Now You Wish You Had Never Seen Me?

I know I am very late to this party but I had a lot going on last week and am trying to get caught up. Please play along. So Jesse Eisenberg (you do to know who that dude is, he is the guy that plays Mark Zuckerberg in that Facebook movie) has been out on a major press tour for weeks promoting his new movie, Now You See Me, which I would kind of like to muster the motivation to go see. Anyway, on these tours they get asked the same dumb questions over and over and attempt to politely answer on the billionth time as if they still care.

That is where we are when some girl named Romina Puga (no, you probably really don’t know her, she does social media type stuff for Univision) who has the vlog or whatever it is above called Say My Name.  You really need to watch the video above to see how things go. Done watching? Great.  Now here is the thing. This vlogish thing has gone somewhat viral since Romina blogged that her vlog (/sigh blogging about vlogging?) showed her being humiliated by Jesse Eisenberg and the response has been mixed.  The essential question here is did Jesse humiliate Romina or did Romina humiliate herself? The answers on the Interwebs are varied, and I certainly have my own view, but first, I am interested in polling the audience to see what y’all think. Please let me know below. Thanks in advance. Also have you seen the movie?


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22 responses to “Now You Wish You Had Never Seen Me?

  1. MaggieG

    Based on what is shown here, my opinion is that she’s a poor interviewer. Jessie Eisenberg’s response to her seems consistent with what I’ve seen of him publicly & I appreciate his manner.

    I saw the movie & in addition to having a terrific cast it was great to have some tricks revealed.

    • tleigh

      He was an arrogant prick…she held her own, considering she looks like she’s 12.

      • Brillke

        I agree with you, tleigh, he was being an arrogant prick. Jesse likes to brag about how he doesn’t watch tv, doesn’t even own one, and he doesn’t do Facebook either. It comes off as condescending and rude. I think he was being an asshole.

      • sasha

        He comes across as immature and insecure. People who make comments under their breath like that at wimps. They don’t have the balls to say them out loud because they can’t handle the pushback.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, but I can’t wait for your take on who made that interview go bad!

  3. Just adding that the Ruffles ad is way funnier than either of the asshats in the interview. It made me think of both “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Boogie Nights.”

  4. iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    I didn’t see the movie and this is my intro to Ruminia or whatever her name is. Jesse seemed uncomfortable with such a disaster of a host. Felt like he was trying to carry the conversation. Then Ms. R has no clue how to gain control. End result is an awkward session between the two of them. I think Jesse might have gone a bit low blow (but funny) when she tried to get him to say her name and he dissed her with his comment about not wanting to call her. So still ranking them 50:50 at fault. Can’t wait to hear other views.

    • I am torn somewhat as her feelings were hurt and it made him seem rather mean. But I have never seen either of them before so didn’t know if this was their normal behavior or just acting here. Neither were likeable to me. She seemed just not too bright and he seemed just like an asswipe but maybe I am all wrong as I have said don’t even have a clue about them. Whole thing seemed juvenile. So I too weighed in at 50:50.

      • iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

        Well said and best description of what I was trying to say, thanks!!!

  5. Otherpeoplesproblems

    I think jesse eisenburg is super awkward and he was flirting with her and theyre gonna have some hot hate sex later but that wasnt an option in the poll. I like the girl and i think hes intimidated by pretty and witty girls. I dunno why shes butthurt id be flattered

  6. Ncfinedime

    I thought it was cute. But for the sake of it… he embarrassed her

    • sasha

      IMO actors should be careful not to make the viewers dislike them. I select movies and shows based on the actors primarily. The storyline comes second. If I don’t like you, I don’t watch you. Now, I don’t like Eisenberg therefore I won’t pay to see his movies or watch him on TV.

  7. becky white

    I am torn between they were flirting or he embarrassed her – and she is very young so it was easy to do so.

  8. French

    That is just him!

  9. eg

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but based on the little clip seen here, they both seem awkward and nervous, but to me she did it to herself. He was just responding to the way she put it out there…..but they both seem to have that young persons’ electricity working between them.

  10. i thought he was a total asshole to her here. no opinion of him prior to this. did see the facebook/zuckerburg movie.

  11. lori

    What a dick!

  12. She handled herself like a champ. Gave him snark right back.

  13. Sandydc

    Well,she comes off like a bimbo who isn’t ready for prime tiime and he’s a bit of a jerk. When will media outlets stop giving jobs to people who clearly aren’t qualified?

  14. I think they were flirting in this new mean culture kind of way. He was clearly looking at her panties (or whatever, THAT area) as it was so evidently on display. She handled it well except for the wrong attire for sitting on a stool. Maybe she did it on purpose as it was obviously unsettling.

  15. Corie

    I totally thought this was staged. I dont really see her being humiliated. It was funny.

  16. Miele

    He could have been nicer, but she needs to get it together. The other interviews of hers I’ve seen are a boring mess, so at least this one was interesting. The article she wrote after the interview with Jesse Eisenberg was *extremely* unprofessional as were some of her comments during the interview. The clip seems awkwardly edited, too. I’d be interested in seeing the other two minutes of the interview.

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