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RHONYramonabidetI admit it. I’ve gotten lazy during this whole Jodi Arias Trial. All I really had to do was put up a daily update and sit back and wait for folks to show up and discuss it to death in the comments. I suspect that a lot of my sources are busy with the trial too because there hasn’t been that much housewives stuff reported to me. To carry on with my lazy reporting, I’m going to do a hodge-podge of housewives updates here. Hopefully, my housewives fans are still out there and haven’t completely given up on me!  Click through for the tea on RHONY, RHONJ, RHOM and RHOA.

RHONYavivahandsupLet’s start with RHONY. I thought we all agreed here, that Heather, Carole and Ramona were the only three asked back.  Those three have been filming for the show, at least the Summer By Bravo commercials. Sonja is in France with her boytoy. Luann is taking anything that comes her way, a cameo on Celebrity Apprentice here, a glimpse of her in other things, there. If there is a camera around she is trying to get in front of it. She would be thrilled to be asked back and would automatically have a better salary than the newer ladies to start with she would just be happy to be invited back. She was not. That leaves Aviva. There was some speculation that the Boston Bombing might have given Aviva a storyline, which she desperately needed, and she was being reconsidered. Perhaps that is true, again, Aviva would take any offer to be back on the show. None of this whole contract deadline nonsense is the least bit believable I don’t have the first source that supports it. It’s just a publicity stunt. Pay it no mind. Or buy into it if you must, but I don’t.

Also in NY, Bethenny Frankel is making the news interviewing with People magazine and going on The Ellen Show. I feel sorry for Bethenny but I don’t think she is doing herself any favors. The general themes she keeps discussing include Bryn as her savior and the reason she is able to get through the divorce. Bryn is three. Her parents are divorcing. Shouldn’t it be the parents getting Bryn through this difficult time? Her other theme is that Jason shined a light on her brokenness and made her feel broken and abnormal. She doesn’t seem to think she is either. It’s like all of that therapy didn’t click with her. Her childhood experiences have damaged her. Rather than try to heal the damage, she has decided that being married to much less damaged man makes her look bad, so she is taking the baby and going home. It’s sad.

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif Credit: T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

I’ve had some RHONJ tea I have been holding on to, I think I may have alluded to it previously, but despite all of the on-camera positivity and light the cast is trying to sell us, things behind the scenes remain the same. Teresa has decided to divert attention away from her marriage by accusing pretty much everyone else’s husband of cheating. We knew at the end of the last season that Melissa is going to be the target for this one. Teresa will be the one to bring out the parentage issue regarding one of Melissa’s children. Personally, I don’t think that should even air. That should be too low even for Bravo. But we shall see.  Teresa is also going to accuse Caroline’s husband Albert of cheating. Essentially, Teresa is this season’s shit stirrer and Melissa and Caroline are her targets.

RHOMMAMAHityouwithpocketbookOver on RHOM, the crazy continues. Lisa is still fighting with the city about tearing down her house to rebuild. Things appear to be in legal limbo. In other RHOM news, my friend Lesley Abravanel at the Miami Herald continues to investigate the whole fake wedding of Adriana and Frederic storyline. I was sure I posted about this back in January, but for the life of me I can’t find the link.  But Lesley has all the latest tea on that debacle here. It’s juicy, go read it. I love Lesley’s writing style… flaccid finish of the second season…moaning and groaning…spreaders… it’s very 50 shades. Sadly, while Adriana will have the major (fake) storyline, my girl Marysol has been given the dreaded “friend of…” demotion. Pray we still get lots of Mama Elsa.  They are filming now.

Finally, I had a baby, it’s a boy. Ha! Not really. Remember the whackadoodle poster that thought I was Phaedra Parks? Well, I’m not. But the real Phaedra had her baby a couple of days ago. The official word is that mom and baby are doing well. I hope that is the case. Still no word on the name. If she goes with another A name, I recommend Amusement. Get it? Amusement Parks? I crack myself up.

So there. I believe that catches us up. If I missed anything juicy, let me know.


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47 responses to “Random Thoughts on Housewives

  1. Thanks for the tea! Any solid source on the Marysol demotion? I feel like I briefly read that elsewhere and was really hoping it wasn’t true! I love Marysol and Mama Elsa and if the main story lines for next year are Adriana and Joanna’s weddings, I’ll be tuning in less often. If Marysol was demoted to friend, then will Elsa still be a cast member? She filmed so much last season, as regular a friend as Brandi was on season two of RHOBH.

    • Sadly, yes, Lesley confirms the Marysol demotion. And there ain’t no better RHOM source than her. :)

      • Simply me

        Perezhilton said all rhony were asked back..

      • Well by all means, believe Perez Hilton. He has a blog right? Perhaps you would like it over there.

      • Simply me

        I luv marisol that sucks

      • Simply me

        I read all blogs I luv them all. No offense to you Tt.

      • Ughh, what a shame. Season three sounds like it’ll be a snooze. I still believe they messed up doing a housewives of Miami when they hadn’t done one with real southern belles (not Atlanta!). I mean Nashville, Dallas, something, come on. Surely the could’ve found a Dolly Parton type character to lead the show. Oh whatever. They really missed the mark on that one though. Miami is nothing without Mama Elsa.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        Yes I agree Mama Elsa is everything.
        I loved the Cuban flavor she brought to the show.
        I just adored her accent and her eccentric glam…
        Marysol’s wardrobe is to die for. If Marysol & Mama Elsa do get less airtime, I probably will tune out of RHOM also. Plus I can’t stand weddings in real life, therefore I don’t enjoy “reality” shows with in depth story lines about weddings, especially Adriana’s fake one or Joana’s either..

      • Wouldn’t New Orleans be great?! The mix in that city is fascinating. Would make for some interesting scenery and stories.

      • Bravo would fuck it up, just like they are about to fuck up Charleston. :( I wonder how …is it TLC ? I forget will do with Nashville. New Orleans should have been done way before Atlanta. Much more visually interesting city. Plus they have witch doctors and voodoo peeps.

  2. Brillke

    I’m going to miss Sonja. Aviva is boring as hell. Doesn’t sound like RHONY is going to be very interesting.

    • I hope Aviva’s creepy dad isn’t on. He made my skin crawl. Is Sonya really gone? I didn’t see that on there. Good. She irritated me. Now if that self-entitled Ramona would be gone I would probably like the show a lot more.

  3. Xarol

    Not really housewives related but I’m glad I’m not the only who disagrees with the way Bethanny sees things. I feel bad for Bryn. I hope she spends enough time with her dad’s family to know how a typical family is since her mom doesn’t nor does it seem like she wants to.

  4. Nadia Robins

    Phaedra Parks’ son would have the last name Nida…as that is her husband Apollo’s last name and also Ayden’s last name. So you’re joke fell flat…

  5. The Disher

    Totally agree with your take on Bethanny. Romantic relationships always highlight those places that we are insecure or need work.

  6. I know I’m not part of the majority but I like Bethanny. I know shes VERY broken but I think she had a bad childhood and if you had a good childhood you wouldnt understand how that can effect you the rest of your life. I do believe that probally alot of the divorce was her fault. But everyone ALWAYS defends Jason. I believe alot of it was his fault too.He refused to go to therapy. She mentioned it several times. That damn boat was a waste of time. I think he was a HUGE problem with her getting so much money for that Skinnygirl drink. I think it messed with his manlyhood BIGTIME. A lot of men dont like the female making more money than them. Some people say she made him quit his job. No she didnt hes the one that wanted to do that because he didnt seem happy with his job.n Ellen today Ellen told Bethanny that she knew what was going on. I think alot of the BS out there is not true and people that dont like Bethanny make her look like a bitch. Which she can be at times but the whole divorce cant be blamed on her. I think they were really in love but Bethanny is so screwed from her upbringing that she doesnt understand how a real family is suppose to be.I think his familay was too much for her. She wasnt use to that.I know I am going to get Bethanny haters for this blog but I just dont believe the divorce is all her fault. He has faults in it too. This is just how I feel about it. Sorry to those that hate her. I feel sorry for Bethanny,Jason and Bryn….

    • Eve

      I like Bethanny. She is a survivor, smart and funny. Her and Rammona are the only ones who knew exactly what they were doing going on Housewives.

      Jason to me came across as unmotivated and way too attached to his parents.
      Bethanny needs a strong man who has a successful career with a good sense of humor.

      • I agree with you about Jason. Bethanny is a very smart women but she has lots of problems but she admits it and is trying to get therapy. I dont understand why Jason never would.Bethanny wasnt use to having a family like his and it was a big adjustment for her.He wanted her to spend every weekend with his family and I think she felt smothered doing that. I dont think I would have wanted to do that either.Thats alot to spend that much time with your in laws.I didnt have a good childhood and I can see her point in a lot of ways. I see so many Bethanny haters and I just dont get it unless they believe all the BS that is said about her. I dont believe most of the crap they say about her. I think alot of people think shes a bitch because shes such a hard working good business woman and people think women like that are bitches but they arent.They are just smart.I think more people liked her before she got the money. I say you go girl. She worked her ass off and was broke for a long time before she got it. Im looking forward to her talk show. Shes a funny lady. Im a smart ass like her and I love a good smart ass..lol

      • Delaney

        Bethenny purposely got pregnant trapping Jason. Now she has a boyfriend and needs to ditch the hubby. Bryn is simply an accessory.

      • No she did not. SHE DIDN’T EVEN WANT A KID. Did you even watch the show? And Bethenny loves Bryn. There is no doubt about that. I like Bethenny but I don’t think she is able to objective about the situation. I know Jason is not perfect, but if Bethenny had been able to trust more, made more progress with that…I feel like she stands in her own way. Don’t ask me how I know this. Pot.Kettle.

      • She did not get pregnant on purpose. And she didnt get a BF and then needed to get rid of Jason. Bethanny loves her baby so much and doesnt want Bryn to be like her. Bethanny knows she has lots of problems and admits it. TT your right she needs to trust more but that takes a lot of work. Im thinking she couldnt trust anyone her whole life so that will take LOTS of therapy. I just hope they get thru all this as soon as they can so Bryn can just be loved by everyone. They both love Bryn very much and they show her love and thats what she needs right now.I do believe that both of them are at fault in the marriage and probally very equally. But everyone makes mistakes and they just should end it as peacefully as they can.I sure was pulling for it to work though. I really like them both and Bryn is as cute as can be. I wish them the best.

      • Twilly

        I think Jason’s over-attachment to his parents stems from the fact that his brother Brian (whom Bryn is named after) died, leaving Jason as their only child. I think he feels the need to make up for being their only child left, so he overcompensates.

        I’m not saying that’s healthy or unhealthy. Just stating my opinion on why is very attached to them.

      • Xarol

        Why does there have to be a reason ? Whatever happened to just loving and enjoying spending time with your family. Sure maybe it’s a rare thing nowadays but I don’t see it as clingy/over attached at all. Some families are just close like that.

    • I like Betheny also. I think Jason was extremely passive/aggressive and you bet he is just as guilty as her. I watched her show for abit but when they did the boat scene and broke down it was so fake (and I realize that most are likely scripted) and over done, it was stupid. I quit watching. I knew by then they weren’t going to stay married and it was depressing. I saw him glare at her a few times and he just looked like he loathed her. His eyes. I just hope they do right by their daughter. She loves and needs them both.

      • Lisa moore

        Come on people – Betheny didn’t get pregnant on purpose??? In this day an age and all the birth control knowledge that women have, how can such a smart, savvy women like Betheny not know she was going to get pregnant??? Give it up – she used Jason for her story line (sort of like KimmyCakes) and then when she got the kid and TV show – Good Bye Jason! Poor Bryn with her for a Mama. :(

      • Twilly

        My thoughts exactly. What late 30’s woman who is on birth control (I assume, since she was sexually active) gets pregnant by accident?? I do think Bethenny and Jason were truly in love in the beginning. Alas, she wanted a baby and to get someone (anyone) down the aisle to prove that she is marriage worthy. Now she’s over the marriage and Jason’s is no longer useful to her, so he’s gotta go. She desperately wanted a baby and Jason gave her that. He no longer serves a purpose.

        I always admired Bethenny as a businesswoman and survivor and for her priceless one-liners. But I think she can be cold, calculating and self-absorbed.

    • at least Bethenny admits she’s broken, unllike Jason who thinks he and his parents are perfect. Bethenny was willing to try-Jason wasn’t. Bethenny was honest about her shortcomings, and Jason said he could handle her the way she is-then insisted she change and be like him. He sold her a bill of goods, then reneged, now wants to get paid for it. Boo Jason

  7. Lol @ amusement. How about Cars? Would be funny in the last name first roll call. Oh sorry. We’re supposed to go with Nida. How about Aman?

    What’s the deal with Aviva and the bombing?

    Bethany is a dumb wreck. Never watched her solo shows. I loved her in the beginning of RHONY. But boy, talk about fame going to someone’s head. I hate the way she treated Jill. That’s not a popular opinion. But I think on a friendship basis, media whoring aside, Jill was good to her and once she got her money and fame, she dumped on her.

    • The bombing and Aviva. Many of the victims lost limbs. She was volunteering to talk with the folks that lost leg(s) from the bombing and help with getting a prosthesis.

    • KWM

      A friend here was in the bombing and ended up having her leg amputated from the knee down, about 2 weeks after the bombing. Aviva came up and spent time with her at the hospital and told her that they tried to keep her foot after the accident and it was years before she agreed to the amputation and it was the best decision she ever made. My friend said she was really nice and helped alleviate some of her fears, that she might be making the wrong decision. They filled it for Extra TV (I think it was Extra, they are all the same to me).

  8. So. The entitled self proclaimed Queen of Miami Lea Black is invited back? And Ana Q. and Marysol , both of whom Lea loathes are now *friends?* Hmmmmmmm… Suspicious as I always am with the whacko from Waco. I don’t like it. Nope don’t like it at all. Just so I can hit the mute button the second she opens her screeching fingernails on a blackboard pie hole

  9. Angie

    I read a month or so ago (sorry can’t remember where) that it was Marysol’s choice to reduce her role. That she was concerned after the issues with Lisa last season that the show was hurting, not helping her company, and she wanted to step back. I love her and her mom and it’s makes me feel better to think it was her decision. Anyway, I don’t see her ever leaving the show because Andy is so in love with Mama Elsa.

  10. MamaJen

    I have always been a huge Bethany fan, just love her spunk, however, the only two people that know the true details are Bethany and Jason. We saw a few glimpses of their relationship, and we only know them from TV, so we don’t really know who they are as people. One thing we do know, they BOTH love their daughter, they BOTH are great parents, and they BOTH have equal rights to fight for what they feel is theirs in this divorce. Bethany is not doing herself favors trying to gain public sympathy at Jason’s expense. He appears to be taking the high, respectful, mature road by keeping his mouth shut, honoring Bethany’s and Bryn’s privacy along with his own. I don’t think he should run off like a good little boy and agree to Bethany’s demands, and I would not expect her to do so for him. Divorce is hard, and painful. I wish them both the best, but have to say it is nice to see a loving father fighting for rights to their child for the right reasons, too many Dad’s use children as weapons or walk away and don’t look back.

    On another note I had read Kenya was not being asked back, today I read it was a done deal she is coming back but wants Moore money…. Bravo is losing favor with me, I was glued to the shows in the past, but they seem determined to run the franchise into a wall. I think it was much better before it became a rich version of “Bad Girls Club”. I’ve even lost interest in WWHL… anyone else feeling this way or is it just me?

  11. I get the feeling some of y’all didn’t watch Bethenny’s show. Jason had to talk her in to having a baby and getting married.

  12. We all have our damage and Bethanny seems to try to own hers, even if she fails at it. I see the situation as: he blamed every bad thing/fight/frustration on HER damage. If I shared a life with someone who constantly pointed out my flaws and blamed everything on MY flaws, I’d get out. She does word things wrong a lot and leaves herself open to interpretation, but again, no one is perfect.

  13. lilmissdiva

    Thanks Tamara for linking Lesley’s blog. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more of her writings.

    Pretty crazy Adriana sent out a mood board with the wedding invitation and her husband/fiance looking for people of status to appear at their event. And after reading the guest comments on the previous entry linked in the first paragraph, it seems as if Adrianna might be the biggest liar out of the group (not really shocking).

  14. Question.

    Hey Tamara,

    I hearing conflicting news about Kenya Moore returning to RHOA S6. Do you know?

    I was hoping she would get the boot, but now I hear Bravo def wants her back.

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