Don’t Be Tardy…For Santa!

RHOAKimDon'tBeTardyKim is off to her skin doctor for some Botox and Thermage. Kim is going nuts over Christmas decorations and Kroy wants to string popcorn and have a Montana mountain cabin sort of Christmas. Kim is the poster child for materialism, and Kroy is a simple man, with simple needs. Let’s see how this all works out. Kroy wants to buy a real tree and make sentimental ornaments and string popcorn with the kids.

Photo Credit David Christensen Photography for Life & Style

Photo Credit David Christensen Photography for Life & Style

So Kroy buys some oddball decorations for outside the house, replete with a tiny Rudolph. And a real tree from a tree lot. Brielle is confused that the tree is green. Kim says it is a fire hazard and that is smells like the forest. I swear these poor kids have never had a real tree before. They seem to think it is odd. Brandon (Brielle’s BFF) and the girls are painting ornaments. Kim and Kroy attempt to string the lights. It looks pathetic.

The whole family goes to some super cool Christmas store to see Santa. KJ is NOT a fan of Santa and refused to sit in his lap. Kim shops for “handmade, homemade ornaments.” Yep, she still does not get it. They each pick out an ornament for each other. That was kind of sweet.  Then the whole family goes ice skating. WHERE IS THIS PLACE? I want to go! They made s’mores after! This is a very sweet episode.

Now they are going bowling as a family with some of their friends instead of having a huge Christmas party. It’s Kim’s first time bowling. Kroy is a good bowler. Kim is already negotiating for a fancypants Christmas next year. Kroy says fine, but we will always have a real tree somewhere in the house with handmade ornaments. In the end, Kim and the kids agreed it was a really fun Christmas. Aw, a hooker with a heart of gold.


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27 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy…For Santa!

  1. Cali

    Kim is expecting #5 baby, radar online is reporting.

    • Nicole

      Remeber her psychic said that she will have another one… :)

      • She said on the show she wanted to get pregnant in May or June in order to have a baby during the off season for football. I haven’t read the ROL story yet, but they may just be going off that.

        On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 7:05 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • sasha

        TT many of the news sources are reporting that she is pregnant with baby #5.

  2. Tony

    Kim is the poster child for MANY things, I just can’t with this woman anymore.

    I just read they’re expecting a 3rd child; Kim’s making sure those child support checks are secured. Poor Kroy :-(

    • Kroy is the one pushing for more babies. He wants a natural girl.

      On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Tony

        I know he’s ready and willing to spill his oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve been watching Mistress Zolciak’s show. I also think her only friend and “stylist” is super cute. But for Kroy, I think based on his upbringing I think he’s in it for the long hall. Real “traditional” values and I don’t think if things were ever to go south, he’ll will deny his children of ANYTHING. I don’t think there would ever be anything @ that nature concerning the examples mentioned ( Voldemort *Chateau Neverland*..etc

        But I still have my apprehensions on Kim. That’s just me.

      • sasha

        I don’t care Kim, but, I believe she’ll give up all the fakeness and bling to have a real family for her kids. Her mom is 51/50 and I don’t know if she’ll every fit it with Kim’s new family. She blew it with Kroy and unless Kim fixes the situation, Mom is toast.

      • Tony

        Hall = haul

      • sasha

        Don’t worry about it Tony. I can’t even figure out WTF I was trying to It’s too much to fix. I should follow my own rule of “no writing while sleepy”.

      • You must be sleepy a lot.

    • Katrina

      They are married! People get married and have babies. If he ever wants to leave, he will think twice. Having babies does’t guarantee child support or anything else. Ex: Sheree Whitfield, Pilar Sanders, Terell Owens, etc.

    • Mrr Mavis Gibson

      Amen to that, he is as cluless as she is ‘money hungry’ a match made in divorce court, and, all those kids, when he dumps her, which he will when he gets a working brain cell, Big Poppa will not want her back.

      And all those kids with her cussing and swearing in front of them, this is how young people raise kids???? To think that this is ‘normal’ and considered good parenting these days.

      • You actually think that the language you use un front of your kids makes them turn out one way or another? Do you see those girls swearing or acting genuinely bratty? Besides not making her girls believe that they are smart enough to truly excel in school, I think she must be a pretty good mom. For all of her pretending to have class and understand the better things in life, she has not passed that fakeness on to her girls. She’s obviously taught them to be modest and good natured.

  3. lori

    I am back to loving my Kim again and actually more than ever. I am really enjoying seeing her without makeup and seeing the vulnerable side of her. I still have trouble getting the kicking her own mother out of her wedding fiasco, but that aside, I think this season is showing her to have some real depth, and I like it. I really like seeing her daughters grow up too, but am glad that Troy is there as the voice of reason. Kim sure did get lucky. How her life has changed!

    • Oh my. I thought her mother deserved to get kicked out! The way she drunkenly and obnoxiously swore at Kroy and was so disrespectful and hatful she deserved having her ass thrown out.

  4. sasha

    I think it’s great that Kroy is attempting to teach what he believes is the real meaning of Xmas. But I didn’t predict his success in having Kim and the girls learn it cold turkey. It seemed to work. He’s showing her how not to to make the stores rich by spending a lot of money on what he perceives as unnecessary things. She claimed to have the tree and all the stuff in storage, but that still didn’t fly with Kroy

    I think he’ll be a great dad and husband. I believe she’ll conform and find out that “All That Bling Doesn’t Mean A Thing.”

  5. eastjames

    I never liked Kim one bit on Atlanta HWs until she got with Kroy. He really brought out the best in her. Plus she is incredible with those adorable little boys. I think she maybe is actually a good mom contrary to the way I believed she was raising those girls. Only seeing glimpses of interactions with the girls on RHOA lead me to think she was a terrible mother and person. They really do have a beautiful family. I wish them the best with their new addition.

  6. Isabella J.

    I LOVE KIM! I had something very similar happen with my mother so I understand her hurt. So happy for their growing family and she does seem to be getting more real!

  7. The Disher

    Honey, if I had Kroy every night…I’d keep having his babies. That man is fine…and treats her and their children incredibly well. He’s made a huge difference in their lives and it’s really nice to see…as opposed to all of the negativity of dysfunctional relationships we usually get from reality tv.

  8. Good for Kim! How glorious for her to have that loving, tight-knit large family. I hope she and Kroy actually do have a few more!

  9. Otherpeoplesproblems

    I feel so bad for people who never have real trees. I hate tacky fake trees we had a real one every single year! Theyre messy but the forest smell is worth it

  10. lori

    Maybe I should have watched that episode twice or something, because I was always a huge Kim fan, so I certainly wasnt one of the people who are always against her ffom the get go. She was my fav housewife of all for quite some time, but I just dont remember it exactly like that. I know they didn’t want her in the bathroom (which seemed kind of cold to do to your own mom to begin with) and then she went anyway with her friend all drunk, and kim went apeshit and wanted her thrown out. I thought that was where the cursing and stuff started. Like I said, maybe I am not remembering correctly. I think that I was put off from the whole not letting your own mother in to use the house bathroom so maybe that shadowed how I saw the rest. Obviously I am basing my feelings about this on my relationship with my own mother and how I couldnt imagine in a million years not thinking my mom worthy of using the bathroom inside the house like the queen she is… not like commonfolk. Lol But seriously, obviously there is a lot of background that we dont know about with these two. I tend to think that most people would let their mom use the bathroom. I know they had a lot of issues last season, but it uas to be more than that. I just personally couldnt imagine throwing my mom out of anywhere. So embarrassing. But I do have an aunt who totally gets out of hand everywhere she goes. Its like russian roulette inviting her to anything, and I would definitely be escorting her to the porta-potty. I will always like kim, (though sometimes more than others) because while some people think shes fake, I think she’s real, love her or hate her.

  11. lisa

    Where was the place they went ice skating and face painting, etc at christmas

  12. i want to know where the ice skating /ornament place is too!! i am coming to Atlanta for xmas and i want to take my grandaughter

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