What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Kenya



April 27, 2013 · 2:16 pm

29 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Nene and Kenya

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Nene I Have No Sense of Style Leakes finally wore something better. About time.

  2. All I can look at are those ashy knees and lopsided boobs Kenya’s sporting.

  3. jarlath

    The dress looks practically formless on NeNe. And Kenya, it’s a bad photo so I can’t tell.

  4. victori0us

    They both look nice to me. Kenya’s body gives her a slight edge. I think if she had been posing she would’ve slaughtered Nene.

  5. Brillke

    Kenya looks totally wasted to me.

  6. MonkeyFighting

    Dress on Nene is a flawless fit! Kenya’s choice of shoes throws me off, lace dress is enough w/out adding such busy shoes.. Kenya does look wasted but it’s the best I’ve seen her!

  7. Dlister

    Nene is voluptuous with a more hourglass shape. Kenya, even with her lovely face, falls flat in this. Her fake parts make her look lopsided and disfigured– faux voluptuous — as many girls who buy plastic parts.

  8. Twilly

    Kenya looks sloppy in the dress. It’s ill-fitting. And those shoes are atrocious! It fits NeNe like a glove. You don’t need to be the thinnest to look the best!

  9. Looks like Kenya has a wiener hanging between her thighs.

  10. eg

    Even though I don’t care for Kenya, I like the dress on her better. NeNe does have a big ol hour glass figure but to me the dress looks better (to me) on Kenya. But I’m glad we didn’t get a view from the rear, then I probably would have a different opinion.

  11. MaryC

    Bye Ashy! NeNe wore it best.

  12. So they borrow each others clothes? I’m guessing it’s a little stretched out, which is why there is room for a penis to be worn underneath Kenyas.

  13. Haze

    It’s photo-shopped, not their bodies?

  14. Umm to me it looks like Kenya is real and looks like they put Nene’s head on somebody elses body. This looks slimmer and shapelier than I believe Nene is.And the pose and the hands looks like they belong to somebody else, not Nene.

    Okay Tamara is this a trick photo? Give it up girlfriend, spill the tea!

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      Just what I thought, photoshopped for real, no way would Nene look better in anything than Kenya, who while is nutty, has a fantastic body, gone with the wind fantastic!

  15. Bombero129

    Nene’s not wearing a wedding ring? Her 52 karat diamond ring

  16. bendy

    Nene appears to be floating above the floor, her face is so thin and her eyes look huge. Her boobs on the other hand look small in that pic.

  17. Okay so NOBODY saw the black spots around Nene’s head that makes her head look like some anorexic man? And suddenly she has BLUE EYES??? I would not even recognize here without the trademark hair. Plus her face is ten shades lighter than her hands. It’s one of the worst photoshops I’ve ever seen since Kelly Bensimon’s Shape cover!

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