Porsha and Kordell Stewart Divorce Rages On

RHOAporshakordTMZ is reporting…some kind of exclusive today… I could have sworn I had posted about the lockout issue here before but I can’t for the life of me find it. To me it seems like old news.  Kordell had taken to locking Porsha out when she left for things like her WWHL interview very early on. However the two still both remained in the house.  Porsha expressed her feeling about the divorce on WWHL here. I think Kordell may be facing a legal hurdle by locking her out of the house. I believe that is illegal as it is currently marital property.

Porsha is asking a judge to force Kordell to give her a key to the marital property or enough money to put her into an accommodation of similar suitability. TMZ is also reporting that while Porsha attended the required mediation, Kordell was hostile and resistant toward mediation. Looks like this one is going to be a brutal mess. Do you think Kordell should have to provide Porsha with accommodations ? Or should she just stay where she is with her mother for now?


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54 responses to “Porsha and Kordell Stewart Divorce Rages On

  1. Kate

    You did post that because I read that here! It is old news

    • Yup. I remember that also. Isn’t possession nine tenths of the law though and she could loose out entirely over the house if she vacates? In Washington state it was but I don”t know about Georgia. I think each state has their own rules/laws. Porscha. I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for her.

  2. Ashley

    You did post that because I read that here! It is old news!!!

  3. I remember her being locked out during the WWHL/up fronts, but not about his being an ass in mediation or anything with her mother. I could be wrong. Either way, I appreciate the update!

  4. If you did post it, I missed it or didn’t know about “Tamara Tattle’s so thanks for mentioning that again. It’s always good for your new readers.
    I think Porsha and Kordell are perfect for each other specially given her attitude
    on how people are jealous of her for being married (to a rich man).
    Kordell is a classless wimp for doing all these things like locking her out and filing for divorce without telling her about it….I have a feeling he was trying to clip her wings after she started having a social life without him around with the franchise.

  5. iamrealitytvlover

    TT I seem to remember you telling us that here as well. If I was Porche I would go for whatever I could get. He was too stupid to do a prenup and although she clearly benefited from his lifestyle I suspect she had to give up a huge part of who she was as a person to constantly kiss his ass. So if he want to play dark and dirty then I say “go ahead sister and give as good as you are getting”. If Kordell had any class about wanting to terminate his marriate to Porche once he realized he couldn’t clip her wings, he should have been honest and upfront. She was so in love with him, she might have been willing to walk away with a nominal settlement to compensate for her value over the time they were together. But no Kordell wants to act like a primadonna so I say Porche take the man all the way as far as you can take him. Boom!!

    • Now, let get something straight about Porsha…she was a video girl before him. And there have been many posts on other blogs and sites and even one of the videos she was in, posted on Facebook. SO I don’t think she was THAT well off.

      • The Hosea Williams family was not particularly well off in general. Hosea was a local level politician and a bail bondsman. He had more notoriety than wealth.

      • ladybug

        Right so why does she throw his name around like HE was MLK????

      • smitsa

        Kordell knew she had no money when he married her…. or he should have known. He wanted eye candy, she wanted money. If he didn’t require a prenupt, shame on him. He should follow the law and give her whatever, it requires.

        Team Porsha.

      • ladybug

        I think these “new” breed of women think all they have to do is be pretty and have a big butt. Uh, WRONG! Beauty will get em, but wont help you keep em. Ask Halle. You have to have SOMETHING else about you that makes you indespensible baby girls. Something about you that only YOU have. Your personality and brains are Yours! Build on that!

      • Tess

        Kordell seemed to want Porsha to be a doll and an object. I suspect she downplayed her brains and personality to be his dumb little Barbie. He wanted her seen and not heard from what I saw of his treatment of her.

      • smitsa

        She needs a few more brain cells on the intelligence side, but she isn’t a dumb as he thinks. She knew she was on camera when she made the stupid comments on the bus to Vegas. She knew he would see them or hear about them. Legally, she also knew what she was doing on the reunion show by making the the big speech. I think she goes in and out of the “brain-dead” state of mind when it is convenient. I think the “265” days in the year statement was comedic and genuine…lol

      • I want to add….just because she said that they didn’t have a prenup doesn’t mean that it is true!

      • Katrina

        Most prenups have a settlement figure. Either way, she will not walk away empty handed. I personally don’t think they have one. I think Kordell thought Porsha was stupid and she probably didn’t even know what it was. Kodell doesn’t seem to be very bright! No prenup, locking people out and making them mad, etc. He’s just trying to make her mad and react badly. It is not working!

      • smitsa

        So, do they. Would there be a court document which we can pull up.

  6. ladybug

    THIS was a doomed marriage from jump! She married for money and status and he needed a way to stop the gay rumors. He has no desire to sire children with her (obviously) which should have been her red flag. If she leaves the home, she forfeits. This is going to be ugly. There wad no real love (atleast on his part) otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to throw what they had away so easily. Any marriage not built dopey on love is a doomed marriage. I wish her well, but don’t predict it.

    • ladybug

      Sry for typos. First word was WAS. Second error was SOLEY. Hate typing from phone:(

    • Aloha

      I think you nailed it!

      • ladybug


      • Aloha

        Not only did Stevie Wonder see it coming but he saw it coming from 10 miles away on a dark and stormy night!

        (Not even Dr. Samuel’s fog could have obscured that)

    • Tess

      I agree that it was doomed for the reasons you stated, but Porsha had been pregnant and miscarried. So he wasn’t “obviously” uninterested. Although he was probably doing it to pacify her and he certainly didn’t seem thrilled at the prospect of her potentially being pregnant when they staged that pregnancy test. But they had achieved a pregnancy.

      • ladybug

        You’re right. I’m aware of the first pregnancy and I can’t speak about that one. However, he seemed unaffected even downright relieved that she wasn’t pregnant this time. That to me showed that he wasn’t in love with her. The only time men act like that is if they have no desire to be attached to a particular woman for life or if he financially isn’t ready for a baby and we know finances aren’t an issue…

  7. Dede

    You did post it. It’s under the Porsha Stewart tab on the left with a headline of “Kordell Stewart Hired a Nanny?” on Sunday, April 7. :)

  8. MissCane

    She married a “rich man”. If she’d said people were jealous because she married the man she loved or because she was married – period – that’d be one thing. But apparently she didn’t see it that way. Porsha even said that “I’m his Black Barbie” thing. A DOLL. So she objectified HERSELF and then Kordel decided to throw the object in the trash….Seems fair.

  9. Seriously....

    Why is it that when a poorer person marries upward wealthwise, it has to be for material gains? Am I the only one who believes in love anymore? I think if it was just for money, Porscha would be laughing all the way to the bank with her check for half. I just think they had a misunderstanding about marriage.

    I am in what some may call a “traditional” marriage. I just call it a marriage. We have a joke that he is the CEO but that I am chairman of the board and 100% shareholder.

    It greatly annoys me when I see these “men” running around taking about I’m the head of the household, what I say goes. They often like to quote the bible’s “wives submit yourselves to your husbands” (even the ones that couldn’t find their way to church in broad daylight with a GPS), but never finish the chapter. They ignore where it says “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave his own life for her” or “A man who loves his wife loves himself… No one ever hates his own body. Instead he feeds it and takes care of it, as Christ does the church.”
    A true husband cherishes his wife and does everything to help her grow, knowing that HER strength strengthens him instead of diminishing him.

    I also can’t stand women who act as if submission means being a doormat. Ain’t nobody got time for that. He may be the head but you are the body. The brain can think walk all it wants but until the feet move, no one is going anywhere.

    Sorry y’all for the vent. I’ve just been having these discussions lately and it irks my nerves. You can be all you can be and a submissive wife at the same time. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. If any thing that’s the way it should be. Anything else is called bondage.

    • smitsa

      Amen Seriously. Thanks for that. My mother taught me basically the same thing. A man is the head of the family and the wife is the neck. When have you seen a head move without the neck.

    • MissCane

      Yes but, I don’t think Kordell and Porscha were taking that approach. It was clearly a mutually beneficial relationship and when it ceased to be for Kordel, he terminated it. It was never a traditional marriage to begin with.

    • Randa

      GREAT post!!

  10. ladybug

    My life’s mantra has always been this: I’d rather live in a broom closet with a man I adored, than to live in a mansion with a man I didn’t. Wu tang said it best : Cash rules everything around me… What happen to true, unconditional love? Its all about who has the best body, cuter face and deeper pockets. SMH

    • smitsa

      Ladybug, some women in many cultures are raised by their parents to target men with money. And, that, love is just icing on the cake.

      • ladybug

        I know, and that’s sad to me:( Guess that’s the romance in me:[

      • smitsa

        I agree. I believe we should marry for love. We should also make sure we select a person who at least has the potential to assist in increasing or maintaining your financial status. And insure you both live a comfortable, and rewarding life.

        If other people choose to do otherwise… I’m not angry.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      Actually, I don’t have a problem with a woman or man marrying for financial stability or just to start/raise a family. Folks have been doing it for thousands of years. I think as long as there is honesty from jump street, who I am to judge a person’s motivation for marriage? Personally, I believe in love but I have a friend who married for stability, her husband was well aware of that, she cared for him but that head turning passion wasn’t a requirement for her or him. 20+ years later they are still happily married. If she likes, I love it. I never knocked her marriage because it didn’t jump off the pages of a romance novel. Howinsoever :), we have no idea why Porshe married Kordell or why he chose her. All we know is that it is over now.

  11. Mango

    Kordell was acting like a horse’s a$$ when you originally posted this news, TT, and apparently he’s STILL wearing a bridle.

  12. diamondgigi

    I feel Porsha may not be the brighest buld in the box but she does not deserve to be treated this way. I want her to get what she deserves from this guy and MOVE on. No kids, no ties cut the cord and make a clean get away but she DESERVES something from him for the simple fact of being with him for a year putting up with this type of behavior.

    • ladybug

      True, but it was a trade off realistically. He got what he wanted and she got what she wanted. Nobody’s a victim.

    • smitsa

      She was smart not to have a kid right away. But, I’m concerned about her… after hearing Mr. Kordell may be on the down low.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      Porshe is definitely dingy as hell but that’s just her personality. I think she is a whole lot smarter than we give her credit for. Kelsey was a bastard and he and Camille haggled over assets BUT he didn’t do petty shit like lock her out the house and such. Kordell, it’s a sad day when Kelsey Grammar has more decorum than you…

  13. victori0us

    Guess she doesn’t have a number to a locksmith…is it really that hard? Break a window or sumn. This shit here is stunt queen 101. Securing a good storyline for next season.

    • Seriously....

      The first time it happened, he called the cops on her. The cops made him let her in the house. Apparently he does this often, changing locks and security codes as soon as she leaves. I don’t think Porscha likes games where cops are involved and so she went to the judge.
      If he is so through with her that he couldn’t bother even leaving a post it on the fridge about getting divorced, then he should pack up his bags and go somewhere until the judge splits things up.

      • ladybug

        That’s how it should be but here’s the thing, he who has the $$$$$ and the prestige, has the say so. Always been that way.His money will buy the better lawyers. I hope she was smart enough to have a cookie jar stash. I’m sure he ruled over the money and gave her an allowance.

  14. Katrina

    I remember you posting about this too. Originally, Kordell locked Porsha out and had a women in the house. The women was the new nanny. Currently, they are saying he changed the locks on the door and now she does not even have a key to the house. If this is true, Kordell is so childish and it may cost him a lot of money in the end. Kordell may want to be divorced from Porsha, but she is still legally his wife.
    He should ask Deon Sander what it costs, when you act a fool! Deon at least had a prenup. The divorce will not be as quick as Kordell wants it to be. Kordell thinks Porsha is a fool, but he is the foolish one.

  15. Princess Diva Z

    Kordell is a messy old queen mad because Porsha looks better than him…No for real he is a low down dirty dog for locking her out of the house. He needs to provide her with similar living arrangements to what she has been used to for the duration of the marriage. Even tho he wants a divorce they are still legally married and certain shit you just can’t do. Kordell you old dragon queen pay up or open up the dam door bitch

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      “You old dragon queen…” – I’m weak Princess Diva Z. Super rough day, I really needed that laugh… Thanks suga! :)

  16. KWM

    On the WWHL she said he was locking her out, I took it to mean that he was locking the deadbolt (we have deadbolts on our doors that do not have key access) this time it said he changed the locks. Not that it makes a bit of difference, he clearly has a bee in his bonnet about something. But if he gets the wrong judge and with him pulling jackass moves like this it will backfire big time.

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