Sheree Whitfield on Watch What Happens Live

WWHLSorry I AM SO FAR BEHIND I AM NOT EDITING. I am about to watch this over and over.

Shit. Somehow I missed the first few seconds of WWHL because I was behind on Survivor. Don’t you hate when you don’t realize you backed up on a show and then you are tardy for the party, um…so to speak. I already notice Sheree is sitting funny. She is tryna hide her payless shoes now that Bravo doesn’t provide them anymore. Andy and Sheree are both drunk so this is going to be good.

Andy starts by saying that someone from Married to Medicine stopped by Chateau Sheree and she wants to buy it from her. Sheree is all “Oh she did! She just popped up like everybody else! (Did you file for a restraining order on her too? I love that Andy is going right after Chateau Sheree…lol). Apparently TOYA is her stalker! She just said Toya has been driving back and forth watching the construction!  Oh Toya, honey I don’t know who you are, but you better be careful.  She said she was interested in buying it. Andy asks her if she would be interested in selling it to her. Sheree says not right now. (Because she has an IRS LIEN and those lawyers that want another 6 figures from her and so SHE DOESN’T OWN IT!) She wants to see it from start to finish. OMG. This is just like when she is in court.  And says okay we have more about Chateau Sheree in a minute. Oh please mention me!

OMG. ANDY IS GOING IN FOR THE KILL RIGHT AWAY. He is going to play something from Iyanla Fix My Life.  This bitch is going to run away crying before the show ends!  So it’s one of the three things Andy is obsessed with tonight. MY GOD I MAY DIE LAUGHING BEFORE I CAN FINISH THIS BLOG. Sheree is already deer in headlights. Sheree says, “You know what? I thought it was different that she would actually…stutter stutter stutter… To me, if she is really there to help, then that is not helping by coming on your show and kind of ridiculing or making a mockery of, you know,  what happened during her show. I really didn’t learn anything from Iyanla ’cause (stutter stutter) it actually went in a whole different direction than what I was told. So I was really mislead. But what I did take out of it, just me growing… Is that I can’t control other peoples actions. ( UM HI! I DON’T THINK SHE LEARNED THAT)  I can only react…and I choose to be happy! And you know, do what I can to be the best mom for my kids ”  by spending all the days of my life dragging my divorce through to the freaking SUPREME COURT and dragging anyone else I don’t agree with into the court system while at the same time being sued by the attorneys I never paid and happily not paying the IRS…and putting everything that could be considered an assest into my kids name.   Sheree is HAPPY GODDAMNIT! AND A GREAT MOTHER!  Just aske her family friend, um, eldest daughter who she keeps forcing into court! She is not a bitter angry bitch up in the courthouse every day trying to get people to stop talking about what a miserable shrew she is! She is what happy people look like. She has a Porshe and a Chateau! Fuck all y’all haters. You just jealous.

Andy clearly hates her and is turning the knife. Apparently this is a ploy for him to try to get back together with me. And it is working.

Oh look. I gots some plywood

Oh look. I gots some plywood I will interview ON NATIONAL TELEVSION IN THIS DRIVEWAY LATER because I live in an APT outside the perimeter.

OMG the third thing he likes (The middle one was for  Matt Morrison who clearly was the only one who did not see this hachet job coming and agreed to be on with Sheree..). The THIRD THING HE LIKES is Nene calling Sheree an evil bitch.  Sheree of course claims she has not seen the footage. I am sure she was busy doing… what does she do at that hour? It is to late to be in court perjuring herself… Sheree has btw appeared to be giving the bird to both Iyanla and Nene during their segments. Why the hell does she keep going on these shows knowing people just hate her more and more the more people she drags into court? My knuckleheads LOVED her until she started all this crap. She is beyond an idiot. It is clear Andy despises her. Does he despise her just enough to let her come back and be mocked again….or really want to piss on her face by inviting her back on a show?

Front Door to Chateau Sheree , That was February. The warranty on that wrap has long sense expired.

Front Door to Chateau Sheree , That was February. The warranty on that wrap has long sense expired.

Poor Matthew, he now realizes he is on a hatchet job show on live TV so his job is to hold up a Nene mask so Sheree can respond to her HOUR LONG DIATRIBE in THIRTY SECONDS. Sheree says , Honestly Nene I am really happy! I am so happy that you are off being successful in Hollywood and I am living in a tiny apartment with my kids sleeping on air mattresses. I am so surprised that the newly rich and famous still have time to talk about me. Oh um… I mean maybe get a life…

Sheree doesn’t have time to think about Nene. She is too busy suing bloggers who live in the ghetto and rarely leave their house! She has never seen anything Nene has done, but she is really happy, happy, happy, happy! She is so happy..

Caller Question: How do you feel about Kenya and Porsha? Sheree of course was much too busy plotting her next court appearance (maybe she does this shit because she likes that it is called an appearance?) to watch RHOA. She really wants you guys to know she is NOT WATCHING but here come her assessment of the season, ” Obviously Kenya is doing something right because that’s all I hear about is Kenya, Kenya, Kenya…” Oh the jealous seethes.

Andy says, “A lot of people want to know what the status is of Chateau Sheree?” Matt Morrison says, “I Do!” and Sheree Says, “I Know, everybody does, that is like the question of the day!” (Oh wait, IN COURT didn’t you say, “Normal people” don’t come buy and ask about the house? So far you have said the whole world is on the edge of their seat about Chateau Sheree, people drop buy unexpectedly…but in court you say it is this big privacy issue?” Really now. Do we even need to show up on May 30th? My lawyer is already paid in full and Lord knows from the looks of you tonight, you can’t afford to keep doing this. I’m just trying to help you learn some financial responsibility, Sheree. My readers, got me. Ain’t no one getting checked over here, boo. Did you just say Chateau Sheree needs it’s own show? It garners more press than most of your housewives? WHAT DID YOU JUST BRAG TO ANDY COHEN THAT THE HOUSE YOU PROBABLY DO NOT OWN GARNERS MORE PRESS THAN ANY OF YOUR HOUSEWIVES? Girl, you better put that money in your pocket and call the whole thing off.

Andy makes fun of her for it taking YEARS to get her house built. It takes time to “Tear down the trees.”

I am pretty sure I have answered that.

I am pretty sure I have answered that.

I feel like this show should be OVAH like my court case. lol. Poor Matthew picked a crap show to be on because this show is all about making Sheree look like the fool that she is. Andy is SOOOOOO over her. Now he asks her how things are with Bob. It’s better! I got a check and that is all I really ever asked of him! I dun spent all dat on some…. attorney fees which is why I am sitting here in my payless shoes looking a mess.

Molly the caller is all kinds of fucked up. She tries to get her question out, and it is has Sheree has any work done, because she looks great. To quote Funky Dineva, “Chile Cheese” she lucky if she can get some fascia to cover her expired house wrap. OMG Drunk Andy just said she needs to make a He by Sheree jumpsuit for men. HE JUST KEEPS STABBING. Has he surpassed Jodi Arias yet? Sheree is so fucking stupid she doesn’t get how much he is stabbing her. So he asks, “So what is going on with She By Sheree?” Because he doesn’t know ROFLMAO… and Sheree is all …”I actually put that on hold. I been focusing… I was really focusing on..this whole co-parenting thing with Bob. (at this point I may have literally wet myself laughing) I have been really focusing on my family and um Kairo and you saw my kids really grow up on TV (on the air mattress and why don’t we ever mention Kayleigh? is it because she is applying for a witness protection program through the IRS?)

Okay, I literally got an hour behind on a half hour show backing this up and had to switch to the DVR. Which I am about to wear out. Matthew even makes fun of She By Sheree. Matthew says “People are waiting for this (She by Sheree)” Mind you Matthew has no idea who the fuck she is, but now he knows it is a show about making her look stupid.

The game is about Matt’s hair. But the whole game is a dig at Chateau Sheree. If they get five right Chateau Sheree will finally be built! If you thought Iyanla embarrassed her. She can’t hold a candle to Andy.

Sheree says dating in Atlanta sucks there are not a lot of guys out there who have not been around the bed. Like that guy Jason Lapene who is now twatting with some chick from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and trying to flee to Miami. Not like I have a security team or know people, because if I did,I would not be all Kenya Moore about it. Let’s just say I have friends here in the ghetto that did not appreciate his appearance at my house. And they were VERY disappointed he decided not to perjure himself in Fulton County. That would have been delightful. He did show up to court though and tried to sit in on mediation. I wonder why…

Andy throws Walter out as someone Sheree could date. I don’t think Walter would even fake date Sheree. He does alright for himself.

Mazel was his mom and Jackhole was Tan Mom for doing gay (guy) porn. He said gay guys are not even that much into leather. Might be the funniest thing he has ever said.

Mama Joyce won the Mom poll. Andy was pissed it was not Mama Elsa and rightly so.


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  1. We Found Love in a Hopless Place


  2. We Found Love in a Hopless Place

    My first comment seems like it disappeared, but let me reiterate, the shade you are throwing with this banner TT, nothing you right after this, will ever be able to top this moment.

  3. Marty Knucklehead

    Team Tamara

  4. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Been waiting for this post… I got too words for Andy tonight – SHADY BOOTS… OMG – I just can’t believe how hard he read her. Sorry, there is no amount of media hoe-dom that would allow me to sit my natural black ass on that stage and get read like that. Seriously, either she is really that dumb or this some kind of back end she is giving to Andy so he will bring her onto something. WOW…

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      Oops meant “two words” LOL

    • Katrina

      Shady Boots to the 10th power! Sheree is trying get on a show. You need money to build a house and Bob’s child support check is not enough!

    • Princess Diva Z

      She was probably given a plane ticket and a room to sleep in and possibly a small appearance fee but other than that! She got NOTHING but embarrassment. She needs to run on down to McDonald’s get her job and stop playing!

  5. Not A Kim Z Fan

    For obvious reasons, I don’t watch Kim’s show. But since they were such “great” friends on RHOA, does Sheree ever pop up on Kim’s show?

    • No, when Kim was on WWHL Andy asked her if she ever talked to her. Kim tried to be nice and said no not really. I did get a text from her the other day, and Andy responded with something like wow, that’s random and weird, right, and Kim just nodded and gave him a look…

      • Not A Kim Z Fan

        This woman is so unaware. She has to be the dumbest chick on reality TV and that is saying a whole lot for this genre of television. Honestly, if she wasn’t such a biotch, I’d probably feel really sorry for her. Maybe after watching herself on this show she will finally get it because clearly she can’t receive constructive criticism from anyone and actually learn from it. I’m not an Iyanla fan – I think she’s way overrated. However, if everyone you encounter tells you that you are negative and bitter and that you have bad ideas then there might just be some truth to those statements. Poor little tink tink…

      • smitsa

        Croy controls Kim now. She is no longer an independent thinker. I get an strange feeling he doesn’t allow her to associate with people of color unless they’re in a “servant” type role. Remember Sweetie, and now the so-called stylist who follows her around and does her grunt work. Therefore, Ms. Sheree will no longer be in Kim’s life. Think back, Kim got along with most of the housewives. Coincidentally, when Croy came on the scene, Kim’s circle of friends drastically changed….[her landlords; Sweetie; NeNe; Candy; and even her own mother]… though she isn’t a person of color. Kim doesn’t see it now, but, it’s inevitable – she’ll eventually see she’s become under Croy’s total control.

        Remember, Kim’s mother didn’t just become the person she is today. Kim has known her all her life. And for Kim to treat her so poorly at her wedding is unfathomable. All of a sudden she can’t tolerate mom an thinks it’s OK openly treat her like a dog. An exception should have been made for the family regarding the toilet situation. It was not necessary to have security throw her out.

        Some women will do anything for money.

      • Did you see the wedding? Kroy’s best friends were there and just happened to be black. He has a ton of friends that play for the Falcons. There is an interview on here somewhere of him with the defensive line. They love him. SMH at this nonsense.

      • smitsa

        I saw the wedding. I also see how his demeanor changes depending on who he’s around. He couldn’t get away with showing his true self when he’s around his teammates and that circle. I’m just expressing my opinion. We can do that here – right?

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      …and oddly on Sheree’s twitter timeline last week she tweeted a post to her phantom followers to remind them that TFTP was on that night. Sheree is riding Kim Z’s dick so she can crumb snatch…

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I blew up my timeline most of the evening to @BravoAndy about Sheree in your honor.. I’m usually don’t go batshit crazy on twitter, but if you look at my timeline, it proves how much I adore you and your brand of crazy….

    • I adore you, Ms. Franklin. and Andy blew her ass up without any of y’all. I love you all. I am sorry you had to donate to such a ridiculous cause but I am going back at least one more time. And in Fulton …. lol you never know but my atty @ashleymerchan is flawless so….lolol.

      • Edgar Longenecker

        The breadcrumbs must have gotten eaten… but, this soap opera, too, has been found… Edgrrr…

      • Linda

        OMG, Edgarr – how did you find us?

      • RahRah

        I don’t think it was ridiculous. I donated because I wanted you to remain whole. I don’t like people who lie, cheat and steal. I don’t like people who receive a blessing like RHOA and use it as a negative platform to spread vindictive lies about your childrens daddy. I don’t like people who abuse the judicial system with their petty/socially tacky and uncouth emotionally immature lack of common sense. Just because you can Louie’s doesn’t make you anything but a person with expensive shoes one when there is nothing going on upstairs.

      • Ya’ll are sweet. It’s Sheree dragging everyone in and out of court for years that is ridiculous. SMH.

  7. Katrina

    Toya from “Married to Medicine” is trying to build a 1.3 million dollar house in an upscale neighborhood. Maybe the habitat for humanity will help her finish the house. I can not believe that Kairo is a senior in high school. I thought he was close in age to Nene’s younger son.
    What a Mothers Day for Sheree!

  8. lilmissdiva

    Apparently Bob was watching and was clowning Sheree on twitter by saying that Chateau Sheree could be bought for brazilian hair and a birkin, and that Sheree was wearing a onsie with the feet cut off. :)

  9. Brillke

    Holy shit, did I just witness a 30 minute read? Hell yeah I did! That library was open and Sheree was stuck in da chilrun section.

    Damn, that was the best episode of WWHL ever. I laughed so damn hard, I think I burst a blood vessel. Andy was so blatantly dissing Sheree and that bitch thought he was playin. Gurl, is you really that dumb?

    I swear I could Nene laughing all the way in IL. I can’t wait to read everyone’s reaction to the show, including Sheree. You know that Mensa reject will be pissed once someone tells her how bad she got read.

    I wonder if any of the other housewives will have learned a lesson after tonight and never piss Andy off.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      I think everyone but her already know. I mean think about how respectful Kim and NeNe are whenever they are in his presence. Kenya knows too even though Andy still gives her a lightweight read every once and a while. But I think he is actually amused by Kenya. So he cuts her a lot more slack than she deserves. He really respects Kandi and thinks Cynthia is gorgeous, so he rarely ever reads them.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      I’m weak at the chilrun section. I read that in m Funky Dineva voice LOL

  10. peachteachr

    I just bet you didn’t have problems staying awake last night. I don’t watch Andy much but was set to go last night. He was all over her like a cheap suit! You earned this the old fashion way… through trials, trouble, and hard work. So very happy @ BravoAndy.

  11. And you drew attention to this here because….?

    • And your’re an ASSHOLE because?
      You have no idea what you’re talking about once again.

      Oh, How much money have you donated so far? oh that’s right, it don’t benefit you! Not a #Taxwriteoff
      I’ll tell you on twitter what a twat you really are.
      Until then……..

      • Why would you tell me on twitter and not here? Do you really not get my first comment? It’s like yelling out “TEACHER!! JOHNNY SAID ‘shit’!!!!” Now, you’ve said shit too. And spread it here. It’s almost like you are against TT.

      • Oh shit. Lol. You’re going back to my joke about it being tax deductible? Dear god. You’re really not very bright. And your grammar is atrocious.

      • I know you hate the cosign, thing TC but I sort of have to cosign the not very bright thing.

      • Love it! Miss Fab! Thank you for posting on here and I like keeping up with all this twittering because I am clueless about it so love hearing all about it. Ignore her she is a troll hater and makes smart ass shitty remarks to me also. Now you have me wanting to learn how to twitter twatter on TT to see what’s up!

      • I bet you can count to potato.

      • Fuck off. If you can’t say anything but shit STFU.

      • Not you Karma Grant Tee Pee’s in her pants.

      • TeeCee doesn’t hate trolls. She loves them to a point.

      • It’s funny. I simply said ” you brought this here because?” And you immediately call me an asshole and a twat. But your most recent comment accuses me of name calling. Hmmmm

  12. Princess Diva Z

    I missed the WWHL episode but, I’m going to be trolling for the video online right after this post!! I know she looked like a damn fool just based on the fact that she is Sheree….I can’t stand her and the people who are getting the short end of the stick are her kids..and why doesn’t she ever mention her daughter? She is always riding her son’s jock..I guess she is waiting for him to become a ball player so she can fuck his money up too…What a dumb bitch. I don’t think she is dumb enough to sit up there and not know Andy was going in on her. She seems desperate for relevance it’s so weird….Why would you keep going on tv making an ass out of yourself and then getting mad when people talk about your idiotic behavior? In the words o Funky Dineva Chile Cheese!!! To be continued after I watch the episode

  13. Sheree was a stumbling bumblefuck the whole time. She had a chance to redeem herself when the kid was holding the nene mask and honest to god she was too dumb to play act and either give her shit back or outclass her. She had the chance to get the last word in and she couldn’t even keep the conversation in the second person instead of the third person. Not sure that’s right but you know what I mean. She could not remember that he was supposed to be nene.

    I did not see it as Andy being particularly mean or cold to her like everyone else did. I’ll have to rewatch.

    She really is the worst spoken person I’ve seen on TV. With all of the housewives and other reality personalities, that’s saying a lot.

    • Oh and I had forgotten her saying “ridicureing”. And the constant loud clicking of her dentures as she talked.

      • Eve

        LOL dentures…….
        I have to agree, i dont think Andy was doing anything but being his obnoxious self, getting a whole lot of free publicity for his shows from this house drama.
        Its a shame how tax dollars are wasted on such drivel.
        I think the house should be turned into a home for homeless housewives, it would be filled instantly. Then Dr. Phil can film and Hln can run the murder trials.

      • Linda

        Hi Eve, it could be like Big Brother for Housewives no longer on the shows. Or like the Island that they used on Survivor when you were voted off. You went to the island to wait a chance to win a challenge and get back in the game. Former housewives could go to Chateau Sheree where She-Broke is the Madam. There could be challenges with the winner getting back on the show. They would all wear She by Sheree while there.

  14. Jane

    I thought Andy was on the wagon. He has been commenting on that for a while, like a count down since it started. I didn’t catch the reason he was on the wagon or why, evidently, he got off the wagon. Do you know, Tamara?

    I only watched part of the show. I thought it was boring, which is probably one reason Sheree was dropped from the cast.

    • Linda

      I heard him say something about a cleanse or de-toxing short term, obviously. He definitely was drinking again. How could you face that kind of dumb sober? He was positively giddy over it. Poor Michael Morrison, will he ever come back on? I felt myself cringing when she was asked a question! What a night of television what with Apprentice (haven’t seen yet) Survivor and WWHL. This tsunami of decent television like never happens!

    • KWM

      He was doing a 14 day detox cleanse, it ended on Friday, just in time for the hot mess of Sheree.

      • Aloha

        Andy wraps up a 14 day detox and THEN talks to Sheree?

        That’s when Andy really needed to BEGIN the detox!

  15. RahRah

    Andy may have started something..if he can have brokedown Sheree as a guest, shouldn’t Funky Dineva get a spot on the couch?

    Who read her the best?
    Funky Dineva or Andy?

  16. In all my times of watching WWHL I have never seen Andy throw that amount of shade towards ANY housewife. He made that show fun and hilarious last night. Sheree had to throw in a quick beg for a show based on this house. I never enjoyed Andy as much as I did last night.

    • Isn’t it odd she was begging for a show about the house on TV, but keeps taking people who talk about the house to court and crying to judges saying she is afraid because strangers know where she keeps her extra dirt pile?

      • Tracie

        Can you use this information in court – the fact she is asking (begging) for a show about the unfinished home? Here she is wasting money & dragging you to court but gets on national television begging for a show about the “private property”.

      • Of course I can. And that the first thing she said about the property was that people are always driving by and stopping to see the house. And the fact that two of her twitter friends, or two of her other twitter accounts (?) are making threats on the Internet and posting all sorts of things that they believe at least, to be my personal information. :) All of it will be used. HOWEVER, we probably won’t even have to make a case. It is on hold so that she can prove who owns the property.

      • Joan

        I love it when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together! After the trolls comment I get this picture in my head of these trolls picking up a vase (picture Scarlett O’Hara in the library after she finds Rhett in there) and throwing it at you….lol…You must know that you’re doing something right when those trolls come out when the truth/light shines! Keep on doing what you do – you’re GREAT at it!

  17. RahRah

    I wonder if Sheree has ever considered joining that female wrestling league? I wonder if she can drive a big rig? I bet she could get hired as a bouncer–oh, Peter.

    We should start a hire Sheree campaign to get her a job, a donate building materials to Shatoe Sheree so she can finish building, and wanna y’all Atliens should give her a ride to the food stamp office.

  18. Loved the way Andy was stirring the pot about Nene’s comments about Sheree too.. She is Kim Zolciak’s twin as far as lying….

  19. The Disher

    I wonder if there are any zoning regs or similar laws that require a house to be finished or occupied within a certain time period — or whether they can be condemned without a Certificate of Occupancy if it goes on too long…I can’t imagine that a person could just keep an empty house/eyesore going. It’s one thing if it’s raw land, but seems to be it becomes a nuisance at some point. I bet her neighbors are unhappy about it.

    • Her neighbors were the people who initially contacted me. I was not sure where the Chateau was until they began emailing me. They are pissed.

      There is an office building not far from me that the neighbors were trying to get condemned because the builder lost his financing. It was MAMMOTH. I remember it being in the news a lot and the guy saying that the government can’t dictate the pace of his construction on private property…etc etc. Not sure what ever happened with that.

  20. Hmm I dont know if TT is cosigning I’m not bright or what, if so… alrighty then…

    And it continues.. the nut case is tweeting me pics of TT’s house..

    Oh TC, typical response regarding my grammar when someone like yourself is screwed when the the truth was just handed to them… That’s all you got? Haha!

    • So let’s think really hard. Ready? Some idiot is posting my personal information on her twitterline. She has 400 followers. They are mostly eggs and pornbots. Here is where the thinking comes in are your ready?

      Should you

      A) spam dozens of them over to MY TIMELINE where I have ten times as many followers who are active tweeps and then come to my board and post the directions to my personal information on twitter in great detail including the name of the account posting it giving her the attention she so desperately desires. Then freak out and draw more attention to yourself when someone points out you are an idiot causing more interest in the comments so that I have to hunt them down on the board and delete them.

      0r B) Realize that she has been doing this for days and that I am aware. BLOCK HER ON TWITTER AND REPORT HER FOR SPAM and keep the issue off of my site.

      Think hard. I can see it is a toughie.

      • Brillke

        I must be a bit slow because I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I know it seems 2 of your commenters are kinda-sorta fighting and it did seem as if you agreed with one that the other wasn’t too bright. It now appears as if your saying the accused not-so-bright commenter is a shit stirrer, correct?

        I’m not trying to make things worse and I surely am not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth but I’m confused and its making my head hurt. Help!

      • It is my experience that people often say what they are not trying to do, right after doing that very thing. I should have just deleted the commenter immediately. Normally, people here are much more capable of ignoring a situation.

      • Okay Tamara,
        I just read 16 DM”s that said for me to read the shade the you threw my way. One of them happens to be a Blogger we both follow and talk too, even that person thinks this is f’d up.
        Do you,
        A. Instead of of siding with an insult Troll (TC) how about taking 30 damm seconds to DM that person (me) and say to me that I am “bringing attention to it” and not be pubucally rude to someone who has been nothing but nice to you.

        B. See A. Above

        I didn’t seek the troll out! just like I didn’t seek TC out! TC the one who runs ppl out of here.

        TC Stfu no one is making this about them but you.

        Tamara your welcome for the help and im glad your legal bills were paid in advance. I really am, now like others…. Won’t feel so bad next time you go to court wondering how much it is costing you, as you said your fees were paid.
        You got nerve girl to treat ppl like this. You should of said something or deleted my comment. Let’s see… Not even going there…
        Newsflash: When ever someone tweets @TamaraTattles who ever follows you sees it.
        There was no other way to sat this b/c I have not mastered kissing ass.

      • Well I am glad to see you are starting to understand that it wasn’t something to discuss here. That is a start. If you have 16 people to talk about me with, please go do so. It sounds like they have a lot in common with you.

        TC is not a troll. She is a regular poster here who simply pointed out you were drawing a map to my personal information. I didn’t mention to you how many people contacted me to explain that your post was a map to my personal information.

        You don’t get to decide what I do or when I do it. I waited for the post to drop before quietly deleting it. You wanted to continue on and on and on and on.

        TC does not “run people out of here.” I like to think of it more as culling the herd.

    • Please stop trying to make this about you. It’s not. It’s about Sheree and what a dumb, inarticulate, bitter little person she is.

  21. NBA_

    I’m glad it was pointed out Tamra. I just don’t understand why Sheree would condone such acts of someone who runs her fan account. I don’t understand twitter, then again I really didn’t put any effort into it. I prefer Facebook myself.
    At least you have supporters Tamra, be nice to them and appreciate them. As you see Sheree has very few, she could only wish to have the people who are in your corner.
    Maybe you should tell this person privately what you said in your comment, it is just a suggestion, not at all telling you how to run your blog or social accounts.

  22. NBA_

    Two comments in moderation so far.

  23. OMG did y’all catch the after show?? The very last two minutes of part two this caller goes in on Sheree. She tried to brush it aside but Andy took up for the caller, then he pulled a Phaedra Parks deflect and complemented her pedicure. I’m dying. This is maybe the best WWHL ever. Andy is incredible for bringing her back to give all this shade.

  24. NBA_

    Why are you being so rude to me? You have that TeeCee person insulting everyone and you don’t say shit to her.

    I am sorry Sheree is putting you through this Tamra why be mean to the people who read your blog daily and support you no matter what?
    I will never comment here again if that is what you wish.
    I just thought it was not nice to treat someone that way. That person seems to really like you. Have you seen the crap Sheree and her bandits are saying on Facebook?
    You should direct your anger at them.

    Good luck to you Tamra. I hope everything works out for you.

  25. Brillke

    TT, I apologize if I was too dense and stirred the proverbial pot. I was confused and maybe I should have just stayed that way. Sometimes not knowing WTF is going on is better than knowing WTF is going on, know what I mean? :)

  26. Girl Plz...

    All in a days work.

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