Joyce Giraud, The Newest RHOBH to Star in NBC Summer Blockbuster Series

RHOBHJoyceThere have been all sorts of rumors about who the next Real Housewife of Beverly Hills will be. There will likely be more than one. One that seems all but confirmed by Bravo is  Joyce Giraud. This is a HUGE get for Bravo. Joyce is Puerto Rican (FIERY), a former Miss Puerto Rico, 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe and a former super model (GORGEOUS), married to an academy award-winning producer (RICH), very well-educated (SMART), and very seriously involved with numerous charities (A DECENT PERSON).

Joyce’s husband is Michael Ohoven, a German guy from a wealthy banking family who also does extensive charity work. He is a producer for both movies and TV. His production companies contribute to many charitable organizations, and he holds multiple positions with several of them, including CEO of the Foundation for UNESCO-Education for Children in Need and President of Hope for Children in Need. The couple has two young sons, Valentino and Fernando

Joyce has been in several movies, most recently The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and TV shows over the years and is a bona fide actress. In fact, she is starring in a new show on NBC that premieres on July 1, Siberia. Her husband is one of the producers. The story is a scripted drama that is sort of like Lost meets Survivor.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Siberia takes place more than 100 years after a meteor hits the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska in 1908. Sixteen competitors have descended on Tunguska not knowing the land’s mysterious past. When a contestant is badly injured and no help arrives, the contestants realize that strange occurrences are not part of the reality show. With their safety threatened, the contestants are forced to work together to survive. I’ll DEFINITELY be watching.

Joyce seems to have a lot in common with Yolanda. Is it possible the RHOBH is going to be a bit more civilized this season? The only real drama coming out of filming now is Mauricio’s alleged propensity for visiting the occasional dominatrix. I imagine the dramatics will be left to Kyle and Joyce will keep her nose clean. I think she may be my new favorite already!


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36 responses to “Joyce Giraud, The Newest RHOBH to Star in NBC Summer Blockbuster Series

  1. Lil Tex

    Another pageant queen/ actress..I hope she isn’t another Kenya Moore!! lol

  2. Used2b718

    Can’t wait to see what this gorgeous Boricua brings to the table.

  3. We Found Love in a Hopless Place

    She looks fantastic and she seems to be a great fit. Truly a REAL Housewife of Beverly Hills. I bet Kyle head is turning around about a million times over this.

    Oh, and Tamara, does this mean that since they’ve hired a new girl, is someone else gotten the Bravo Boot, or is she just taking the Hoof’s place? And how long have they been filming? I mean, if they’ve been filming for a few weeks now, are the producers just going to throw her in the shark tank or has she been on the show and this news is just now surfacing?

    • Filming has started. There are rumors of several people being cast. Joyce may just be a friend of someone. I believe she know Mohammed so she might come in through Lisa or Yo. I can’t imagine them not making her the full fledged replacement for Adrienne though because she seems pretty much flawless.

      I do sorta hope Casey Kasim’s wife is the FOTHW this season. She’s a “Pam” type ie comic relief. :)

      On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 4:52 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • eg

      Just standing still this one looks wayyy better than Kyle Kim and Taylor. She looks like she has legs for days, and if she is smart and intelligent that alone should be a red flag for KK&T.

  4. eastjames

    Can’t wait for the new season! I would love for the HW franchise to go back to being about seeing glamorous wealthy women working, being mothers, being wives, and any real life struggles they may be going through. Can we stop all the petty garbage now please? This means you, puppet master Cohen!

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      I agree. I loved RHOC when it first came on because it was about women who (supposedly) had money and glamorous lives, but still had the same kid drama, the same husband drama, the same job drama, as the rest of us. But it’s evolved into finding a group of women who are willing to lower themselves to being catty, bitchy stereotypes, all for a paycheck. And the women now know they have to bring the drama to remain on the shows.
      Yeah, I still watch, ALL the variations, haha, but I still hate that grown women are so willing to lose their self respect in front fo the world, just for money and fame. And I probably hate myself a little for watching too. (But I still do!)

      • eastjames

        Why don’t they make a show about all us blue collar housewives? You can spend endless hours watching me try to clean up after 2 kids, do countless loads of laundry, cook 3 meals a day, take care of my father-in-law, my grandmother, and grandfather, all while working a 40 hour a week server job and trying to make a marriage work! Now there’s a TV show. And if anyone thinks for one second there’s no drama, then you’re not a blue collar country gal.

      • lwickedgirl

        Amen girl!

      • Dawn

        I agree with your every word!

      • Dawn

        I think all the HW are skilled at artifice. Presented perfection but are more f’d up than average wife, mom, and working woman.

      • Dylpeyt

        The thing that bothers me is most people say they feel the same way as you do. However they downgrade Jac for putting a child with autism on the show but they all love Theresa and the cra cra and drama that she brings. I just don’t get it, if we took the ones off the show that are the shit stirrers and the drama makers then the shows wouldn’t make it. I don’t know if women really do want to watch a more civilized normal show cause if they did them these women would have been gone a long time ago.

  5. I like this addition. I hope we get a second, equally qualified addition to replace Taylor. This is my favorite franchise and really the only one that still has my interest.

  6. Jarlath

    She’s fiery because she’s Latina? Talk about stereotyping! Lol! I hope she goes off on Brandi

    • Do you know any Puerto Rican women who are not fiery? I don’t.

      On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 7:40 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • Puravidacostarica

      In response to my question why he never dated a Latina, my hubby said “because they’re f**king crazy!” And my hubby is Latino. And muy caliente. 😉

      • USED2B718

        I dated Latino men in high school, and I couldn’t hang, and I’m a Latina. It’s too much, the men are crazy too!

      • jarlath

        LOL! Reminded me of the scene in season four of Arrested Development where George Michael was studying abroad and the couple he was staying with was crazy.

      • lobstahsmaht

        My husband of 34 years is latino and yes he is crazy. So are the women. Sorry guys, but you are, but in a good way. Most times.

    • lobstahsmaht

      Why? What has Brandi done to you? I think she has enough crazy to deal with due to Leann.

  7. Dlister

    Why does she look like an escort? Really cheap photo.

    • GRRRR I like her. You could have at least #uglybabyied that. :)

      On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 7:55 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • Buck Henry

      I know, it does look like an escort ad but I like her also. I can’t wait to see this show Siberia, it sounds great. Also you can bet your bottom dollar that Kyle is going to be jealous as hell with her especially around Mauricio.

  8. otherpeoplesproblems

    So who else is leaving? Hopefully Adrienne takes Kim and Taylor with her.

    I have mixed emotions on RHOBH. Just as I start to like one of them, they do something to make me dislike them. The only one I really like is Liser. Yolanda is a pretentious shit stirrer!

  9. Pam

    This is Tamara’s nice side. Lol

  10. Tango

    Kyle’s gonna hate her.

  11. Joyce Giraud seems like a great addition to the cast! I wonder why Carlton Gebbia got so quiet about joining the show after blabbing to TMZ…

  12. Haze

    Welll, TT writes interesting, witty and insightful blogs. so, when people come here and just look at the title, then post remarks or questions, without reading TT’s information. I think Day um, who is the rude one?

  13. Lisa in Oregon

    I am dying to see how Kyle reacts to her. Can’t wait!!

  14. Tori Shequine

    What about the African American philanthropist? Former beauty queen? Read about her a while back, can’t recall her name.

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