Jodi Arias Has a New Cell!

After doing five days in a psych jail on suicide watch, Jodi Arias has moved back to Estrella Jail. That’s the good news for her. The bad news is she is still not back in the general population and is now on the highest security level, closed custody. The brief video above From the local ABC affiliate in PHX was shot two months ago. At that time, Jodi was not there. These were the inmates considered “worse than Jodi.”

I am sure she will be thrilled to know she has now graduated to badass level. Whatever her meltdown was, it must have been a doozy. It sounds like you have to have assaulted someone AFTER BEING IN CUSTODY to make it to this pod.  It’s basically solitary with an hour out of the cage a day while still cuffed. Looks like she is having a great day today!


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105 responses to “Jodi Arias Has a New Cell!

  1. Babsdeaner

    Serves her right!

  2. kim

    Tamara, no one has the “confirmed” story as to what happened? I’m sure she went into a rage, but wondering what prompted it. They said she was seen in court the day of sentencing then it was delayed. I sure as hell hope she didn’t assault someone in the court.

  3. Vp

    Either that or she was attacked or threatened? She probably should stay away from…people.

  4. peachteachr

    Couldn’t happen to a better person! I understand that she is also shackled at the feet, waist and hands when not in her cell. I heard that they are ALL in the judge’s chambers right now. Did she learn last Thursday that she could not get the victim impact statements on videotape so she wouldn’t have to see and hear from TA’s family or is that happening now? Let’s get it started! Just think, in a few years with all that money in her commissary account, she’ll favor OJ Simpson. I don’t watch OJ today b/c I don’t care what happens to him and that’s how we’ll feel about JA in a few years. She’ll just be some blurb in a newstory as she tries for a new trial.

    • No, the video thing I don’t think was decided on Thurs. She went off on someone about something and that is pretty much all I know. I have been remiss in following things…I needed a break. I have Sheree Whitfield twitter idiots consuming my time now. The “helpful” ones on “my side” are the biggest time suck.

  5. MeMyself

    Wow, there are inmates worse than Jodi? That’s frightening!

    I wonder if she attacked her attorneys? Wasn’t she seen or heard yelling at them?
    I am imagining her lunging at Wilmott, saying “effing kill you bitch”.

    • that “effing kill you bitch” quote has always bugged me. Who says it with no pronoun? I’m gonnna, I will… something.

      • Bobbi

        Is it at all possible that after the first stab to the chest that TA said something like, “Are you trying to effing kill me”? Then JA embellished upon that statement by adding the “bitch” and turned it around in her favor. She always seems to take a small bit of truth and turn it into a huge lie.

      • Aloha

        Yeah, she’s mixing in lies with things which could have been uttered during an actual event.

        I think SHE is the one who said “effing kill you” to TA because heck that’s what she came there to do. But then she mixed in the “bitch” part so she could attribute it to him saying that to HER. . . . what an effing mess. JA is an evil woman and now she gonna rot.

      • Jane

        And super buggy w/ the censor bleeps! I always detested that line (‘cept when Juan would lob it back at her – that’s the only time it played.) Really, such a stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid spit of words. Who the f was she channeling (sex fiend all balled up w/ street thug) – no doubt, herself, as Bobbi & Aloha suggest – but think back through past movie scripts – maybe Reservoir Dogs?

        Such a dweeb!!!!!

      • khintx

        People who are lying drop pronouns. And that statement has always bothered me to. I think she just made it up. In her police interviews she made up an entire convo with the ninjas.

  6. edb

    She is a convicted murderer, a liar, and a EVIL PERSON.
    Mother’s Day has a meaning she will never understand.

    She needs to wear her well earned jail clothes from now on and shackled in court.

    She is asking for death, give it to her, a pay per view and a live paying audience could be utilized to pay the expenses occurred to the GREAT STATE OF ARIZONA.
    Have her family members and supporters be seated on the front row if they can pay the price.

    This would be a deterrent to others whom come from out of state and commit crimes.

    If she could not afford a attorney, why did she not get a public defender?
    I am sure they are already on the payroll, and are very capable.

    Hearing about Joe the Sheriff certainly makes you think twice about breaking the law in Arizona, but now seeing Mr. Juan Martinez, Detective Flores doing their respected profession, straight and narrow would be the correct behavior when visiting Arizona.

    As for the Quacks that were exposed, highly suggest they limit the time spent in Arizona, accepting funds for their efforts is a crime in its self.

    Bad idea to be in public eating dinner with these people, it is some what disgusting when the kitchen help prepares their food and drinks.

    “Time out” comments were totally out of line.

    The Judge should have trashed her for this type of ‘EXPERT WITNESS”

    The Judge did do a good job, and as always could have done better.
    She will be able to go on vacations, practice her profession, appreciate family/friends, and enjoy freedom with respect, not like others.

    The defense did the best they could working with “GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT”

    This is what they hired on to do, you do not hear from them crying, and rightly so.
    Sad way to make a dollar, meeting new friends in “LOW PLACES”

    To Travis’s family/friends Highest Salutations and deepest sympathy, Travis would be proud of you all. It was tear jerking experience seeing the guilty verdict expression on your faces. May you smile each and every day when you think of your brother/friend.

    As for the respected jury, you all did a great job, and soon you will see the rest of the story and see the real evil that you were dealing with.

    The alternates that were on the side a special thank you for being there, for the few that fell along the way you did what most of us would do, Thank you for your respected efforts.

    Last words of thought “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”
    Makes you wonder why this saying is so true. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm?

    • Jane

      Nice read & good thinking, edb. Not usually Machiavellian, but like the idea of pay per view execution in this case. Pragmatic re: Arizona tax dollars, not to mention poetic justice every which way. Serve the Liar right, in the final installment, to have us take her entirely at her word & satisfy her every whim. Death in the Spotlight as Fundraiser. Let her wish be our command!

  7. steve

    since the jury found guilty the rules change in jail. Sherrif Joe can play harder now. Since guilty of murder 1st she should be alone in a cell. She is REALLY gonna love intake into prison too. I think the no mitigating factors statement a plea for help cuz she is out of ideas and she thought we would ALL say she should try..?

  8. Aloha

    I can imagine Sheree also being behind bars.

    It’s easy to see because Sheree has an air of “womens prison” about her somehow.
    It’s just there on a psychic level so I can’t put my finger on it but it could have something to do with getting busted for a stolen Speak and Spell or having some appliances/lighting fixtures yanked out of Bob’s old house.

    She by Sheree MUST have a striped jumpsuit somewhere!

    • Aloha

      If Sheree ever ended up in prison, she’d be one of those hard looking inmates who spend all their free time lifting weights in the yard.

      • no one just says “effing kill you” that annoys me. “i’m about to effiing kill you” yes, but no one says”effing kill you”

      • Darla

        You are right TT,she’s watched too many Lifetime movies and probably sees herself as a novelist,remember her voluminous diaries and all her testimony sounded like she was practicing her script lines.Also TT what has happened to Edgrrrrs postings? I can’t find any of them and I wanted my husband to read them.

      • they should be in the which came first gun or knife comments. Go to top of page put in gun knife and it should pop up.

      • Stephanie Sanders

        that has driven me crazy also.. maybe he said “effin kill you” after she stabbed him or she’s full of it.. oh, wait….

  9. tiataytay

    I bet she was really going CRAZY in solitary and and could have no visitors. Couldnt have happened to a nicer person!!

  10. steve

    if you put the im gonna before the f**kin kill you it takes ownership. The plain f**kin kill you is her fantasy phase where she is picturing in her mind what she wants to do, just spoken out loud

  11. peachteachr

    Just read a letter from the Public Information Officer of the Estrella Jail and it says that no officer of the court can approach JA about interviews until the court lifts this order. When that happens, the interviews will be taken in order or something. Same source, TT, so read it and interpret for us. Even HLN has not reported this yet.

  12. Jane

    Okay. I need a horse tranquilizer. I simply can’t go on until I know in excruciating detail precisely what happened from post-verdict interview to date. Speculation can no longer tide me over. If I hear the words “Bombshell Tonight” between now & tomorrow and those words are not followed by a complete & thorough SWORN description (preferably w/ visual aids), I will… well, it will involve Nancy Grace’s barrette & it won’t be pretty.

    • peachteachr

      I do have a ‘southern girl’ soft spot for NG, and she is who she is. I thought she painted a broad picture last night of JA’s newer and even more salacious grandiose lies. The jury voted, the crowd cheered because she’s a really cold-hearted woman, and we all felt that the jury got it just right. Now, she wants to tell us about priests, naked 4 year olds, and proof of bruises that she got. I haven’t even mentioned the mysterious crushed hard drive did it reason or the ‘both attorneys were against me’ did it excuse. Pay up, Jodi Ann Arias. I don’t know what’s not right about her, but something is really scary inside her soul.

    • The barrette thing seriously cracked me up. The Mona Lisa song already had me smiling. Seriously, with so many terrible things happening in the world, it really makes me feel better to read this crap (no sarcasm or negativity intended). I love it, I really do.

  13. steve

    Jane dont do nothin crrazy now but even if Nancy had what you want she would talk over it and you would miss it anyway. Its been a 4 month and counting ordeal for all of us and we ALL want those answers too

    • Jane

      Ate crackers & I’m much better, now, steve & peach.

      Just exasperated by folks (such as JVM) seeming to accept JA’s interview statements as evidence of candid & legit suicide threat & death wish &, as such, THE pivotal statements, which determined all recent decisions. Could be. But I suspect she flew at someone and that “potential harm to others” precipitated much of what’s gone on in past days (ex: her current solitary confinement – that’s not about self-injury.)

      (Peach, don’t get me wrong. While I can’t take too much Grace all at once, she does, on occasion, cut through the crap & hit the nail on the head. I admire that. She’s extremely bright & has some excellent moments IMO.)

      OK. Hurry up & wait. Maybe the killer’s physical appearance, tomorrow, will offer some clues? (O, who am I kidding. We’ll get the same ol’ super-studied Mona Lisa smile?)

      • Bobbi

        Jane, you are just too funny! I just had a hotdog, and my stomach is still doing flip-flops. Of course it could be the hotdog and not my nervous anticipation of tomorrow’s court! Your reference to JA’s Mona Lisa smile made me think of Nat King Cole’s song of the same name. I found the lyrics very eerie and haunting when thought of in the context of JA. “Is it only ’cause you’re lonely, they have blamed you – For that Mona Lisa strangeness in your smile? Do you smile to tempt a lover, Mona Lisa? – Or is this your way to hide a broken heart? Are you warm, are you real, Mona Lisa? – Or just a cold and lonely, lovely work of art?” I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s just something wrong with that girl!(sarcasm) She really gives me the creeps!!!!!!!!

      • Jane

        Bobbi, just saw your hotdog! Hilarious. Noooo, hotdogs are such friendly creatures, it has to be the nervous anticipation. Couldn’t possibly be the dog. Unless you’re out east. In which case, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, up w/ a dog at 1:01 am!!

        The song lyrics…. crEE-PEA! Good find! “…are you real… or just cold…” She does have this half smile thing going on all the time. In addition to the black bead eyes.

        OK. Stand down from the hotdogs, Bobbi. We have court today.

  14. JustUsForAll

    Just the sight of those cells makes my claustaphopia go nuts… Thinking about Arias getting DP vs Life, either – would be a nightmare BUT stuck inside a little white room without her “visuals”…would be torture for her. She’s a photo whore, and artsy-fartsy type. Four blank walls – ya’ that works. I heard last week (because court is still in session) – Arias will get to wear street clothes through last 2 phases. Anybody heard different ? I was SO hoping she’d grace us with her Black, White & Pink – Clang-Clang of her chains – like Jacob Marley in the Christmas Carol. I so can’t wait to see if a lot of the ‘sealed documents” get released !! – What we don’t hear is probably greater info than the sum of all these parts. Has anyone confirmed Arias went-off on for real ? I thinks she was afraid of facing “the girls in the BIG HOUSE.” I know I would. She’ll just have to watch her “Ps” & “Qs” like she did on the “effing stand.” I think “effing” was her way of showing the jury she’s a lady, I mean CRAP, you guys ! Mr. Martinez… says Go On – Say it – You did before.

    • Jane

      JustUs, JA does have the Jacob Marley look – long jaw, boney fingers… there’s one particular characterization in one of the many film versions, but, ha, as if I could recall which… but, if you know the one I’m talking about, it’s a dead ringer!

      (PS: Can’t wait either to see all sealed stuff and, NO, she shouldn’t be allowed to wear civies. Bad call on judge’s (?) part. However, in some weird way, maybe wearing her prison stripes might allow her to feel as if she were standing out in the courtroom crowd, gaining sympathies. She will be bland and invisible in her civies, blending in with the crowd.)

      • JustUsForAll

        Jane – Ha ! :-) I think we’re thinking of the same version of Christmas Carol. My favorite Ebenezer was played by Alister Sims – (black & white) I looked it up – it was made in 1951. (way-back-then) Marley’s entrance was far darker & more frightening in that one. Come to think about it – she could have the look of Christmas Past too with a little wardrobe change-up !!! ~ I’ve always been creeped out by her HANDS ! Sounds horrible to say, but told my husband from the beginning of this trial – They look like they’re not her own – like they were taken off a person who has past. ~ Translucent, out of proportion. Oooo ! I met a “hand reader” (not palm) once in Upstate NY who told people their future AND their past. She was amazingly accurate !

      • JustUsForAll

        Ut-Oh – Tamara – Moderation ? ~ …now what did I say bad ? :-)

      • Jane

        I know! It’s sorta like Where’s Waldo with Words.

        (I think, O christ, now TT has to waste time w/ my stupid blahblah.)

      • Jane

        JustUs! That’s the one! The Alister Sims. Our favourite here, too. Great scuzzy little bewildered Ebenezer! And the spindly contorted Marley – with the corpse bandage under the chin. Totally agree re: Arias Fingers! Icky from Day One. Didn’t want to say as I’m already too far gone w/ the feeding frenzy. But aren’t they just the eeriest alabaster sticks? Alabaster sticks & black bead eyes…ewwww… Stolen from someone long gone. Yikes! JustUs, JustUs, stay away from the hand readers! That canNOT be a good thing! They’re the ones who transplant the alabaster fingers!

      • JustUsForAll

        Jane – Finally got past reading on the front lines to make it back to camp…(whew !) Yah – Alister Sims – the Best Scrooge !! That version NOT campy or too sweet, authentic period piece. [Love my Dickens & Ole’ English maternal roots.] OMG – the hand reader didn’t frighten me – the likes of Jodi Arias’ sweet smile, silicone soft balls and cutlery !!! – NOW that scares me.- !! :-)

  15. The only thing I need to know: how the hell do I get my Juan Martinez in Court Action fix after this? I would watch him, merrily, move to convict a ham sandwich!

    • edb

      Move to Arizona and visit the court room where he performs his due diligence for justice.

      • Yeah, sure. Not too fond of cacti an scorpions. I’ll stick to NJ where I know how to deal with corrupt politicians! :)

        However, I am wondering if that local station would indeed tape and carry his next murder trial. Further, I really would love a resurrection of Court TV that covers all types of trials.

  16. marilyn jones

    She may have been in court the day of sentencing, but this is what happened next…-bomb-threat-delays-penalty-phase-man-arrested. You can google that.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Wow Marilyn! Thanks for that. Most of us dumbasses here have absolutely no idea what has transpired in this case since the beginning! (Sarcasm intended LOL)

      • marilyn jones

        Wow; since Im not a mind reader, and since no one had mentioned the bomb threat, I thought I would bring it up. Keep me posted so my mind doesnt get scrambled. (Sarcasm also intended)

      • Jane

        Hi, marilyn… I’d heard about the bomb threat, but gathered it was made by a kid, known to law enforcement, & that the stand-off had played out at a separate venue. Hadn’t seen any solid link reported between bomb threat & postponed proceedings. I admit that I didn’t pay too much attention… Still, my question stands: why, then, wasn’t the courthouse evacuated? More to the story, some of us think. Particularly in view of changes in JA’s housing arrangements, etc. So, I, for one, am very curious re: exactly what happened during the “lost days.”

        As poster steve just reminded me: Patience! The truth of circumstances will come in its own sweet time. Maybe we’ll learn a little something tomorrow?

    • Jane

      Then why didn’t they evacuate the courthouse? Instead, they let people sit in there for hours.

  17. steve

    Ashleigh(natalie) Merchan is on After Dark now

  18. steve

    Juans next case is another death penalty trial. A cop killer from 2007. Juan has worked both of these and more and yet barely used notes during trial. Dr Drew called donovon berry a guy tonight and when corrected said its a guys name :)

    • smitsa

      Will the 2007 cop-killer trial be televised?

    • peachteachr

      I’m just asking Steve, but isn’t JM’s next case a cop who killed someone else? I’ve only seen it in print a couple of times so that’s why I’m asking. Back in Feb. (I think) I did see a picture of him speaking at a probation hearing against a guy being let out of jail. Quite the mind he has with so many things going on at once.

  19. Jane

    1 pm EST, Clob. Meaning,10 am out here. Source: HLN.

  20. smitsa

    There are several devils cruising around on this earth. I read about a recent case in California, which strangely mirrors Jodi’s.

    In 2011, a 15 year old girl stabbed and beat her mother to death and helped her boyfriend kill her stepfather. After the killings, they drove the bodies around in the stepfather’s truck while shopping for Halloween party favors. A day or two later, they buried the bodies in two different cities.

    She and her defense lawyer claimed she was abused by her parents and boyfriend and suffers from PTSD. The jurors were given several notes the girl wrote to the boyfriend, detailing how and when she planned to execute the murders.

    She was tried as an adult and found guilty of the double murders. The verdict came in last week. She is now Guilty of 2 counts of first degree murder. The jury deliberated for less than 4 hours. She too is awaiting sentencing. The boyfriend is being tried separately.

    It seems many devils are coming to the surface.

    • Jane

      Holy cow, smitsa.

    • PJ

      And hiding behind PTSD. Now OJ is claiming bad defense and asking for another trial. I know the justice system is suppose to protect the innocent if falsely accused but these folks are milking the system and we are paying for it.

      • Seriously....

        To be accurate, OJ is claiming that his lawyer told him BEFORE hand, that it would be ok to go reclaim his property as long as he didn’t use force. Then allegedly same said lawyer did not inform him that there was a plea on the table. He told him not to testify as the state had no case and did not really explain the charges to him like the kidnapping etc.
        In my opinion, if all the allegations are true then , he does deserve a redo.

      • smitsa

        O.J. also claims his attorney and wife were waiting outside the crime scene (in the hotel parking lot) in an SUV while the crime was being committed. Again, if what he said is true, he should have a new trial. It should be easy to verify, as “all” hotel parking areas in Las Vegas are flooded with surveillance cameras. What’s also weird, O.J. didn’t have a weapon. He was accompanied by a bunch of his friends, which included an armed Las Vegas security guard in plain clothes. Another member of the group was also armed. They both were let go.

        Is O.J. a murderer, probably. I’m told the prosecutors brought in the Nicole/Goldmen murders and O.J.’s lawyers didn’t object. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets a new trial.

    • Aloha

      ok, so why isn’t this a Lifetime movie yet?

      • smitsa

        The Lifetime movie is already done. A clip was aired this weekend. They’re just waiting for the sentencing. It is scheduled to air in June.

  21. steve

    yes Jane, Ashleigh is TTs atty. Natalie merchant plays the caranival song this trial makes me think of

    • Jane

      Thx! (Finally, I put 2-n-2 together. She’s quick, sharp. Good. Off to hear carnival song. Love to see how people are experiencing this thing.)

  22. steve

    Jane i think jodi would go for the pay for view execution just to get a last spotlight moment. The only hold up would be she wants to spend the money on commisary. She said in that interview she gives away 10 percent of her commissary as to tithe since no LDS anymore. That alone can get her into trouble, you are not allowed to give stuff away in jail

    • smitsa

      Why is she trying to be so God-like know. Where was that dedication when she murdered Travis.

      • Jane

        Saw that, too, Steve, re: JA’s jailhouse “tithing” alternative. O for petesake. Can’t you just see it: Saint Jodi. Jodi Claus. The Jodi Bunny, Jail Fairy. Jodi Hood. Our Lady of the Pod. (Think she stole this particular act from Renee Zellweger, Bridget Jone’s Diary.)

        And not wanting to sign autographs because, well, “it’s just not appropriate.” Ah, yes, except for a few orifice close-ups, rampant lying & a slit throat, St. Arias is a paragon of propriety.

        Smitsa, she apparently has no clue how utterly idiotic she sounds. I would say “hypocritical,” except that she’s light years beyond mere hypocrisy.

        Watched the full “exit” interview on youtube after seeing bits & pieces elsewhere. On closer inspection, a nifty little piece. Sure gets in the dodges & jabs. Gotta hand it to her for composure. Personally, I’m a bit deer in the headlights & only think of swift moves & dastardly zingers on the way home in the car. Not so, Our Lady.

      • “Our lady of the pod” LMBO! If she were a guy, she’d be “The Podfather”

      • Jane

        Charlotte! Yes!

  23. smitsa

    Who is tweeting for Jodi now? Didn’t someone post that Donavon couldn’t do it anymore because she is on parole and Jodi is now a felon.

    • Bobbi

      Nancy G on HLN said Donavan would be in a shit load of trouble if she had any contact with JA. My guess would be that her mother or one of her sisters is now tweeting for “Her Royal Highness.” I can’t imagine that she has any friends unless they’re parolees or convicts. Any sane ex-boyfriend would stay the hell away from her. Maybe Dr. Dick or ALV would be willing to do her bidding for her – they both seemed quite taken with her charming personality!

      • peachteachr

        I have read that it is her little sister, the one that JM asked if she called her dumb.

      • Jane

        That’s just sad, if it’s the little sister.
        Well, unless little sis is, now, enjoying celebrity status in Yreka & reaping collateral rewards. No, that’s even sadder. Poor thing.
        We’ve been driving past Yreka regularly these past few years on our way to visit our son in Palo Alto & San Francisco.
        Surprised we didn’t bump into Jodi on the road.
        Next trip, we’ll do a drive by, check in on the family & report back.

      • peachteachr

        Oh, Jane, please do report back after you view Yreka. I live in a very small town in south Georgia that is about the size of Yreka… @7,000 people I read somewhere. I think TT is going to have to set up a site for us to check up on each other. :)

      • smitsa

        Make sure you stop by You know the restaurant/bar in California which is too small to report workers’ comp injuries.

        It’s hilarious how Jodi collected snippets of information from here an there and weaved them into her web of lies. Each time she spoke, I thought, “well, part of that is or could be true.” She, should truly write a book… and donate the proceeds to the Travis Alexander Foundation. Of course we know that won’t happen. I’m sure she’ll rear her murderous head and possibly tell the truth down the road-after the appeals are all denied. She’ll have nothing to lose due to the double jeopardy law.

  24. I heard Jinkasauras say on Dr. Drew tonight or maybe it was After Dark that the judge, JA, her attorneys, JM and TA’s brother and sister were in court this afternoon and had no idea why.

  25. steve

    Smitsa – sadly the cop killer will probably only get local coverage. It would be great to see Juan put that guy away, from what i saw he was a young cop. And jodis dedication was that she killed Travis body and tried to destroy Travis memory/reputation with lies and made it so Travis cant go to mormon heaven. Thats dedication evil but dedicated.

  26. Tango

    I’ll be watching a bit tomorrow, I can not wait to see the shenanigans her lawyers try to get her outta death. I hope TT and everyone else here watches too so I can keep up on what I may miss through the day!

  27. JustUsForAll

    I meant to post last night but feel asleep thru Nancy Grace waiting to watch Drew. (Nancy seemed like a re-run…we knew all that). After watching the clip of Arias’ mother being turned away – leaving the mental ward yesterday – I thought she looked like she just had the weight of the world taken off her shoulder ! She was grinning, saying Hi to reporters, and had quite the “spring in her step”. Her body language was swift, and dare I say…. Happy ? [ahh – someone else’s problem, now?] Sorry to say so – But Wow !

    • Jane

      I saw one clip of her appearing distinctly jaunty.

      • JustUsForAll

        Jaunty… (ha) that’s so right ~ jaunty !

      • Jane

        (Hi, JustUs, thank god I’m not the only one who pops back, now & then, to “old” posts.)

        But, yes, that clip of her walking to/thru a parking lot or something? Was there a tree? Anyway, very directed, peppy. You think, what a complex experience this must be. How does one act? Could well be a damned if you do, damned if you don’t thing. There have certainly been times, when I’ve deliberately betrayed my true state of mind re: outward appearance. Or been so flooded w/ adrenaline & so self-conscience that I’m up to eyeballs in errant energies. Then again, sometimes (& inexplicably) it’s the duck is a duck is a duck thing. I’m repeatedly shocked to find that, under the oddest circumstances, some people really are NOT on track w/ (what I perceive to be) the truth of their circumstances. She might just be a tacky old goat f who’s getting some sort of thrill out of this. There appear to be a few signs that she’s being opportunistic.

        But, let’s err on the side of this being a complex, complex experience for the mother. I’m prepared (to date) to give her every benefit of the doubt (although she does have the Arias Mona Lisa smile going on.) Very dark for the Grandmother, I expect. I’d like think I’d take to a (mock) wheel chair for a grandchild. But I don’t know – ear-to-ear… Christ, unimaginable!

    • sammiejane

      I refuse to say I like or dislike Nancy Grace…. I have noticed she is in need for a “catch up class” perhaps a tutor concerning the Arias Trial. She use to be on the ball but has seemed to drop that ball during this trial. A lot of her information has been discussed a few times over by fellow reporters before she mentions them herself… Dare I suggest she is slipping? Maybe the twins and their weekly trips to the zoo have caused her to fall behind. Another issue that has become evident to those watching is when she is interviewing her peers if she doesn’t like what they have to say and cannot shut them up by talking over them she has their mics cut! A tad unprofessional in my opinion but hey, who is to say my opinion really matters…

  28. JustUsForAll

    Before we start with the long wait till 4PM – I too, just wanted to say I’m gonna’ miss Juan Martinez after this trial. I feel like Shirley Temple in the movie The Bachelor & the Bobby Soxer [Ha !] everytime she looks @ Cari Grant, he’s in armor ! ~ OMG – what’s wrong with me ? …he’s not even Cari Grant ? ~ Any of you ladies out there feeling seperation anxiety? :-)`

    • Daver

      Is she going to be cuffed now for the rest of her court proceedings?
      Wearing her jail clothes?

    • Adam Friedman

      Hey Forget that I am a DUDE and I am going to miss him. Wife and I were just saying that. I think Juan is an uncomprimisining bad ass in a very PC melba toast world. I became very protective of him as the so called “Legal Eagle” Pundits started taking shots at his methods …. “Well….” as he would say I believe the GREAT JUAN shut them up and in the process became a star. I hope soon we will see some 60 minutes like profile of him.

      • JustUsForAll

        Adam, thanks I don’t feels so weird, now. Ha ! You took the thoughts right out of my head – I really hope we see a lot of coverage of Mr. Martinez since he did do a couple exclusives in the past. I think his dynamics for prosecution reflects everyone’s desire for a fighter in the legal world of criminals in sometimes what seems like milk toast to the rest of us. I do not discount what work goes into these cases – but I also know a lot of attorneys too. I’ve only had negative experiences these last few years so maybe the field is just changing. Martinez comes from humble roots ~ and he seems to wear rightouesness on his sleeve.

      • Jane

        POTUS, anyone?

    • Joelyn

      I will DEFINITELY miss Juan!!! :(

    • Absolutely! I love his quirky grin when he makes Jodi look stupid.

    • Bobbi

      JustUsForAll, court starts at 1pm in the east and 10am in the west today. Didn’t want you waiting until 4pm and missing all the action!

      • JustUsForAll

        Thanks Bobbi – I KNOW – I heard that on HLN the night before. My hubby heard Ryan/HLN say the wrong court time again (Wed.) after the Aggravation trial. They keep mixing up AZ time and EST time and so do I. Beth Karas always gets it right. – Was at a jobsite and realized I had to speed home to set up DVR. Whew – Almost ! Up in middle of the morning (as usual) watching it over again. 2 minutes of silence…was heartbreaking ! (like the simon & garfunkel song) :-(

  29. Daver

    Is she going to be cuffed now for the rest of her court proceedings?
    Wearing her jail clothes?

    • Conni

      I think so. If OJ is a correct example he appeared in his blue jail house clothing and had his hand cuffs taken of by security while sitting at the court table next to a female lawyer.

  30. JustUsForAll

    Heads Up :-) Juror #8 ~ is giving an exclusive interview on Dr. Drew tonight !!!! This should be good. (don’t mean to overpost – just awake too early)

  31. Jane

    For old times sake, was just re-visiting old thread. Nancy, if you’re out there, loved your comment re: “edify.” Swear to god, I got so nauseated w/ her edify/de-edify crap, and ANGRY. Thought I’d lost my mind, was suffering under misconception re: meaning of the word. And WHAT is this “DE-edify” bit?! All i could figure was that Jodi &/or the Mormons were co-opting vocab & adding new prefixes. Like you, finally looked it up. Yep, turns out: She’s just a complete pseudo-intellectual ass.

    Ah, the memories, Nancy… Wonder how Juan will DE-edify her, today?

    • JustUsForAll

      Jane – we’re just poppin’ all about … My scrolling is sluggish since January. (ha) but I wanted to remark on the de-edify thing. Was almost out of my chair that day w/ jodi on the stand – the cool thing happened when court broke for lunch. Beth Karas came back and went “crazy” over JA’s use of de-edify too. According to Beth (with that side smile she ges – I love) said “she’s using the word incorrectly – it should be [phonetic] dis-edify. (ha) IMO, Beth is so concise. Found out she used to work w/ my Aunt’s former boyfriend who was an Attorney in Fed. Criminal Court in lower Manhattan – back in the day 1 :-0

      • Jane

        God, a really angry post from me. But (I don’t know if this happened to you, too) there was a point during her 18 days (was it?) of testimony (I’d like to see that in hours) where her whole way of being got under the skin and (speaking of supersaturated) I don’t think I realized how much it was affecting me. Her pretentious, twisted co-opting of language & concepts. plus her smug, methodical delivery, plus her REPETITIVENESS really were “crazy-making.” “De-edify” being the exemplar.

        I really, really like Beth Karas & have come to depend on her through all this. If she were offered a show of her own, i bet she’d have a strong following & give Grace, JVM, Pinsky & this After Dark thing a real run for the money. At the same time, I’d regret seeing her go HLN. A post-er recently referenced calliope music. When I think HLN, these days, calliope music plays in my head. Very carnival. Beth’s better than that.

  32. Quote of the week award goes to Mr. Adam Friedman for the following:

    “I think Juan is an uncompromising bad ass in a very PC melba toast world.”

    Thank you, Mr. Friedman for your brilliance!

  33. peachteachr

    The great seal of the state of Arizona is up. Let’s get this show on the road. Justice for Travis Victor Alexander!!!

  34. peachteachr

    It’s on.

  35. peachteachr

    She has on a peach colored long sleeve shirt. The judge is reading the instructions to the jurors for this phase. It appears that JA’s plan is to ignore them and scribble away. Unlike when the judge was reading the instructions to the jury during the innocent/guilt phase, JA is not looking up or reading along. LOL! She thinks we still care.

  36. Gin

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Nurmi looks REALLY UNHAPPY?!

  37. I’d go into a rage too if there were no consequences. Wouldn’t that be fun.

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