Producer From Real Housewives of Atlanta Loses Phone, Hilarity Ensues

SoniaBrown-Chloe McQueenThe two charming ladies above were in a place called Mango’s Tropical Café in Miami a few weeks ago, enjoying the lovely weather when they came across something interesting. It was an iPhone. So being the good Samaritans they are, they went through the phone attempting to locate the owner. The owner of the lost phone was someone named Malika Everette. Malika Everette works for True Entertainment. True Entertainment is the production company for the Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as Kim and Kandi’s spinoffs. Suddenly the two ladies Sonia (left) and Chloe (right) get one of those brilliant ideas that sounds really good when you are in Miami tossing back Mojitos during happy hour on an empty stomach…

TEA2Sonia and Chloe decide to call Joye Chin, Joye is the head boss lady at True Production.  She’s a smart cookie. Sonia and Chloe decide they would like Joye to give them $3000 for the phone. Does this seem like a strange amount to anyone else? Two women want 3K ? Why not ask for a nice round 5K or just 2K, a quick grand a piece. I wonder about these sorts of things. Anyway, Sonia and Chloe tell Joye that if she doesn’t give them 3K, they will sell the production secrets on the phone to TMZ. And that is where Sonia and Chloe committed extortion. This will turn out to be problematic for Sonia and Chloe later in the story. But first, I would think the smarter thing to have done would be to offer it to TMZ first. Perhaps they did that. Perhaps they realized that it is harder to get ahold of anyone at TMZ than one might think. At any rate, they fucked up, and we did not get to find out the juicy production secrets of RHOA.

Moving on…Sonia and Chloe asked Joye to meet them at Joe’s Crab Shack to make the big exchange. So Joye said, “sure, I look forward to seeing you there.”  This is how all three ladies and a few Broward County Sheriffs ended up at Joe’s Crab Shack and Sonia and Chloe went to jail for extortion, Malika got her phone back and we got nothing. Way to go, Sonia and Chloe. Way to go.

Sonia and Chloe are looking at 15 years for extortion which is a second degree felony in the Sunshine State.


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31 responses to “Producer From Real Housewives of Atlanta Loses Phone, Hilarity Ensues

  1. Chell

    Dumb dumb just dumb these lady’s are crazy they should have sold the information to highest bidder not the owner lol

  2. leigh

    Somebody call Gloria Allred! Lol

  3. TT how the hell do you manage to always dig us such great tea, roflmblao. Talk about stupid, must have been really swilling back way too much booze. Great stuff what a way to end the week.

  4. Tess

    The crazy part is these two probably will do several years in prison, while murderers walk in FL. And I’m not just talking about Casey. It’s a messed up state!

  5. sandy

    I could barely get past the pictures!!! “Charming ladies” indeed!! Once my eyeballs were able to focus again, I read your article and was laughing through the entire piece imagining these two tools with a combined IQ less than three digits! Then I look at those pig tails and erupt into laughter again!! Are these their actual mug shots?? They must of been pretty wasted otherwise WTF are they smiling? Oh that’s right, they are a couple of morons! Oh Lawd help me why stomach is hurting!

  6. They look “special” in those pictures. Turns out they are just dumb as hell.

  7. Something tells me these two have never done anything on an empty stomach.

    And they’d think mojito was a request to turn up the thermostat.

    • mojito…lol…thema…lololol…stop.

      • Joan

        Me too….Bahhhhhhh – too funny for words. When I saw the pictures (before I read the story) I thought – those two ladies have the same shirts on, wonder if these are mug shots (see – we’ve seen so many mug shots we can pick them out right away even when there isn’t even a placard being held up with their names & ##)… and they looked scruffy, like they’d sat in the tank over night at a local jail (don’t ask).

    • Buck Henry

      Bingo, bingo lolololololololol.

  8. dumb and dumber…lawd!!! really they could of sold the secrets piece by piece to any blogger

  9. soccermop59

    What is really hilarious is that we’re talking reality tv here, as if the members on ATL are real stars…..that phone is about as valuable as a lump of shttt. Hey ladies, you want to make some real cash? Get a damn job!!!

  10. Tea Drinker with Suga

    Does anyone else notice the one laughing in her mug shot?

    “We gonna be on Tamara Tattles, We famous y’all”

  11. Katrina

    This is too funy. I thought most people have a code on their phone so people cannot get into them. These women did not know who “True Entertainment” are. How does a “Good Samaritian” call contacts in the phone to try and extort money. Why would a contact in a phone be interested in paying for a cell phone?
    If you find someones phone, you should just try and return it to the owner! 15 years for a cell phone!

  12. CoCo

    Thanks for the tea, TT! These two are idiots!!

  13. Oh my!

    Rotfl! I read this very slowly. Just hoping ,praying for a bombshell. lmao.

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