Chef Roble Season Two Premiere Recap

Chef Roble Ali is Headed to AtlantaI am doing my weird sleep cycle thing where I am sleeping A LOT so I am just now getting around to watching the Season Premiere of Chef Roble. I liked the show last time, but after following Roble on twitter, I really started to find him a bit narrow-minded and offensive. I do really like his sister though. I hope she is on this season. Okay, let’s watch.

Jasmine is back as an event designer. YAY. She will be working closely with Artie. I like Roble’s team they are all unique and interesting. They have a new kitchen in Park Slope. Artie has new uniforms for the caterers and Jasmine has already vetoed them.

phaedrakandirobleThe first job may be  Phaedra’s “couples dinner” for her, Apollo, Kandi and Todd. This event happened last September and had me doing all sorts of speculating about what was going on since Phaedra was all decked out in white church clothes. Finally, I am going to learn what was up. The crew appears to not know what the event is. They arrive at the Swan House, which is a swanky place on the grounds of the History Center where people hold WEDDINGS which is why I kept thinking Kandi and Todd got married that day. Phaedra is there in the tea room and she is in her full on “Phaedra mode” Praising the Lord and Amening everything they say, and trying her best to be what she thinks is a southern belle. (Don’t get me started…)

Oh Lord. Phaedra has flown them down to the Swan House to see what a tea room looks like and what they serve so that she can have them do a southern tea room event for her in NYC. She is trying to pimp a book to Simon and Schuster on “How to Be a Southern Belle.”  Excuse me. I threw up a tiny bit in my mouth. Does anyone have a mint?  I can’t imagine there is anyway in HELL that Simon and Schuster would be interested in such a travesty. Seriously. I nauseated by the thought. Apparently, DISHTV could not stomach it either as we lost satellite last night until everyone was safely back on the plane.

phaedrarobleAlthough the show states that it was a one day trip, that is not true. Roble was here for the weekend. He spent the afternoon with Phaedra and later did a couple dinner at either her place or Kandi’s I forget which. (See Link for info) FYI, Chef Roble is also planning to open a restaurant here which I would love to try out.

Back in NYC, the team works on their menu. Four kinds of finger sandwiches including pimento cheese, cucumber goat cheese and melon, tuna salad, and curried chicken. It also features deviled egg with fried oysters, Seafood Cakes and collard green Quiche. Plus desserts including scones, pies and ambrosia. Um. Yum.

Jasmine is apparently just starting the design the day before the event. It seems to me she is wasting a lot of time trying to find seersucker bowties in NYC in September. I love a good southern bowtie, but it is hardly the point of a tea party.

There are the usual bitchfests in the kitchen. Nothing news worthy. Roble did continuously degrade the food at the Swan House though. To be fair, no one goes to the Swan House for the food. It’s for little old ladies and Old Money bridal showers. They are a place for groups to have some passed hors d’oeuvres catered in a deep south environment. I think Roble missed the point of the experience.

At setup Artie once again steps all over Jasmine’s design. Roble rejects some of Artie’s tiered trays and he is a bit pissy over it. Jasmine does her fake southern belle voice just like Phaedra. Artie really, really wants credit for everything.  Actual Simon and Schuster people show up and appear to be talking about this book. I reckon some yankee women in Detroit might buy it. Maybe. I’ll believe it if and when I see it. How the heck can anyone not like Ambrosia? sigh.

Overall, I really like this show. There is drama. But it is work drama. It’s not a bunch of women backstabbing each other over he said, she said and acting a fool.


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  1. Gingersnap

    Seriously, Phaedra couldn’t be more phony if she tried. One day she is all over some dude hung like a horse (Redickulous?) and the next she is just the sweetest, demurest lady to ever grace this planet. Do people really fall for that crap?

    I agree about the ambrosia. I think it’s good!

    • The Disher

      I totally agree. That fake “southern belle” and “amen” this and that is sickening. She is straight up ‘hood.

    • What’s wrong with being sexually open and loving the Lord? :)

      • kym

        Co-sign! Why can’t you be sexy and love the Lord? Everyone who loves the Lord doesn’t have to look like and dress like a “puritan”. I will be watching Roble because I like his sister and his team.

  2. eg

    I think Chef Roble is a very good looking guy, who prepares some good looking food (with the help of his team) who could cook for me any day. I do like the show. Phaedra is just being Phaedra earning her Bravo Bucks.

  3. Tony

    I’ve never watched, but judging by the recap I have to set the DVR. Damn Bravo tv reality koolaide!

    • You will like this one, Tony. Promise.

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Tony


        I just watched the episode and I have to admit I like it. This Roble is a piece of work though, he has asshole tendencies. Being raised with 5 or 6 sisters, I would expect a much nicer demeanor towards women. Maybe that’s just me.

        I love his sister and the staff, pretty eclectic and talented group. Food porn is one of my weaknesses. So this show mixed with a little drama will be on the DVR every Wednesday. When I get to watch it is another story..smh!

        Also, I might be in the minority here but I actually like Phaedra. I look @ her more like playing a character and entertainment. Some of her antics I can’t take seriously and find it funny.

        Did anybody knew that she dated Quad from “Married to Medicine” husband before she married Apollo? Atlanta is a small place, they don’t look to far do they…lol

  4. eastjames

    Tamara, just so you know, after 15 years in the restaurant business I can attest that almost all chefs are dicks in one way or another. There is some kind of draw to that line of work for a particular personality. It may be that sometimes its tedious work and you have to be slightly anal retentive or that you have to have a commandeering personality to run a kitchen. Whatever it may be that draws this type to the culinary world, they were all assholes and they all made delicious food.

    • Oh I get that. Among my many jobs I worked in the restaurant industry. I was fire from every single table waiting job I ever had. :) I am not restaurant material. It is not the cursing that bothers me or the smoking ( I do way too much of both) With roble he is rather misogynistic and racist IMNSHO. There I said it. He’s Somalian, and I find him very racist. Talking about hooking the one white guy up with a black woman for example. He brings up race and gender when he should not. He would never treat the male members of his team the way he does Kiku or Ken. That’s just my opinion. I love the show, but I think the more his (much deserved) success goes to his head, the more comfortable he feels being a racist misogynist. I forget why I unfollowed him specifically, but it as in general his constant, “white people this” type BS.

      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 9:29 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • eastjames

        First of all, I think I’m a little too excited that you responded to me. I got really hooked on your blog during the Jodi Arias trial, and there was no way you could respond to everybody commenting on there. So anyway, thank you for taking time to respond. Second, waiting tables is no joke! People always assume its brain less but very few people are good at it. Lastly, Roble’s racist stuff doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve had African American executive chefs calling us front of house white slaves and I’ve also had other chefs (different ethnicities) insulting their staff with slang for homosexual and making all kinds of butt sex jokes. They are some of the most offensive people you’ll ever meet! Nice talking to you! Look forward to many more Bravo convos! I’m a housewife nut!

  5. Patricia

    I like this show too. I’m glad Roble and his sister got over their little tiff. I’m sure it was for tv though b/c there was no mention of her proposal – the thing that brought on the drama – at all. So, I suspect it was for tv. Either way, I like them both. I like the white guy (good chemistry w/ Roble) and Artie as well. That pastry girl KeKe – I think her name is – I don’t see a purpose for or her role. much care for

    Something I thought was interesting was the new assistant! I wonder if he really did break up with his g/f b/c he seemed really into her or is it another tv stunt to add drama to the show? Either way, I will stay tuned b/c I like the show and the urban, modern spin he puts on the food he cooks. Besides, Artie is a crack up!

  6. James

    I wonder what happened to Sean?

  7. Kristen


    Let me first state since discovering your blog, I’ve been a fan. But being born in Detroit I find your remark alittle offensive. Detroit already has been given a bad rep. However Detroit has a lot of hidden gems with rich history. So unless you have lived or visited please keep positive and not insult other cities. Have a great day

    • Tony

      I am currently living in Chicago. I have had the displeasure to visite on more than one occasions for a few BlackHawks and Bear games. Aside from the very rude fans and dilapidated areas; please share where these so called hidden gems with rich history might be located?

      • Tony

        Pardon whatever typos. I might be human.

      • Kristen


        Please don’t disrespect my city when you came to town with prejudice already in your brain. Besides the transitional motown history. You have bakers jazz lounge which is the second oldest in the country. The first being green mill in Chicago. Second there is rude people everywhere in this world again don’t belittle Detroit. Have you visit a Kmart store in your lifetime? Then you would’ve known it started in Michigan ( historical museum located in downtown Detroit). I keep going on and naming, but you would miss the point tony . But have a great day

      • Well gee, I didn’t know they had a KMart museum there. I would never have randomly picked it as a yankee city who would possibly buy Phaedra’s ridiculous book had I know it was HOME OF THE KMART MUSEUM.

        So how bout you just call Kenya Moore home and we call it even?

        On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 2:35 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • Kristen

        Hi Tamara

        No gentlemen stated we have no gems and Detroit is just horrible. The historical museum showcases businesses that started in Michigan and Kmart started here. If ever get a chance to visit please the museum. They have things from sears and many more . My post was never to be snotty. But felt your Detroit comment wasn’t needed. Just like every city has its ups & downs just ours just land in the news more than the good . Have a great day

      • Kristen

        Oh let also include these hidden gems. So look these up Tony: Detroit athletic club, Detroit yacht club, Detroit sugar house, Detroit opera house. Please google: Detroit opera house event: bravo bravo (high end event)

      • Tony

        I didn’t intend no disrespect, but I was calling it like I saw. I’ve had some good and bad experiences. The bad outweighing the good and you bet I’m going to be apprehensive when coming there.

        I would visit in the future for hockey and football games, but NOTHING more. We all have to proud of something unfortunately for you it has to be Detroit. And thank you for the little education lesson.

      • TJ

        bruins…blackhawks…Stanley cup. bruins in 6 at home!

      • Tony

        In your dreams, but I do believe that Boston would win that game six, but it’s not going to six.

        Hawks in 5! And that’s being generous.

      • TJ

        Nobody gave Boston a snowball’s chance in hell to get by Pittsburgh, but they swept them right out of town. So, I will be having very sweet dreams……….we shall see in about 2 weeks!

    • Listen, EVERYONE know Detroit is a shit hole. Just stop already. There are statistics everywhere that show what a shithole it is. Stop lashing out at everyone. This is not a public school. We don’t have to pretend everyone is equal here. Everyone is NOT equal.

      • Kristen

        So you can state your opinion but I can’t mine? The only person childish is you! Probably where your from is a shithole. So shut up! If don’t like that I speak the truth don’t comment. Your probably a spoiled rich kid whose parents take care of everything for you? So have a lovely day.

      • Wow. A Detroit education sure makes for great writing ability!

      • Kristen

        Again you never stated where your from? Exactly my point . A great education can happen anywhere idiot. Depends on your parents and great teachers even from Detroit. Are your parents brother and sister, must be with that attitude! So go sit in a corner and read a book, it might help you.

      • khintx

        LOL. When in doubt, shout incest!!!!

        You’ve certainly won me over with your compelling and well thought out argument! You’re a regular Einstein, eh?


      • In all fairness, it was not an original thought.

  8. Great blog! But, the Detroit thing is way off. They would steal it if the could read. But never buy it.

    • I cannot believe Simon and Schuster would publish such crap. It’s offensive to the southerners who realize that Southern Belles are wealthy white slave owners who do not work. And Yankees have no desire to be southern anything… It’s dumber than the Cuntess Luann’s book. This has to be a joke.

    • Kristen

      Do you live in a small town? Very intelligent people were born from Detroit. Have you ever heard of Dr. Ben Carson ? Separated the first set of conjoined twins. What about your favorite actors or actresses: Tim Allen , Kristen bell all from michigan. Does your town or city just steal instead of read?

      • Just shut the fuck up you ignorant moron. “Born from”? Really? Your parents are related, aren’t they?

      • Kristen

        As you can see my responses show intelligence along with facts! So you shut fuck up and you might actually learn something with your junior high education. I bet your parents are first cousins, that explains your actions. Or is honey-boo boo your idol? Don’t like what I say. Then shut up idiot!

      • I see no such thing.

  9. Kristen


    You may now claim the nut job Kenya Moore as a “georgia peach” since you insulted Detroit even further without apologies. So keep Kenya with the southerners and I’ll call that even! We actually shake heads in disgrace when it comes to her

  10. AngieB

    I’m really looking forward to the season. I also like the fact that the drama is work-related which makes it more interesting–like Project Runway, where there is actual expertise involved. I’m on the fence regarding whether or not Roble’s sexist. I didn’t like how he spoke to his female staff member. He should have shown more respect and called her if he was going to snag the intern, but I’ve also heard him mention several times on the show that she was not professionally trained, and that may be where the lack of respect comes from, and not from her being a woman.

    Last thing…Phaedra pretending to be a “southern belle” was ignorant and pathetic. Black southerners have their own heritage and it’s a great one. She should be writing some great traditional black cookbooks or something. Why try to claim a heritage that number one doesn’t belong to her, and number two isn’t really admirable??? Doing nothing besides having teas, looking pretty, acting more polite than you really are, and living off other peoples’ labor? Please. A real sounthern belle could probably put a positive spin on all that, but her fakery isn’t going to sell. Black people won’t buy it, Northern white women won’t be interested, and Southern white women will know that Phaedra is a fraud. Those southern belles she admires so much would have had her working outside in the heat to make THEM money. Doesn’t she get that? Like Nene said, she’s not smart.

    EDITED BY TT: Small portion of comment removed because we do NOT want to open the can of worms. :)

  11. The truth

    Roblé is a closet homosexual, with a bad cocaine habit, hence his weight lose and feeble figure, he has a lot of bravery behind a keyboard , so he likes to blast ppl on twitter but when you see him in real lifer hats not the case, he’s with a bunch of weirdos ALL THE TIME who all happen to be homosexual both male and female, birds of a feather? Idk but the truth will come out.

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