Latin root.

        Can we PUHLEASE change the subject before my head explodes?

        Also I can’t find a story about the Foreman at AZcentral..

        Also it is 108 degrees in PHX right now.

    • JustUsForAll

      Tamara probably does ! ?

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        Tamara knows EVERYTHING! Well, when it comes to legal stuffs and Real Housewive tea. :)

    • nella lee

      the correct French pronunciation is “vwah deer” & the r is slightly rolled in back of throat

    • It’s definitely “Vwah deer”. The origin of Voir Dire is Anglo-French and literally means, to speak the truth

    • Puravidacostarica

      I know how to pronounce it but I giggle when I think about how Joe Pesci said it in Cousin Vinny!

    • mlinky

      It is Vwah Deer, but in the south it is Vore Dire. For a lawyer, it is the surest sign of whether you are in the north or the south.

  20. peachteachr

    Just read the foreman of JA’s jury interview where he gives his reasons for voting against the death penalty. He also throws some shade on the other 8 jurors who didn’t agree with him. That ‘family’ didn’t last too long did they? Most of the comments under the article (@ arizonacentral, I think) seem to suggest he should just go somewhere far, far away.

  21. JustUsForAll

    Heads up if your online – Dr. Drew is about to release info about why Jodi had both ankle chains and waist stunner on… because she attacked another inmate with chains on… ! Crazy lady walking !!!

    • Crap I can’t watch, I have two things DVRing. Keep me updated?

      • JustUsForAll

        I’m headed off to sleep – wasn’t a huge revelation but Drew has 11 or so copies of her insubordination reports in jail. There are more being released. Everything must be coming from the author (?name) of Picture Perfect. JA had various sordid misbehaviors and caught kicking another inmate. Also they screwed up their “reading drama” tonight. TT – check you schedule because Drew is repeated 3 more times through the wee hours of the morning. (I think 2 or 3). I DVR’d it so I’ll check more details tomorrow.

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      Thanks! I was able to schedule the 9pm PST Drew to tape..
      Having a not-so-great day today. Bean/cheese/onion enchiladas in the oven, and on my third Cape Cod now. WOOOO. :/

  22. Hey y’all. Sorry I have been sort of out of it the last couple of days. I have been sleeping a lot. I swear it happens with radical changes in the barometric pressure but apparently that is ‘crazy talk’. Anyway.

    A commenter emailed me after a little squabble in the comments of the RHONJ post saying she was banned and trying to defend herself. She was not banned but in checking to see if I had spammed her, I found TWO trial peeps in the spam box.

    DOCWALL and KF(somenumbers) I dunno how they fell into the spam hole, but now I am worried that they cannot post. So if you are reading this Doc, and KF, sorry and please try again.

    Also if you ever thing you are banned, email me, my addy is up top left. Thanks.

    • Hey Tamara: having physical complaints when there is a radical change in the barometric pressure isn’t crazy talk! I go thru the same thing with my fibromyalgia. When it gets really windy outside, I know that I’m going to be hurting even more over the next day or two. If the wind lasts for several days, I’m good for ‘nuthin’ for all of those days until the weather improves. Be gentle with yourself, sleep it off, and don’t apologize for it. We’re all doing the best that we can.

  23. wow, y’all are quiet today. If you are around my atty Ashleigh Merchant who is the nicest person in the world is on HLN After Dark right now. Her twitter is @Ashleighmechan (no t) anything you guys can do to support her would be very much appreciated. Following her on Twitter @ashleighmerchan or praising her to @hlntv She’s a very awesome person.

    • JustUsForAll

      Oh Sh_t !!! – Rode out non-stop severe storms and surrounded by tornado winds that never touched down all yesterday through the morning. Basement flooded and – NO cable – NO internet…Rrrr ! Only to find my husband’s brakes ruptured and now have to get out to find another vehicle ! :-( …figures there would be action on the Arias trial… Just got my life lines back up & missing everything today. Need to read everybodies comments 1st. So glad you’re here ! No penalty phase re-trial TILL AFTER XMAS ??? Plenty of time for Jodi to (ready..?) to PRACTICE BEING CRAZY !! – HA ! OMG ! ~ Miss blogging till later !

  24. Bobbi

    At this time, Arizona prosecutors are still intending to pursue the death penalty for Jodi Arias. A status conference is still set for next Thursday, June 20th. Jury selection is supposed to begin on July, 18th, however, Jennifer Willmott has a conflict for that day. Because of other cases she is working on, she wants to re-schedule the seating of a new jury until JANUARY, 2014! Ms. Willmott would also like the extra time to find/ prepare character witnesses for JA’s penalty phase. (Alyce LaViolette being one of the witnesses!) Whether or not Judge Stephens will grant this new defense request is anybody’s guess!

  25. The defense has filed for a continuance of the penalty phase until JAN 2014.

    They say Ms Wilmott is busy until then and then they go on and on about how Jodi could not “paint a full picture” what with all her mitigation witnesses getting threatened and refusing to testify and all.


  26. Bobbi

    According to the Superior Court of Arizona Maricopa County minutes: IT IS ORDERED (re)sealing all bench conferences and in chamber hearings until further order of the court.

    • Bobbi

      The court finds dissemination of transcripts and recordings of bench conferences and in chamber hearings could potentially affect a future jury pool.

      • I wondered when the transcripts, etc. were being released if that might affect the future jurors. Do you think the defense or the state wanted it stopped being released?

        Any idea how long before the judge makes the decision if JW can put off the penalty phase until January?

        We have been remodeling our master bathroom so I have missed everything going on the last couple of days!!!

  27. JustUsForAll

    OMG – My life has been turned upside down for the last 48 hours. Storms, surrounding tornados, basement flooding, No TV, No Internet, No Car… I’ve missed everything & everyone… Thnx to TT – I can catch up !

    • We are having tornados here now. I am terrified. Tons of lightning causing house fires… I’m scared.

      • Tamara, has the threat of tornadoes passed yet? Praying all is well…

      • c0astalkitty

        Stay as safe as you can Tamara, we’re getting rumbles of thunder in Birmingham, but I guess it hit you guys first. Don’t be scared – you’re such a strong woman. Wish I could say something cutsie here to cheer you up – but I am the same when it comes to tornadoes. Scared to death of them, too many close calls growing up.

      • I think I am going to live. Storms passed through it was black as midnight. Now it is sort of greenish outside.

      • JustUsForAll

        You might have got the push East and South of what we got. It was a really really dark and noisy, violent storm system. These storms are almost pissed off. Climate change…it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature ! Hope all is sunny and beautiful today for you – to calm your nerves, Tamara. (snuggle with your puppy)

    • Justusforall, so glad no tornadoes touched down near you! So sorry to hear about your husband car troubles. I would say when it rains, it pours but I won’t!! Is the brake line able to be repaired?

      • JustUsForAll

        Thanks Rose ! Computer back up and running – but no the “work van” is shot. I appreciate your thoughts and reply. Soooo nice to feel warmth. :-)

    • c0astalkitty

      Hi Justice – I just need to send a transporter to pick up you and Tamara, beam you to my house. At least we could drink and watch HLN’s Nancy Grace. It would be a hoot!

      • JustUsForAll

        Oh god, C0Astal, thank you, that sounds wonderfully fun. Does anyone have Kahlua ?? All I need to add is a glass and lots of ice… :-) Wouldn’t it be cool ? Actually I quit drinking long time ago – but have thought about taking it up again. Lately, anymore – it’s like I carry around a bucket of shit with me and sometimes I cant scoop it out fast enough… (ewww, I know) Other times, I’d like to fling it on the likes of people like Jodi Arias and all of those spoiled-rotten grown-ups that bitch about their trivial and stupid antics. Maybe that’s why we enjoy going after these crazy, ridiculous and murderous A-Holes. Just think if we all sought retributions for our angst… OMG ! :-)

  28. WTF x infinity! JV is covering the JA trial and the defense team’s request for a 6 month delay. One of the guests on tonight’s show mentioned that the whole trial mentality needed to calm down – you think waiting 6 months is going to make it better? Ok, keep drinking the JA Kool-Aid. Tonight JA’s grade school friend was interviewed – she does not support JA in anyway. They want more people to testify about her, okay nobody did the first time around, they had a damn good reason not to, so what is going to change about that? Defense grasping – JA grasping? The prosecution is not going to back down or make a deal, so does the defense even stand a chance – probably not. It’s going to be a hung jury again, and then will be left to the judge to decide. But, to wait 6 months – absolutely not! This damn trial needs to be done, for the families – both families, and friends.

    • Bobbi

      I had hoped that both sides would make a deal – Life without the possibility of ever seeing the outside of prison walls! You are absolutely right about it being another HUNG jury, so why go through this penalty phase again (now or 6 months from now) for the same damn outcome. Be done with this f**king trial, and send JA off to Perryville where she belongs!

  29. I was sort of hoping JM and the county attorney would make a deal with JA but I have a feeling JA would not accept a plea now. I think she figures with more time, planning and manipulation she can either get life with parole or another hung jury!

    On the other hand, from some of the transcripts in judge’s chamber or sidebars being released, JM very much dislikes JW and Nurmi and I think he can’t stand to lose…to them, especially as he feels JA deserves the DP!!

    I do wonder if TA’s family have spoken their mind and if that is another reason the trial is on going. From hearing the friends of TA’s on different programs, they all are still upset and still want the DP for JA so I’d imagine his family feels exactly the same way!

    • Yeah the TA family wants to try for DP one last time. I wish they wouldn’t. She is going to get LWOP in the end anyway. They don’t need to go through it again. Also this entire process of having another jury will eventually be struck down by the supreme court and she will be resentenced again most likely.

    • Hi Rose: I also am at the point of hoping that JM and the Arias team would come to some agreement about LWOP, rather than going on to another trial phase. I’m personally getting tired of the whole thing (although I can’t look away!) It’s like watching a train wreck. You know it’s going to be a bad outcome, but you are in a bit of shock, and can’t believe it’s happening, so you keep watching. Putting the trial off until January 2014 is ridiculous! She’s entitled to a fair trial, not a PERFECT one. anything, JW and KN should have to reschedule their OTHER things, and get this show on the road. What else could be more important than a DP case?

      I think you’re right, that JA won’t accept a plea deal now. She wants to have her time in the spotlight for as long as she can have it. I can’t see her getting life with the possibility of parole after 25 years. I think people in Phoenix would protest in the streets!

      I’ve seen Travis’ sister Tanisha and brother Steven on TV stating they are ready to go back to trial. Tanisha said that she thinks that JA deserves the same fate as her brother. I also heard on one of the HLN shows that the family believes this isn’t a race, but a marathon, and they’re willing to go all the way to the end for Travis. He would have done the same for them.

      • There is very little chance that a new jury would find any differently. OH CRAP The foreman was on Dr. Drew tonight and I forgot to watch. Maybe there will be a Youtube. Anyway, he said that is was more that 4 to 8 for Life at first and a some (he didn’t specify) moved toward death… I think the state going ahead with a retrial has to be a bluff, or the worst political decision ever. They are just going to hang again. Also, there really is no parole in AZ for LWP… she has life in prison no matter what route they go, in my opinion.

      • Hi Tamara: If I remember correctly, on another blog day during the trial/penalty phase, one of your readers who lives in AZ said that they technically don’t have life with the possibility of parole; they call it life with the possibliity of release after 25 yrs. So she could have a chance at release (after 20 yrs, incl. time served), but wouldn’t have the restrictions that someone on parole would have. She’d basically walk free after the 25, but that’s IF, and it’s a big if, the courts would release her, which would be highly unlikely, especially on her first application IMHO.

        I agree with you that the jury will either decide on life, or hang, in which case I’m sure the judge would give her Life w/o the possibilty of release. When I see the tedious and mind numbing process of trying to select jurors in the Zimmerman trial, I think to myself “my God, can you imagine how long it will take them to find an unbiased jury for JA?”.

  30. Bobbi

    I believe I read that it was 2002(?) when the state of Arizona began giving the responsibility of sentencing to the juries. In the past eleven years, I wonder how many times, if any, juries have hung in the sentencing phase of a death penalty case. If they were, indeed, hung, was death taken off the table and a deal put in place? Or, was a new jury seated and the sentencing phase re-tried? If this was the case, did the new jury come to a unanimous decision or were they hung again?…….Just curious if there are any precedents, so we might know what to expect in the next phase of the Jodi Arias saga…….

  31. Several people commenting on mixedbagblogdotcom said a hearing will be held next Thursday to determine a trial date for the JA penalty phase. Has anyone here heard or read that anywhere? I hope that does not mean the July 18th date has been ruled out?

  32. Sigh…

    and Justus… I got your moderated comment very early this morning. I am so sorry you are going through all of that. I thought that perhaps you might regret telling me so much as it felt like an email and not a comment… so I didn’t post it. I am sorry I have not replied. A lot going on here as well. XOXO

    • JustUsForAll

      (Yea.. I know) – Thanks Tamara. Didn’t mean to dump it on TT. – Just have had alot of mini crisis’ here this week so I kinda 2nd guessed it after I thought it might be too much. Just online for a minute this morning before I check my emails, too. Must car shop. Had a big p-attack in Walmart last night (god) after dealing.. with it’s daily ramifications. (ugh) ! …I’m new @ this blogging stuff – feel alone in it – and I appreciate you’re acknowledgement…..A LOT ! Guidance is Good !

      • Bobbi

        Hey, JustUs……..I’m new at this blogging stuff, too – just happened upon TT’s blog one day, liked the other commenters, so I gave it a whirl. I’ve always been a very private person, so I surprised myself with some of things I’ve discussed here. I’m never really sure when it’s TMI! NEVER feel alone – we’re here if you need to talk – sometimes it’s easier to talk to people you’ve never even met! I could tell you a story about a panic attack I had in Walmart a few years ago, but TT would probably ban me for life!……………………..HANG IN!

      • JustUsForAll

        Thanks Bobbi… My situations are getting overwhelming thats all. I’ve been on my own more or less since I was 17. Dedicated myself to family Big problems after liviing all over the US and resigning myself to “home” knowing it would suck away all my ambitions and dreams sooner or later…. It’s complicated —- but not in JA kinda of way. (lol) Wonder how each other can exchange emails if both consent ?? Even that – I think (asking anyone for anything) freaks me out. ~ Tons of hearts to you, lady ! – Again Thnx ! – Up till 20 yrs. ago always hade to figure things out alone.

  33. Bobbi

    I hear ya, JustUs…….I have a couple of situations that I’m dealing with myself, which just adds to my overall anxiety! I do sometimes tend to “sweat the small stuff” – not a good idea for when the bigger crap comes along. I do feel that talking (writing) to other posters has helped to lift my spirits – it’s nice to know that others can relate. I like the idea of exchanging e-mails, if TT would allow it. I know she has our e-mail addresses since we have to sign in using them – don’t know if it’s against her policy, though. From reading your posts over the last few months, I think we are very close in age, with me being a couple of years older. Ooh, that would make me the wiser one, wouldn’t it? /cough-cough/……no, really….. I just swallowed a tic-tac typing that! You know, it’s not the end of the world to ask someone for something – I kind of hate to do it, too, but someday, I fear, we’re probably going to have to!

    • Of course y’all can exchange emails! You can post them or I can do it behind the scenes whatever works for y’all. And there was not TMI it was more I know that once something is on the Internet it is on there forever, and this is a public site and my concern was Justus might regret it later.

      I am pretty sure everyone who has panic attacks has had one in Wal Mart. It’s very conducive to panic attack, big enclose area full of people with screaming kids. :) The should set up a panic attack station in their stores it happens so frequently. And yes it is embarrassing especially at the check out!

      • JustUsForAll

        TT – What is IT about shopping, (any stores & especially) Walmart ? My Mom used to say they were piping in subliminal messages over the music… HA ! (but she was always RIGHT – lol) It’s not so much the screaming kids as it is that flat affect my hubby’s face gets while following 6ft behind me. Yes ! a panic station would be perfect, cool compresses, neck rubs, cold drinking water, a xanni and a quik-chute to the parking lot ! Hell, I couldn’t even sign my (married) name on the check correctly this time…………….godddddd ! :-)

    • JustUsForAll

      No – didn’t disappear but thought about it. -Yes, Bobbi – your wisdom IS exactly what I am looking to. (honest !) ~ Sorry I haven’t been able to get back on TT. I’m so missing all the JA stuff to share on TT. – I am up to my eyeballs in trouble shooting problems that my other half always (dearlingly ?!) creates, then I have to figure us out of the crisis’. Hate Enertia !! I certainly feel really silly… can’t wait till things calm down and we can blog. We can exchange emails too if you’re still so inclined. As you know, I just lost 2 of my closest family too, so Tamara, thanks for the vote of confidence ! – Jodie Arias’ diversions are so much more appealing ! – So Thanks to both of you ! :-) sigh…

      • Bobbi

        Oh, dear, JustUs……I may have mislead you – it’s YOUR wisdom I was looking for! I’m just a small town girl, living in the same general area all of my life. You, on the other hand, have lived in different places and have experienced a hell of a lot more than I have………..As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m new to the internet and posting on blogs – as a matter of fact, I just recently got my very own e-mail address! Therefore, I understand if you might be hesitant about exchanging e-mails with someone you don’t know. I’m willing if you want to give it a go. Not to sound too paranoid, but I think it would be best to do it “behind the scenes” like TT suggested. Too many crazies on the internet with less than honorable intentions…….. I didn’t realize that you had just lost 2 of your family members – I’m very sorry for your loss. That has to be tough to deal with while other problems are popping up around you……. My husband’s father died on Father’s Day in 2002. Yesterday was the first time, I believe, that Father’s Day landed on that same date(16th). Needless to say, my hubby was in a crappy mood all day, which put me in a crappy mood, too! Ain’t life grand sometimes?

      • JustUsForAll

        So strange – paralells (sp?)… My Dad died just before Father’s Day, too. This year it fell one day before. ugh !!! My Grandma died on Memorial Weekend. [she would have been amused by that because she’s the one that always insisted we be together for birthdays and holidays AND always-always sent the greeting cards +/- small gifts – without fail ! ] I still miss (all 6ft. of) her ! ~ :-(

  34. Bobbi

    Hey, JustUs…….I replied to you a couple of hours ago, but my “comment was awaiting moderation”. I checked back a few times and it was still being moderated – now the entire post is gone! I don’t know, at this point, if it will still post or if it’s lost in internet space. I’ll wait a while longer, and if it doesn’t show up, I’ll re-post. I’m not sure if this comment will post either – I’ll know in a couple of seconds!

    • Bobbi

      As Gilda Radner used to say on SNL’s Weekend Update – “NEVER MIND”!

    • JustUsForAll

      Bobbi – I still freak out when my posts moderate, and after a few hours – IT DISAPPEARS !! Mine get hung up all the time (my old stale cookies) and TT has to pry them out eventually. – After reading over my older posts above – I just realized – it was the same date as the night my Dad died in ’04 so I guess THIS June 15th just exploded on me !! – (is that PTSD ?) So I’ll email TT now. I will enjoy taking time to connect with a kindred spirit. Though you might agree – for me “emailing” is a still a strange & curious way to met people – yes ? TT can pass mine along whenever she gets yours. ~ Thanks again :-) for caring !

  35. Read this on mixedbagblogdotcom…JA’s friend, Patty, who said she did not speak for JA because of death threats told Dr. Drew tonight that she never got any death threats and asked to be introduced as Jodi’s former friend. Do you think the defense attorney’s know she lied and will this have any affect on JA’s case?

    Also, three of the jurors will be in court on Thursday but I also read on tweeter that the judge changed the camera protocol and there would be no live feed! )o:

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