Random Thoughts on the Real Housewives of Orange County Rolls Royce Commercials


Remember that episode of Real Housewives of Orange County y’all watched last Monday? Well I FINALLY WATCHED IT! And since it’s rather late for a recap, I will just share some random thoughts. Mostly about Lauri, and Gretchen…. Click through for the tea…

Lauri is invited on Tamra's Bachelorette Trip...

Lauri is invited on Tamra’s Bachelorette Trip…

My first random thought is how weird it is that Bravo is doing some sort of photo montage to Lauri’s children in the middle of Tamra’s ring shopping scene. I have never liked the editing on this show, it is very difficult to recap. The other thing when I first got on twitter about a year and a half ago I got dragged into a conversation. You know how someone will tag you in to a conversation you know nothing about and there is your name on every post like you are actually paying attention? Well, I was never a huge RHOOC fan mostly because I can’t keep any of their names and faces straight… so imagine my surprise having been on twitter only a short while that some RHOOC was yelling about something that I was tagged in. I am pretty sure it was Lauri. I remember not knowing who she was at the time and someone saying she used to be on RHOOC. Anyway, her kids were on twitter and there was some family feud and the kids were angry tweeting either their mother or some other twats. twatters. tweeps. Whatever. I remember something about heroin and military school and just lots of family drama. Then I read somewhere just the other day that the son with addiction problems (allegedly) got married and had a baby with a girl who has the same addiction problems (allegedly) and the baby was born with heroin withdrawal and is a ward of the state. I can’t really find any credible source for that. I did find someone claiming to be Slayte  Peterson, Lauri’s stepson posting everywhere that he ran away from home months ago and that he is finally 18 and out from under his “abusive” father’s control. This I believe is the same kid that was twittering back and forth with Lauri a year or so ago. Sounds like there is not much right going on in that household. Yet, let’s sip our tea and watch this lovely family photo homage…

Lauri uses the rings to bring up Vicki’s ex-husband Don. And gives Tamra an opening to trash talk Vicki.

Is Lydia’s whole storyline going to be “My mom is a pothead?” I’m bored.



OMG Alexis is wanting to pursue her acting career. They show her clip from General Hospital. It was bad. Very bad. So very bad. She seems very nervous talking to the acting school people who seem to have some thinly masked disdain for her. I imagine they drew straws for this and these two poor souls lost. Her dress lines are running themselves? And what happened to Jim saying she needed to stay home barefoot and pregnant? And Alexis drives a Rolls?

Speaking of Rolls Royce, in this episode Slade pretends to give Gretchen a Rolls Royce. However, Gretchen announced on her website that she is designing a Gretchen Rossi Rolls Royce with pink this and that’s for a special edition 2013 Ghost. Why she just didn’t admit that the whole scene with the car was a promotional scene (aka advertisement) is beyond me. Was anyone really supposed to believe Slade bought her a car? Also, the editing with Gretchen is weird. they don’t seem to be showing her middle section much. Perhaps she is already pregnant? Remember that scene on the couch last week where she was trying to be so very understanding about not getting pregnant while Slade’s child was in intensive care? Seems to me like they went back and filmed that after she found out she was. That’s just my guess. I have no source for that.

Alexis cannot act. I just don’t think it is her forte. Heather is a pro. It’s sort of evil for Bravo to juxtapose the scenes. The whole crew (minus Alexis) is at the studio for taping.  Gretchen and Slade were late and bored because it was not about them. Other than that, everything is going great. So clearly we need to have a sit down dinner to end with a little drama. Gretchen brings up that Slade “gave her” a Rolls that she claims she is technically buying. They needed to do that so they could all say “Rolls Royce” a few more times. It’s in the contract. I’m sure this one is a loaner, but that they will give her one of the ones she is “designing.” Gretchen is pissy because Tamra and Vicki are dropping the bitch issue. We then have a talking head where Gretchen denies being pissy because Tamra and Vicki are dropping the bitch issue.

Terry is adorable and barely gets any sort of bitchslap from Heather at all. Tamra bought some of the coolest novelty glasses I’ve ever seen. I want them all. One pair had a pig nose, Vicki puts them on and then says to Slade, “What do you think?” And that is why I like Vicki.

Apologies if this is all old news. The good news is the Jodi Arias Trial is over! I’m back!


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26 responses to “Random Thoughts on the Real Housewives of Orange County Rolls Royce Commercials

  1. Nicole

    Isn’t Lauri saying how great her family life is? And that she is so lucky to find the one and all her kids are doing well? etc, etc, etc….

  2. We Found Love in a Hopless Place

    Slade just last season, his mother was getting on him about working, (or was it the season before that), and he doesn’t get paid for this show, and before his little talk show thing on the radio, he was working for Gretchen, correct? So how can possibly afford a car? I know he can’t, but some poor sap will, and that’s what’s really sad.

  3. RealChicagoHousewife

    First Slade says the RR is Gretchen’s birthday present. Then as they drive away he tells her he turned in her leased Mercedes and the new lease payments on her RR were only a few hundred more. Do they think the viewers are that stupid that we won’t remember what Slade just said 30 seconds ago? They can’t keep their story straight between the valet stand and the driveway. It was annoying and ” inauthentic” which is what Gretchen supposedly detests about Alexis. They need to recast this series or end it. It’s become a bunch of vapid nonsense.

    • Anthony

      I am still trying to process this “gift” because I just don’t understand the thought process behind it. Like at all. Who tells someone I got you a gift, but the gift is a car, that the recipient of the gift has to pay for, and on top of that, you can’t even keep it because it’s a lease. Who does that?!?!?!?!

      • ViVaLaDiVa

        vicki did that to briana a didn’t she? bought her a car and briana had to pay the note. it may have been a lease also.

      • Lisa in Oregon

        I’m so glad it’s not just me, because i couldn’t reconcile it either. First i see an extremely expensive car presented as a gift. Well that doesn’t make sense because we know about Slade’s financial problems. If he has the funds to buy a RR, why would he spend the funds on THAT? Dumb. Financial. Decision. Then I hear it’s a leased car, and i’m thinking “well that’s not even a gift!” Then i hear it’s “only a few hundred more” than her current car which he just turned back in! Wait, what?!

    • Gretchen has a contract with Rolls Royce. They hired her to help design a female friendly (read pink interior accents) Ghost. The car is a loaner.

      • Rude Gal

        It makes no sense that Rolls Royce would select a person who cant even afford to buy a Rolls Royce to design one? Its makes no absolutely no sense. Secondly, who is Rolls Royce marketing to by employing Gretchen? The audience that watches RHOC is not a demographic that can afford to buy a Rolls Royce. I just don’t believe it. I want to say this is another Gretchen and Slade lie/embellishment because it sounds like nonsense.

  4. Anthony

    Gretchen is absolutely not pregnant. Slade had a vasectomy sometime before 2006 and hasn’t even had so much as a consultation about getting the procedure reversed, if the process even can be reversed. I heard it depends and that the chances of success decrease the longer you wait. I just think it’s completely ridiculous to constantly talk about wanting to get pregnant with a man who currently can’t get you pregnant and who may not ever be able to get you pregnant. Just saying…..

  5. momadison

    I am so over Alexis, and Vicki and Tamra really. Gretchen is getting quite one dimensional, like she is playing a cheap version of herself. Which is saying something. A really love Heather, I followed her career when she was Heather Paige Kent, so was thrilled when she joined RH! Her stuff with Terry is very real but I truly they she and Terry are fine. We are just used to production highlighting the fights in post when they know the divorce is pending. I agree that the Lydia, pot smoking mom is getting boring but I can share some insight into why its a big deal to her. Most viewers are like “big deal it’s just pot!” but more than the drug, it is the very real pervavise “not altogether there” demeanor of her mother. In choosing to prefer the “land of the bunnies” it makes it hard for her daughter to have a real connection with her and like any addiction, the person conciously chooses the drug, sex, gambling etc over the people in their lives. My mother moved on to even harder drugs and even now,in her recovery, makes everything all about her and her wants, needs, accomplishments. Drugs exacerbate a persons flaws. More flighty, more self centered, more selfish etc.

  6. So is Gretchen pregnant? Is that why she wasn’t invited to the bachelorette party?

  7. MaRiley

    I’m insulted by the goofy plot line that Slade is going to (or is able to) reverse a vasectomy that is 7 yrs old. He should be sitting in the County Jail for evading his child support. If Gretchen gets knocked up, they better ask Maury who the father is. She has silicone, botox, and booze blocking her tubes.

  8. Sandi

    Honestly – do a little “digging” on George’s ex wife, Gina. She is the crazy one. George and Lauri seem pretty normal. I think the ex is behind all of the bad stories. It’s too crazy.

  9. Lauri’s outfit is horrid. Her legs look like Chinese eggplants.

    I’m surprised that RR is cheapening their brand so much. First they cheapen it by suggesting its a car one should drive rather than be driven in. Then…pink? I just can’t. Especially the way that Gretchen pronounces “peeenq”.

  10. jarlath

    Why is Alexis even on the show? She barely interacts with the other woman (sic)

  11. i wish lauri, jeans, tammy knickerbocker, even jo would come back. after new jersey, this was my favorite franchise but these women have worn out their welcome with me. i never got tired of jeana and vicki, or tammy and her daughters. even lauri was entertaining. the show is just not what it used to be.

    • khintx

      They lost me last year when everybody was boolying Alexis about how pretentious and superficial she was. That an entire table of talentless, selfish women all living above their means with fake faces, boobs, eyelashes, teeth, cheek bones, chins, butts, boyfriends and businesses could give ANYONE that lecture was just so embarrassing to watch. I do want to thank Heather for the line: “she ATE the BOW off MY cake!”……. and poor drunk Sarah for the “Is this what the world is coming to?” line. But I just can’t watch em any more. It’s no fun. What is fun is reading TT’s recaps. I’m sitting this season out but will follow along here. It’s more entertaining that the show!


  12. Rude Gal

    All the ladies are pretentious and overindulged fibbers but I think the thing that makes Alexis worst is that she acts like nothing she does it wrong. We all heard the rumors that her and Shady Grady Jim have had very sketchy if not down right illegal business practices. Like that sketchy sport memorabilia thing that the FBI shut down and all the houses and rumored foreclosures etc. On paper they are no better than grifter Shana and Russell, but Alexis just acts like everything is so righteous and legit about them. I used to root for Alexis but I don’t like a hypocrite or a grifter regardless of how much they smile as they are ripping you off.

  13. Patricia

    I knew the RR thing was a lie. BTW how old is Slade? I thought he was old enough to be her father? She’s pathetic. I’m done with Gretchen. I can’t wait for Tamra to give to her what she’s been dishing out….i.e. the mean girl treatment.

  14. Dolores Slater

    Did anyone else notice how Lauri could not move any part of her face??

    • If Lauri is OFFICIALLY a FOTHW is this the first time one has been gone and then come back? I’m not counting Camille because she never left. And I think Gina just made a party appearance or two and was not officially “friend/paid” status.

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