Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide

parisjacksonMultiple news outlets are reporting that Paris Jackson attempted suicide in the very early hours this morning. The caller reported a possible overdose, and first responders reported cut marks on her wrists. Numerous pictures are now surfacing indicating that Paris may have had a history of cutting. Kathrine Jackson’s spokesperson has released a statement saying that Paris is physically fine and receiving the care that she needs. According to Prince Jackson’s twitter their school was just finishing up finals.

Here’s hoping she feels much better soon.


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  1. CoCo

    I received an email message from another news website about this story, but they left out details. Thanks for the additional information, Tamara!

    This is so very sad. I hope she’s somewhere where she can get treatment!

  2. Andrea

    Oh lord here comes this bitch. What’s up with these white girls (because let’s face it, she ain’t Michaels kid) seeking attention by trying to “kill themselves?” Next she’ll be having “breakdowns” all over Hollywood. First Britney Spears, then Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bines, now her. Paris Hilton made this shit popular. They should let one them succeed, then maybe they’ll sit their over privileged asses down somewhere and shut the hell up, and enjoy being the poor little rich girls that they are.

    • So, because she’s rich, she’s lived some sort of fairytale life? Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t imagine being the teenaged daughter of a world famous accused pedophile who overdosed (maybe not by his own hand, but still) on drugs. Not to mention the fame and money hungry people that surround her, including HER OWN FAMILY that couldn’t care less about her well being. You make me vomit in my mouth.

    • michelle

      Adrea, this child did not ask to be Michael Jackson’s “child” that is something he chose to do. This child has to put up with bullying and the ridicule of not fitting in. He paid off her Mom to relinquish her rights. What message does that send to a child, that you mom sold you out? I’m Sorry this lifestyle does not simply fit under the category of poor little “white girls” looking for attention. Her whole life has been a literal circus replete with costumes(masks)animals(that chimp) and drama.Money and fame does not equal happiness. I’m sure if she had a choice she would have much rather lived a real life with real parents who treat her like their child and not a prop.or attempt to recreate their lost childhood.

    • RVA

      Andrea, Michael Jackson claimed her as his daughter, therefore she is his.
      Doesn’t matter if he is her biological father or not, he loved her and her brothers and called them his children.
      Kills me when folks play the race card when it comes to other people and their children.
      I’m black and if i choose to adopt a white child, that is my perogative!

      • PS, RVA — I’m with you. I’m caucasian and if I had the ability, I’d adopt too, black, hispanic, Asian, etc., all the same to me — a wondrous child to love and teach and rear to be a healthy, well-adjusted, happy adult!

    • Uh, “what’s up with these white girls?” WTF? Seriously, WTF? “Poor little rich girls?” You sound so damn jealous and bitter. You may need more psychological help than Paris Jackson.

    • Jesus H. Fuck…..Andrea.. I think your comment is absolutely so hateful and vile. You are speaking of a child. WTF is your problem? You have no compassion therefore no soul. When I saw this pop up in my email, I felt my heart sink. I don’t follow all the gossip rags or twitter and the last article I saw on Paris was that she was a cheer leader and happy. I feel saddened by this beautiful young girls suicide attempt. She obviously is in emotional and spiritual pain and WTF does her color or money have to do with that?? I can’t imagine her life has been any bed of roses. Your comment while it makes me sick, it also makes me sad. To read an adult woman post such an ugly nasty comment confirm that yes sandy, the world is full of angry people with hate filled hearts and jealousy. I pity you.

      • sasha

        It’s very possible that people like Andrea on FB, Twitter etc. may have pushed Paris over the edge.

        Have some compassion especially when you don’t know exactly why she did it.

    • Isabella J.

      Andrea I feel badly for you, that is a terrible thing to say about anyone, especially a child. Shame on you. Guess your life must be perfect, must be nice.

    • Are you serious? Are you a mother? Are you a human?

      • Andrea

        I’m human and I work as a case manager at an out patient “treatment” facility. I used quotes for the word treatment because it is not a priority of the administration, the parents, or patients. To the administrators it’s a dollar, the parents it’s a place to send their kids to babysat, and for the patients it’s a damn social gathering place to get better attention getting ideas. The facility that I’m employed with is not state funded, so the vast majority (96 percent) of the girls have different actual disorders, but their parents stress that their diagnosis be nothing more than an adjustment disorder and from their it’s a license to do what they want. Even if she gets into a treatment program, it’s going to be a joke, especially if its in Beverly Hills. She’s going to come out with a way to hide the drug habit she picked up, and she’s going to be trying to one up herself.

      • Isabella J.

        OMG, my niece tried to kill herself several years ago, her mother sent her to a treatment center NOT because she needed a babysitter but because she needed some help which thankfully she received. I AM 100% CERTAIN THE TREATMENT CENTER WAS FAR AWAY FROM YOU. Have some compassion or change jobs, some of us know what this experience feels like.

    • peachteachr

      So, Andrea, the newest stats say that black kids are picking up this white kid suicide idea. Are you happier now? The Torah has a verse that says, “He who saves a single life saves the whole world.” That wouldn’t be you, despite your claim to be a caregiver.

      • Oh God no. She is not a care giver!!! I AM a care giver as a professional and proud registered nurse of twenty five years and I have worked in almost every single field of nursing. If I didn’t love what I do and have a huge heart and compassion I would never do it. I have seen assholes like Andrea young and old. They never liked what they did to begin with. If she is a genuine Social worker she has a Masters degree. She is really pissed she is earning less than fifty thousand dollars while seeing wealthy families brings their ill suicidal kids into treatment. To her, they don’t deserve nor appreciate all their money and they probably don’t have near the education she does. So she feels intellectually very superior to all of her clients and families. She is disdainful and her arrogance is hiding her rage that they should dare to have it all. It’s all about how much smarter she is than everyone else. You should’ve gone into nursing sugar. I make over twice that as a director of nursing and I only have a Bachelors!!

      • Andrea

        I went into social work and case management because at the time it’s what I felt passion for. I make pretty good for no kids and being pretty new to the field (less than two years). But I found that stat funded agencies in the area that I’d rather work in, are not hiring or funding that well, so I’m stuck with these assholes. But I’m only 27, and I’ve decided to go back to grad school and get another degree to be out of the healthcare field totally. While its constantly hiring, it’s full of shit too. And as I stated, if you think that my way of thinking is one in a million, think again- but as the director of a facility to you know that. Your doctors, nurses, counselors, therapist, are not there for the patients.

      • Isabella J.

        BLAH BLAH BLAH, you are not part of a solution so therefore you are part of the PROBLEM.

      • I have searched and sought out mental healthcare A LOT. Frankly, when I need it most, I am not up to looking for someone. Mental healthcare in this country SUCKS HIND TIT. I didn’t use my insurance when I had it because I work for a county that self-insured and that meant they had access to your therapy. I have always paid out of pocket. It is EXCEEDINGLY expensive. And frankly the “therapy” is non existent. They give you anti depressants and talk to you about how the meds are working. There is no “psychotherapy” at least by my definition and it’s all rather pointless. And I am someone ASKING FOR THERAPY.

        My therapist is so busy telling me that I just need an antidepressant, we don’t have time to talk about anything else. And really, what is he going to say? Well you have trust issues because of XYZ. And you isolate yourself to avoid relationships that might hurt you is NOT NEWS TO ME. Sorry something on TV set me off. But my point was, people who WANT therapy can’t get it, let alone the people who don’t realize they need it. Refuse to go… It’s all set up to be….not very helpful.

        I get better therapy from an online group I am part of than from my shrink. I can hear you guys thinking, “She needs a better therapist” well yeah, but the one I have now is highly qualified and the best one I have seen. But when I am with him in session it feels like a free hour for him. He doesn’t seem to think I am crazy at all. And even when I try to convince him that I am pretty much dysfunctional as a result of anxiety and depression, he sees someone who has showered and shown up all pleasant and clean who is smart and present.

        It’s annoying. I am going to shut up now.

        On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 9:08 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Tango

        It’s ok TT. My mother has…issues. We currently aren’t speaking. I can’t diagnose anyone but I would describe her as anxiety disorder and maybe ocd with a bit of manic depression…just very difficult. She saw the best psychiatrist in town for 10 years, and all he did was talk about his own marriage and push xanax and anti-depressants at her, which she refuses because they make her “loopy”.. .. I myself think I have anxiety, but I just “push through”. I can’t abide these mental health professionals that do it for the paycheck.

      • Tango, I would tell you to “seek help” but if your issue is primarily anxiety, I can recommend and OTC product that worked well for me.

        It is called SAM-E and you the NatureMade form is best. It is very expensive, but Costco has it at good rates. If it works for you, then a Costco membership would be worth it because they put it on sale a lot. The maximum dose is 1600 mg which is A LOT but it will knock your anxiety right out.

        The caveat is the same I am having with my prescription Effexor in small doses, which is cheaper. Once the anxiety is gone, the underlying depression is worse. I never acknowledged my depression because I don’t feel “sad” But once you get rid of anxiety which Is horrible and the worst thing ever.. then your sadness may creep in.

        When you are anxious… that is all you focus on. Also, if you are like me, you are not anxious about anything in particular. It’s stupid and weird and makes no sense when you are grocery shopping and suddenly have to flee for home… A part of your brain says I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! and most of your brain is like, wtf is the problem?

        I take VERY small amounts of Xanax when that happens. Just try to understand. I promise you your mom knows she has an issue, it’s just SO WEIRD. I was never a nervous person. I’m generally the life of the party. It makes no sense to the person with the problem. We are not anxious about anything in particular. IT JUST HAPPENS and makes us feel weird.

      • Tango

        Thanks a lot Tamara, I’ll have to check that Sam-E out. I just had the same grocery store fiasco a couple weeks ago, I almost pushed my cart to the side of an aisle and walked out. I get shakey and nervous for no reason, sometimes thinking I am gonna have a stroke or something, but I just talk myself down and pray. (Or I just chain smoke and comment here, like now.) I used to be life of the party too, my mantra was “f-ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!” Lol. But lately it feels like the joke’s on me.

      • Oh honey, I so get it. And I think I have figured out why the grocery store is such a trigger SOMETIMES and other times I really enjoy it. YOU HAVE TO GO to the grocery store. It’s not something you can ignore. You need food, coffee, toilet paper. etc. So you HAVE TO GO. Anxious people don’t like have to places.

        SAM-e is GREAT for anxiety. Buy the 40 dollar box if you are not at Costco. Take one or two to start. I took FOUR 200mgs until I switched to prescription Effexor. It really does work for anxiety but I think you may find submerged depression under there at some point and need a script but maybe not. It worked well for me for awhile.

      • Tango

        I know, I don’t like being told we are going anywhere, not even someplace good. It’s a regular source of anxiety for me evertime my husband tells me we are going out to eat with my mother in law, (who I adore). You don’t TELL me anything, you ask me. Otherwise I haven’t planned what to wear or I ate too much lunch or I’d just rather not…lol. I sure as heck hope there’s no big ole depression monster in here, at least not one I can’t pray away…lol.

      • Isabella J.

        RE: Anxiety, I tried something with my shrink about 21 yrs ago after my daughter died, it is called EMDR. Impossible to describe, but it took away all the anxiety with in a few treatments. Now I have the Xanax and take a tiny piece if it gets bad but that rarely happens. It is worth a try if you have exhausted all other options.

      • Andrea

        I’m not trying to be part of the solution, and I’m not part of the problem anymore than you are douchebag. Because you live in a fantasy world of gumdrops and perfection, doesn’t mean that you are solving any problems. Just because you’re stupid enough to believe that everybody is all good, doesn’t mean it’s true. Doctors who are eager to give diagnosis and then prescriptions, are not trying to help their willfully dumbass patients. No. They’re trying to get those kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies. The smart ass who gave me the inaccurate analysis bragging about being in a field for over 25 years (and why aren’t you retired since you were paid so well?) what was she bragging about- her dollar earned. FYI my parents were making 6 figures, each, in the 80s and 90s, what’s in to brag about making almost 6 figures in 2013 after 25 years of work. Combined now my parents retirement is over $350000, so guess again- i grew up in a pretty affluent family. As I stated before, these health care professionals are not in any kind of hurry to help these people, and the majority of these people coming to these facilities are not looking for any kind of help. The truth is the truth, they’re looking for attention.

      • Andrea

        Tamara, then you know what I’m saying is true. My delivery maybe shockingly harsh, but it’s true. If this girl has a true problem, when she gets to therapy she’ll be surrounded with other girls just like her who are going cry, laugh, and bully their way out the facility. I’ve seen parents pay $50,000 for 6 weeks of treatment, and wonder the whole time why? They want their kids to have adjustment diagnosis because there is a stigma associated with mental health in this country, and having a hard adjusting looks better on paper. I say that the majority of the people I deal with are poor little rich girl, because that’s true. It is the demographic, I can’t help it. My boyfriend is a addictions specialist who is interning in the federal prison setting, ALL of his demographic is male and mostly minority. He says the same thing. The people who are seeking genuine help are encounter far less than the other riff raff shuttle through the system. I know I’m a bad person because I work in a bullshit system. But you’ll soon find that hey, the little young asshole wasn’t lying. Not only true about mental health- but you’ll find that it’s true about the overall “health care” in this country.

      • Bobbi

        You are so right about mental health care in this country… SUCKS (not sure about hind tit, though) and those who want it, can’t always get it! I’m probably going to get a lot of shit from some posters, but………..I believe that men’s mental health issues are taken much more seriously than women’s. Our issues are usually explained away because of hormones, PMS, menopause, empty nest syndrome, etc., etc. I also feel female doctors/psychiatrists are more apt to “believe” a female when she suffers from depression and/or anxiety. (At least, this has been my experience) I had a male doctor for many, many years that told me to “get out more”, “get a job”, “find a hobby”……Blah, Blah, Blah! Needless to say, I am not seeing HIM anymore – I found a terrific female MD some time ago who actually listened to me and life has been so much better……..Now 15 years later, my mother is in desperate need of mental health care, and finding it extremely difficult to get the help she needs. I think it is much more than depression (dementia/psychosis/onset of Alzheimer’s, I don’t know), but the insurance companies don’t want to spend the MONEY to put her in the hospital (psych ward) to fully evaluate her. She, too, shows up to her doctor’s(GP) showered, teeth brushed, hair combed, and smiling. Can’t be anything wrong with her – she has her act together, so there’s no need to see a psychiatrist or therapist. BULLSHIT! It’s now the 21st century, and mental illnesses must be taken as seriously as any other illness or disease! I’m going to shut up now, too!

      • Tango

        Aww Bobbi, I’m right there with ya. My mother had her medical records once and saw that her shrink noted that she had “bright red fingernails”. I guess he thought it was a keen observation, but just because my mom likes nail polish doesn’t mean she isn’t in need of serious help..

      • I wish you could all be watching this show I am watching on GPS. ( Georgia Public TV) His name is Dr. Amen . google him later, I will be. He gets it.

      • Bobbi

        Hey Tango & TT……It’s nice to know I’m not the only “crazy” out there. Have you ever tried to explain to someone how you’re feeling when you have anxiety or a panic attack? They look at you like you’re from another f**king planet! People who have never experienced anxiety just don’t get it, and you feel so foolish flipping out over absolutely nothing. I scared the crap out of a friend of mine one night at a restaurant – we were just about to eat, and WHAM! Full blown anxiety attack – she thought I was having a heart attack and was poised to call the paramedics! We ended up leaving the restaurant, and our food, too. I felt like a real asshole! It’s hard when others don’t understand your craziness, so it’s really helpful to be able to vent to those who get it!!

      • Tango

        Lol Bobbi, it’s ok. My husband looks at me like I am nuts, and likes to pull the, “you are just like your MOTHER” crap to dismiss my feelings. The funny thing is that I see anxiety in him too, he just will not admit it. I just walk away shaking my head a lot, I know I am smarter than him so it’s all good. (That’s what I tell myself anyway). At least if I am still here when he finally gets it, he’ll find he has a sympathetic wife in me.

      • OMG what crap Andrea. I have seen doctors totally loose it and break down and cry over the loss of a patient we all had such high hopes for when they left only to kill themselves in the following weeks. Most did care where I worked but it was in the hood and was poor and mostly black. Not all black but it was poor. I don’t believe that matters though. People are people no matter what their socio-economic back grounds. We pretty much all hurt and suffer the same. .

      • OK. Andrea you little arrogant prick. I was hardly bragging when I mentioned making twice as you. I know what social workers make and that they do need more education than the average nurse. You missed my whole point. And then arrogantly (as I already mentioned (accurately) that you are that I was erroneous in my assessment. Fuck you. I have NEVER in my many years of experience encountered nor have I spoken with anyone as bitter and erroneously stating everyone else from doctors on down don’t give a rats ass about helping someone who needs it. You probably will never even see this as it is days later but I just saw your answer and it pissed me off. I AM retired you ass. I have *nurses back* from my many years of truly helping sick and hurting people. Something you wouldn’t understand. At the ripe old age of fifty four I was forced through my own physical limitations to give up a profession I was considered a true “calling” and not just a job. I was blessed. Not to sound preachy but I truly believe we are all put on this earth to help our fellow man. But you wouldn’t understand. Your perception is sad. If you truly cared and were one of the good ones, you would have tried even harder and reported the bad eggs you worked with. You are to be pitied. I will pray for you Andrea. Thanks Tamara. I needed to vent. I don’t give a rat’s ass if she even sees this! Wow did you ever have a good discussion going on this blog! I loved it!

  3. A Nonny Mouse

    No, I hope this is not true. If TT is reporting it probably is. I’ve been following Paris on twitter and she seems like an intelligent, good hearted young woman. I hope she manages to pull through. Just awful.

  4. khintx

    She doesn’t look like a kid. so sad. kh

  5. Katrina

    This is very sad news. I hope she gets the help she needs!

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    So sad. She’s a beautiful young lady with her whole life ahead of her.

    Teenage years are always awkward and bumpy. But throw in the dysfunctionalism of the Jackson fame/infamy can only make her despair exponentially worse.

    I suspect the recent events of Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit over MJ’s death & Paris on the witness list plus recent allegations made against her paternity and other posthumous allegations against MJ are contributing factors to her daily struggles.

    She is a victim of her wealth, her fathers decisions, her family infighting, family legal drama, paternity/maternity, and none of this is her doing. It must be difficult to cope with this on a daily basis every day. My heart goes out to her.

  7. Isabella J.

    Just so very very sad, this poor family. In my prayers.

  8. My heart and soul go out to this lovely young lady. I’m truly so sad right now. Her daddy up in heaven is too, I’m sure.

    Paris, however, is likely now getting the true help she needs to thread her through that needle safely onto the other side of a happier, healthier and productive life.

  9. eastjames

    I suppose the silver lining is that she will be treated properly now that it is painfully obvious she is suffering. She is an unbelievably beautiful child. I hope she pulls through and realizes her potential. It’s sad to think that she may live a life as tortured as her father did.

  10. Tango

    This is so sad, such a beautiful well-spoken girl. I hope she gets people in her life that will help strengthen and protect her. Does she have access to some of MJ’s money, so she can afford treatment?

  11. chris

    just because your family has money does not mean you can get the treatment you need. i feel for this young girl. not that my input matters one whit to the family but praying she has a happy healthy life ahead of her with people who love her for HER, not for what they think they can get from her. actually, i wish that for us all..

    • sasha

      It seems she was distraught because she didn’t want to testify in the wrongful death trial regarding Michael. Shortly after he died news sources said the kids were in the home during the ordeal leading up to his death. It’s believed they know a lot about the goings on in that house.

      • sasha

        I wonder if she can be forced to testify after she comes home, given she is in a fragile state. Sources say the defense lawyers really badgered her. She’s still a child. If she doesn’t wan to testify they should leave her alone.

      • chris

        you know that phrase “in the best interests of the child” comes to mind, because it is bandied about so much in the court system. unfortunately, tho, most of the time the money is the main priority, not the best interests of the child. the whole system is designed to perpetuate that. i’ve been in family court and seen some terrible things rubberstamped by unfeeling people who resent nonlawyers trying to make things right. i hope her suicide attempt knocks some sense into the people involved. nothing is more important than the health and welfare of michael’s children. heartbreaking.

    • Tango

      Ya chris. But having NO money certainly doesn’t get you the best treatment. And if you need to worry about your living/finances, that just adds to stress. My point is that I hope she didn’t get frozen out by the other Jacksons, I hope she is taken care of.

  12. TMZ never fails to shock me with some of their stupidity. Their HUGE top story today is that Paris is just a drama queen doing this for attention. They seem to think she wasn’t good enough at trying to kill herself to be taken seriously. SHE’S 15! And in may ways a very sheltered 15. 15 year olds do in fact try to OD on Motrin or Tylenol, or Cold Medicine because that is what they have available. The fact that she called a suicide hotline is one of their points for her just liking the drama. Um really? We might as well get rid of suicide hotlines then, because the only people that use them are fakers.

    I swear this is the worst thing TMZ has ever posted, and that is saying something.

    • So how is TMZ being stupid for reporting what they were told by “Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation ?” It wasn’t them saying those things. If you think the comments were stupid, point your finger where it should be aimed. Should we attribute everything we read on your blog to you just because you thought it was newsworthy enough to post?

      • Yes, you gigantic cumstain, if I am reporting sources that are mocking a suicidal 15 year old, then you should hold me accountable for that. I have gotten TONS of stories on the children of Bravolebrities and I don’t print them. BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN. Using “sources” as way to call a teenager a drama queen (as if they are aren’t) to dismiss a suicide attempt is disgusting. Now fuck off.

      • Isabella J.

        BRAVO Tamara, BRAVO!

      • Maybe you need to learn the difference of mocking and giving an opinion by professionals who know about the case you cunt face.

      • Or maybe you need to learn to read. TMZ would like you to believe that the sources were all law enforcement but every mocking thing they say is this source and that source. That is a whole lot of people allegedly willing to trash talk a 15 year old in the hospital on 5150. Taking a couple motrin and halfassed cutting yourself does not get you on a 5150, and your defending the story makes you an incredible waste of oxygen.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        OMG thanks for giving me the giggles on that one….

      • Teresa

        Policemen aren’t trained in suicide prevention or to recognize someone with suicidal ideations. So it’s not surprising that they didn’t take this seriously. Thank God the hotline was there so Paris could be found and receive the professional help she needs. Depression is real no matter how rich or poor you are!

      • I don’t believe that actual cops on the scene said that shit to TMZ. In other news, we have our first tropical storm.

        The name of the first tropical storm is Andrea. Great name for it.

        On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 8:43 PM, Tamara Tattles

    • Andrea

      What did I say??? I know my delivery may have been harsh, but some of you try working with shelter spoiled brats. While sane adults trash Lindsay Lohan these girls idolize her and Amanda Bines and the like. They are shaving their heads, trying to “kill” themselves by taking 10 Tylenol and cutting themselves. And yes they’re doing it for attention and yes the majority of the ones I’ve dealt with one on one in person are white girls from affluent to flat out rich households. Yes, these parents do need to step in do more of the parenting role because these children are living their lives on social media and are receiving a great deal of pressure from that outlet. But I just feel the way that I feel about them. I think that it’s an attention seeking ploy, and I stabs by my original theory: if one or two of these girls actually succeed at what they’re “trying” to do, then the others will see that it’s not a joke and sit their asses down. Call me heartless after you work with them for a week. In fact try to get through the first day.

      • Isabella J.

        Lady, you need to change professions, if this is the amount of compassion you have then you are in the wrong field, please do us a favor and do something that makes you happy, helping kids is obviously not it.

      • I agree Isabella, someone is in the wrong profession, I have worked with troubled youth my entire life from first graders, to college freshmen. The ability to be compassionate is vital. Certainly not stereotyping them according to financial or racial status. I feel sorry for the kids she claims to work with.

      • Andrea

        If you think I lack compassion think of what the actual psychologist and therapist say and do- or don’t do. If fact imagine what any of your health care providers think of you after they get your business and push you out the door. Your nothing more than a dollar to them. Do you think that it was an actual physician that killed her father? He was only after the money. I’m only a case manager making less than $50000 a year, imagine what the big boys are saying to me. Health care is a joke, and the mental health field is the toilet that they shit in. Believe it.

      • On that we can agree, I worked in the locked unit of an adolescent treatment facility. However, I never once blamed the children for their plight. Or hoped that one of their suicide attempts however trivial would be successful. Or joined in with the trash talking some of the higher ups did. It’s very sad that you have decided to be part of the problem.

      • Tango

        Andrea, please take a vacation or start looking for a new job.

      • terry macon

        Andrea SIT your ass down and shut up, you sound crazy,did you forget to
        Take your pills.

      • Skeeter

        OMG Andrea STFU. Tamara, thanks for putting this POS in the SPAM room!

      • LOL!! Spam room? I never heard that one before! Not sure what it all means, but I like it.

      • I can see your point Andrea. I have had much experience with the mental health field in this country, and yes it does suck. Many of the caregivers are just punching a time card. My father spent time in a locked ward for severe depression, and all he heard constantly from the other patients were ways to fake your way out and go back home, “fixed” or not.
        I was in therapy for a while, and although it did relieve some stress to just voice my feelings, the particular therapy model was one where the therapist basically repeats back to you what you just said. Um, thanks, but I know what I just said! Instead of wasting more time with that, I decided to go on an anti-depressant, and it made a WORLD of difference. Being able to think properly, silence old tapes playing in my head, and focus helped me set things in proper perspective-so I never discount the help pills can provide just because they ARE over prescribed. If you can get past certain symptoms with the help of a pill, I say go for it. I can be incredibly helpful in lifting paralyzing moods.

      • Oh my yes! I have been on mine for over twelve years now and I tried lowering the dose down to *normal* twice and it was horrible. I am a chronic pain sufferer and my body has lost all it’s own natural serotonin. At least that is how my doc explained it. I was naturally a mostly happy upbeat person once I was an adult anyway and got past all that teenage angst. But when my disease process picked up in my forties and I was dealing with severe pain, I thought daily of ending it for almost a year. It took six months just to find an anti-depressant that was effective. What a difference it makes when you find one that works. It saved my life. Literally. I am happy you got your life back too cammierari. Me too and even though I still have severe pain, I can manage it with the help of a pill. Like the saying goes, “Walk a mile in my shoes.” Don’t judge unless you have been there.
        And yes, you describe it well when you said “those paralyzing moods.” Nice to have those under control.

    • Vp

      Wow. Unbelievable. I’m so glad I don’t read TMZ. I’d be in a crappy f-humanity mood. :-(

  13. Andrea,
    Wow, first WTH does race and money have to do with someone trying kill themselves? I will tell you absolutely nothing! It doesn’t matter what color ones skin is, it doesn’t matter what financial status one has, some people and yes that would include children just can’t cope with what life throws their way. Unfortunately some do not end up going to a hospital and getting the help they may need, some end up in a box six feet under, what kind of attention would you call that? What attention do they get if they are dead? A child especially a teenager thinks ending their life is an easy way out of the pain they are feeling, they do not realize the consequences it leaves behind. It is a cry for help, not seeking attention, no matter who it is. I find it ironic that you who claim you work in some sort of related field show no sign of compassion or empathy, I only hope to God you don’t show that sort of coldness to the people you run across in your profession, because if you do I would think you should start looking for a new profession. Do you actually think just because she is white and rich she should have no mental issues and she should be a happy camper all her life? Geshhh lady snap back to reality being white and rich doesn’t give one Carte Blanche to be happy, it isn’t in the DNA.

  14. Tango

    Ya chris. But having NO money certainly doesn’t get you the best treatment. And if you need to worry about your living/finances, that just adds to stress. My point is that I hope she didn’t get frozen out by the other Jacksons, I hope she is taken care of.

    • chriscleo

      wasn’t commenting on anything you said specifically, tango. just picked up an overall tone from the posts that people thought she would get the treatment she needs. no guarantee of that, no matter how much money you throw at it. sometimes it’s a matter of reaching the right people with the right instincts about what you need; sometimes you get very lucky. heartbreaking to see someone so young feeling so down.

  15. J

    So like did everyone forget what it feels like to be 15? Did everyone forget how shitty high schoolers can be? We’ve all gotten to a point at one time or another where we wanted to give up, regardless of age, class, race, etc. Think about who her father is and how the media completely ruined his reputation, not to mention the fact that he’s dead. Now remember that she’s a 15 year old CHILD. Some people just feel their emotions very deeply because their souls are sensitive; and if you look at her tweets you can tell that she’s very bright but also feels her emotions very deeply. Dave Chappell once said: “the worst thing you can call a person is crazy” ….. Marinate with that. Now again, think about who her dad is and the slander that must be projected onto her by her peers. Life is hard no matter how much money you have or who your family is. Everyone has their issues and everyone feels pain the same way, some people’s circumstances may be worse than others but that doesn’t mean the pain that they feel isn’t real to them. The heart of it is: people are people and we all are the same on the inside. We’re all brothers and sisters, do you think we were made to be hurtful and hateful towards one another? No. So stop judging people and start living your life so you won’t feel the need to sit behind a computer screen and trash someone who is clearly in a vulnerable state. Again, remember, this girl lost the most important man in her life and her family obviously has some issues, as does every other family, whether they have money or not. I literally never comment on these things but this whole thing and the fact that this poor child’s pain is being exploited to the entire world absolutely sickens me to my core. Media is disgusting.

  16. RealChicagoHousewife

    As a mental health pro I was shocked when I read the TMZ article. The commentary attributed to the police was callous and unprofessional. This is a child who is in terrible pain. It appears she has been struggling for a while. She lost her father, her aunts and uncles allegedly kidnapped her grandmother, and now a huge trial is going on dredging up salacious accusations against her father. I hope her treatment team is able to ascertain what she needs and is able to convince her guardians to do what is best fo her.

    • And that is just the public figure problems. Remember, she is also a regular teenager.. remember the COMPLETE END OF THE WORLD DEVASTATION of a boyfriend break up? Or your BFF committing some horrid Friend Sin? Or being different from your peer group? Or any of the completely earthshattering things normal kids go through? Add to that everyone is calling your dead father a pedophile, your aunts and uncles are at each other’s throats over your dead father’s money, your brother is pissed at you for wanting a relationship with your mother, and now you have to testify in court with the world watching about the death of your father?

      And now TMZ is saying you are an attention whore faking suicide because YOU ARE SEEKING ATTENTION? HOW MUCH MORE ATTENTION DO THEY THINK SHE WANTS for fucks sake. Lay off her,

  17. Andrea, I’ve really tried to let you comment here, but frankly I feel like you are a shit person who needs to feel the effects of Karma. Please FUCK OFF and never post here again. I find you to be a black-souled person with no redeeming value. Thanks.

    • Thank you. God she needs some serious help herself. Black soul? I found her to be soulless! What a nightmare of a woman to be working with mentally ill people. Especially children. WTF did she even get into this profession? Glad you told her t FUCK OFF!!

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