Nene Leakes One on One Interview With Andy Cohen

WWHLNENEAndy Cohen is trying his hand at primetime tonight with a one-on-one interview with Nene Leakes under the umbrella of his Watch What Happens Live show. This will get great ratings and likely result in more Andy during primetime. Which could be a good thing if he has really good guests and let’s them talk about production.

One of the first things out of Nene’s mouth is, “Is this going to be girl talk?” Let me just stop here to say that there are all types of gay men. Almost every type is wonderful. Almost. But all of those types can be divided into two broad categories. Let’s call the first type the “Miss Lawrence” type. Lawrence refers to himself as Miss Lawrence and dabbles in cross-dressing, at least when it comes to footwear. The other type is the Anderson Cooper type, more masculine than feminine, educated, refined, successful. Andy is in the latter category. He wishes he was Anderson Cooper. He wants to be respected even when he is playing pin the boobies on the housewives with D list celebrities. You don’t refer to him as a girl. He was visibly offended by her remark (although she surely had no intention to do so) and it took him a minute to recover and resume the ass kissing opening dialogue he had prepared.

Why Sheree Whitfield Got Fired From Real Housewives, A TributeNene talks about Sheree and how when they met she was a newlywed and the two of them would go together to the Falcons game to watch Bob play. She talks about the fabulous life that Bob had provided for her. She says she was not the kind to dress up or wear extensions in her hair or wear make-up, she was very plain.

Andy follows this right up with Nene’s audition tape. She has on no make-up, a camouflage ball cap and a tiny black top with her twins struggling to escape. Also,that was about three noses and six dermatologists ago. She really needs to give Kenya her skin doctor’s name and number because he or she is a damn miracle worker. This pilot episode is a hot mess. Two of the women’s faces are blurred. One looks like it might have been Lisa and the other was someone who did not make the cut. It’s all so very ghetto. All of it, not just Nene.  Nene, I have to hand it to you, you have come a looooonng way. She looks fabulous on this show, btw. I love her finger curls in her hair. I know y’all don’t but I do.

rhoakimandneneNene says that she has learned from every experience and she has grown. They show the scene from season one where Sheree doesn’t let her in to her party. It’s sad seeing how close Nene and Kim were back then. It makes Nene sad too. Nene swears she didn’t watch Tardy for the Wedding. Not sure I believe that. She has never met Kim’s boys and has never been around Kroy except the night Kim met him. Um, Nene, he was at a ton of the RHOA filming, but okay.

Nene is embarrassed by the first reunion footage. Nene says that Sheree Whitfield out of all the girls is the one person she will never have anything else to do with. She says Sheree is very evil, very mean and she is a true bitch. (And all the people said, “Amen!”) Nene says that during the very first meeting with production, at a restaurant, they had an argument. Sheree was never very forthcoming with information. (Shady).Nene says she was super secretive and she hated that about her. She was not a good friend. She’s super evil. A lot of things have happened.

Nene thinks it is very weird that Kandi is going after Kim in court now. It’s been such a long time. She also feels like Kandi wanted Nene to back her up at the reunion and go after Kim. Nene says that when she had her issues with Kim no one backed her up. (She said no one but she seems to really mean Kandi.) Nene tells the story of Kim and Nene texting back and forth and essentially making up. Nene has talked to Gregg about wanting to trust Kim again. She was sad that Kim left. REALLY? Nene I remember you tweeting about being the last one standing and that if Bravo didn’t air what just happened that you would tell us all about it and implying that Kim got fired.

nene99bitchesAndy asked if she was sad to see Sheree go. Nene said no. Sheree brought so much negative energy to the show. She used the word negative many times to describe her. I must say that in person Sheree has an aura of negativity and bitterness all around her. It must be taxing to be that miserable all the time. Nene said Sheree had such an attitude for someone with nothing going on. Andy asks Nene if she ever drives by Chateau Sheree (DON’T DO IT NENE! DON’T DO IT! LOL) . She rolls her eyes and says, no why, it is sitting up there like a box. They are talking about Sheree A LOT. And it ain’t pretty.

Andy shows some epic Nene and Gregg fights. Nene says she has always thought they would be together forever. Nene talks about being shy with regard to public affection and she doesn’t like to talk about sex. Nene talks a bit about John Kolaj. She says she still calls him for business reasons and Gregg knows that. Then Andy asks to see the ring. Andy asks her if this was the ring The New Normal bought!  Not only was that rude, Andy, it was stupid. You pay Nene way more than The New Normal ever would. If it weren’t for RHOA Nene would not be able to afford to be on Glee or The New Normal. Nene claims Gregg bought the ring and that it is 15 carats. I’m not sure what is going on with that ring, but I got up and walked over to the TV for a close look, and it looks real.  It’s nearly impossible to tell on TV, but …I just don’t know the true tea about that ring. Yet.

They talk about how Hollywood treats her due to her roots in reality TV. They move on to talking about the high divorce rates for housewives. Nene and Porsha text back and forth all day. Nene is really trying to support her. Nene says that it was Porsha she thought should be replaced and it was because Kordell was restricting Porsha from discussing things and doing things. Her opinion has now changed and she thinks Porsha should come back.

Oh Lord, Andy made a comment that if Sheree comes back to the show, Nene would have another blackout moment and lose it. Nene says yes she would. Let her stay right where she is at. Oh Andy, you wouldn’t. Would you?

Kenya who? The show is almost over and we are just now mentioning her. Nene says that Kenya and Walter had an agreement coming on to the show. They were never in a relationship. I am TELLING Y’ALL KENYA IS NOT COMING BACK.  Cynthia has also not been mentioned once.  Andy rattles off a list of the original housewives and Nene says all the veterans are the BOSS of their shows and all the late comers want to be just like them. Nene clearly has confidence these days. Nene says she is the star of the show. Nene says that Brandi is a trainwreck. Nene and Brandi apparently had words at the Bravo Upfronts. Oh Andy just mentioned Cynthia’s name in passing.

Nene’s regrets include her relationship problems with Gregg being public, she fights with Kim being public and that she ever brought Sheree’s name up to Bravo in the first place. Nene says that Sheree is not a grateful person, she’s very entitled. It worries me that we are talking about Sheree so much.  Nene thanks Andy for all the doors he opened for her and asks him to leave all that old footage in the vault.


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70 responses to “Nene Leakes One on One Interview With Andy Cohen

  1. pffffttt

    I bet Sheree is coming back. Back when Bethenny was on WWHL, she even mentioned to Andy that she missed Sheree on RHOA… Andy also asks all the women on wwhl if they ever see or talk to Sheree.

    This along with Sheree being on WWHL next week, seems like she will be back.

    • smitsa

      With all that said, you may be right! But, who is leaving?

      • pffffttt

        Hopefully Cynthia will be replaced. She is the most boring Housewife out of all the shows…

      • smitsa

        Unless, Cynthia’s sister and mom make several appearances. The drama around their feelings about Peter sucking Cynthia’s bank account dry and the mysteriously misplaced marriage license was classic. I don’t want to see anymore families break up, but, it was good TV.

        Roomer has it, Peter’s pockets are getting pretty full these days – Is his new Bar One club making that much money?

      • Maybe I should have put that in CAPITAL LETTERS WITH A LINK TO THE FIRST TIME I SAID IT… oh wait, I did do that.


      • smitsa

        OOps! I just got spanked for not paying attention.

      • pillpoppin

        I’m usually with you on things but I think the idea Kenya won’t be back is wishful thinking on your part. Yeah she is ratchet and crazy, but that brought in the ratings and there’s no way Bravo’s going to let her go. There’s a reason the most obnoxious ‘wives in each city (Nene, Ramona, Vicki, Teresa) tend to be the longest lasting and best paid.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    As much as I dislike hearing Shezilla’s name, Nene is beyond pressed. Sheree could stand toe to toe with her when it came down to the reading sessions, and she didn’t back down. Nene likes to control people and she knew she couldn’t control Sheree. That’s her problem.

  3. tuqwain brown

    I am starting to really think that sheree whitfield will be back next season. Why is the interview at SHEREE… and andy is messy he probably would bring her back..

  4. Eve

    They will put Sheree back on the show to put Nene in her place and to make bigger fools out of these two violent pigs.
    Nene reminds me of that line from the movie “Sixteen Candles”……….that i am king of the dipshits.
    Well, Nene is certainly queen of the dipshits.
    She is a sad delusional pathetic excuse of a person with a really bad toupe.

    • smitsa

      NeNe is a full fledged natural actress on housewives. But, she needs a little help on the other two shows…. she’s lacking confidence and it shows. IMO, her lines don’t flow as smoothly as they should. I believe they will in time. I haven’t seen the ratings on Glee, and The New Normal. I’ve never seen Glee. Are the contributing actors mentioned in the ratings?

    • smitsa

      Eve, do you think Sheree will be the same person she was before she left. I think she’ll be a bit skeptical unless Bravo insists she beef up the drama for ratings.

      • Eve

        I would agree that Nene is more natural on Housewives, but she is no actress.
        I have seen a few clips from the other shows and they are really bad. She is a novelty. Someone who will have a 14 minute Hollywood career and thats it.
        What she is in real life is no different from what Sheree is. A thug, a person who is no stranger to criminal or other legal charges and courts.
        They are popular on these shows because they act like pigs, are violent and live in fake homes with rented purses and clothes that Bravo pays for.
        We watch because they act in ways ‘we’ never would. Bravo exploits them, boozes them up and makes them think they are wunnerful.
        Bethenny may be the exception as she is smart and had a master plan.
        What does Sheree do? Build a mess she cant afford. What is Nene doing? Making sure everyone knows how stupid she is……….buying expensive purses and a ring.
        If the ring is fake, ill give her some credit, if its real…….she is the dumbest of all.

      • FAHLINA_T

        People actually RENT purses and clothes? Seriously?

  5. blueeyed

    I have never been a Nene fan, this interview did not help. I hope Andy plans on giving other HWs one-on-ones.

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      I agree, but, only with Andy, sneaky and catty with the shade, just wish Nene would get rid of that awful toupee and get those teeth to be a better fit, but, proud she is making her coins with such little talent.

    • I read where Andy does have more one on ones set up coming soon. I believe Kim is next. Sorry I read it like just a couple days ago and I think it was on Roxy’s site. (Don’t know if I am allowed to say it here!)

  6. smitsa

    Who is Roomer? Rumor’s twin maybe… lol.

  7. tuqwain brown

    Tamara, I think it is safe to say that SHEREE WHITFIELD will be back next season… Kenya Moore has been real quite on twitter…. Sheree is trying to protect CHATEAU SHEREE for further ex poser because that will be her story line again…CHATEAU bring ratings, that brings money for Andy.. the bloggers have exposed her real truth so that is why she is pulling you all into court… and it keeps making her relevant. the reunion had her name in it, and now Andy interview with nene ,and sitll of the all the talk about her,. and all the history they had seams strange to me.. not unless she is coming back… Andy loves Sheree and throws a lot of shade her way. so he need some on to make fun of, and it will be of Sheree .

    • Aloha

      I think it’s really true that the Chateau WILL bring ratings if Andy shows it as part of a story. . . what if Tamara ends up on the show too?

    • Sheree may bring ratings. But not the kind of demographics that actually buy the advertisers products. So, quantity does not necessarily trump quality.

      • NY to Atl

        Just how were you able to splice out the demographic that watches/watched RHOA from the demographic that tuned in for Sheree?

        You were not able to because the demographic is the same. What is your point?

        Sheree has not had a solo tv project so it would be nearly impossible for you to surmise this baseless conclusion because you lack a point of comparison.

        The only litmus test that you possibly could have used for a point of comparison is Sheree and Bob on Iyanla, which in fact had strong ratings and was tops for Black female viewers during its time slot. Are you suggesting that black women cannot or do not participate in consumerism? What would make you think such?

        You might want to have a seat.

      • Lol. I’m saying that she does not attract a demographic that appeals to advertisers. Im basing that on the posts here and elsewhere. You may not like it. But it’s the way the world works. You may want to take a cyanide pill.

      • To clarify: trash attract trash. And sheree is trash. Simple.

  8. I don’t think it is safe to say she will be back. Andy doesn’t fire people and then bring them back.

    That said, it was very odd that so much of the show was Nene throwing shade at her. She might be willing to give Andy an ultimatum on this one. It doesn’t make sense that Nene is suddenly so vocal about her dislike for her…

    • tuqwain brown

      Nene was throwing a lot of shade at sheree … but why be so vocal about how there past friendship?!?! Now at this point when you are not friends today… and you will never be friends with her.. as much shade andy throws at sheree he likes her.. he always talks about she by sheree..look at his face ,when he ask nene how would she act if she was to walk in …I feel like nene was vocal about her dislike for sheree, because bravo is up to something … sheree has nothing going on at this point, so why would she appear on wwhl with no. up coming projects … it just does not make. sence… andy does not rehire fired housewives … but for sheree to appear on a network she was fired from to tape wwhl with
      No pay makes no sence but this is (sheree), If kim z does not come back next season,sheree will.. the need some one to get under nene skin.. and kim and sheree brings out the worst in nene.andy knows nene brings The ratings… nene may be powerful but I doubt she is that powerful .. andy is a messy queen I would not put it pass him.. nene appear and the following week sheree.. they cooking up something

      no pay.. doesent add up..

      Sorry tamara I have to go with my gut feelling on this on
      She will be back to stir up some type of shot..

    • Is it possible that she HAD to hate on someone and sheree fit the bill? Maybe she feels like she gotten too nice. She kind of has btw. And so, she can say whatever she wants about sheree who is long gone, without confrontation. She really probably has to avoid confrontations now that she has studios to be responsible to. Just a theory.

  9. Aryana

    TT… I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! The need an nemesis for NeNe. Marlo did not work out. This is like Teresa screaming to Danielle at the reunion about not talking about her family… next this Melissa was on the show… Oh Andy… please please leave Sheree in the corner.

  10. SB

    Am I the only one who wants her back? She was great tv, and honestly this last season of RHOA was a total snooze fest.

    • pillpoppin

      I thought I’d miss her and Kim but as the season went on the dynamic worked pretty well and I wasn’t even thinking about them. The show is more enjoyable without the Nene-Kim-Sheree drama because it was so intense between all of them and there would never be any lighter moments. I found these season more enjoyable since it was less tense and a bit funner.


      Surely they have enough talented people in Atlanta to be able to make do without She-Broke. It’s a big city!!!!

  11. MissCane

    Kandi is boring but has her own show – so she can be gone. Cynthia is all about posing and being reasonable. How tired is that for TV? And who let Porsha in the building?

  12. FGF

    Spot on, Tamara!! Andy is as shady as they come and I love it!! If Kim doesn’t come back he needs Sheree to go at Nene. Or if Kim comes back as NeNe’s friend it will cause mucho drama w/Sheree. And, I just thought about Nene saying she never met Kroy and when you think about it she was never around him. The times he appeared in season 4 at an event were Kim’s baby shower (Nene wasn’t present) Phaedra’s son’s christening (Nene wasn’t present) and the Bailey Agency opening where Kim/Kroy left early after Marlo & Kandi’s fight bringing up Big Poppa. She really hasn’t been around him at all.

  13. NY to Atl

    I am thinking Sheree may be back in some form next season. Both Andy and Nene cannot keep the woman’s name out of their mouths.

    Plus, Sheree and Bob on Iyanla had strong ratings (especially considering it was OWN), Chauteau Sheree never ceases to amaze people. All things considered, it makes sense to assume Bravo might want to capitalize on Sheree in some way.

    Kenya’s storyline got too tangled and I dont think they want to go there again this season.

    So if drama is needed, then it makes sense to bring Sheree and a few other surprises.

  14. I used to dislike Nene immensely but have grown to like her.. No matter how hard I try from the time I have been watching this show…!.5 yrs now and have caught up somewhat from what I have seen of Kim Zolciak I can’t seem to like her.. She is a user and a faker and is such a liar. She acts like she has been rich all her life.
    I love Kandi, not sure about Cynthia and Kenya … though Kenya is crazy I think she has a good heart. Porsha is another Kim like person and I hope she doesn’t come back/

  15. Look folks….if sheree comes back then andy needs to bring TT right on the show…so she can check that boo boo…..that’s the only REAL storyline going on in sherees broke down life….so come on TT tell what Your Housewives opening tag line would be?

  16. kym

    BarNone seems to be doing well. They also shoot scenes from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in there.

    • Isn’t US Bravo’s mouthpiece? The article puts Brandi and Melissa in a negative light, which is unusual for them. I can’t remember if I’ve ever read anything in there praising Teresa.

      Also, they used the word “red” like the color when NeNe meant “read.”

    • Linda

      If you go to Radar online, navigate down past Brandi’s reply to NeNe, NeNe’s article has NeNe’s face and is down the selection of articles from Brandi’s answer..

    • Very odd that there’s no mention of Sheree since there was so much mention of her on the show. We knew she didn’t like Brandi beause NeNe is one of Kyle’s peeps.

    • Katrina

      The article did not mention one word about Sheree or any of the ATL housewives. It looked like they were building in some sympathy for Brandi and Teresa. I read somewhere that Teresa has taped a one on one interview with Andy. It also makes it seems like Nene was bashing all the housewives franchises and doesn’t care about Bravo. I read another article that states that Nene wasn’t nice to the advertisers at the upfronts. I am not sure I believe that, but it may mean that Nene will not be back on ATL for next season. People like to hate on Nene, so if she says anything, it usually cast in a negative light. Maybe Bravo has found a new Nene character in Kenya.
      Did Bravo officially say that Sheree was fired? Sheree says she left on her own. Maybe Sheree will address it on WWHL on Sunday.

      • In what universe do you think that Sheree would walk away from housewives. lol. Bravo never says they fired anyone. Not even Adrienne Maloof. They try to let them leave with dignity. At least the ones that are able to comprehend the word.

        On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 3:05 PM, Tamara Tattles

      • Katrina

        Maybe Andy is just trying to help her out and throw a little shade on WWHL too.

  17. Michelle

    Sheree will never be back as a full time housewife. At best she my be at a party, but at this point who would invite her? I think the show is fine with the women they have now. Also I read your article before watching the special you had me believe most of the interview was about sheree and that’s not so. If anything most of the talk was about Kim. Also nene said that is what she believed happened between Kenya nd Walter not that it was fact. At this point who really cares. Sheree brought nothing to the how. It’s a shame didn’t take advantage of the opportunity and make a business instead she is wasting time with frivolous lawsuits and has creditors breathing down her neck.

    • Joan

      I’ve switched my ‘like’ from season to season on the RHOA. However, the last 2 seasons, I’ve liked Nene. The main reason is that he moved on with her life, made something of her opportunities and managed to still stay in the franchise. Obviously, she has great people around her who advise her. So, while I don’t ‘know’ her to comment on what her character is, I admire anyone who can take an open door and run with it.

      • Joan

        Does anyone else find it odd that Andy is always fascinated by big breasts? He’s always very interested when a housewife comes on with big bubble breasts. I’m not saying he’s not gay…just seems weird to me.

      • Most gay men love the boobs. They remind you of mom and you can drape stuff on them and they are generally fun bags. It’s the dark mysterious vag that repels them.

    • trishatroy22

      Since you know a lot about recap, scoot over to your own blog!

  18. How did he get her voice so different!??? Her audition tape looks and sounds nothing like her.

    • She. How did she get her voice to change.

      Nene is entertaining. But immature and deluded. She expects loyalty. But doesn’t have to give it. She expects gratitude. But shows none. The whole veteran/seniority thing is baseless and not indicative of the real world. Maybe it works at a strip club. But in no other successful enterprise does seniority rule over doing a good job. If someone comes along who is more interesting, she loses her throne. She’s lucky that she’s interesting.

    • It's A Crazy World

      It’s the acting classes … I am sure they had/have her working on her diction, speech, etc.

  19. Girl Plz...

    Good for Nene.
    I however feel he needs to humble herself a little bit.

  20. Cassie

    Nene thought way to much of herself. I hope this was an exit interview because I
    believe she needs to be replaced. She does not make the show. The girls in Atlanta
    did fine without her. I hope they bring Ms. Hampton back she was funny in a very materialistic way. Please cut Sheree some slack. Did you not here her ex husband how he said he did not love her. What Iylana should have done was told him to hung and tell her how sorry he was that he could not love her like she needed to be loved.
    Maybe some of her bitterness would have gone away.

    • My post about Chateau Sheree was very positive. I never went in on her until she decided to drag me in to court. I think round 4 is at the end of the month. She could have bought some really nice extensions and a handbag for what it takes to keep on taking three people to court after losing every single time. Or bought a bed. Or got the teevee outta the pawn shop… or sumpthin…

      • Cassie

        Tamara why do you feel that you are not guilty of something. To make fun of her and
        go to her house or whomevers house for the sole pleasure of mocking her. Get real
        don’t act so innocent. Now I am not saying Sheree was right but if someone was mocking you constantly showing up at your home taking pleasure in your bad choices,
        you know her kids probably read all of this. As a woman don’t you know her problems
        stems from her bad relationship. Are you not part of the game so just suck it up go to
        court and hopefully you win your cases. When you decided to do this blog you knew it
        would be times you might get into some legal spats, verbal spats and or physical spats
        it all comes with the territory. Girl, I still like your site.

  21. I think she rocked this interview, she didn’t really trash talk anyone. I think she kept it classy and real. I think that the comments she made about she-byShebroke whitfield were true..she’s mean and an evil biznitch! I hope Andy doesn’t bring her back..

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