Yolanda Foster Celebrates Memorial Day As a US Citizen

RHOBHYoFlagLast Thursday, Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, Yolanda Foster became a US citizen. Brandi was on hand for the special ceremony (as were Bravo cameras). Yolanda says that she disliked having to spilt from her family when traveling back to the US and clearing customs. I have to say that Yo’s timeline is so refreshing. Always positive, beautiful pictures, sharing her dates with girlfriends. What’s not to love about Yolanda. Nothing, that’s what.

RHOBHYoandDavidDrPhilYolanda also posted a picture of her and David out to dinner at Nobu in Malibu, probably just a short stroll from her lemon grove. Her dinner companions included Phil and Robin McGraw. It’s good to see her out!

Sadly, Yolanda has not found much relief for her “Chronic Lyme Disease” despite trying both traditional and holistic treatments. Personally, I don’t think she has found the correct diagnosis either. I wish her nothing but full health very soon. She will need it as the filming of RHOBH is already dramatically underway.


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50 responses to “Yolanda Foster Celebrates Memorial Day As a US Citizen

  1. Um…what kind of jacked up flag is that?? doesnt it have WAY too many stars?

    • It looks like a boat sock flag. I made that name up. But you know what I mean it’s a circular thing that the wind blows through.

    • CG

      Yolanda can afford a few extra stars…lighten up for Pete’s sake!!

    • Okay WINDSOCK was what I was thinking but it would have ribbony ends. It is probably just a regular flag?

    • It looks like a scarf to me….but if we’re going to take issue with “flag” clothing, can we start with all the country stars and their dubious tastes first? Lol

      • DUH! Thank You! It is the scarf she wore to her swearing in ceremony. I thought it was connected to that mast. It’s not a flag, it’s her patriotic scarf.

      • It’s the opposite of patriotic because it depicts the flag incorrectly. Is there a star for every pretentious thing she has said in the past week?

      • Arrgh. It is against the rules to wear A FLAG, not to wear things with Stars and stripes you NINNY!

        I can’t help it you have TERRIBLE taste in housewives. Yolanda was perfection. Of course in season two they normally lose their shit and decide they are the star of the show…

      • And it is prohibited to wear the flag as or on clothing except certain patches.

      • By your own admission, THAT IS NOT THE FLAG.

      • Ok. But I’m pretty sure that….thing…is against some code and the opposite of patriotic. Where is TRho. She’d agree.

      • Ok, this was bugging me as I can remember Old Navy used to sell t-shirts emblazoned with flags, especiall over the 4th……and because I’m OCD and a tad anal retentive, I looked up the statue, it is as follows from the Senate.gov website:

        While wearing the colors may be in poor taste and offensive to many, it is important to remember that the Flag Code is intended as a guide to be followed on a purely voluntary basis to insure proper respect for the flag. It is, at least, questionable whether statutes placing civil or criminal penalties on the wearing of clothing bearing or resembling a flag could be constitutionally enforced in light of Supreme Court decisions in the area of flag desecration.51
        In the past, the Supreme Court has held that states may restrict use of pictures of the flag on commercial products.52 There is a federal criminal prohibition on the use of the flag for advertising purposes in the District of Columbia.53 While commercial speech does not receive the full protection of the First Amendment,54 the status of these statutes and cases can not be taken for granted in light of Eich.

      • Whatever. Any flag historian will tell you it’s offensive. It doesn’t break the law. But it offends me.

      • I’m sure Betsy Ross would be fine with it.

      • Betsy Ross was a cunt.

      • You have now offended my sense of patriotism.

      • Ahhh the “whatever” non sequitur….hahahaaaa

        From what I read of your posts, everything offends you, have you tried prune juice to dislodge that giant stick out of your arse? By the way, I truly love your particular brand of bitch snark, you’re a girl after my own icy heart.

      • You are not a nice person.

  2. Stacey

    If she was burning the flag I would have a problem but I love this photo! Yo rocks!

  3. HGDJ my butt/legs never looked that good.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Hell yeah. Hot damn I’d do almost anything to look like that. Ummm, except exercise hard. Wait, or give up my wine. And there’s the occasional chocolate or salty food binge. Hey, I did say ALMOST anything. Can’t fight the genes sometimes (I am half tall skinny Norwegian and half short fat Ukrainian, and those Eastern European genes are kicking ass over the Viking ones…in fact those Viking wimps waived the white flag when I hit my mid 40s. And then the Ukrainians won.)

  4. Love Yolanda. My mother in law got her citizenship earlier this year. Great moment!

  5. nicole

    there are plenty of clothes ot there with stars and stripes. They are not “flag”…. Get a life people! I bet most of you can not answer those questions they ask you for citizenship…
    I got my citizenship when I was in college and the only reason I knew many of those answers is beacuse I had just taken a Political Science class.

  6. Patricia

    Not really a fan of hers but I I hope she gets better soon. At least this provides a bit of a distraction for her.

  7. MaRiley

    I was having a warm patriotic moment and then Dr. Phil showed up. Erp.

    • anniebannanie

      I love Yolanda. When I looked and saw phil and his obnoxious wife at dinner with her, decided they MUST have gatecrashed!! Can’t BELIEVE she’d have them in her circle of friends. She’s too sensible!

  8. jarlath

    She should burn that “flag,” maybe then people would have a real reason to bitch and moan

  9. Susan

    It could be a scarf and it could be a flag, the way it is waving in the wind is why is looks like there are many more stars in it then there should be. She is holding it up I believe because she is a PROUD AMERICAN now. The way some of you talk you need to take heed. If you don’t like this country then get the h#%% out. You take all that it has to give and then criticize your freedoms. By the way Betsy Ross did not make the first flag. Look it up. I love this country, no matter what and the rest of you should too. If you don’t think it’s a great county then go some where else and find out just how many freedoms you will NOT have in another country. Think about it!!!!!!!

  10. terry macon

    okay girls that is enough go to your room and chill out. LOL

  11. terry macon

    Okay,okay girls that’s enough go to your room and chill out. LOL Tamara you
    Know how teecee is. This is like watching toni and tamar braxton. You two
    Are acting like sisters.

  12. teecee66…you are a downer

  13. Margie

    Yolanda is such a pleasure to watch on the show. Oh, and LOVE this blog!

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