Sheree Whitfield LOSES AGAIN IN COURT.

THE VIDEO IS FROM SFTA or Funky Dineva I got it off twitter last night.  That is Michelle the StraightFromtheA BLAWGER and Funky Dinvea. They are the other two bloggers Sheree has dragged into court. I can’t believe I didn’t point that out. Sorry to be misleading!!!

I mean really, how fucking stupid do you want to look in public? it says something that ALL of the respondents to this bullshit were talking about how sorry we felt for Tierra and you keep on dragging her into this nonsense. Now Michelle and Q may be willing to just defend themselves successfully against your stupidity without making you admit you are hiding assets from the IRS or Georgia Department of Revenue, but I am going to make you bust that pot open because girl, with the bigass bagel on your head, It completely AMAZES me that with all the dirt we have on you, you didn’t just drop your warrant applications, LIKE YOUR ATTORNEY TOLD YOU TO. We could be done.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four May Be Sheree Whitfield's Final SeasonBut I have all day to play with you. Everyday. I LOVE me some court action. My lawyer is not going to let you go into a case with no standing. My bloggers are not going to let me go bankrupt and my blogging COMPETITORS are throwing big money at this cause. Why? It’s a little thing called our first amendment rights to blog.Let’s see who runs out of money first. I promise you it won’t be me. I watched you drive by my house and take pictures and have your little friend try to blow up my blog about my ghetto house, etc. I’ve paid cash for my house, my car and everything in it. You it would seems, based on the filming RHOA did at your actual residence, still live in an apt with no furniture. Meanwhile, a public record search on you shows you are up to your eye teeth in debt and playing some kinda game with this property and have dragged ALL YOUR CHILDREN’S NAMES into it in court today as well as your Mamma. That’s some great protection there. BTW, that wrap on that house is a temporary thing and it’s warranty is quickly ending. As expensive as it is to build a house, if it ever was your house, and title history seems to be skipping your name, whoever owns it really ought to get a façade on there.

As for my personal opinion on you, I think you are one dumb bitch. And I plan to blog about that for as long as me and my readers have to keep contributing to my legal fund. They deserve to know what is going on in a case they are helping to fund.

I think I was very fair to you in this blog up until Iylana pointed out that Chateau Sheree stood for the emblem of you never finishing a goddamn thing and you lost your shit. And frankly, if you don’t shut the fuck up, and stop whining about people pointing out all of your PUBLIC RECORD issues…it’s only going to harm your children.  If those public records go to court, you may have some ‘splaining to do. You’re a moron Sheree. And you need to have a seat and know when you are out gunned. You are doing a MAJOR disservice to your children.


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  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    What is she like, 0-500, when it comes to the court system? I’m glad she’s not a professional athlete.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    And Tamara I support you 100%. Tomorrow is the 3rd girl, and that’s Mother’s Day in my language, and I’ll continue to support you financially against this broad Sheree. As you said in your last posts, there are REAL victims out here that are being pushed to the side in court all so this b**** can cause a backup in the legal system, take advantage of people time and money, and have a total disregard to REAL issues like women with abusive ex’s. She sickens me and I hope she keeps making an a** out of herself, because maybe one day she will take a good hard look at herself in the mirror and re-evaluate her miserable life, figure out what it is in her life she’s doing wrong, (because, everything she does fails, and every time it does, she blames someone else), and improve her standings, for not only herself, but her children. How sad it is that her kids have to deal with a woman like her, who will drag them into her erroneous legal battles just to save face.

  3. CoCo

    You Go, Gurl! Tamara, we are behind you 100%!!

  4. CoCo

    I forgot to add: If He-ree is trying to get back on RHOA so she can pay her damn bills, no one wants too see her. She’s filing these frivolous lawsuits to stay relevant, but no one cares about her ass!

  5. AMEN SITSA!!! BRING IT FUCK ON!!! Oops..Girl Say it loud and proud!

    • iamrealitytvlover

      Well said Ima, lol. TT so glad your court date went well again. Just be careful, I don’t think Sheree is wrapped to tight, you saw her try to get all ghetto ass with her aggressive gangster style “who gonna check me boo”. Remember she threatened to get Punky or some hood buddy of hers to help her out. She knows where you live and clearly she is not playing with a full deck. She could be a crazy sociopath for all you know so just be sure to watch your back. Hope you have an alarm system on your house?

      Saw your mention on twitter that your attorney may have delayed Michelle and Funky, have any deets that are safe to share?

      Suffice it to say, all Sheree has accomplished is to make an even bigger ass of herself than she already is. She is not winning by any means, just hope she isn’t doing too much damage to her kids. Hope Bob is ready to step in when she flips her last lid….and my guess is won’t be that long from now.

    • Tamar voice

      Tamara, I think you’re better than this. You’re usually witty and fun, but in this post you appear angry. Just let it go. Nobody wins if you guys keep this up. All the viewers of RHOA past and present and everybody who visits your site daily like me know the truth about Sheree. I don’t think it’s worth all this…for what? She has to sleep with her demons at night, don’t let her demons become a part of you.

      Let’s just sip tea and spread gossip on people who are still on TV faking. Sheree dropped out of that game almost two years ago, and we should have left her alone two years ago.

      I’m just saying….in my Tamar voice :(

      • Really we should have? Why? As long as she keeps running around doing batshit crazy stuff, I’m gonna be right here blogging about it. You can’t scream LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! And then get pissed when people point you appear insane.

      • No matter what she does you should ban the use of her name here, seems she just doing this to see your reaction and her name mentioned. Stop giving her the attention she desperately craves. That’s how you deal with her kind.

      • How bout I blog about what I want to blog about on my blog? You okay with that? If not, you can go to court with SHeree and meet with my attorney and join her in saying things like she is going to sue me for defamation if I don’t stop blogging about her…

      • You go ahead and blog your ass of girl. I just started reading your blog yesterday and have’nt hardly took a break reading past blogs. You blog all you want. I’m enjoying the reading material. Thank you so much.

      • meme

        Well said!!! Please let it go.

  6. Btw… it you think they look cute HERE…. they are way cuter in person. I love them.

  7. Sunny Day

    TT I am not normally 1 to ask u to add to a blog but since u went out & told her whats up w the money & ur not going to lose out here & she will….I think u forgot to add a classic familiar to Sheree & now so appropriate NeNe quote, “I’m rich, bitch!” lol what an asshat she is. Sheree is what we refer to here as All hat & no cattle. I’m sick to know she’s trying to take a shot at u about where u live etc. who cares? that’s nobody’s business bc u never put urself out there to say u were the billionaire blogger adoring a penthouse view as all the peasants cheer & come admire u. that’s so grade school sheree. I like ur blog, I don’t care where u live, I care what u have to say. it just goes to show how dumb her mentality is to think that trying to point out some material something about someone else somehow makes a difference. that’s a miserable life she’s in bc if ur always looking at what others have, that means ur never happy w yourself. I feel sorry for her kids, its so hard to hv a parent who’s not a grown-up.

  8. Seriously....

    I died when The Doll said ” 500 yrds, I can’t see the house from that far”. He’s too much! Poor Tierra. She needs to learn that when your mama is a mess, sometimes you need to leave her alone and not get involved in her business, even if she is your mama.

  9. Byanca Blaze

    I am in journalism myself and write a lot about these topics, and may I say love your style, detail, hypurbole, and verisemlitude in your style. This was a great piece! It is you ammendement right to speak you mind and peace. If she don’t like it then why the hell did she put her ass out there for all of us to see. Here is a little FYI my friend, keep digging there is more and a few details that will have your pen movingggggggggg. Ciao

  10. I don’t understand exactly why this ex-housewife thinks she can stop people from blogging about her or wanting to see her huge ass house after she put herself in the PUBLIC eye! And these two in the video are hilarious! Keep your head up Tamara she is never going to win this. She must be really bored in her life to be trolling the internet to see what people are saying about her then trying to get them in trouble by taking them to court. What a waste of precious court officials time.

  11. MissCane

    Sheree is always trying to be something she’s not, never was nor will be. I’m with you 100%. Kick this bitches ass – IN PUBLIC.

  12. Shellbelle

    Sounds like you’ve had enough…it also seems like you have more info on her that you weren’t willing to make public to protect her kids. If you were really out to hurt her, you could have exposed that , but you didn’t. To me, that says a lot. However, at some point you have decided to take the gloves off and knock her ass out. Good for you. Bout damn time someone puts an end to her foolishness. She’s been a loud mouthed bully since she was filming RHOA.

  13. NAA

    Just let us know if you run low. I’m pretty sure we’ve got deeper pockets than Sheree.

  14. englishwithparis

    Thank you to everyone for updates and thoughts. I don’t have DVR and am stuck at school & work. Missing all the last hours after all these months. But I believe the Alexander Family will get justice soon.

  15. oracle5

    Sheree, a hint to the wise is sufficient, but in your case, it seems as if, you are not comprehending what the father of your children is telling you. If anyone tells you that they don’t like you. Especially, the father of your children is telling you this right in your face. Run for your life! The father of your children despises you! Best Wishes to you! Help is on the WAY! Hold on! Help is on the WAY! Ask and you shall receive IT! Only believe, All things are POSSIBLE!

  16. Tiffany C.

    I just hope Sheree goes after someone else and leaves you alone. You deserve peace.

    • Don’t wish that on anyone! Wish that she crawls into a cave and never comes out. We don’t want anyone to go through what TT is going through, well other than S herself.

  17. steve

    looking at that picture even her toys wilt from her touch

  18. The Disher

    Sheree is bringing about her own demise. Nobody would be even talking about her, if she didn’t keep forcing these issues into the forefront. Sheree– haven’t you ever heard that “what you resist, persists.” She needs to do some serious soul searching, but doesn’t seem capable. Very sad for her children.

  19. RealitySux

    Holy crap … what a moron. I’m sorry you have to go through this Tamara … I can’t believe this has been dragging out so long!!

  20. Eve

    I dub the chateau the shack-toe now

  21. Aloha

    Free speech!

    If Sheree doesn’t keep acting the Fool then there’s nothing to say. But Sheree keeps putting herself out there. She seems to enjoy making a big embarrassment out of herself. If she didn’t then she certainly wouldn’t have posed smiling with a huge bright pink dildo right next to her face!

    • Joan

      I always thought she wasn’t smart enough to use this opportunity, like Nene or Kim. She had the exact same opportunities to take her cash and hire all sorts of professionals to help her move forward and build a brand, etc. Instead, she blew the money. Now I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t some mental illness behind this. I only saw a little trailer to her on Iylana’s (sp?) show on OWN with Bob. After having one after another situation pointed out to her, she refused to back down, own or acknowledge that there was anything wrong with her thought process. Bob isn’t anything special as well – what man doesn’t pay child support just because he thinks his ex-spouse can afford to raise the child on their own? Where is his pride and concern for his child? Well, is she delusional? This behavior – all of it – has me rethinking this.

      • I think you need to read/watch more about Bob. HE takes care of his kids to include paying child support. What he fought was Sheree getting more to blow on everything other than the kids.

  22. Ashley

    Is that video of you and your husband?

  23. Dear Tamra, OMG.. I just found this site on Google like a few days ago and I am loving it…. My husband and kids keep coming around to see why I an giggling all by myself … It’s YOU.. YOU are so funny, I love the way you tell the stories… I KNOW this couldn’t be the Tamra from RHOOC/// You are too smart to be that dimwit.
    I am 100% behind you.. I used to like Sheree when I first started watching it, 1.5 years ago.. caught up with it on reruns and soon realized that she is in a class of her own.. or should I say Kim Zolciaks..?

    • Leigh

      Same here Rita! I found this through sfta and I am just blown away by this blog. Tamara really has a lot of talent for this.

      • Michelle From SFTA has been a mentor to me every since my early days of blogging. I actually need to listen to her more, especially about ads. She is very supportive of other bloggers. I can’t believe I forgot to credit her video. I think that was lesson number one in her blogging school. LOL. #embarrassed.

      • Leigh

        I just have that feeling that you are meant for this but much bigger somehow. I wish you the best and thank you for the entertainment here.

      • Aw, thanks so much. Y’alls support means so much! Sometimes, like with anything, you wonder if you are on the right path!

      • Rosie

        Good for you Tamara! Glad you all put her in her place! That woman just doesn’t know when to be embarrassed.. Should have been years ago.

      • I like this site where things are not to restricted though we need some rules.. I will be catching you here again. Have a nice week end.

  24. Aloha

    If people don’t like Sheree that is because Sheree makes herself unlikable. She should know that and quit blaming Bob or others.

  25. diamondgigi

    TT, you are putting up a good fight – be strong. Remember misery loves company, except Sheree can’t find company. She is miserable and shallow and wants the world to be miserable with her. She needs to spend her time looking for a job and owning up to her wrongs, before her kids REALLY find out what kind of PERSON she is and turn against her. If what was said in the video was true despite the fact of being in court it had to be pretty darn funny.


    Her petition is up to a whopping 413 signatures!!!! She must have made some new friends in court! LMAO

    • The Disher

      Sheree’s running out of different names she can come up with to put down on the petition. She needs to buy a baby book of names and just start typing…

  27. Leigh

    Tamara, I hope you are able to get something out of all the bullshit she’s putting you through. Im so glad you are standing up for yourself. I still can’t get over the fact that there is an online petition for her to return to hw’s. Smdh!

  28. Wait, so you was being sued by her?

  29. TracyMC

    Ummmm okay so you’re totally my hero, Tamara. 😀

  30. Patricia


    If you read one post, read this one. Give this shit up. You are in over your head. Not to mention, do you not have better things to do? What happened to all of these business ventures you were working on? If people are jealous of you or are haters as you claim, make yourself successful and rub it in their face.

    As things stand, you are being as ridiculous today as you were when you were on RHOA. Seriously, you act as if you are a major celebrity. Do you mean to remain relevant by dragging bloggers into court?

    Worst still is dragging your kids into court. Kierra defended you in an article and this is how you repay the child you wouldn’t even claim as your own daughter, drag her into court over some bullshit?

    If you want people to stay away from you or not talk about you, why don’t you practice what you preach? Lastly, this court shit has got to be expensive and I’m SURE you don’t have money for countless lawyers. You really need to give it up and move on. Your actions are not that of a 40 something year old woman. Seriously, go down to the unemployment office and look for a job – any job. Your 15 minutes is over. Time to move on for yourself and your family. In other words, give it up.

  31. jb44

    I know I am in the minority, but maybe it isn’t such a good idea to trespass on someone’s property and then write about it, unless you are prepared to accept the consequences. Was it smart of Sheree to bring a lawsuit? No, it was idiotic. Was it smart to trespass? It depends on whether the benefits outweigh the time and money it has cost. Only Tamara know the answer. (I really do enjoy reading this blog and hope I don’t get banned, but I’ll understand if Tamara thinks I have crossed the line.)

    • Funny because obviously more than one JUDGE doesn’t think the line was crossed or any trespassing happened. Funny because obviously Sheree is wasting the justice system in multiple counties time because said judges don’t think the line was crossed or trespassing happened.

      • What I would like to know is, where is she getting all this money for lawyers for frivilous lawsuits? Or does she qualify for a fee waiver. I just don’t get it.

  32. becky white

    I know you are angry – you have the right to be but in my opinion devoting more blogs to her just gives her more publicity which she obviously wants. Also I would quit saying what you have because that means you have assets worth going after in someone’s mind – especially if they have so little. Lastly, if your competitors are throwing money at you why did you just ask for donations? I know I will be ripped apart for this post but so what. I do admire that you keep up the posts of those that disagree with you – many bloggers would not. For the most part I enjoy your blog – just not the part about her – not because I agree with her – I just dont like her getting more press.

    • The competing blogs made the donations just like everyone else using the donate button. It’s a lot to me… and was an unexpected show of support.

      I guess you haven’t read the blogs here and from the other bloggers where she always offers to stop harassing us in court if we stop blogging about her. Her entire motive is to stop us from discussing the stupid things she does, (not paying taxes, transferring ownership of the chateau sheree site every few months, not finishing projects, etc.) These topics are covered by TMZ, and all the major blog sites. It’s on Wendy Williams, It’s on Iyanla Fix My Life (she got mad at Iyanla as well trying to tell her she was making her look bad), it will be discussed right now on WWHL with Nene Leakes. Her financial issues have been covered several times by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

      She drags us into court for a protective order but refuses to agree to a mutual stay away (She doesn’t want to be ordered to stay away from US) She is attempting to censor us, because she doesn’t like what we blog. That is not going to happen, and in fact, it will make us blog about her even more.

      Our point in court is my blog content is determined by ME. Sheree can’t stop us from blogging about her. It is also not up to YOU to decide if I blog about her. It’s my blog and my decision. That is precisely why other bloggers are donating to this case. It’s a first amendment issue, all her stalking this and trespassing that nonsense is smoke an mirrors. She has offered to drop all the charges and TPO requests and so forth IF WE STOP BLOGGING ABOUT HER. And to that, I say hell no.

      Now, if you would like to start a blog, you can blog about anything your heart desires.

      On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 7:51 PM, Tamara Tattles

  33. Sars

    Sheree has always made it impossible to side with, like, or enjoy her. She’s very unwise and a major hypocrite. The viewers, especially the ones talking about the show, are responsible for Sheree’s fame whether she is liked by us or not, so she shouldn’t be going after and trying to put fear into any one of us. But she’d have to have an iota of wisdom to consider that. What a little scumbag.

    I am not much older than Sheree was when she was arrested for shoplifting, and I feel I’ve changed sooo much since age 19, so when I read about that some time ago, I thought, “not a big deal, kids do stupid shit”. But now I am catching up on s3 and 4 which I missed, and reading more about her, like the info on this blog… She is the same childish, selfish wannabe pseudo-socialite she surely was then. She really needs to grow the fuck up already, but she’s just too damn stupid. I really feel for her kids.

  34. LH52094

    Let’s also not forget that the not-so-divine SW had her Aston Martin seized a couple of years ago for nonpayment of her divorce attorney’s fees. Just Google it, there are a ton of articles confirming it.

    It’s a wonder that any attorney in the ATL will take her on as a client…

    Look up “Hot Ass Mess” in the dictionary, see a pic of SW.

    • click the SHeree WHitfield link on the left hand side-bar and find all the articles you’d ever want. Sheree clicks it and takes me to court.

      On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 6:04 PM, Tamara Tattles

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