Why is Sheree Whitfield Going to Be on WWHL?

ShereedragqueenSo everyday sometime in the afternoon I get all the press releases in my inbox from NBCu. There usually nothing particularly earth shattering in there, but today I gave it a quick once over for the WWHL schedule for May and whose name should be on it but Sheree Whitfield. That’s right boys and girls. Andy will be interviewing Sheree her She by Sheree line, wait, that never really happened. Maybe he will ask about Chateau Sheree …I doubt she will let the fact that she doesn’t own the place stop her from lying about it. I mean if you will perjure yourself in a courtroom, making up an interesting story to tell Andy after knocking back a few drinks should be easy.

You can tune in to see Sheree on Sunday May 12th. The Bravo schedule for that Sunday is all Married to Medicine throughout prime time. Whatever could be the reason that Sheree is blessing us with her presence once again? If it’s half as LOL worthy as Iylana Fix My Life was, it should be awesome!


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55 responses to “Why is Sheree Whitfield Going to Be on WWHL?

  1. I cannot wait for this. You just know Sheree’ is going to make it seem like her life is still perfect. She probably is hoping to be invited back to RHOA. She must be desperate for money by now.

    • smitsa

      Yes, I’m sure she is desperate for money. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t hear of her doing anything, or working anywhere which will pay her enough to pay for all the high priced purses and shoes she is used to.

  2. Andrea

    Why does this woman do this to herself? I’m not trying to be funny, nor am I joking. She should bow out gracefully. She’s hurting her children. Sheree, people are not laughing with you, they’re pudding their own pants while rolling on the floor laughing at you. Stop being the punch line. You already know that Nene takes her over the coals during her one on one with Andy, Funky Dineva read her like a bedtime story, and you know Atlien is gonna go ham too. Why give them things to talk about victim? Geez, try as I may, I’ll never get some of these people. Sheree is like one of those chicks that get pleasure from cutting themselves.

    • smitsa

      Why is she going on the show?? It’s all about the $$$$.

      • Andrea

        They ain’t paying that idiot that much money. If you believe what’s written , bravo is notoriously cheap. Outside of paying her plane ticket (coach) and her a hotel room (Super 8 on Times Square), I don’t see her even getting more than $5k. And that’s been extra damn generous. Same with Ilanyla. In fact I don’t see her getting the $5k for that show. This bitch is thirsty thirsty thirsty. And I’m wondering why Kim hasn’t had her over to be on her show?

      • smitsa

        Going from $0 to $5K would make her pretty happy.

        Did anybody even see Sheree at or in Kim’s wedding?

      • They don’t pay guests. They do fly them up and put them in a hotel for the night.

      • smitsa

        Well, that certainly puts a different light on it. Now I’m wondering.

        Stand By Tamara, you may be the target…. but, she can’t be that dumb.

      • I don’t think it is possible to over estimate her stupidity. I’ve seen it up close and it’s jaw dropping.

  3. Is she alone or who is with her?

  4. pffffttt

    Sheree is returning to RHOA… my prediction….

    • smitsa

      Sheree’s return to RHOA would be quite interesting. I didn’t care much for her because she served as a henchman to Kim prior to leaving the show. Kim seemed like a fish out of water once her backup was gone.

      I can see Bravo bringing Sheree back, especially if Kenya is leaving. It would make for good TV even if Kenya remains on the show.

      While I’m on the subject, I’m wondering why Sheree isn’t on Kim’s show. I thought they were so close. My guess – Sheree didn’t pass the Croy test.

  5. BTW Nene is NOT listed for May 5th!

    Sunday, May 5, 2013 – DR. JACKIE WALTERS and DR. SIMONE WHITMORE Show 975

  6. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Oh Lawd, they better do a cavity search for recording devices so she doesn’t pull a Zarin….

  7. L52094

    I would bet that Andy is doing it so she can respond to Nene’s one on one interview. Nene calls her a straight up bitch. I would guess he’s also going to press her on the Ilanya show as well. He may passive-aggressively call her out on her BS and she won’t even know it. She’s a sad spectical.

  8. Brillke

    I don’t think that’s Sheree in the picture you used. I thought the nose was off then saw Rupauls name underneath and knew exactly who it was without finishing. I guess Sheree really does look like a drag queen!

    TT, if you chose a picture of a drag queen on purpose, I’m gonna piss my pants due to hysterical laughter!

  9. Ellis Scarlett

    She’d better not be coming back! She needs to sink into oblivion for being delusional and for picking on Tamara. Jill Zarin was on after she got canned because she wanted to “crazy vent”-maybe that’s why she’s going to be on. I hope.

  10. steve

    maybe she is hoping you will be stalking in your invisible car under your cloak again while they film. Good luck on thurs T.T.

  11. Maybe Andy is bringing her in …so that he can “Open The Vault” on her …then giving her the “JackHole” for having the nerve to show up…..I say all us TT supporters flood the phone lines…text….& fb Andy with questions to ask……just maybe somebody can get on air to call her out on live tv for all her delusional victim mentality!

  12. Nene’s One on One with Andy is at EIGHT on Sunday May 5th which is why the press release lists different people for WWHL that night.

  13. Eve

    Tamara should be the bartender !
    You can make She by Sheree cocktails which consist of an empty plastic glass

  14. Edward brown

    Sheree is returning to RHOA,and Bravo does pay guests for WWHL.. she is going to respond to Nene’s one on one interview with Andy… RHOA need some one to stand up to Nene’s and sheree is the only one who does that…. even kenya steps back …. call sheree broke but she was drama.. that is what she is paid for.

    • Truth be told

      I am hoping Edward is right. Sheree’s antics are missed. Andy is shady though so I do not know his real intentions.

      The RHOA cast have all become puppets with laughable fake storylines and everyone is afraid to say anything to Nene. Well, if the show is to feature everyone bowing down to Nene then why not re-name it “The Nene Leakes Show” and be done with it?

      The cast is not currently working. I know there is a lot of hate for Sheree, but in all honesty, she was one of the main ones bringing it.

      I am sick of Phaedra peddling one hustle after another: bootleg cd’s on Monday, incense and patchouli on Tuesday, and Whittey Hutton t-shirts on Wednesday. It’s a bore, just like Apollo.

      Kenya, in some ways, saved this season, but I cannot forgive all that wasted air time with Walter. She is a one-trick pony and this past season was her one trick.

      Kandi I will deal with, but she has no backbone when it comes to Kim and she puts men before her daughter. Just pathetic!

      Nene’s ego is almost as big as she is. Only so much of that I can take.

      Cynthia is cool, but her wife Peter is on my last nerve. So Cynthia is guilty by association. Less Peter, more Cynthia should be the formula going forward.

      Porsha is young and fresh. She should stay.

  15. MsWife

    Nene also started following her on twitter that’s interesting

  16. cns

    Maybe they will down grade her to a friend of the show with the promise of coming back if she actually has legitimate business ventures. Sheree is lazy and entitled. Andy really likes her as much as Nene. He was always repping She by Sheree. She looks great and can bring the drama. She could have had more success than Nene. She’s just lazy.

    • LH52094

      I’m not sure Andy is repping She by Sheree by referencing the brand all of the time. I see it as a “read”, as in, where’s the launch of your line? Epic Fail!

      • Oh absolutely agree. The She by Sheree questions and the Chateau Sheree questions are most definitely reads. And you will see them both again.

      • cns

        Well now that you put it that way, I can agree. It’s funny because I kind of thought that as well but I wanted to give Andy the benefit of the doubt. Oh well read or no read, she missed her chance at success because her fans where begging for workout gear. I was not a big fan of Sheree but it is obvious that she is not lazy about her fitness or her style. She’s just plain lazy in every other thing in life. SMH.

    • Truth be told

      These business “ventures” are one of the main problems with RHOA: too many shade tree mechanic rigged half-baked ideas. Hardly any of them have longevity or purpose. Enough already!

      As for She by Sheree, Sheree needed a good mentor. It is very difficult to start a clothing line. It is better to start with a distinct product or idea and then expand from there.

      I would advise Sheree to come up with a something for a niche market and make it “Made in USA” if possible. Thereby you support your country – very patriotic. That’s all the rage these days.

      She could do some workout clothes and maybe sell to lululemon athletica and call it “Sweat by Sheree.” She could market it by instructing some celebrity spin classes at Equinox or David Barton, or even Curves.

      Or find a denim maker in North Carolina or Georgia and make a great pair of those ripped and distressed jeans that she and Nene love so much.

      Or, make those pretty shirt dresses that southerners love so much – not in denim, but chambray or linen (something light). She could find a small factory that could do a run for her, like Gitman perhaps.

      Start small and go from there. You just need an action plan.

  17. Eve

    I heard Sheree will be cleaning the other housewives pools

    Im here to clean your poo, boo

  18. RahRah

    I wish she wouldn’t do this..you’d think by now she knows that she is an idiot and a big one at that!!

  19. HouseMama

    She may come back and nene also started following her on twitter again, coincidence?

  20. pfffttt

    I don’t see where Nene is following Sheree on twitter. I see she is following Walter Jackson and she is following Angela Stanton.

    I hope Sheree returns. Tired of the nene ass kissing.

    • Y’all, as amusing as it would be for Sheree to back on the show, she was fired because she’s broke and they have no place to film her. Notice her interviews with Iyanla had to be filmed in A NEIGHBOR’S DRIVEWAY? Last Sunday’s episode was filmed at the DJ’s house for all of the show. Why didn’t Iyanla got to her apartment?

      • RealitySux

        Awwww…poor Sheree…didn’t know she was THAT broke! I will never understand why she didn’t capitalize on the fitness craze. She, out of all the housewives would have been the one to make a killing off of a video …

      • vhris

        She live in a penthouse the same place lisa ray live in Atlanta!

      • Edward brown

        Sheree Whitfield in meetings with “BRAVO” and Andy Cohen about her rejoining the “RHOA” cast.

      • Edward Brown clearly must be Jason Lapene. There can’t possibly be two such idiot stans in the world.

  21. RealitySux

    Sheree is definitely the one for Nene – and for that alone, they should bring her back. She would definitely stir the pot with all the ladies, I think.

  22. God I hope this Heiffa isn’t returning….RHOA doesn’t need her…Point, Blank and the Period!

  23. Sounds suspicious. She’s getting a lot of attention. Sounds like Bravo is putting feelers out there for a comeback.

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