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RHOOCcast2Ooops. I lost track of time while babysitting another thread. So this isn’t going to be a full recap. Or even much of a recap at all. Let’s call it a “random thoughts” post tonight. I find myself saying that a lot about The Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s not that I don’t like the show, there just usually isn’t a whole lot to comment on.  We begin, or at least I’m beginning at the Wine for Wives Infomercial. Immediately upon arrival it seems the evil hand of Tamra is already stirring the pot.  Everyone is staying in the same building except for Vicki who has been ostracized.  Vicki already feels out of place being the only single lady there and now she is not even in the same building with the wives. She gets a little teary-eyed and the evil blonds immediately start to mock her.Tamra does the Adrienne Maloof “Someone is crying!” routine. They must teach them that in Bravo villain school. Terry  and Lydia each offer to take Vicki into their room (I am sure Heather will have a fit about that) which I am sure only made Vicki feel worse. Poor Vick. She is not a very emotionally independent person.



It’s time for dinner. What could possibly go wrong getting all of them (sans Alexis) together.  So since Alexis is not there, everyone immediately starts talking about her. That goes nowhere so Tamra starts trouble between Heather and Terry by asking her if she gets to kiss anyone on her Hot in Cleveland guest spot. She says no but Tamra goes on asking if she kisses with tongue and begins to cause a commotion. Terry deflects with humor and the Bravo sound guy mashes the button that gives us the soundbite of Heather bitching about Terry’s jokes. I think that button will be broken by the end of this season.  Tamra then moves on to Vicki asking what is going on with her Vodka. Tamra is pissed because Vicki didn’t ask her permission and she isn’t including Wines by Wives in the marketing for her Vodka.

The editing is awful and after the commercial we are  at an outdoor table having Bloody Marys. I wish I had one!   Apparently, Eddie and Slade are on a six hour bike ride through wine country. Poor Terry is so jealous.  Heather tries to tell Tamra she should make Eddie ride less. Terry asks permission to speak and Heather makes a smartass comment. Heather and Terry are talking about their argument. Terry says he got angry and used the D word !  Terry,  I like you but you really don’t need to tell the other housewives a lunch that you are threatening to divorce your wife. Now everyone is in on the conversation. Vicki who is probably the closest housewife to Terry, friends wise, says that even in a joking manner, that is a dangerous conversation. Heather is sort of crying. It’s awkward. Now she is mad at Terry and the boys are back. Tamra is pissed that Eddie actually wants to eat before showering and doing the wine tasting.

rhoocvickiwhomeTher wine is flowing and no one is using a bucket. Slade and Gretchen and Eddie are at the wine bar and there isn’t much room so Vicki is trying on coats. I have never seen Vicki need to be dragged TO a bottle of wine before. But after some coaxing, she tastes one glass and announces she has dinner plans in LA and needs to leave. Apparently, she rode with Lydia and her husband so they are all leaving. It seems that the whole purpose of the trip was to choose a wine and Vicki is just leaving! I don’t understand why she even came.  Neither does Tamra. Tamra eventually calls Vicki a bitch. Lydia seems to think it was the other way around. I think Heather and Terry apparently rode with Vicki too, sorry I am not sure I missed the beginning.  At any rate they are having a private conversation on the patio. Terry feels bad for bringing up their issues to the group.  Terry apologizes. Several times.

Next we find ourselves at Vicki’s office on some other day. Vicki tells Brianna the wine story. In her version, she feels that Tamra just ignored her and didn’t want her input. And then Tamra called her a bitch.

We get a sunset and a moonrise and then it’s Eddie and Tamra talking about the flooring at the fitness studio.  They are not going to open time. Eddie hates Vicki and his talks with Tamra about her serve mostly to make the problems worse. Tamra says that she was raised not to express her feelings. She also talks about Eddie not talking about his past. She is going to marry a man who has never shared his past with her? Tamra is  now saying she wants to be a nicer person and she feels bad when she is mean to people. I get the feeling that this scene is one that is filmed  after the season to explain how Vicki and Tamra came to make up…

And that’s it!


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  1. RealChicagoHousewife

    I might be alone in this but I just don’t buy the idea that Heather didn’t know Terry was going to talk about threatening divorce during an argument. She’s too much of a control freak and she clearly runs that family. The way she henpecks him I can’t see him stepping out of line that far. I do think his jokes are his passive aggressive way to lash out because he is fed up with her controlling behavior.

    I do think Tamra was being genuine when she said she didn’t know how to express herself appropriately. I’m not so sure about her feeling bad for hurting the other person and I’m thinking its probably more about looking like a biatch on tv.

    • I think sh does feel bad about hurting people. Oh I know she can be nasty as hell. But I know how she feels about talking about feelings.Growing up I NEVER EVER heard I love you or had any kind of love and affection shown to me. When you grow up like that its hard to do.But I dont attack people like she does. I am the opposite. I just keep EVERYTHING to myself.Maybe she has figured out she needs to get some therapy.Cause shes a nasty person. And I dont understand why Terri has to apologize to Heather over and over again. Seems like once is enough. Damn women give the poor guy a break. He might get tired of it being 1 sided all the time one of these days and get rid of you for a more reasonable lady.

      • Isabella J.

        agree 100%. does anyone else think vicki needs to sue her plastic surgeon?? Ugh! worse than before.

      • Yeah she still doesnt look too great but hopefully it will get better. I try not to comment on peoples looks too much because that is something you dont really have control over. Your born the way your born but she did pay for that so maybe its just still swelled.Hopefully.

      • Isabella J.

        Oh no, I did not mean to dig at her looks, I meant as the weeks pass she looks WORSE than before surgery, I do not think her face is healing properly. I thought she looked better BEFORE surgery, I do not understand why she had a facelift in the first place.

      • I saw her on WWHL and it does get better.I think its just swollen. I dont know why she did it. She must have thought she looked like Ms Piggy because she has mentioned it more than once.I know you wasnt throwing digs I just dont get into peoples looks much. But her swelling does go down but I really dont think it made her look much different.She should just leave it alone. Id be afraid of a face lift going wrong..

    • Nicole

      Tamara’s bipolar

      You missed the beginning when Vicki stuck her leg in her mouth. She said a 24 year old girl and her dad look like lovers

      • And Vicki is always talking about Heather being stupid.Some stupid stuff comes out of her mouth ALOT…I think her calling Heather stupid is just as bad as Gretchen saying nasty stuff about Vicki and Tamara being nasty to her. I have always had a problem with the word stupid. When your called that as a child its just a very bad word.

    • Nicole

      You hit that one on the nose about Heather

      As for Tamara, she is just a bully and all her crying is not going to get my sympathy…

      • Isabella J.

        I like Tamra, I feel for her, you can tell she has some deep and painful things in her past that makes her so defensive and angry.

      • ISABELLA J. Wins the #compassion2013 award of the day. I almost fell over reading a positive comment. :)

      • Isabella J.

        LOL, OMG, I would like to thank the academy, God, my parents, and all the other nominees!

      • There were no other nominees. You are the positive kernel of corn in the poo stack! And officially my favorite! For now. I am a moody bitch and can turn at any moment. :)

  2. Pinky

    Show sucks. I was channel surfing just now and without my glasses – Gretchen looks like Vicki on WWH. lol

  3. becky white

    If Heather does not lighten up I am sure there are PLENTY of women who can deal with and even enjoy Terry’s sense of humor.

    Also Heather spoke like she has no help – I was wondering if that is true. No maids, nanny’s, cooks – nothing? I find that hard to believe, her home is huge and they are loaded.

    Tamra is just nasty and I wish someone would put her in her place – but instead everyone seems to cower from her out of fear of her unleashing that mouth.

  4. Tamara Did you happen to watch Married To Medicine? If you did? Did you Notice that Dr.Huq had a drink at Dr Simones house and said well I have to go to work now? Is’nt that against the law? If not it should be. I believe people should be warned that he drinks and doctors (DAD) because I know I wouldnt want him to be my Dr….

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      If I was married to Mariah and had to live with her loon mother, I would drink and drive too…I did not watch the show yet, but was it possible he had a non-alcoholic beverage?

    • Katrina

      I thought he was talking about going to work the next day. Did he drink a whole glass? I can’t remember what type of work he does.
      There is a rule about being drunk, not necesarily having a drink. Most doctor’s drink. Dr Simone drinks like a fish and she is a OBGYN!

      • He didnt say tomorrow. He said he had to go to work and left right away like he was kinda in a hurry.Im going to watch it again and see what they were drinking but I think they all were drinking something like burbon from the looks of it.It was one of those like bourbon with ice in it. Sorry I dont drink so I dont know what its called.I know most Drs drink but not before you go to work. And if Ive paid attention right I think Dr Simone normally mentions that she is not on call when she drinks.I would be PISSED if I knew a Dr I was seeing had been drinking. Just saying

      • MaryC

        I’m not sure he drank any alcohol cuz Mr. Simone said that you have to come back and Christian the bar properly.

      • KWM

        And him saying going to work could just mean, I am going into the office to get away from everyone, but not see patients or have any surgery.

      • I hope that something like that is what happened. I just know to me that didnt look good at all.And when he said it my jaw dropped.

  5. sammiejane

    I know this is probably a repeat but I have to get this off my chest…. Heather treats her husband with such hatred. How many times does she feel he needs to apologize for the same incident… and in front of everyone? Really? She likes to show everyone she wears the pants in that relationship and I don’t see him dealing as eloquently with her evil side too much longer…. Pity, he seems like such a nice man. WOW! Did I just say that? I thought sincere men were extinct! :)

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I think Heather’s point was that in order for Terry to be the rich successful Doctor, he has to NOT worry about the children’s daily needs because he knows Heather is an attentive mother and makes it possible for Terry to focus on his practice without the distractions of parenting. Therefore she supports him unconditionally.

    Heather wants the same in return. At this time she wants to focus 100% on her job, and NOT to worry about the kids and to know 100% that Terry is able to parent responsibly with the kids without making her feel guilty for doing her own thing.

    • Katrina

      I understand where Heather is coming from too, but men don’t parent the same as as women. Terry lets her do her thing and she has to give up control to let him do the best he can.

      • KWM

        True, but what he said that set her off was, I will just let them eat junk and stay up. Meaning I will not parent them, just fill them with sugar and then you can deal with them when you get home.

        To me it goes along the lines of women saying the husbands are babysitting, no they are not they are the parent, it is their responsibility to help raise the children. not just come in as a babysitter when mom has something to do.

        We have crazy lives, my husband works full time and is also working full time on his Ph’d. I work full time. My job requires me at times to do trade shows, anyone who has ever done a trade show knows it means long hours that leave you exhausted. If after a long day at my job I came home and found that my husbands solution to parenting was to let the kids run free, eat crap and stay awake until I got home, so that I could then parent them, I would be pissed.

        I can see in this instance why Heather was pissed.

        But don’t get me wrong, she definitely picks at Terry for little things that she should let slide.

    • KAM

      I took the same thing away from that- that she wants him to support her. She’s going about it badly though. Here is what I don’t understand: They can clearly afford help. If Heather wants to do her thing , why can’t they find a mother’s helper, or nanny for the duration? Rich people problems!!

      • Katrina

        I honestly think it is a Heather issue. Heather wants to control everything. Heather decided that she was going to stay home with the children. She wants to say that she is raising her children with no help from a nanny, etc.

  7. After watching this episode, I better understand where Heather is coming from, but she still treats her husband like her child and not her partner. The two of the them should get into some counseling immediately. Tamara has a point about Vicki seeming disinterested but she really does not have to be such a witch about everything. I think (and someone correct me if I am wrong) that it was originally Vicki’s idea (a couple of seasons back) and she did most of the initial grunt work. I think she probably has put it on the back burner to focus on other more pertinent issues in all fairness. Gretchen- what is her purpose this season to be Tamara’s parrot, I still need her to grab 2 seats and sit small in the corner. Lydia I don’t know the jury is still out on her, I thought her Mom was a hoot and a half though

    • Katrina

      I think Lydia is the voice of reason. Tamra just wanted all the attention and focus to be on her. Vicki didn’t give her enough hugs. Tamra is worrying about the wine business and handed her fitness center over to Eddie, who could care less. Tamra needs to set her own priorities and not push them on other people. What is up with Gretchen?

  8. Vp

    I’m not a fan of Eddie. He’s like a cranky high school cheerleader desperately trying to be a Heather in a cartoonish assembly of every cheesy mean girl movie out there. HE’S NOT REAL.

  9. Nicole

    .. and the comment she made to the 24 year old about her looking older than that. She was trying to dig herself out of a hole but she end up digging a bigger one.

    Also, at one point where they were having lunch at some place, the scene before Tamara and Vicki got into it, where Terry telling everybody that he used the word “D”. Does Heather look like she has racoon eyes? too much eyeliner!

    • Nicole

      oops, this was supposed to go under my other comment about Vicki, but it didn’t work out that way.

      I commented that Vicki stuck her leg in her mouth. The father introduced his daughter at the beginning of a wine tasting session and Vicki said she thought they were lovers and everybody had that deer in headlight look on their face.

    • I thought she actually meant that as a complement. Because a 24 year old usually does not hold such a hug position.

  10. Heather (what’s her last name now?) is the best mother and wife in the world. She should be put on a pedestal as an example to all women. Every man in the room wants her because she is so beautiful, fun & charming. Her throaty, horse voice should be featured on every TV show and movie because it is so warm & attractive. Such a subtle actress. Her husband should quit his “job” and let her move forward with her incredible “career” and stay home to raise the children. After all how much do plastic surgeons make anyway, surely a part time actress could make more to improve their living conditions. She should be featured on the cover of every fashion/home magazine because her style is so unique and colorful…..so California. Oh, and most of all, she’s so nice & sweet, everyone wants to be her friend/lover/confidant.

  11. kb

    Omg…I can’t believe it! I thought the same thing when they showed Tamara explaining why she lashes out at people. I’m thinking they added that part after the fact to try to gain sympathy for her. The fans of this show are not happy about her behavior and are threatening to discontinue watching so now they have to do some sort of spin on it. THis franchise is becoming so cookie cutter and predictable it’s not even funny. I hope they all know that WE are on to them!

  12. It goes without saying that the gruesome threesome, heather Tamra and Gretchen are horrible people, Lydia is trying to see which side she will be better off in or if she should take any sides… But it was shocking to hear Vicki make comments about the wine guy and his daughter, she should have kept it zipped… Good recap Tamara.. your name is spelled correctly, Tamra is spelled wrong, but then again Tamra is not right like her name.. (giggling)

  13. Brillke

    Does anyone remember if Vicki said she had dental implants done too? She’s talking like she has bad dentures. I think it ages her. Between dry looking hair, a still swollen face and possible bad fitting dentures/implants, I am actually feeling sorry for Vicki.

    • DJ

      She had a chin implant. “I did some cartilage reconstruction on my nose,” she said. “I had some fat injected in the upper part of my cheeks so I don’t have any more wrinkles. And I did a little chin implant.”

    • Isabella J.

      I am with you Brillke, something is so off with her appearance the last few episodes, the lower part of her face looks like it belongs to someone 30 yrs older. I looked for some more recent pictures and there is some improvement. I thought she was much more attractive before the surgery, she did not need it.

  14. Sasha817

    Hi! This is my first time writing on this blog. TT- I’ve been hooked on your blogs since I found you. Started out with housewives and then you were covering JA! Anyway- needless to say again but– totally hooked.

    Just wondering anyone else think heather and terry are acting? I think they are scripted. She’s a reallyyyyy bad actress too. ( um and so is terry) Not buying their story. At one point, when heather tells terry on the phone about the part she got on that show- he says ‘I’m looking forward to reading lines with you again’ — I think that’s what they’re doing on housewives– if you re- watch you’ll see their acting is soooooo bad in every episode so far.

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