Another Week in Court With Sheree Whitfield…

TEA1First of all, to be fair, I should point out that there is a petition online now to have Sheree Whitfield return to RHOA. It seems she has an entire FOUR HUNDRED people interested in having her back. Surely, you guys who like Sheree can do better than that!  Meanwhile, I am headed off to my THIRD court appearance with Sheree this week. On Thursday, I will once again get to witness Sheree showing up in one of  the world’s worst weaves, sniveling to the court to protect her from all the evil bloggers that point out what a lunatic she is. She’s afraid of us, it seems because we like, Iyanla Vanzant and others point out she is making a fool of herself. In fact, she will make a fool of herself again on WWHL soon.

Each time I do this, I am reminded of how these frivolous lawsuits clog up the courts. The first time she did this, she sat outside the courtroom while people with actual cases came into the court and testified about domestic violence. I watched every case. They were serious issues. It was a pretty horrific thing to sit through. And all I could think while I was sitting there was that this woman had the gall to have a “victim’s advocate” who she lied to wasting tax dollars to make up physical descriptions of both me (who she had never seen before court) and my car(which she had also never seen).  It was appalling. The judge, who found in my favor was a compassionate sort of man, and suggested a mutual stay away, to calm her irrational fears. My attorney had already offered that, and both before and during court, Sheree refused a mutual stay away. I eventually got one anyway.

Exclusive Tea on How Kenya Moore Was Cast on Real Housewives of AtlantaNow her first born child, a beautiful woman (in spite of her genetics) who is working hard to make her way in the world, has to show up in court and …what? Perjure herself like some other idiot Sheree asked to do so in another courtroom? It’s sad. Sheree is dragging Tierra into court to fight her battles now. I feel for her. Sheree is her mother…what is she supposed to do?Sheree referred to Tierra as a “family friend” to the media , not wanting to be seen as the teen mom, arrested for shoplifting, etc… And now that she needs something… It’s truly heartbreaking.

Court is not cheap. And I appreciate so very much your donations. I had no idea how long this would go on. At first, I was not even going to hire an attorney. I had no idea that bogus charges would be heard in court. Thank God Kimmer, and my friends elsewhere implored me to get an attorney. I thought I would just go to court and tell the truth and this would eventually end. What I have learned is, even when you win, you have attorney fees.

I’m unemployed while I get a grip on my anxiety disorder. So  yes, I allowed Kimmer to post a request for my legal fund. And because this is my THIRD time in court with Sheree… I’m asking you myself. Not for a lot… just a small donation to the legal fund. The button is at the top left for laptops and I believe at the bottom for iphones. Any small donation is appreciated.

I have told y’all I am having issues with excessive (like super excessive) sleeping episodes. The medication he wants me to take is mondafinil. If you follow me on twitter you know this. I went to get two days worth of pills and it was $60 generic. I have a fear of medication so I bought two days worth but I won’t take them until after the court hearing.  I’m rambling. Sorry. Just a lot of expenses at the moment.

Fortunately, because of you guys, I don’t have to worry about my representation in court. I have an AWESOME attorney. It’s just a pain in my ass.

Thanks for all that have donated. Your combined donations have helped a lot in paying. A lot of $2 donations have added up. I apologize for “begging for money” but I know a lot of you have asked and sometimes you just have to sing up for the petition against bullshit legal action rather than petitions for brokedown bitches to be on a show about being rich… I’m just sayin..


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  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    But the irony of the whole Tierra being dragged into court by Sheree situation is…Sheree didn’t even claim Tierra at one point. In Season 1, she said Tierra was her assistant, right?

  2. Mimi

    You need to countersue for slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress!

  3. Nicole

    Do you have a PO Box that I can send a small donation to?

  4. Nicole

    I hate that you are having to go through this. There got to be a way to stop Sheree from going to court over and over again. And where does she gets money to go to court? I hope she is not spending her child support money. I think we all should send a petition to Andy that we DO NOT want Sheree back.
    Let us know when she is going to be on WWHL and we should bombard Andy with comments and questions about Sheree lies and fakeness and how she is tying up the court system.

  5. Tiffany C

    I’ve been in the same situation as you. I was sued for tens of thousands a couple of years ago by a former business partner. He was angry with me and used the courts to get vengeance. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Hopefully it will be over soon.

  6. marehoop

    Girl you know we got you!!!!

    • Thanks to you all…

      I don’t always have a way to thank you personally, but , y’alls donations make a huge impact. I have a feeling there will be a few people making civil charges very soon. I appreciate it. Like I said before, I was planning trip for I thought I would not be able to take and little by little, you guys have insured I don’t have to spend every dime on Sheree. I’ll be glad this is all over soon.. I’m ready to get out of here for a bit…

      • RahRah

        I just want you to be whole financially after this Sheree mess.

        I see Sheree as a woman who was blessed but everything she touches she tarnishes because she appears to only want “get over” and I work to get by.

      • SnookumsLynn

        RahRah, I was telling my girlfriend that the other day…her blessing will continue to be blocked if she doesn’t get over her resentment and feelings of entitlement…get over yourself, you have been afforded many opportunities…sorry u waste them

    • Joan

      Yes we do. NEVER hesitate to ask for financial help. I know most people don’t like to do that, but sometimes you need to in order to fight the good fight. Take care – hope that this mess is over quickly!

  7. CCMA398

    Hey! I am a narcolepsy sufferer (legit diagnosed after a sleep study and MSLT) Has your MD/Neuro suggested this yet? I take Nuvigil, which is essentially like the fraternal twin of Provigil (modafinil). Have you checked out I was unemployed until a couple wks ago, and thru the cephalon program, I got 3mo supply from them for FREEEEE! It’s a life saver. They base approval on income, or lack there of. Eventho Provigil has a generic, I think it’s still offered thru the program.

    • I would answer but I am falling ass….leeep lolol. Yeah I have gotten the monifadil one recently I have not taken any yet. mostly because when I wake up it is late in the day and also because it is not an EVERYDAY thing. and mostly because the pills are like $30 and I don’t want to waste them if I I can just sleep… sigh. It’s annoying. But thanks for commenting, Everyone I know is an insomniac and is like…that sounds so great!! :(

  8. B boy in Harlem

    Tamara, were you not able to just say you visited the property and would not return?

    Why would that not be sufficient?

  9. Jarenov

    That petition is a joke!

    It has 401 of 1000 signatures. That is clearly not enough for Bravo to take notice! LOL

  10. Diane1018

    Tamara, I found you during Big Brother this past summer & learned so much about Danielle. I’ve been reading since that time. So happy to donate to a blogger I enjoy especially when they are being harassed & impugned by a serial liar. I hope you counter sue for court cost & emotional distress. Oh Sheree, what a delusional loser. Look forward to the next update. Truth will prevail, we’re behind you!

  11. oscar

    you should try getting your medication at costco. its normally really cheap

  12. Michelle

    How is sheree affording a lawyer? She needs to save her pennies. She only has a few more years of child support then what will she do

  13. Tango

    This is really stupid. What is it Sheree wants? Oh, duh, a storyline..

  14. steve

    how do you do an online petition to keep her OFF the Housewives? TT my crappy phone wont let me click the donate link is there another way to get there?

    • Jane

      Hi, steve, do you happen to know if using a credit card on the site is “secure?” I’m across the border, don’t have paypal, don’t want to ignite identity theft scenario, but would like to donate. Though I don’t get the Housewives thing at all, I’d happily support Tamara, who provides us all the opportunity for jaunty exchange (elves aren’t making this happen.) Should be getting a mental health pro’s wage, at least!

  15. Cali

    I don’t understand why you kept bothering Sheree. What have she done to you. I dont even like Sheree, but I am sure your continuing stalking is ridiculous. I am team Sheree on this one. I’ll send a donation to her.

    • Shellbelle

      How about taking your comment with you when you send Sheree a donation?

    • peachteachr

      Sheree, is that you???

    • 1.Sheree became a public figure when she went on TV. There has been a lot of discussion about her house when it was shown that her kids are sleeping on an air mattress.What mother lets her son sleep on an air mattress while blowing money on cars, purses, clothes and other nosense. There was a house on the property that could have been fixed up.
      Considering how vain Sheree is, I am surprised she isn’t happy about the buzz about “Chateau Sheree”. Seeing that it is negative press, can we be surprised that she is doing all this?
      2.Tamara is the victim here. She and two other ALT bloggers are being punished for exposing Sheree. Courts systems in this country are clogged with petty cases such as this. I used to be a fan of Sheree’s, but the more I read about her, the more disgust I have for her.
      I would love to see Sheree get sued for all this harrassment. Going into a barely built structure does not warrant the crap Tamara and the other bloggers are going through.

    • RahRah

      I mean this with all respect and courtesy, honestly, I want you to think about what I say.

      Reality TV created a job opportunity niche fueld by the reality TV viewers. It wasn’t enough for us to just watch but after we watched we wanted more discussion. I believe the need for more discussion was fueled by the behavior of the reality TV personalities. I remember walking into work and heading for breakroom only to walk into a conversation in progress. Everyone was discussing this woman flipping a table in a restaurant. I didn’t know what/who they were talking but the talk was fascinating. Everyone had their favorite personality it was amazing.

      The reality TV phenomenon created a niche and that niche turned out to be web sites dedicated to reviewing/recapping the episode and providing viewers with a way to leave comments.

      Now that I have explained that the work the bloggers is called entertainment, like entertainment journalism, entertainment p.r., bloggers are doing some of all of it. The way you stated your post I want to know if you would say the same to Matt Lauer, or Robin Roberts, they report the news, it is literally the same thing. What do you feel about sports commentators? They appear to be emotionally wrapped up in the game they are reporting one.

      As a trained journalist, I do freelance now.
      Once Sheree appeared on television and she had signed a contract, she gave up her right to privacy. In journalist we call this a “cause celebre.” The only time a celebrity will win against a journalist is because the journalist actually lied otherwise if you are on TV regulary you have lost your right to privacy. Do you know how expensive privacy is? Believe me Sheree would love it if the publicity were good publicity, they all do but then we are not always good are we?

      I hope I did not offend you or our host Tams.

      I do not practice undermining other women. I am secure enough to assist my friends in their endeavors and later I am rewarded because they share their successes.

      Also, Ms. Tattles did not trespass, she received permission from the contractors on site to tour the property and I bet she wasn’t the first to approach the contractors for a tour either.

      Sheree perjured herself during the last hearing, but now that they are in another county with a new judge I sure hope she doesn’t repeat that lie that she is at the site everyday but she didn’t know Tams looked like or what car she drove. All in Sheree’s imagination, now she is seeing things. I better stop, Ms. Tattles will think I am trying to take over in her absence.

      • Skeeter

        Do you think you made your point????? Gawd.

      • KWM

        You are exactly right. What I find to be most entertaining is that the article about the house on a whole was not a negative article. In fact overall the review was rather positive.

        The problem is Sheree is so stuck playing the victim, she is her problem. Not Bob, not bloggers, not her ex-lawyers. And until she realizes she needs to make changes for her life to change, she will never be happy and she will just keep blaming everyone for her problems.

      • I thought similarly. The article was positive and this was her reaction? Crazy.

    • Puravidacostarica

      Great and head on out to delusion land as well. Asswipe

  16. socalsun

    I’m sorry you have to go through hell with this woman. I guess you picked the wrong house under construction to wander into.

  17. peachteachr

    The special advocate thing ticks me off. I am a CASA, court appointed special advocate for children. We volunteer our time. A court appointed advocate is being abused along with you!

  18. steve

    JANE i have no clue as to how secure using credit cards or pay pal work. Thats why i was asking for another way to help. TT juggles quite a lot in her days, so hopefully she will get an answer to those of us who are challenged people who enjoy the site and want to help

    • RahRah

      Everyone listen:

      Once you select/depress the donate widget you are re-directed to a secure site. Secure sites are designated with an URL starting out as https. The address turns green too and you can see the secure verification.

      Life ain’t been no crystal stair for me either but I just added my pennies to the defense fund kitty.

      As TamTattles fans, please don’t let Tams lose what she has worked to accumulate because of sue happy grifter Sheree. I don’t think Sheree has ever won a lawsuit and she of all people should know lawyers don’t come cheap but that hasn’t stopped her from hiring them has it; I guess having your Aston-Martin repo’ed by your attorney for not paying the legal fees you racked up was no lesson to you or I guess because you are Sheree you don’t have to pay ‘no body.’ wrong. We joke about the people we know, like everyone knows my sisters elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, but Sheree can’t even figure how the damn elevator works. I understand now the old addage, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” and “this is your brain on drugs,” shame, shame, shame. Sheree doesn’t have walking around sense.

    • Jane

      Thanks, steve!

  19. steve

    RahRah thanks for the tip. The trouble im having is that my phone is my only net access. When i click the donate button my screen goes blank and the phone freezes. I have to remove the battery to operate again. Any ideas?

  20. Girl Plz...

    Seriously you brought this on yourself.
    With God on your side you’ll get out from this. Its unfortunate that Sheree is transferring all the aggregation she feels in this world on you. But honestly and in all fairness you brought this on yourself. You don’t keep kicking a person when they are down.
    Not trying to kick you, but hopefully next time with another A, B, C , D or E celebrity you’ll know when to draw the line.
    Good luck with you case and Godspeed.

    • Shond

      Tamara didn’t brought this on herself. Sheree is a angry, bitter person who is mad that she is broke and no one wants her. She should be glad that anyone is paying attention to her.

      • Girl Plz...

        True she should be happy someone cares, but its Sheree. Hurt people hurt people.
        Tamara does not need this. it could have been avoided. that’s all im saying.

      • That’s not all you’re saying. You also seem to be saying that you are a low rent hunk of yak shit. At least that’s what I’m reading from you.

    • Real Bravo Addict

      Really ? How does going into a barely built structure mean that Tamara was “bringing it on herself”? Two other bloggers were served besides Tamara and they never stepped foot on the property.
      Are you saying anyone who updates readers about the Progress or lack of ,should endure going to court over bullsh*t? It’s not like they were camped out of the apartment/home Sheree lived in following her every move. Hell the other two bloggers were on MARTA Property doing a video update.
      Saying it’s Tamara’s fault is stupid— you must be a sheree fan.

      • Girl Plz...

        Fact remains that you two (Real Bravo Addict and Shond) would also fight back if any one encroaches your space as well. Sheree may be bitter, but Tamara is the scapegoat now. The stress from Sheree/law suit could have been avoided.

      • Shellbelle

        Legally, it’s not sheree’s space, property, or her house. Legally, it is owned by someone who does not have the name Sheree Whitfield. It’s like me trying to get a restraining order to keep your ass out of Wal-Mart.

      • ” who the f…with any brain is even interested in this”. You were interested enough to be dispatched here like a flying monkey, open the blog and blather all over it in broken English. So…I guess you answered your own quessie.

      • Girl Plz...

        And Real Bravo Addict, get your tongue out of Tamara’s A$$ for 5mins and taste freedom.

      • Real Bravo Addict

        Let me be clear Girl Plz & Susan aka Sheree Minions- my tougue is no where near ANYONE’s ass. I based my opinion solely on facts and logic.

        Fact 1. The property is not owned by Sheree. At best she might be financing/paying for a house to be built.

        Fact 2. Tamara only went and looked inside the plywood structure that had been there for about 1+ years. Trust and beleive that half the neighborhood and some bums has been in that plywood mess.

        Fact 3. Sheree is trying to get restraining orders on two other bloggers who did not go on the property at all- nor have those bloggers stalked or harrassed her. They simply did a vlog updating the lack of progress on the construction.

        Fact 4. TT and Sheree went to court already- The judge did not grant Sheree a restraining order based on the fact she had/did not produce evidence that she was being stalked or harrassed by TT.

        Fact 5. Sheree is a delusional selfish b*tch who is pissing away what money she has to stay relevant. Like they say bad press is still good press.

        So with all these “facts” I came to the conclusion that TT did not ask for this crap. The most Sheree should have done is ask the owner to send a letter to TT not to trepass any further. I have never said that TT didn’t do any thing wrong. I just think it’s stupid for Sheree to make a mountain out of a molehill.

        And lastly, If i was building a house- I would be proud to give tours to anyone who would like to see B/c I know my home would be all that and a bag of chips….

        Now please twirl off this site…

      • Girl Plz...

        @ Real Bravo Idiot
        *** crickets
        Fact remains its Tamara’s blog. so she should face Sheree’s anger all by herself. Period.
        She should stop begging for legal fees.
        With the same fury and balls she wrote and did all she did, she should be bold enough to face the music without begging.
        twirl on that.

      • Skeeter

        You seriously need to get a life. Something tellls me you are too caught up in the world of reality tv. If you were on this site more often, instead of being a Sheree minion and only come here to spew your bullshit, you would know that Tamara didn’t want to put a donate button on her site, it was at the insistance of the readers here that she do so because we all know Sheree is a big POS! (And we all love reading Tamara’s blog. I must give a hats off to Tamara for not sending your worthless posts directly to spam (and your other lemming friends). Oh, please don’t try to get into a battle of the wits with me, I fight fair, not with unarmed participants and besides this one post, you are not worth my time or energy. Get your facts straight BEFORE you make a total ass of yourself.

      • Girl Plz...

        @ Skeeter
        You mad?
        I spend the same number of hours you spend in the reality TV world. I guess thats why my comments on this site is as radical as yours. Guess we’re birds of the same feather.
        I await your reply.

      • What language do you speak? Is sure isn’t English. You know, you can come across as being slightly less stupid if you concentrate really hard and try to remember what they taught you in the unwed teen mothers’ GED class and write your thoughts in a ore comprehensible manner.

    • “Not trying to kick you, but…” thanks for the laugh. We all know the but means you’re about to do the thing you said you weren’t trying to do. So you disagree with what she did. Some of us disagree with you.

      Also, I don’t want her to stop blogging about the court case. I’ve given to her defense fund though I also added a note for her to use it for that or for the much needed vacation she should take when it’s all over. If she stops telling us about the court case it will appear that she’s cowering to Sheree, which she isn’t and she shouldn’t.

    • You wonder why people won’t tell her the “truth”? That’s easy. It’s because they believe she’s already thought it through (like every rational person) and she knows what she will do differently in the future. They don’t really need to keep telling her stuff she already considered. You’re not 12, act like it.

  21. CMoney

    tomorrow I got your back my $5 will be in the mail tomorrow or however you need it how can I get it to you, I finally just got a new job today thank God

    • CMoney

      Please everyone knows that b**** is a liar, and very deceptive you can’t get mad because people put your fake ass business out there!

  22. Kimmers

    Is this donation I want to make for a trip you want to take or for legal fees

  23. Aloha

    People please!

    Tamara has given us a lot of great writing and some highly entertaining reports about Sheree who puts herself out there for all to see.

    If Sheree didn’t do her stupid stuff, there wouldn’t be anything to report. What Sheree has taught us is that she’ll continue to be foolish. Now she is trying to hammer Tamara because Sheree hates her own life. . . It’s too much! Sheree is ridiculous. That’s why nobody takes her seriously.

    I’ll donate something to the legal fund because I have enjoyed all the tea.

    I am 100% guilty of savoring every sweet moment of the not-even-half-finished wannabe Chateau Sheree. . . thanks Tamara!

  24. The freakin trolls have come out of the woodwork. Sounds like the 4 people who signed the petition over and over again are visiting.

  25. Aloha

    I guess this court business gives Sheree something to do with her more than ample time.

    Sheree never got that Speak and Spell so she’s venting on the world.

    No wonder that medicine man in Africa didn’t see anything good for her. He said she’s “too old now” or something like that but it also could be reinterpreted as “things get old real fast with Sheree”. . . oh yes, they do medicine man, yes they do.

    I just donated to the legal fund.

  26. eastjames

    You’ll never win against a professional victim, gal! I hope your legal stuff turns out allright because this is beyond petty and frivolous but people like this will never get it! Even if a court of law says you’re right and she’s wrong she’s always going to be justified in her mind and so she will never just believe that it’s because she’s at fault.

  27. Brillke

    I am actually kinda offended that its been suggested TT is asking for the donations for her legal fund and/or her vacation. I’ve not seen TT ask for money for her vacation and to me it feels like its being implied that we, the readers of TT, are being scammed.

    TT, may I suggest you add a donate button on your sidebar? I’ve seen many bloggers do it. Heck, one of our mutually favorite sites, Pretty On the Outside, has one. That way, people can donate anytime they want/can.

    Also, if I remember correctly, hadn’t you stopped by Sherees unfinished home to take pictures of the outside and you were invited in by the workers? It’s not like you snuck in.

  28. Sayub

    Tamra, I’ve been on ‘tons’ of different meds over the years but never hear of “mondafinil”. I just looked it up & realized it’s also called “Provigil” which I was on for 3-4 years. It’s used to keep you awake during the day. At first it seemed to work okay but like anything else after a while it stopped. After seeing a new doctor he took me off it immediately & said 2 cups of coffee in the am will give me the exact effect. I’ve since talked to several other doctors & all agree that coffee does same thing & is healthier.

    “…modafinil (‘Provigil’, ‘Alertec’, ‘Vigicer’, ‘Modalert’, etc) is a memory-improving and mood-brightening psychostimulant. It enhances wakefulness, attention capacity and vigilance,

    ps. Sending you good vibes for today’s court case.

  29. Jaded

    I think I have a crush on puravidacostarica.
    Susan, Cali & Girl pls, fuck off

    • puravidacostarica

      Thanks, Jaded. We should all have a crush on the truth, but it eludes many of the trolls who post here. I actually am kind of crushing on teecee66 right now, but she’d hate me for it. :-)

  30. Well the comments here made by those close to Sheray speak volumes. She is clearly using every cheap ass lowlife trick she can to harass TT and her commenters. You know that this lowlife trashy shit is what got her kicked off the show to begin with. And since she was stupid enough to sign away her right to “work” for a year, she’s been out in Bravo time-out to stew in her own rancid juices. Nothing better to do than pull the wings off flies and plot more. She’s going to hell. So there is that. And I’m pretty sure even St Peter will mistake her for a tranny.

    I do feel sorry for her chirruns. I’m sure they hate her. Making them sleep on the dogs bed and dragging their personal lives into public on the guise of “protecting” them. Yeah. Good job. Cause…they are really protected.

  31. Im sorry. Dealing with all the sheer stupidity that is Sheree is EXAUSTING and we were there for SEVEN HOURS today.

    Read my twitter line. just click the link you don’t have to know twitter or have an account. More when I recover. Bottom line, we continued my case so that Sheree could prove who owns the property.

    • Thanks for the link! I can’t WAIT for the tea!

      • Someone pointed out to me that Susan was the one that I asked to leave in the Jodi Arias forums. I’ve deleted all of her posts and blocke her.

        As for Grl Plz… or whoever, I’m rather annoyed by her attacks on my commenters in such a crude fashion. However, She has always been sort of a malcontent here. I’m not that annoyed with her because even though she seems to dislike pretty much everything, about this blog, I’m rather used to her at this point. I’m going to ask you to put up with her for a bit longer. She’s aware that bitching and whining about the blog will get her shown the door, but being the person who just disagrees with every single thing posted with her own reasons will not.

  32. Cherise8715

    Sheree is a nasty mess. She really needs to cut the foolishness.

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