Sheree Goes After @Atlien and @FunkyDineva While They Wait for Their Attorneys

So @Atlien and @FunkyDineva are waiting in an alcove off to the side for their attorneys and here come dumbass Sheree trying to take their pictures. I walked away from all this shit because Sheree was PISSED OFF because she lost in court AGAIN.  Did I mention that Sheree took so many pictures that during mediation she stopped the show to ask for a charger for her blackberry and said it was so she could text her poor churren? SMDH. The man trying to make her act right was her attorney who she undermined at every turn in court. Y’all know that poor man ain’t even gonna get paid.

This is after court, Sheree went into an alcove off to the side where she did not need to be to approach them. Sheree was pissed because she has no case. Also, their case was technically with Tierra, who was embarrassed and did not approach them at all.


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32 responses to “Sheree Goes After @Atlien and @FunkyDineva While They Wait for Their Attorneys

  1. She just doesn’t get it. I find it highly entertaining.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I’ve been waiting on this all day…what a pathetic little human being Sheree is.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      AND LMAO AT BOB DON’T WANT YOU! Help! I need a hospital cause I’m cracking my ribs from laughter.

      • puravidacostarica

        LOL! That should be “NO ONE wants you boo!”

      • KAM

        Yup- But she’s hating on Michelle from SFTA for that reason- because of Bob. Tamara, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Nobody has time for this level of shit. Sheree is a hot mess, and she needs to take a seat and STFU. Her fronting days are over.

  3. Saba

    Poor thing. Sheree is full of hate. She really needs to work out her emotions with her therapist.

  4. Vette_Cee

    Is she doing anything productive with her life??

  5. puravidacostarica

    Just two words for Sheree: just pitiful. She seriously needs psychiatric help. That much bitterness trapped in one body equals…ummm….Jodi Arias!

    • puravidacostarica

      How sad is it that we might face this in the future: “Don’t make go all Jodi Arias on you!”

      • puravidacostarica

        “Don’t make me go all Jodi Arias on you!” (Yikes, she is invading my typing skills and not just my obsessive need to watch the live trial stream….)

  6. Tango

    I am sorry you have to go through this bs TT. I can not imagine being forced to be a part of this circus for the vain and famewhoring. I remember the chateau Sheree nonsense on the show for all to see. It was a boresome joke and she seems to want to milk her 15 min for all it is worth.

  7. steve

    glad to hear your court day went well but i agree with your back. Sheree has involved you in her personal crazy and knows where you live. I dont wanna read one day that she had to self defend you while you stalked her at YOUR house

    • I insisted on a mutual stay away. but she has this goon… I am probably going to have to ask for one against him too.

      • Princess Diva Z

        Yea it’s probably pookie and them she talked about on the show. Be careful. Get a camera and mount it on the front of your house to catch her cruising by your place. That will def put a fork in her stalking case!

  8. nakisha

    Sheree plays too many crack-head games…lmaooooo

    • she came after me with that same white phone last time…. sigh. She’s fucked in the head.

      On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 2:00 AM, Tamara Tattles

      • Redwriter

        I just read ATlien’s blog about this and yours. The only thing that is confusing me is why she was taking so many pictures of you AT COURT? Do you know why someone that is allegedly scared of the three of you would take pictures? What is she planning on doing with them?

    • Also she is delusional. She wants us all to stop blogging about her. AND she says if we don’t she will bring a defamation lawsuit. CHILE… I got so much on her …. aint nobody making shit up. she’s now jeopardizing her kids education because it I get called to testifiy I have some tea that will be Very problematic for her. She wanna pay for private school?

  9. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Tamara I do not envy your occupational hazards as a blogger dealing with this situation.

    Does the court/judge see that Sheree can’t have it both ways?
    On one hand she is whoring herself out on tv for chump change. She is putting herself out into the media; but the media is not supposed to talk about her unless it is something she wants them to talk about? Nah it don’t work like that.

    Her priorities are so messed up with all this energy & time into abusing the court system. Instead of spending money on lawyers (if she pays them), she should be taking care of her kids. As a mom she should be at home helping her kids with homework and being there for them. She could be improving herself with an education or taking speech lessons so she doesn’t always sound like she has a mouth full of marbles….. She has one fucked up thought process. I’m keeping positive thoughts for ya regarding all of this surreal Sheree fuckery….

    • Susan

      Hi Ms Urethra, I keep hearing about kids with Sheree how many does she have? I thought it was only two. The girls is out on her own and is engaged I think and the boy is I think in high school. How in the world could Sheree help them with their homework? I didn’t think her brain went that far. This house is for her “kids” they will be grown and have kids of their own before Sherees house is finished if it ever gets finished. We all know that house is Sherees and no other. I really don’t like her. If she comes back to Bravo I done.

      • Undine

        Sheree has three children. The oldest is the one dragged into this mess, Tierra. She has two children with Bob: Kaleigh & Kairo. Poor kids, their parents are awful human beings. Hopefully, their grandparents provide loving support for them.

  10. bendy

    I am so glad you are standing up to her!

  11. Sonya

    But those dining room chairs though (that yall are sitting in front of). I need those in my life in TEXAS!!!… Ok back to S.W….. I feel bad for her because she is hurting herself with all of this.

    She does not know when to stop and it’s sad. Let it goooo S.W. that includes, the house, anger, grudge, revenge tactics, ornery… LET IT GOOO PLEASE, GEESH ENOUGH LADY

    Go buy a condo for yourself and your children, begin certification to become a personal trainer (if you already haven’t) and just live. OMG please S.W. stop making a mockery of yourself.

  12. peachteachr

    TT, nemaste! Being a ‘woman of a certain age’ I was brought up to believe that a ‘woman’s name should only be in the news two times, when they marry and when they die’. Not saying I believe that so please don’t hate on me. I am trying to say that there is such a thing as bad press. If I’ve read both of your Sheree (who’s gonna check me, Boo) posts, it appears that has never occured to her. She has this figured out; she is the one that hurts others but she is never going to be the one hurting. Funny how things happen when you make plans. It’s like fate laughs in your face and says, “Oh, yeah?” You are on our JA obsessed minds but most importantly, you are in our hearts.

  13. TheRealHONJ

    OMG she is pathetic! I feel sooo sorry for her daughter. I wonder if the furniture she purchased for her and her fiancee at the time was repossesed? Could this all be for a possible storyline so RHOA will hire her back? Little tip Sheree-we fans are SOOOO OVER YOU! Leave our bloggers alone! TT this woman is in need of some serious mental health help! Crazy Bitch!

  14. steve

    radio shack sell inexpensive closed caption cameras that will hook to an outdated computer to record on. They are very easy to hook up. How do you think sheree respond in court if you had video of her cruising your place?

  15. Princess Diva Z

    This lady is really crazy. She keeps making herself look stupid as hell. I already didn’t like her now to find out she’s hiding assets from the IRS and just being all the way around tacky and blaming everyone else for her struggles is ridiculous. Why can’t the court see through all this bull? Whatever you have on her you need to let it ALL come out and shut that bitch down. I’m tired of hearing about her and her antics. She needs to get a job and sit the hell down! I guess Tamara gonna have to check you boo!

  16. Aloha

    Sheree continues to be a Loser!

    How in the world can this grown woman continue to be so stupid for so long???

  17. It says the video is private?

  18. Aryana

    TT, You are so spot on with this article. Sheree is using her children, AND is going to destroy their credit with this “Chateau Sheree” house. I feel bad for them. Tierra is being a good soldier, and her mother was ashamed of her season one. Didn’t she say Tierra was a “family friend”. Can you imagine your own mother denying you?

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