Countdown to VH1 Couples Therapy

OMG I LOVE COUPLES THERAPY! Season 3 begins Next Wednesday June12th at 10 on VH1. For the love of GAWD people, I implore you to set your DVRs. Then click through for the lowdown.

CouplesTherapy3FlavorFlavThis seasons five couples are:

  1. FLAVA FLAV!!!!! and his chick Liz
    I think Liz is the one who accidently (or not) almost burnt the house down during filming. As for their “issue” Um, he’s Flava Flav? The two also live together with her 17-year-old son. Flava Flav is charged with going after him with a butcher knife last October. Flava Flav wears his giant trademark clock necklace everywhere, even to court. I don’t think the case has been resolved yet; however, Flava Flav is currently on tour with some Kings of the MIC deal.
  2. Joe Francis and whatever idiot is hooked up with him In case you are blissfully unaware, Joe Francis is the Girls Gone Wild dude. You know, he gets drunk girls to flash their tits, and he makes money off of it. In a weird karmic twist, a sex tape with JOE FRANCIS in it is being shopped around, and he is all kinds of pissed off. He also just lost a case against him for false imprisonment and assault. Then he called the jury a bunch of “fucking retards” and suggested they should die. None of this is nearly as shocking as the fact that some chick is actually sleeping with him.
  3. Dustin from REAL WORLD with Real World girlfriend, Heather These two lovebirds met on the Real World and have been on and off ever since. Their issue is mostly that Dustin used to do gay porn on websites before he did The Real World. Apparently, she has decided she has a problem with that.
  4. Catelynn and Tyler from Teen Mom Catelynn and Tyler were the most normal kids on Teen Mom. They both practically raised their parents who at one point married each other. (Her loser mom, his loser dad). They gave the baby up for adoption, graduated from high school and have started college. The are supposed to be having married but Tyler is having doubts. Or else, they just want to make some money to pay for the wedding.
  5. Chingy and Temple Chingy is a rapper. He doesn’t have a criminal history that I am aware of. He hasn’t been rapping for a while. I have no guess what their issues are.



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19 responses to “Countdown to VH1 Couples Therapy

  1. Sorry, I just don’t have any interest in any of the couples.

  2. This blog has been up all of five minutes and someone has already “reblogged” it. I wish WP would all us to disable this “steal my work” feature,.

    • argh dont know if they did what i just did but i hit something on my still unfamiliar smartphone and a WordPress banner appeared across my screen, blocking text, not allowing me to scroll down, and giving me the option to follow, reblog, or check my account. maybe that person didn’t mean to reblog but only meant to post a comment? took a while to figoure out how to post a comment instead

  3. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    DVR set! This is one of those shows I always try to stay away from but then I get hooked in anyway.
    Catelynn and Tyler were the smartest of the teen parents in that they gave their child a better life, but they’re still extremely immature sometimes, even for their young age. Catelynn is very needy and possessive, and Tyler is always battling his need for a real family vs his need to be a young person. For these two I think couples therapy is less important than spending a year or two apart to grow into their own people.
    I can’t wait to see Flava Flav, and I cannot stand Joe Francis.

  4. otherpeoplesproblems

    I looooove couple’s therapy, mostly cause it’s just a shitshow. Courtney and Doug last season had me laughing nonstop.

    I think Joe Francis will be the lightning rod Doug character this season that everyone hates. I wish Lea Black would make a cameo to calm him down if he gets heated.

    I like Catelynn and Tyler. I feel like their issues are just young people issues. On TM one of their storylines was that Tyler gave Catelynn all that headache about her ex boyfriend…that she had when she was like 13! They’ve been together their entire teenage lives and want to transition into an adult relationship. I’ve known couples like this and it’s hard. It’s hard to really get to know yourself without that person, and some of them make it while others will stay together but struggle constantly. I hope they make it, but part of me wants them to do just do their own thing for a couple years and reunite as adults. Also weird issues with their parents being married and both of their parents being losers as you mentioned. Very weird.

    I didn’t think Dustin and Heather were still together, their whirlwind Real World romance seemed doomed from the start. Which of course would make sense because on RW a relationship can’t play out slowly like it does in real life. Suddenly you’re dating and living together and in this pressure cooker with this person for 3 months. Yikes. I can imagine it’d be embarrassing for her whole family to know her boyfriend has been gay for pay. She seems naive for him, and on their season of RW he had a bad temper, which seemed to stem from his immense insecurity.
    I think she can do better.

    Glad you’re covering this season!

  5. Dawn

    I guess I am just too old to care about any other people’s relationship problems. I had my own good and bad ones. I am not interested in another one, just over it. I would want any possible future encounters to be carefree and could not care less about their issues. I want happy, or crime, scarey, or just fun crap like Housewives for entertainment. I wonder if Lisa Black is glued to this show for her boy Joe. Is her hubby his lawyer again?

    • I’m with you. I might try one episode only because Tamara recommends it so excitedly. Lea Black is probably the only housewife I loathe! Such a puke. Her hubs is pretty swarmy himself. Yes Lea loves the creepy men. Joe Black, The misogynist German man Kramer and the he/she Elaine something. I am sure she will be fawning all over her tv over Joe. He really is a creep!

  6. lori

    I set my DVR this morning. I cannot wait! Great cast. Should be goo oo ood!

  7. The Disher

    I hate that this show is addictive. The counselor/psychologist on the show is actually good at what she does.

  8. Uh-oh. I have AT&T U-Verse for my cable network. I can’t find VH1 anywhere on my television. Well I will just have to read about it.

  9. Dlister

    I have no clue who these people are, Z-listers I guess. If I were not totally skeptical they are seeking reality TV-type fame I may believe it isn’t total bullshit.

    • It is mostly bullshit. But it is interesting nonetheless. The cameras are on them 24/7 and they can’t keep up the act for long. :)

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 7:49 AM, Tamara Tattles

  10. vivaladiva831

    Love Flav, not for his music but for his dating shows. Some of the best tv ever was Flava of Love. And I also have a soft spot for Catelynn and Tyler. Someone said it is hard to make the translation to an adult couple and that is very true. I was a much different person at 25 than I was at 18 or 19 or even 20. People change and move on. I really hope they are the exception to the rule. You really can’t underestimate, for both of them, the importance of dating other people and experiencing life on your own. This seems to be what Tyler may have a yearning to do.

  11. This will be my first time watching. DVR is set. Thanks for the heads-up Tamera!

  12. lori

    One minute til show time!

  13. I love Flava its a shame that his girl friend has to ack so retarded he could have had all kind of beautiful women but choose her, all she does is complain and say she really does not want to be with him but wants his money, a person should share but thats all she seems to want I see no love or compasion on her end she is a selfish all about me person every clip she has a problem and sitting under a table at bowling had to be one of the most retarded things I have ever seen thats not love thats ready for thew funny farm if she wants him to step up it should be for more than a child she keeps using as a reason how is their son going to feel seeing her act like this she is too old for this shit, Flava can use some help too but he needs to see she loves him for him I do not see it she had a child to get his money and run shame on you Liz and grow up you are too old for your behavior.

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