My Last Court Date With Sheree Whitfield

ChateauSheree21813-5I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve gone to court with Sheree Whitfield over the last few months. Yesterday was either the fourth or the fifth time across two counties. And hopefully, that was the last time. I joke with my attorney of turning to a life of crime just because I like her. But if I am being honest, I hope that the only time I see her in the future is from the comfort of my couch watching her on HLN. It’s much less stressful and expensive that way.

Yesterday’s court appearance was bizarre. It did not help that I have forgotten to take my crazy pill the day before so my anxiety was through the roof, and I LEFT MY XANAX AT HOME. In Atlanta people that live inside the perimeter (ITP) perhaps rightly claim some sort of smug superiority to those of us poor degenerates who live beyond I-285. I live OTP because I don’t like driving downtown where every street is named Peachtree something and the streets are a one way maze that I am not city savvy enough to handle. Nervertheless, me in full on wide-eyed panic attack navigate the mean street to arrive at the courthouse on time.

My attorney Ashley Merchant was conferring with Sheree’s attorney du jour. It is always interesting to me see the opposing attorneys smiling and laughing before court and then getting up and going for the jugular once the hearing starts. Then going back to very cordial conversations. There was no sign of Sheree or Tierra and eventually her lawyer called them to see if they were going to show. Sheree did. Tierra did not. Because Tierra has a job, and a life, and has better things to do than spend days on end in court over nonsense.

A Eulogy for the Reality Life of Sheree WhitfieldMy attorney had subpoenaed several documents and people for the hearing. The main document was paperwork for BLU Management and LLC that Sheree had set up for some sort of legal purpose. *cough* IRS *cough*  In the first hearing in another county, Sheree had stated that she did not own the property. It had a lot to do with her TPO being dismissed. Previously, in this court, we were unable to move forward with our response until ownership could be proven. So my attorney subpoenaed the paperwork. Sheree refused to allow the attorney on the paperwork to simply fax it to her office and required her to come to court because she didn’t want us to have a copy. So that lawyer, who I would assume as not been paid in full by Sheree based on her past record, had to sit in court for hours waiting for our case. There was some part of the document that Sheree didn’t want us to see.

After a four hour wait through every single other case, the scheduled judge leaves and the judge that heard the first part of our case a few weeks ago came back. When I watched this same judge hear the case with @atlien and @funkydineva last time, I was all kinds of frustrated because she didn’t seem to understand that they were on the side of the road. Nor did she seem to get what Entertainment Blogging was all about. Or reality shows. This was problematic. Imagine trying to explain shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta to someone who has never heard of or experienced a reality show. It all seems very foolish. Because… it is. Despite her lack of insight into the entertainment blogging industry, the law remains the law, and she dismissed their case after telling them the whole thing was a ridiculous waste of time.

Sheree Whitfield's Tweet From "The Caribbean"So the case begins with an opening remark or two and my attorney says that their side is withholding a document. The defense says that I just want the document to have more information on Sheree and that my attorney was fishing. My attorney said it was about who owns the property. The judge review the mystery document and said that the LLC was divided into ten units and that the majority of the units were assigned to Sheree with three other people holding minor ownership. Or something. I really had no idea what the point of the document or the secrecy was. My attorney never did see the “secret document.”  Then Sheree’s lawyer called the LLC attorney who testified about everything in the document so the whole secret thing was the usual waste of the courts time.

My attorney calls Sheree to the stand. She asks a bunch of questions about ownership. Like does the LLC pay the property tax or do you? I am laughing inside my head about property taxes actually being paid. Oh, BTW, in the document for the LLC, Sheree values the pile of dirt that she had at the time of the document at a million dollars. I am surprised she didn’t value it at a kajillion dollars. Perhaps the LLC attorney cautioned her against that. Anyway, on the stand Sheree was all angry and neck rolly and who gonna check me boo and it was full on wig pulling Sheree.  She called my attorney “honey” on the stand and at that point the judge stopped her and admonished her to be respectful in the court and answer the questions. Sheree suffered from a lot of memory problems.

I should have mentioned when Sheree came in the courtroom, late, in a cloud of negative energy, Jason Lapene , her stalker for hire who I am convinced followed me to the mall back in February, was right in her wake.  During the four hour wait, he disappeared for a long time and I was wondering what sort of nefarious behavior he was up to. We will find out about that later.

Why Sheree Whitfield Got Fired From Real Housewives, A TributeThen it was my turn on the stand. My attorney asked me about blogging and anonymity and the judge stopped me and told my attorney that it was hypocritical to even bring that up because I was doing the same thing. Really? I invaded Sheree’s privacy and anonymity by blogging about her experiences on REALITY TEEVEE? Okay dokey. My attorney then went through my visit to Chateau Sheree. Then her attorney on cross asked me if I saw no trespassing signs. (I didn’t) and produced a 3×5 glossy of a no trespassing sign. (Um, okay…that’s random) and tried to imply the ginormous gate was closed (It wasn’t) and asked me if I thought the workers owned the property (really, you think I know who owns the Chateau at this point? You yourself gave me a letter last time I was in court saying Tierra Fuller was the owner. That is sort of the whole point of the blogs on Chateau Sheree is to report on the musical chairs game of ownership) He did not like my response.  Did I think that workers can give permission to enter someone’s residence? (No, but I do think they can give permission to walk through a construction site. ) Now he is really not feeling me. All this time Sheree’s stalker for hire dude is full on histrionic in the gallery. It was funny.

So the attorney’s drone on for a bit. Her side talks about children frolicking on the dirt piles and spending time at “the house” and other nonsense. My lawyer sites a bunch of caselaw and at some point mentions that Sheree had been to the district attorney’s office trying to get a felony warrant out on me and he refused. She pointed out that Sheree had offered at every opportunity to stop all the frivolous lawsuits if I would stop blogging about her.  I bolded that for all of you who keep saying I should not give her the attention she is seeking. As long as she is dragging me into court over ridiculousness, I will continue to blog. Other than her constant trips to court, there really is no reason to mention her at all. If she wants people to stop blogging about her, dragging a bunch of bloggers into court is not the way to do it.

So the judge DENIES her request for a warrant and dismisses her case. Then she gives me a sermon on blogging in which she suggested I blog about myself and get a life of my own and stop talking about other people. I guess she feels the same way about Page Six, TMZ, The Hollywood Reporter…and on and on… then she tells Sheree that she can’t stop people from blogging about her and she sees how angry she is (that seems to come up a lot) and it seems everything is over. Oh, I forgot to mention during the judges ruling Jason Lapene was doing his best Arnold Horeshack imitation raising his hand madly from the gallery where he apparently had important information to add.  Crazypants.

Sheree's Daughter Tierra Talks About Her MotherHowever, what I failed to mention is that when our hearing was going on, the courtroom which was empty except for us and some dude that was apparently just looking for a cool place to sit on a hot day. When the day began, we had two bailiffs, the quiet guy, and the super shouty lady. The super shouty lady would intermittently shout at people to stop talking or stop interrupting the judge, or whatever infraction she felt required her FEROCIOUS hollering. It was freaky to hear this shouty woman erupt every once in awhile. Not good for anxiety. But by the time my  case was resolved the walls were literally lined with cops and a sheriff. At first, I thought maybe they were there in case things didn’t go my way because I looked a hot mess in court and I was paranoid the anxiety was showing.

One of the people my attorney subpoenaed was @atlien. My attorney will probably disagree but I bugged her as little as possible about the plan for the hearing. I tried to just rest assured she would handle it. She ended up not calling Michelle (so she showed up for nothing. Sorry @atlien) As she was leaving with her attorney, the judge stopped them and Sheree’s lawyer for some reason. What happened next was so odd and confusing I still don’t know what happened. I still don’t get why the judge stopped them from leaving in the first place. Apparently, her attorney was concerned that the Jason Lapene guy’s mission was to go downstairs and inform the sheriff that @atlien was violating her TPO by answering her subpoena. Oh LAWD. This judge does not like bloggers.  But wait, we are all in court, for um, court…how is this happening? I feel like crap and just want to leave and now I am thinking I may have to go bail @atlien out of jail!

Somehow the topic changes to the last time when we were in court and Sheree was taking pictures of everyone and @atlien hit the video button on her phone to document Sheree’s crazy. Again, I have no idea who brought that up but suddenly the bailiff is testifying (because he was there) and my attorney is consulting with her attorney and the judge is all like, whatever, let’s just arrest her. Really judge? So now I am feeling horrible that @atlien is going to be booked for coming to assist in my case. This is a nightmare.

A Eulogy for the Reality Life of Sheree WhitfieldThen the sheriff, who I guess is the dude that arrests people, says something to the judge. At this point I am in full blown panic mode because it is what I do, and @atlien is all, cool as a cucumber. My attorney suggests a signature bond and then everything stops. The sheriff is supposedly there over an email that Sheree sent. An email? We are now in full on crazyland. The judge tells our attorney’s to ask her attorney about it. He says that Sheree sent an email to the judge a few weeks ago and that is a big no no.  So wait, the sheriff is here for Sheree? Talk about a rollercoaster ride.

And then, suddenly, the sheriff and three or four other cops were not there for anyone and everyone went home and lived happily (or angrily if you are Sheree) ever after. Seriously? We just had a random hearing with bailiffs being sworn in and the judge saying essentially, fine, lock her up I don’t care! and then just like that it was nothing?

I think the key to the mystery lies in whatever the sheriff said to the judge, and we will never know that was. But it was a heart racing up and down ride of who is going to get arrested. And then the judge was all like never mind, just kidding, or something. I still don’t get it.

This morning @atlien and @funkydineva had to go BACK to court with Sheree for a hearing on a permanent restraining order. This would be funny if it weren’t so annoying. I’m pretty sure both of them would be thrilled to never lay eyes on Sheree again. I know I would.

Thanks so much for all of your emotional and financial support. Were it not for you guys I could not have afforded such awesome legal representation. And a special shout out to Ashleigh Merchant, the best attorney in Atlanta and probably the world. You can catch her on HLN After Dark filling in for Vinnie Politan while he is on vacation.


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54 responses to “My Last Court Date With Sheree Whitfield

  1. Tiffany C.

    I hope this is truly the end but you never know with unbalanced people like Sheree.

  2. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    Just a few years ago I had a friend who was being stalked on FB and Twitter, and had her email hacked (and dispersed to everyone including her ex-husband) by an angry ex-boyfriend. He threatened to set her car on fire with her kids inside, among other things. There were threats all day every day for over six months. But when she got to court asking for a permanent restraining order, their judge had never heard of twitter and didn’t really understand FB either. She advised my friend to “just stay off the internet”. Case was dismissed. The laws (and the judges) really need to catch up with the times.

    I didn’t realize that Ashleigh was your attorney. I’m very glad you were able to get such great representation. I can’t imagine going through all you’ve had to deal with this year.

  3. Tony

    I’m reading this and I swear you can’t make this stuff up. “She by whatever it takes to remain relevant” either has a chemical imbalance or well, she’s sad & crazy.

    Tamara I must commend you for putting up with the unnessary b*lls*it @ the hands of this crazy person. Hopefully this is the last of this crap.

  4. Vp

    Atlanta is weird.

  5. Shellbelle

    It sounds like a clusterf$&k and waste of time… Does this mean you are finally done with all this crazy pants lawsuits and TPO’s?

  6. CityGirl81

    This is outrageous Sheree needs some SERIOUS help!

  7. tobaccorhoda

    So. You’re going to be doing updates on Chateau Sheree, right? Ssts

  8. Glad it’s over for you!

    It will never be over for her. She’s a sad, bitter little person. With a gynormous nose and a fifth grade education. Her looks are on the bottom half of the hourglass now, so she’s panicked.

  9. sasha

    TGIO Maybe the wolfpack can settle down now.

  10. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Was it mentioned in court that Sheree was practically begging for a reality show starring Chateau Sheree on WWHL recently?… Does she still talk like she has a mouth full of marbles while on the the stand?

    I think these proceedings ultimately hurt Sheree more than anything else even though it was not easy for you… How could you forget your Xanax? I would have expected you to cart in an intravenous drip full of the stuff.

    • Yes, I mentioned that Sheree was doing a press tour for Chateau Sheree and told Andy the house was more famous than his housewives. This sent both Sheree and her lapdog into vigorous head shaking fits, mouths agape as if I were spreading some terrible lie. I thought she was going to jump up and object! Yes, a mouth full of marbles was precisely the description plus she was HEATED with my lawyer for questioning her about why she kept playing games with the deed.

      I was too lazy to get up and take one from the house supply the other day and my purse was within grabbing distance so I took one of the few I carry in case of emergency in my purse. I didn’t put the bottle back in my purse and managed to get off with no meds at all. Horrid, I tell you.

      • kym

        I’m glad you mentioned how she was promoting the house and even had it on Iyana “Fix my Life”…she needs to stop the madness. I hope its all over for you and the other bloggers.

  11. Oh Lawd. I am getting word that Jason Lapene the creepy stalkery laptop guy is acting as Sheree’s legal counsel. WTF? I think their case is up now…

  12. JustUsForAll

    I know I’m dippin’ here & just getting a snapshot – but I’m curious to understand what you’ve been going thru. I’m know I’m ignorant (sorry) to all things reality & housewife shows – but the way & what you just described could be a script straight out of an episode of Law & Order or a movie..! This stuff seems so twisted. Where do these women get the bucks to live like that ? – to flaunt and shove it in everyone’s faces ? From the reality shows ? ~ Honey, you need less drama & stress in your life. Glad it may be all over for you…Now take a respite & enjoy your summer. Life’s way too short. :-) (says…the trial pot to the kettle)

    • Just Us, got up to the top right corner of the page. Put in Chateau and you will see the stories, with a few irrelevant ones maybe, I think you would enjoy the reads.

      • JustUsForAll

        Ch_ist, who approved the permit on that monstrosity ? I will have to set aside my 4am time to read these, too. ~ WTF do people like her think their are supposed to be doing with their lives and wasted $? My Grandma used to tell us kids to quit showing off all the time – it was unseemly… Wow, am I outta’ touch ! (…it’s like the joke…hey, after the rapture, can I have your house ?) I guess I’d have to use the marble and floratine port-a-pots ! LOL !

  13. Lawyer lady

    The judge sounds really dumb, any mention of Freedom of Speech and your right to blog your opinions??

    • Yeah, she pointed that out. After saying that blogging about other people is weird and creepy. I’m pretty sure she has never seen ANYTHING on the Internet.

      She followed the law, but seemed genuinely unaware of blogging, or what reality tv is all about. It was truly odd.

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        I just realized that my comment waaaaay down the thread used an example that might have looked like I was on Sheree’s side… I certainly hope it didn’t come off that way, because Tamara you are in no way a stalker (DUH). I was only using the example to show that the court system in general is woefully behind the internet times. In my friend’s case, her stalker actually was terrorizing her. Both answers the judges gave, “Stay off FB” and “Stop blogging” are just ridiculous.
        Anyway, I hope I wasn’t misunderstood, I just didn’t realize how my comment may have sounded. :)

      • Jen

        These reality stars NEED bloggers to stay relevant!! Obviously!! They just want to control what is written.
        “Celebrities” wld b nothing w/o ppl talking about them…
        Sucks for Sheree she is such a tool.. Of course neg stuff is gonna come with it all… (I can’t even think of a positive spin on Sheree )

  14. LL

    I am so happy you WON! I went through a similar crap case a couple of years ago with my neighbors. They tried to put a TPO on me and permanent restraining Court Order , to ruin me… Their charges were so ridiculous as I had helped his wife (who had been raped/suffered from PTSD, and could not even register her kids in school, (which I did) since he traveled all the time). The charges were so hilarious and unfounded.. My whole neighborhood was ready to go testify against these idiots. Geez, this went on and on..
    First, TPO order, was served, went to Court and dismissed due to their bogus filing.
    I had to move out of my home whenever he was in town as my Lawyer advised me they could gang up on me as a family, call the police and say I violated the TPO.. 5 against one… a single person next door. Then, I would have to go to JAIL, until the Court date… Was HELL! THEN the excuse me, “F’n” a-hole, KIDNAPPED MY DOG. Drove him 30 miles north of ATL and dumped him on a 4 lane highway on a Friday night at 10:00pm to be KILLED!!!! Thankfully my wonderful animal was micro-chipped and found by an angel and returned to me (after several harrowing days) since Brutus had removed his collar and all tags. They filed again, and because I was not home (on weekends) was not able to be served. So “Bluto” sees me walking my dog, comes out, walks by me… AND SPITS IN MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I called the cops (Fulton County, and SHAME ON YOU!)… A “fleet” of cop cars show up at my house… They would not believe me, went next door, listened to this family disparage me and then treated me like I was… Jodi Arias!!! Therefore, I just do not EVER, EVER trust our police force.. Sorry, but you only listened to them and not me or my room mate who was also involved in this travesty…
    So… then banging on my door at midnight, Sheriff comes to serve me ANOTHER TPO court papers for Tuesday – (Bluto spit in my face… to get the Cops to serve me) this was a Sunday night and the “BIG PIG” thought I would never be able to be back in court so soon for a Tuesday morning.
    Well, do NOT ever confront a “Woman on a Mission!” who is not guilty!!!
    I got with my Atty’s (had to get a new one, from same firm, as mine was out of town, costing me mucho dinero!), AND served, once again, THEIR DAUGHTER, to testify on my behalf, as she had snuck out of their home and told me her Dad had kidnapped my dog….begging to come live with me!!! Unfortunately she had been committed several times to Psych care as she had tried to commit suicide several times and they did NOT want her to testify.. I wonder why?
    When I went to get in my car to go to Court, the “papers” served to them were on my windshield. They never showed up… Case dismissed… She (the Mom) disappeared, probably because of, well, I know he was threatening her life since he had raped her, gotten her hooked on Cocaine (so she would… SWALLOW)!!… He defaulted on all his creditors and the “Lease for Purchase” home he was (supposedly) buying… Thankfully, what was left of the family… DISAPPEARED!!
    Awful even after that… Summer in ATL.. Dead heat… House closed up, all utilities turned off and their cat left in there to die…. I contacted a friend of theirs who called them and raised hell and the almost ilfeless cat was removed….
    What disturbs me most is how ANYONE can bring up TPO charges against you, bring you to court WITHOUT ANY HARD CORE EVIDENCE!!! (especially in GA!)
    This needs to change as it effects you whole record, even if you are innocent…
    Tam: I feel for you…………………….. Been there, done that… and never want to do again…
    Sorry for such a long passionate post….

    • JustUsForAll

      OMG !! – I won’t linger here, I know others are anxious to comment… BUT OMG!
      I’d seriously have to be held down – anybody F__K with my dog… Grrr ! The most my neighbors do is ignore me when our garden tractors pass each other going opposite direction @ the property line. Otherwise we wave @ the mail box. Used to have trouble when I had to rent but, OMG. Hearts out to you, Dear.

    • sandy

      Wow.. You are lucky this nut job didn’t physically harm you!! Glad it worked out but again like Tamara, it cost you financially for attorney fees! It is too bad the courts can’t fine or jail these nut jobs for nuisance cases. He sounds like he is dangerous as hell and will end up killing someone some day. Shudder……

  15. peachteachr

    Well, alrighty, then. Checkmate. Now she has to return to her life of obscurity. You and Iyana are through with her. It’s sometimes sad what these housewives will say and do for ‘fame’. They don’t seem to realize that there is a difference between fame and infamy. Stick a fork in Sheree, she’s done.

  16. Tracie

    Hi, Tamara.

    I am so glad to hear the news. I have a question … I thought you were fighting Tiera this time? Does all parties have to be present? I guess I am curious as to how the case can proceed without the plaintiff, or half the plaintiff.

    • Sheree filed two identical cases. One in her name and one in Tierra’s. Last time we were in court, the judge was going to drop Sheree’s because her attorney told the court that TIerra was the owner. This time the same attorney said Sheree was the majority owner. Every time we went to court the question of ownership of the property came up. It was bizarro world. Thus when her attorney asked me if I thought the workers were the property owners, I was all like, hell at this point nothing would surprise me…

  17. Sounds like the judge is just as checked out as Sheree. So glad the law is on your side and hopefully this is over for you but I doubt it is.

  18. Iamrealitytvlover (@babstheshopper)

    Yikes, sounds like a long drawn out and otherwordly day. I am so glad that hopefully this is over and I am surprised She by She Broke, Stupid, Crass and Insane managed to have her attorney repeat representing her as everybody knows she didn’t pay her bill. Maybe she has some dirt and blackmail on her attorney…..just guessing….alledgedly, lol.

    I just hope the IRS catches up with her Who Gonna Check Me Boo butt and puts her behind bars or in a straightjacket where she belongs.

    Cheers TT to having this drama over and getting on with your life and traveling and to enjoying anytime you blog about ShereeShit. I continue to just feel sad for her kids and hope Bob has the sense to somehow get custody away from her…..maybe he should talk to Deione Sanders.

    And so cool to watch Ashleigh Merchent whenever she is on HLN, she is so sharp, savvy, articulate and pretty to boot…..clearly you were represented by the best.

  19. Ellis Scarlett

    Was TMZ there?

  20. Mark Mistretta

    Tamara, I must know.. did she wear the bagel?

  21. Tango

    Well, congrats, I’m glad to see it finally end. Sounds like Sheree made an ass of herself. (As per usual..)

  22. Poor Sheree.. .. trying to be liked and respected… LOL

  23. Tamara, I work as a bailiff and you are right, to spectators, hearings can seem confusing as hell. If I weren’t sitting next to the judge I wouldn’t understand much that was going on during the hearing. So much prior conversation goes on off the record (in the judges chambers or conference room) that the plaintiffs/defendants don’t hear, can make it appear the conversation that does occur in the courtroom between the parties, attorneys, and the judge is disjointed and as if it makes no sense.

    Hang in there, and I’m sure you will persevere. In my experience, truth prevails over b******* the majority of the time.

  24. I’m glad it all worked out for you. I suppose its all done now, unless Sheree files a motion for reconsideration or some such thing. Really, when all is said and done this whole case seems frivolous at best, a waste of time and money on everyone but Sheree’s part. Seems to me it shouldn’t have gone as far as it did, given that Sheree is on a reality show–a public person if you will– she doesn’t have a right to privacy that truly private citizens do. Why the judge allowed her suit to go forward is a mystery…like all those shenanigans your last day in court.

  25. Joan

    Crazypants Sheree is hating that she is getting called out on her bulls*#t! Her “Fix My Life” appearance didn’t go her way…I wonder if she tried to slap OWN/Iyanla with a lawsuit too. She is laughable and irrelevant. Good luck and keep blogging…no one does it as good as you.

    • Jen

      I agree!! Thank goodness TT keeps going. Sounds like Sherees pose is nuts like her..
      I love the “millions of fans want Sheree back on RHOA” what million fans??
      She contributes nothing to society at this time but chaos….
      Hope u get a break from her Tamara!! Keep doing what u do!
      (I will keep ignoring the warnings from her crazy fans/goons or whatever they are abt u ;)…. Ridiculous!!!!!

  26. myinfo

    Sheere has turned into a pitiful person who is losing her fame quickly. I hope her lawyers were pre-paid.
    I agree with Nene she is evil. She has never seemed happy.

  27. So sorry for the ridiculous waste of your time, money and energy, but I am incredibly grateful for this hot mess. Your descriptions of these court dates are far more entertaining than many episodes of Real Housewives. Bravo barely covered the the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sheree’s nuttiness. Loving your blog Tamara, not everyone is so…. fortunate to get one-on-one encounters with the people they blog about, especially experiences this unforgettable.

    • It would have made a great reality show. For the past few years Sheree has spent much of her life in court. She has lost every single case. Every single one. Her lawyers all drop her for non payment, and yet? She is not deterred. It’s jaw droppingly fascinating.

      • Stop! I am laughing my ass off. She is so ridiculous. I really thought Jill Zarin was the most desperate, pathetic former housewife but Sheree has taken the crown with this mess. How does someone even get so delusional? I can’t turn away from this train wreck….

      • Katrina

        Tamara are you sure you are not being secretly taped?

  28. RahRah

    Thank You Jesus!!

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