Real Housewives of Atlanta: Secrets Revealed! Okay, It was Pretty Awesome!

RHOANNENEPARTYThe previews for Rea Housewives of Atlanta: Secrets Revealed! are such to make us think this is going to be good. I am of little faith. I was not impressed by the Beverly Hills version. Let’s watch what happens…

Cynthia says that she was so thankfully that a lot of Nene’s scenes were in LA so that the fans would stop attributing her every action to Nene. I get that. It’s true that this season we sort of judged Cynthia based on her own motives and I think overall she came off well. Cynthia is so drop dead stunning, I’d hate to lose her from the show. Cynthia and Kenya went to “play golf.”  Really? Neither of these women strike me as the golfing type.  But okaaaay. Kenya is accusing SOMEONE ELSE of being gay now? For Kenya to be such dear friends with Lawrence, you would think that the whole gay thing would be more understood by here. To be fair, Atlanta has gay rumors about almost everyone from football players to musicians. But, still shouldn’t Kenya have some sort of functioning gaydar? I could see Porsha not having any gaydar, but Kenya has to know better, right? I can’t see Porsha saying that or Cynthia taking it seriously.


Gif Credit: RealtyTVGifs

Gif Credit: RealtyTVGifs

LOL at Nene calling Porsha a ding-dong. Also, Nene not knowing enough to actually walk outside for phone reception. Good Lord, three scenes about the gay thing? Porsha should have dropped the whole thing when Cynthia did. She had to make chocolate shoes and hire chocolate people to confront Cynthia? Porsha seems a little crazy about gay allegations. Perhaps it is a sensitive subject in her …er…household? Way to alienate Cynthia there, ding-dong.

Before the ladies went to Anguilla (BTW, I was the exclusive tea on the trip! With Anguilla sources!) they went to get a scrub where we learn that Kenya’s skin is bad all over. However, I will say her boobs (unlike her butt) actually look real and Kandi reached over to verify after Kenya extended the invitation to fondle her peaches…er… cantaloupes. I would be much more comfortable with a straight man making this call but they looked real to me. Kenya seems to be coming on to Phaedra and Kandi and Phaedra says “Kenya is straight malt liquor!” Phaedra sure knows a lot of interesting metaphors for being a lesbian. Um, for whatever that is worth.

Did Kandi just out Todd for sending her dic pics? I refuse to believe that about Todd. I am one of the few that likes Todd and doesn’t think he has any nefarious intentions with Kandi. Why Kandi gotta out Todd like that? Grrrrrl!

I refuse to participate in Phaedra’s fake pet funeral storyline. No, just no. Ditto Kenya tongue kissing her dog with the pooping problem.

Apollo wanted to model for the Bailey Agency. Of course he did. 20% is high at least from back in the day when I may or may not have done a bit of modeling. I guess everything gets more expensive. I was checking prices on NYC hotel rooms recently and even the biggest flea bag (literally, and bed bug bag truth be told, I’ve stayed there twice now) is $200 a night. But still, it’s a PERCENTAGE. Why would a percentage double? Apollo is pretty photogenic.  Cynthia had a modeling event with TYSON BECKFORD and it landed on the cutting room floor? WTMFF? And why were both Cynthia and Apollo wearing sunglasses inside? Tyson encourages Apollo to pursue and entertainment career. I actually think Apollo has a shot at a career. Kenya rolls her eyes and pops her fan as Phaedra compliments Cynthia for using contracts and lawyers in their transactions. I cannot for the life of me understand how Kandi does not grab that fan and shove it down Kenya’s throat. Kandi is street and it must take all she has not to do it.


Gif by RealityTVGifs

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Next topic, how happy are you guys that Kim is gone (for now?) from the group? Cynthia says she is happy because Kim checked out way before she actually left and if you don’t want to be here, you need to go. Scene with Kandi and Kim where Kandi talks about financial responsibility. Kim has none and Kandi does. Oh, Kim, you should really listen to Kandi, here. Kroy has a fantastical invention that will make them rich so Kim thinks she has nothing to worry about. There is this phrase about chickens and hatching that comes to mind.

I was impressed with Bravo for not airing Brielle’s bullying in school storyline. Yet, they just could not help themselves. I think airing this is wrong on so many levels. Both Kim and Kroy went to the school and nothing was satisfactorily resolved. This is but a blip of a serious issue Brielle went through. Of course, Kim has to make this all about her. Sigh. But, this was actually a serious issue with Brielle. Brielle seems a bit to be fake crying for the cameras but that is just because it is a “scene” in real life, it was a real deal. Remember high school? Brielle actually IS in high school. They are jealous of her. But these staged scenes put the kids in a bad light and Kroy should never have agreed to this fake ass scene about a real problem.

LOL, Andy goes down the line to ask what everyone is doing. When it gets to Kenya, he says, “Twirler?” LOL, Lord I love that Andy Cohen in spite of my many attempts to break up with him.  (If you haven’t read this, you should.) Kenya says she may copy Cynthia do a pageant of her own. The bloopers at the end were the best. THAT is the sort of secrets we want. A whole show of the housewives doing retakes and being divas during their talking heads would be priceless.  And that’s FINALLY a wrap.


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33 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Secrets Revealed! Okay, It was Pretty Awesome!

  1. victori0us

    I think Kandi and Phaedra are stunt queens. Phaedra does anything for camera time and Kandi will reveal every detail of her sex life for camera time. Glad those scenes were cut.

    • lana

      Well they weren’t cut u still saw them prude!

      • Prude? Because someone does not care to hear about a gross chick’s vag and details of her stomach turning sex life and snatch photos, they are a prude? Don’t think so.

    • MissCane

      Some times plainer chicks (i.e. Kandi & Phaedra) think that constantly talking about sex somehow makes them seem hotter. It Doesn’t.

    • Lori

      Kandi has really turned me off this season with the gross details of her sex life, and trust me… I’m no prude. Even if they werent gross to begin with (especially that disgusting farting story), they become gross when you talk about them to others, especially to the whole world. It makes her look like a real pig. I would bet that if Todd actually is really with her for more than money and being on tv, this sort of thing must make him look at her at least a little differently. What man wants to hear his woman talking like that, again, especially on national television. No class!

      • Skeeter

        I agree with everything you said. I found Kandi to be a disgusting POS this year. That farting story – OMG! I’m not a prude either but I would NEVER tell that story to anyone, especially those catty bitches on the bus!!

  2. vivaladiva831

    Amen on the blooper scenes at the end! Thay was the best part. I also noticed when Brielle begins to “cry” Kim begins this little smirk as the camera focuses on Brielle. That scene was…odd….I don’t get what the point was? I’m sure it was something Kim pushed for after the school incident bc it was very obvious she was fake crying.

  3. ajsblessed

    I thnk that Porsha was right to comfront Cynthia because Cynthia did act like she believed that lying Kenya. If she didn’t believe her, she wouldn’t have called NeNe with that bs. Kenya was the one on the show making those types of accusations about people and I believe that statement came straight from her lying mouth. I thnk that’s why they showed that body cleansing scene so we could see who really has those tendencies and that is most definitely Kenya.

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, do you, or anybody else, remember the super trailer for the ATL Housewives? Kandi was crying at the table in Anguilla, and it seemed like her angst was with Peter? Did I just simply miss that part, because I don’t remember Bravo ever showing it?

    • Robert

      Thank you!! I’ve asked a bunch of my friends and no1 seems to remember it but me. I was waiting for that scene in Anquilla b/c it seemed odd that her and Peter would get into it and that she would be crying.

  5. MsB****

    I don’t think ill sit threw another season of this bull but who knows. What else is there left to talk about, porsha getting a divorce and nenes slide comments in her interviews. And it’s crazy to me how Andy gives nene the power to pick and choose who stays on the show just because she’s the last one standing.

    • karen

      I agree I stopped watching NJ because of all of the Teresa bashing. It just got old. Now ATL is getting old and Kenya ruined this season for me. Plus I am just so over Nene.

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      It was hit or miss with me, all I kept thinking about was Nene and that silly I-phone that would not work, girl with all your coins, get a LANDLINE, makes no sense to me that you have a phone with bad reception and have a child in the house, what if God forbid you need to call 911?

      Porshe, dumb as a sack of rocks, quite sad and very difficult to listen to her mangle words.

  6. digal704

    Kandi seems more “bama” than “street “

  7. This ended up being my favorite episode of the season. The things cut are the reasons I used to watch. Now if they aren’t fighting, it aint showing. Atlanta and then NJ or my 2 least favorites for that reason. And the Kenya talking head where she said she wasn’t masterbating gaving me a genuine laugh. Much appreciated.

  8. MissCane

    Nene, Kenya and Cythia have sex appeal and notice they don’t focus the sex subject. Phaedra and Kandi have absolutely NO sex appeal and all they talk about is v. balls and dildos. It makes them look desperate; not sexy. You don’t have to be good looking to have sex appeal,because that comes from inside. But you do have to be giving off more than bama.

    • I think Phaedra has sex appeal. She is very pretty, ‘She has that sweet little heart shaped face and delicate features. IMHO. Porsha isn’t sexy but she is pretty. I don’t see Nene as one bit sexy and very homely although her teeth look better for sure. Cynthia is drop dead gorgeous and sexy Kenya comes across just too desperate to be sexy. imo.

      • DJ

        There’s nothing sexy about the hideous faces that Phaedra is always making, and there’s certainly nothing sexy about her body.

      • Storm

        Phedrea with delicate features? I suggest you open up your websters and define the word “delicate”. That big nose and those big lips? Those big bug eyes? There is nothing delicate about any of that.

  9. Tamar voice

    Plain chicks…Phaedra and Kandi? So you guys think NeNe and Porsha are beauty queens? Please. Let’s leave that to Kenya and Cynthia. Everybody else is on level playing field. NeNe truly looks better due to her money…and Kandi had really really good days before the weight gain. Phaedra…no words. I think she looks better in her business attire than in everyday street clothes. And Porsha looks good due to Kordell’s money…after the divorce, she will be looking very much like the post-housewives pics of Lisa Wu Hartwell.

  10. LAC

    The only time Tyson Beckford should be on the cutting room floor is if I fell on top of him, okayyyy? Lord, that is fine ass man.

  11. MaggieG

    “…A whole show of the housewives doing retakes and being divas during their talking heads would be priceless…”

    Agreed. It would also put the entire reality notion into perspective

  12. MaggieG

    “…A whole show of the housewives doing retakes and being divas during their talking heads would be priceless…”

    Agreed. It would also put the entire reality notion into perspective.

  13. I never saw season 3 and only half of four. I was looking at kandi her first season on the show and she has put on hella weight she need to hit the gym or do some bike riding cause shes right on the abyss of being fat!

  14. Wendy

    They should totally show the bullying because a friend of my daughter got bullied and they did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it! We don’t even go to the same county that Brielle goes to. My daughter was also bullied by a bunch of petty wanna-bee girls and they made her life a living hell in 8th grade. I didn’t go to the school about it because I saw what happened to my friend’s daughter. There are not enough lawyers and money to take down the school district (that’s what I was told by another mother).

  15. SSS

    Hey Tamara,

    This is probably not relevant but since you’re talking about RHOA I just wanted to point something out. Remember the house that Nene “rented” (I’m sure Bravo paid) for the girls in LA? It’s a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that has never had an owner yet, so it gets leased out for film shoots and private parties. Last year the American Idol finalists lived there during the live Hollywood shows.

    I just wanted to point out that Phaedra and Apollo used the exact same mansion to film their workout video in. Maybe Phaedra took a shine to it when she stayed there with the girls, or maybe Bravo got some kind of deal so that they could film the girls trip and the making of the workout video there. The mansion is 16,000 square feet and on the market for $11.9 million.

    Just thought this info might become relevant in the future.

  16. Kym

    Um, did anyone notice that Kenya is now stealing Cynthia’s shine and having her own pagent? Does Kenya have an original idea in her head? Can’t wait for this drama next season – LOL.

  17. Sars

    Did they mention reasons why Brielle was bullied? Was it about Kim? I could see how her mom’s being on tv could get her bullied by some and make her more popular with others. …Just tell me if this is already discussed somewhere in the comments cuz I dont see it skimming.

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