Real Housewives of Orange County Recap:

RHOOCTamgetthefuckoutIt’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County Mean Girl Dinner Smackdown to continue. Gretchen is being just as bad as Tamra clapping her hands and acting like a three year old. Tamra literally has her fingers in her ears now. Sane adult women just do not act this way. Tamra is screaming at Vicki to pick a side. I am so sick of the semantics about whether or not the term bullying is applicable. Now Tamra is threatening to throw Heather out for pointing out Vicki didn’t run after her.

Tamra’s best line so far, “Someone is going to bless this fucking building!”

Lydia sucks at being helpful. Tamra needs a good cunt punting into next Tuesday.

rhoocheatherHeather is now a physician who knows that Alexis does not need Xanax. The demonic ladies then all hold hands in an attempt to ward off negative energy through a prayerlike spiritual blessing. I am surprised they didn’t all spontaneously combust igniting the entire place so that it burned to the ground.

Gretchen finally realizes that she should be with Slade for his son’s surgery. It did not go well. She is flying out to NYC to be with him in the hospital.

Tamra says, “Eddie feels very comfortable in a Mexican Restaurant. It brings out his inner beaner.”

Lydia was someone normal and likeable last episode. This episode she seems to be siding with the mean girls. I can’t get a clear take on her.

Vicki’s family is visiting and they are annoying. Ryan seems to think he is Vicki’s father. He’s tell a story about Brooks checking out prostitutes in Mexico. Vicki’s son Michael won’t let her know where he lives.

There was really not a lot to comment on tonight. There seems to be a ton of commercials and I am all caught up with the live TV. I am going to watch this, about some idiots that try to build a house they can’t afford, because that story never gets old.

Next week we meet Lydia’s Mother who is a nutbar and filthy rich. Andy LOVES her like Mama Elsa kind of love! And the Heather and Terry bickerfest continues.



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26 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap:

  1. Ryan (Vicki’s son in law) was uber annoying. $1000 a month rent entitles him to run her life? Nah. He’s very young and immature.

    Tamra needs mental help. Obv. I thought she and Gretchen must have gotten drunk really quickly. They seemed particularly nuts. But then, no one had any regrets or seemed embarrassed. Weirdos.

    Was that Vicki’s second sister with the really short hair? They seemed to kind of gloss over that. Vicki’s face looks REALLY bad. She is all puffy and mealy looking. Like one of those hairless rodents. I feel bad, but she’s headed toward mama Elsa territory.

    • karen

      I agree to me Vicki looks horrible and she is on her way to Mama Elsa. She should’s do any more surgery’s.

    • digal704

      You nailed it on Ryan! It’s probably easier to drop $1000 a month along with his gems of wisdom than to just get a home for his family.

  2. Tango

    Tamara, Heather, and Gretchen, I hate to say it, kinda ARE bullying Alexis at this point. I mean, they all know why they are there, for money. They know Alexis didn’t come back for giggles…so since she was cordial Tamra needed to quit it already. “NO NONSENSE” my a $$. Tamara was just waiting to attack. We know they are all there because they need money, so it is like workplace bullying at this point. They are gonna have to step back some and let Alexis be in some scenes if this is gonna work…

  3. Public Service Announcement: The blond shrew on RHOOC’s name is TAMRA. The lovely and fabulous author of this blog’s name is TAMARA. Please make a note of that. :)

  4. digal704

    Vicki is a fool if she lets anybody tell her who can come to her house. Apparently she is sense she does.

  5. Ericzku

    Tamara, “cunt punt”? You are a Gawkerite, aren’t you!

    BTW, I’m sure that’s where Tamra stole “Jesus Jugs” from…although in Richard’s recaps she was “Juggs 4 Jesus”…much better, right? In true housewife fashion, Tamra can’t get her nicknames, idioms, or colloquialisms right!

  6. karen

    I do not feel Alexis is being bullied. She is getting a fat paycheck. Plus she says she is already rich so why put yourself thru this if you feel you are being bullied.

    • Brillke

      I agree with you, I don’t feel Alexis is being bullied at all. Alexis gives as good as she gets, IMO. Why did Vicki even bring up past BS at the table? Things were going smoothly and Vicki had to open her now full of I’ll fitting dentures looking mouth. I’ve never really cared for Vicki and am liking her less each season. Her plastic surgery did nothing to improve the ugly on the inside, or on the outside, either, and she and Alexis are a perfect couple.

      • I do think Alexis is being bullied by the haters and I don’t think Alexis should leave the show it should be whoever has disgusting attitude and we all know who that is.

    • The “why do this if they are mean to you” argument equates to the “wearing a short skirt is just asking to be raped”. You should not excuse the people behaving badly no matter what.

      • Michelle

        That’s a stretch comparing it to rape. The bottom line is Alexis wants to be on tv. She is trying to play victim. I see through it. I don’t think any of the ladies are likable at this point. Time to recast.

      • I did not compare it with rape. I compared your blaming the “victim” to another misguided blame.

  7. myinfo

    I do not like any of the women anymore. It now seems that all their relationships are fake or forced.

  8. vivaladiva831

    Who the hell does Ryan think he is? Vicki is Briana’s mother, not his! I would never presume to talk to my in laws like that. And I can’t believe Briana is ok with it. It is one thing for Briana to do and say what she does to Vicki, but Ryan needs to stay out of it. I was on Briana’s side last season, but paying rent or not I can’t believe they think they can dictate Vicki’s home life. Brooks is not a serial killer, just some shmuck. I think that is overkill to forbid him to come in the house. What Michael said at dinner was perfect. Briana I hope this is just new parent emotions talking and you get back to normal soon.

    • Tiffany C.

      It’s funny that Brianna gets a controlling husband to match her controlling mother.

    • Puravidacostarica

      It is possible (I am not saying likely) that Ryan and Brianna had their own place set up to move into when Troy was born. It is possible that Vicki begged them to move in and they agreed on the condition that Vicki keep Brooks out of the house. It is possible that Vicki has not said “well, then get the hell out” because she can’t stand the thought of not having “her baby” in the house. Not sure who is the “controller” and the “controllee” in this case.

  9. peachteachr

    Speaking of bad plastic surgery results, isn’t Tamra saying that Vicki looks bad like the pot calling the kettle black? If Tamra has any more surgeries, we won’t be able to see her eyes.

  10. I stopped watching this train wreck, and that picture above perfectly illustrates why. Two women, face to face, arguing while two other women, stand by and smirk. All four of these women either were or are supposed to be friends. I watched the show before because it was supposed to reflect a lifestyle different from mine-richer, vainer, sun soaked, and FUN. Watching plastic faced women scream in each other’s faces over ridiculous slights is not entertaining-and watching Andy practically drool over the animosity displayed is sickening as well.

  11. Ms Smooth

    Well, I didn’t watch RHOC last night, I was too busy watching the drama of LHATL, and of course I love the Voice. I will catch it later. I did however read recaps on this site and RT. I must say I can’t stand “Trampra” because she is making me defend Alexis. Stop it!! Horse teeth Gretchen is just reee dic.. She must have forgotten how Trampra treated her just a couple years ago. I’m about done with this franchise will put it in the pile with RHONJ. “Chile Bye”!!

  12. Pinky

    Ryan is a little control freak turd – he and Brianna need to get over what and who Vicki wants to date and get their own place. We get it – we all dislike Brooks!! But Vickie owns that house, is of age, and should not be raped of her basic freedom date who and where and when and still be able to see that grandchild. I bet Brianna and her hubby would never let poor Vicki touch that baby if she dated Brooks and had him over – in HER HOUSE, in HER Space and without ever getting near the grandbaby……Gheez – as someone pointed out Brianna has picked a control freak to marry and she is way too involved in fictating how to live woth her mother. Bri needs to get her own place for her own little family and have her own friends. Vivki can be a great wonderful grandmother living apart from them.

  13. Jarlath

    I know Vicki needs the money but can’t she find other lodgers?

  14. vivaladiva831

    What was it tamra said to alexis last night, something to the effect of “if I had all of these people telling me things about myself, I think I would listen!” Well tamra you are a loudmouth BITCH and no one likes you being a loudmouth BITCH so stop being such a loudmouth BITCH! Wait, that didn’t work? Hmmm…one more thing-even though tamra is a loudmouth BITCH I still liked watching her bc she did have some funny and clever remarks. But what she said to Alexis in the car about go home and get bullied there-that was it for me. She is truly an ugly person. she makes teresa guidice look like an angel.

  15. Margaret

    I was never a fan of Alexis, however, so far this season she has become the only one of the RHOC who has any class. Tamara is just a bully and a brat! Her behavior was disgusting and immature and she has proven herself to be a classless whore….what a roll model for her kids! Eddie should run away as fast as he can because his life will be miserable with her. Heather should keep her opinions to herself, she thinks she is better then everyone else and needs to butt out, she is demolishing her reputation. Gretchen has become a puppet, and Vicki is just trying to find herself. Alexis should just focus on her family and get as far away from these witches as possible.

  16. sammiejane

    Okay, I admit I said I was banning the tirade of idiocy called Real Housewives of OC but, I had to give it another shot.I am going to exclude all comments regarding the ass Tamara made out of herself except this, I felt sorry for her during her divorce and grew to like her but now I see her as a nasty, mean hearted individual. NOT worth it Eddie… Run now while you can. And Vicki, though not my favorite, went from yelling about her Urinary Tract Infection in Costa Rica to impressing me during this episode. When she is around her family (which I adore) she appears almost, dare I say it, human. Her mother had me laughing so hard concerning her road rage I couldn’t catch my breath and her interaction with her brother and sisters was heartwarming. Now don’t get it twisted, I still am unmoved by all the hurdles “GOD” has thrown at Alexis especially the need for Xanax to deal with being around the girls she still flocks too. Heather appears to have her panties in a twist and I don’t care to see her bicker with her seemingly nice and respectable husband. In this episode Gretchen (Oooh, Gretchen…SMH) made a perfectly ignorant comment about Vicki’s grandchild. I will not act like I have not made statements that came out utterly stupid but the words just fell out of my mouth before I could stop the fiasco. I would give her a pass but she does this often as opposed to rarely. Lydia I am on the fence about. Ready to move forward now and see how shady these ladies become over the season, that is to say if I don’t throw in the towel because of the obnoxiously ignorant actions by these grown women.

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