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Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?Paige is second on the pyramid and Abby actually said nice things about her! What next? She gives Chloe some choreography that is as technical as Maddie? I think that would be a certain sign on of the zombie apocalypse. For reasons thus fare unclear, Abby is only using four of the dancers in the group dance, Maddie, Chloe, Nia, and Kendall.  Asia, is in LA for some professional gig.

Over at the Candy Apples, the boys have been texting Abby’s girls saying they wished they could dance with them. Cathy is not happy with this information. Anthony’s father died or something so they are doing some sort of tribute to him. One of the boys has a crush on Maddie.

Abby has promoted Brooke into the senior dance group. This is going to be a huge challenge for her. Brooke’s mom feels like Abby is setting her up for failure.

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?Maddie and Chloe are doing a duet. If they don’t win Abby will probably skin them alive. Paige has a solo. Abbey’s plan is to toughen her up. Abby is actually giving her some time. Jill goes down to Abby to tattle about Kelli’s concerns about Brooke being thrown in with the seniors.  Jill is a HUGE pot stirrer. All the moms go to lunch to gossip about Kelli. WHY? They decide to have a sleep over for Paige and Brooke. I think butting out would be the better option. Jill keeps dragging the mothers off to gossip about Kelli. Somehow Christi got into the Kelli drama and went on a rampage and told Paige that her mother is jealous because her kid (Chloe) is better than her. OMG. That is probably the worst thing any of the mothers have done ever.

Anthony takes the Apple Core boys to do a grueling workout. One of the boys is just coming off of bronchitis and his father is arguing that the workout is too strenuous. The kids fathers go at it and want to go outside and settle things. Gino has a crush on Maddie and it is starting to look like Gino wants to dance for Abby with Maddie. That would be some drama.

Anthony is being so rough on the boys that they are crying. They do not have the physical development for the strenuous choreography that Anthony creates for them. Zack’s mother says she will pull him out of the Apple Cores if he feels afraid of Anthony. Anthony keeps crying at the rehearsal.

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?Abby sent Brooke on a date with Kevin one of the senior dancers that she is partnered with to build trust. It went fine, they went for cannoli but Brooke has no interest in him.

At the competition, we start with the duets. Maddie and Chloe were near perfection in their duet. Now we will see the boys duet/dead daddy dance. It’s boys and it’s father-son and the judges will over score it. The choreography was not as intricate as the girls but the song was very moving and the women in the crowd were very into it. Abby thought it was crap, but I think she could be in for a meltdown because boys always have the advantage at these things. Anthony is crying again. Really Anthony? Man up. This is not a sexy look.

Nick’s solo “The Bird” was EXCELLENT. The costume was fabulous the choreography is strong. That was a winning solo. The only solo we have from ALDC this time is Paige. I’m nervous. Paige did well with her solo, but it was a dance club type contemporary routine. None of the drama or storyline that Nick had.

After the solos, but before group there was a confrontation between Jill and Cathy. All of her parents are there and some of them appeared to be laughing at a joke Jill made about their props, which are wheels, coming off of Cathy’s wheelchair. Cathy said a lot of ugly things in front of her dance kids. Her parents did not defend Cathy and Cathy had a break down and stormed off saying it’s time for her to get a new team.

Brooke has her featured role in the Sr. Group. She has a lot of complicated lifts. Nervous. It was flawless. Absolutely perfect. Next the Candy Apple boys come out in bicycle outfits and spinning bike wheels. They were very good. It was testosteroney and a bit gimmicky. Perhaps a bit low on the level of difficulty over all but it could win. The ALDC girls were good. Not blown away. I swear this could go either way. A clean sweep is possible on both sides, or a mixed bag.

The Boys Bird solo was great he took first. Paige got second. Not bad for Paige at all. The girls beat out the dead daddy song and Maddie and Chloe took first place. Dead daddy tribute took second. The senior group with Brooke, took first. In the junior group, ALDC beat the boys taking first. Boys came in second. Gino’s dad approaches Abby about moving to the ALDC. Cathy has a meltdown and kicks Gino out. Meanwhile, despite her kid having a solo and her other kid being featured dancer in the senior group, Kelli is still very unhappy. She is rethinking being at ALDC once again.

Next week should be interesting.


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  1. hi; been reading your RH recaps for a while now, first time commenter. None of my real life friends like reality tv and I’m happy to have found you!

  2. Brillke

    I didn’t realize the show was back already. They had a very short hiatus! So glad you’re recapping this. Everyone thinks I’m nuts for watching this show but I love it.

  3. Tango

    I like Abby, she is loud and can be tough, but she gives as good as she gets with the moms. Jill needs to stfu. I think Christi needs a warning for doing that, you don’t talk to the kids like that.

  4. Enough Already

    Jill is a stirrer….what they all should have done is tell her to mind her own….
    I’m confused as to why all the fighting and cursing is taking place in front of the children now….this has become just like all the rest of the smut reality shows…

    If I were Kelli, me and Christi could noon get be friends after I tapped that a$$ for talking to my child like that….

  5. Enough Already

    No longer be friends….. (I despise auto correct….lol

  6. Valerie

    I don’t know why but I enjoy this show. I think the moms are utterly immature but the girls in Abby’s dance troop are incredible despite their mothers! I think Kelli needs to get over herself at the end of the episode she made the comment that she should be happy for her daughters for their performances but that she couldn’t because she was so miserable and that she may have to decide if ALDC is the place for HER! Has she forgotten that this is the place for her daughters and their feelings not hers! Maybe she should’ve thought if this was the place for her daughters when they were being told that they were stupid, sneaky and everything else Abby has said about her daughters when she lashes out!

    • Kelli was genuinely upset about something. Kelli and Christi both get red in the chest when they are upset. I think the studio and the show and the way Kelli’s kids are portrayed and the genuine breakup of her friendship with Christi have become too much for Kelli. ALDC may be “for the kids” but the parents also have to practically devote their life to it. I think Kelli has reached the end of her rope.

  7. peachteachr

    I adore Dance Moms… well, not the mom part. My daughter was a competitive gymnast in the southeast in the 80’s and I remain in awe of any child who can devote that much of their life to something so intangible. In my 8 years as a mom of a gymnast, I nerver said nor saw any other parent say or behave as these mothers do. I can never say enough about how great that experience was for my daughter. I always did a self- assessment to determine why we were committing our time and resources to gymnastics. I wanted to be sure it was for my child and not some unrequited need I had. I suggest these moms do some serious soul searching. Only a minute number of dancers will be moving on to the professional level, but these girls are watching their moms to learn how to be adults one day. Shame on Christie and Jill.

    • Patricia

      I like the show too. Those girls are some great dancers. I don’t like Abby’s attitude some of the time and the manner in which she speaks to them b/c they are little girls. The fact is though is that she gets results from those kids. I don’t know what they will do later in life by doing this now, but right now they are winners in my eyes.

      The moms though I cannot stand, except Holly. Holly is a lady. I like Melissa too. But, I wish Melissa would put the other mother’s in their place! I do enjoy seeing the new people come on the show and putting Christie and Kelly in their place.

      Ironically, though, the two best friends have fallen out! Now, instead of Christie being jealous of little Maddie she is now also jealous of Paige. The show would be so much better w/o Christie and her foul attitude.

      Speaking of attitude, KATHY gets on my f’ing nerves with her damn Apples. And, why is Anthony even on there? Those boys dances are played out. HIp Hop and break dancing, really? Now, with the all boys group, you have ass’es on both sides. Christie and Kelly on the one and Kathy, Anthony and that damn dad whose son does nothing but spin on his head!

      Great show though. I hate I missed the reunion. That Arias bull sucked up so much tv time…….Since these are re-runs, hopefully I can catch it.

      Thanks for re-capping the show Tamara.

  8. I was shocked to see a new episode on my DVR. The season finale was weeks ago, complete with reunion, deleted clip show and a Mother’s Day tribute. But this was listed as episode 22 of the 6th season, not 1/7.

    They started with Abby saying they just had a four week break. But during the ep, Abby said Paige had bee disrespected last week. All weird.

    I wish they’d lose the Cathy storyline. Or get her a new team. The fathers are horrid. That one that looks like Latino Charlie Brown (Carlos Pardo) who wants to fight everyone is just a douche. I missed plump little Vivi-Ann this week. I love her dead eyes and know she is going to murder Cathy in her sleep in a few years.

    Toddlers and Tiaras next up on the DVR.

  9. cammi113

    Love this show. The girls are fabulous… The moms are unbelievably dysfunctional. Jill is the worst, a self-serving, opportunistic shit stirrer with her nose in everyones business with an agenda to incite trouble and swoop on any misfortune to advance her daughter. She is such a freaking vulture. Cathy is another cut throat POS. I can’t even with her… I love Asia and her mom Christie… Missed them last episode….

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