Kenya Moore Bids Farewell to Real Housewives of Atlanta


Well boys and squirrels, it looks like we will not have Kenya Moore to kick around anymore. Kenya has bid us all a fond adieu on the Bravo blog! I don’t think anyone is surprised she was not asked back. What is a surprise though is that she was either on all her meds or got a lot of help writing her “long good-bye” as she bids us farewell with…. dare I say class?  I don’t usually include an ENTIRE blog from the housewives but since this one is so well-written and full of some interesting tea, I am going to post Kenya’s Long Goodbye in its entirety with limited snarky comments. Click through to read.

phaedraparkspickleshootDespite the outlandish theatrics and wild accusations thrown at me during Reunion Part 3, I stand firm in my opinion that Apollo is a nice guy who happens to be in a bad situation.  We’ve heard him say verbatim he’s “married to a beast,” “has resentment” toward his wife, and “would like to get back to the way things used to be.”  Believe me, many others including myself have fallen prey to Phaedra’s heinous manipulations. Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial. Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately.

Holding out hope for an Apollo hookup if a divorce is in the future?

It was just as shocking for me to hear him make accusations that I, in effect, propositioned him. So shocking that I had to laugh at just how contrived and rehearsed it was. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain Apollo was coached by Phaedra. Hence why I showed my phone with all the texts to Andy to prove my innocence and offered to pass it around for full and transparent disclosure.  Andy verified that there was no sexual content to any of the texts. I feel sorry that Apollo’s wife is so sadistic that she will do anything to malign, embarrass, disenfranchise, and slander me because I beat her at her own game.

RHOAPhaedraRatchetUSAWe have seen the extreme lows of how far Phaedra is willing to stoop by what she did to NeNe, me, Angela Stanton, and anyone else who dares to cross her.  She even went as far as to recruit my ex as a client and advised him to exploit himself by lying about the status of our relationship in staged radio interviews. The nuances of her statements give it away… “They called him”. How would she know that had she not been directly communication with him?  Phaedra will never be the smartest woman in the room if I’m also present. She’s obsessed with trying to hurt me but she will continue to lose that battle in perpetuity.

The fact that Angela Stanton is being referred to on a Bravo site is very interesting. I could also see Phaedra setting up the radio interview for Walter…

With her alleged illegal dealings and random and ridiculous business ventures, she is not only a liar, an embarrassment to her family, as well as the laughing stock of the law industry. Her vicious gratuitous retaliatory actions are never warranted. Are we all wrong? Judge for yourself. With that said, I wish Apollo all the best.

This is sounding like it was written by a lawyer. I wonder how much this blog cost her?


What's the Beef Between Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas?No real or decent man verbally attacks a woman. The truth is, Peter, Apollo, and Kordell have all shown unacceptable aggression and intimidation toward women. Only cowardly men raise their voices in anger, physically act aggressively, or angrily shout at and attack women. Real men stay out of their women’s business and they don’t engage in repugnant hostile actions or words toward a woman whether they know, like, or dislike her. I applaud Gregg and Todd for the classy and appropriate way they refrained from attacking me unlike the others to get camera time. The others are always looking for their moment, which is why they all bonded with my groupie ex. As badly as they all want to hold a peach, they never will.

Hard to disagree with any of this. I have often thought that Peter and Apollo both pose together holding peaches in private…


NeNe: Thank you for your kindness and your open heart. You have had my back on and off screen and I appreciate you for all you have done to help me navigate this process and my changes in life. I most appreciate the girl talk and encouraging words you have given me regarding my love life. Those words came at a time I thought I would never find someone who would love me unconditionally. I’ll never forget those words.

Is anyone buying the story of a wonderful man in her life?

Cynthia: You are the epitome of a beautiful woman equally as stunning as you are kind. You haven’t let the pressures of being in the public eye change you. I’m happy to call you a friend and hope that our relationship continues to grow. You inspire me.

Kandi: I have always been a fan and am so proud watching your life flourish. Thank you for staying neutral and true to yourself. You are a sweet, talented, successful, kind woman. You deserve to be happy. I think Todd is a wonderful man and can’t wait to see what is next for you in business and in life.

Kim: I never laughed so much when we met. You are funny, sweet, sexy, and real. I hate that we didn’t get a chance to bond during the season, but we are neighbors and I’ll be over soon to borrow some sugar! You crack me up.

How exactly has Kenya moved into Kim’s neighborhood? Do her little excursions to Dubai pay that well?

RHOAPorshaheadbandPorsha: Life is about growth. We can only grow if we are able to see our mistakes. Look to God and your family and true friends for support during your lowest times. It’s not about the destination but the journey. The journey is what makes life worth living. The journey is what makes boys into men and girls into women. I’m confident your life will change for the better. I wish you well. (And thank you for Gone With The Wind Fabulous!)

Phaedra: God brings people into your life for a reason. You are the reincarnation of my mother. Your actions and evil will toward me goes beyond any fight. You meant to destroy me with your planted blog stories, reckless false accusations, counsel to my ex, and sinister behavior in its lowest form. Yet, you have only made me stronger and wiser. Thank you for showing me who you really are.

Phaedra pushes Kenya’s Mommy Issues Button? Interesting…

nenepartylawrenceLawrence: You are the reason my life has changed for the better.  I’ve watched you grow into one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I know you beyond the heels, beyond the makeup and your persona. I’m proud to call you a friend but you are my family. I love your heart. and that is all that will ever matter to me.

My angels Saisha, Brandon Deshazer, Brandon Roberts, Chanda, Lauren, Lisa, Tracey, my family, and Velvet. You have kept me sane. Well… sane is relative LOL!

To the press: We’ve had a blast. Thank you for your support and continued coverage. Thank you Kelly and Michael, Anderson Cooper, HuffPost,, etc… and especially Wendy Williams: I’ve always admired you for you intelligence, your bold self expression, your honesty and I appreciate you as strong black women. You championed for me before the show even aired and I thank you for that.

Someone clearly does not watch Wendy Williams. Wendy has trashed her mercilessly… on days she was not a guest of course.

And finally the viewers: I have lived my life my way. I will never apologize for being me. I love to laugh and I will never take myself too seriously. I thank you for your kind and unkind words, your love and your hate, your support and disdain, your likes and dislikes. Through it all you have been engaged and entertained and you have expressed yourself.

To my fans: You have made this season EPIC! Now here’s a twirl for you baby! Always remember who gave you life:

We let the world know… DON’T COME FOR ME UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU!

With Love,


Sayōnara, Kenya. If nothing else you’ve given us much to laugh at. You were simply a one and done sideshow like Marlo.


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175 responses to “Kenya Moore Bids Farewell to Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Isabella J.

    So she is officially OFF RHOA?? Wow, I just am surprised as she was ratings gold.

    • Tiffany C.

      Right! Kenya is not as obnoxious as Tamra who has been on for several seasons and she’s way more entertaining.

      • I think Tamra has jumped the shark in her meaness so to speak. I can’t do that show anymore due to her. I can’t believe Heather & Gretchen are stupid enough to jump on that bandwagon. Bravo: do a house cleaning like RHONY on all the franchises.

      • Emma

        Kenya is a narcissistic sociopath , dangerous material , tamra is not even worth mentioning as she is DNA deficient

  2. karen

    I am glad that lying nut is gone. I was not going to watch RHOA if she was on and I wrote to Bravo and told them so. To me she is an embarressment to women especially black women.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Just how was Kenya an embarrassment to Black women? Wait don’t tell me, Kenya represents ALL Black women.

      • karen

        I said to me JMO – comming to Nene’s party in that slutty outfit. In Anguilla flirting with anything that had pants on. At the reunion threatening to attack a pregnant woman. just a few things that I found disgusting.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Pha pha wore the “slutty” outfit first for an entire day in front of the husbands hell the whole world,

      • Emma

        Kenya is a narcissistic sociopath , dangerous material , tamra is not even worth mentioning as she is DNA deficient

      • Emma

        Forget the connotation of black / white , Kenya is the epitome of a disturbed woman , she is beautiful and rich but poor in morals and substance , and knows no better , she needs a hug , sedation and some Prozac !

      • yeah kenya mad black woman, nene love u to bits Phaedra keep the faith.

    • ajsblessed

      I agree.

    • smitsa

      I don’t Kenya was an embarrassment to “black women.” She, at times, was an embarrassment to herself. Any women of any race can act as she did.

  3. Lawyer lady

    Praise The Lord!

  4. theREALHONJ

    YAH HOOOOOO!!!!!

  5. Bravogirl24/7

    I’m really sad to see Kenya go. The show was boring and a MUST MISS. Now what’s next?

  6. theREALHONJ

    They should try to get T-Boz or Chili

  7. legaleagle

    I thought Bravo renewed all of their contracts. I think Kenya is just being dramatic as usual. It appears like she’s bidding farewell for the time being not forever. Bravo would be stupid not to renew her contract. As much as we loved to criticize her, she added some crazy spice to the show.

    • lawretta wiggins

      the show is nothing without kenya. fashionable, intelligent, wow what a woman. a real theme park. a show in her own right. an icon of beauty and not ashamed of speaking out what women always secretly wish for but pretends (marriage). good luck my darling kenya.

      • jamelia hamilton

        if kenya is gone i’m not watching it. take porcha off she starts to much trouble
        ne ne and kenya kept the show alive bravo please keep keya

  8. khintx

    I have a feeling she’ll pop up on Nene’s wedding show……… kh

  9. khintx

    Kenya does seem to harbor deep resentments against Phaedra. She was relative kind to everyone else. What ever her beef is with Phaedra it must be really buggin her.

    • Relatively kind to everyone else??!!…………..let’s just start with the coochie crack comments on the first appearance and move on to sooooo many examples of mean, crude, rude, slanderous comments by Kenya.

  10. Norman McFall

    I am really surprised. My guess, though, is that Kendra may have wanted more money than Bravo (Comcast) was willing to pay. Kendra is a lunatic and absolutely “scripted” (in her head), but sure made for some interesting television. I was equally entertained and creeped-out. @normanDmcfall

  11. Brillke

    I cannot believe what I just read. Did Kenya even watch the show? How delusional can one person be? I actually feel kinda-sorta sorry for her and embarrassed too. She is trying to rewrite history, thinking she can undo the damage she’s done to both her professional and personal life. It’s too late Kenya, the damage is done. I really and truly hope she gets help. I can see bad things happening to her or to others because of her if something doesn’t change in her life.

    Oh, and when was Kandi neutral? She has told Kenya multiple times how she felt about the video idea theft, had Walter at her housewarming party and spoke her mind to her on the reunion show.

    • Twilly

      I don’t think Phaedra was that far off the mark when saying she thought Kenya might be mentally ill. I honestly suspect that she is. She acts extremely unstable. Whether that was tv or not is unknown to us. But the delusion is strong in that one!

  12. Anne M

    I interpreted this as her “goodbye for the season”. Wasn’t she at the Bravo upfronts a few weeks ago? I think she is still on it… Although I couldn’t blame Phaedra for trying to hold Bravo by the cojones and threatening to walk if she stays on. It is better for them to keep Phaedra. Kenya’s shtick is already stale, and she plays dirty in a way that made me very uncomfortable at the reunion. Phaedra, however, has been a fairly consistent source of entertainment, and I suspect that an interesting storyline could come out of a very public divorce between Phaedra and Apollo. Please note that I am not saying this is something I would find pleasant to watch, but I think the producers can smell storylines a few seasons out, and I am willing to bet that Apollo has given himself away enough inadvertently to producers at this point that keeping Phaedra for dramatic purposes would be worthwhile. If I were her, I would cut and run from this show while still ahead, so as not to humiliate my children further with all of the rumors about Apollo… but I am not her. I felt bad for her at the reunion though, and I would personally not be willing to watch another whole season of that.

  13. Rose

    I think Kenya needs anger management. She was always angry with someone or felt like someone had snubbed her. I personally think she was jealous of Phaedra. I didn’t watch the last few shows or the reunion shows because I could not stand her attitude.

    • Twilly

      I agree that she’s probably jealous of Phaedra. Phaedra has exactly what Kenya wants – a handsome husband and pretty babies with him. She seemed to have particular vitirol for Phaedra and Porsha. The two women who SEEMED happily married and who were either having babies or trying to get pregnant. Everything Kenya wants but doesn’t have.

      I think Porsha making fun of Kenya’s age at every opportunity has come back to bite her in the ass. She isn’t THAT much younger than Kenya. She’s in her 30’s. She just might end up 40 and childless too, sadly. I hope both of them are able to realize their dream of motherhood. I wouldn’t wish not being able to have a child when you truly want one on my worst enemy.

    • smitsa

      The blog was a bit contradictory. Take this comment for example:

      “Now here’s a twirl for you baby! Always remember who gave you life”. But in the same blog she speaks negatively about her mother who clearly had a serious problem. As I write this, I’m understanding the parable.

      I believe Phaedra was her friend who helped bring her onto the show… then did her wrong. Much like Kenya’s mom who gave her birth, then basically threw her away.


  14. I don’t think it was THAT well written (in response to TT, not a general observation so get off my dick in advance). But I don’t read their blogs, so maybe it’s usually much worse.

  15. I can’t believe Bravo would let Kenya go. This just might be a ploy by Kenya to get a higher salary. Whether you like her or not, she made the show this past season. If Kenya is gone you have nothing left. No one else really has a story line anymore. I think we will see Kenya back next season.

    • Isabella J.

      Agreed 100%. When Beyonce mentions you, you are relevant. And Pheadra was a bitch to Kenya, totally shady. I would be hurt as well.

    • If they get Angela Staunton, they have a storyline.

      The ploys to get more money usually don’t work well. I’m betting Jesus Barbie got a pay cut. And Jill Zarin is a faint memory.

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      She “made” the show for some because she was determined to make everyhting about her. She was pressed and I don’t think the other ladies were as pressed. So they collected their check and let her perform. I think the show will be just fine without her. It was the highest rated well before Kenya. I look forward to seeing who they bring on next season. They need to bring on two more housewives. I think Porsha’s storyline could be really interesting, whether they focus on her divorce situation or her “re”-building her career and dating. I think she is a good combination of likeable, great eye candy, and slight airheadedness. But she’s not afraid to mix it up. The behind the scenes where she confronts Cynthia definitely shows that…

  16. MsWife

    Is this confirmed this is the first I’m hearing of this.

  17. RealitySux

    I didn’t read that as her leaving … only saying bye to the season?? I thought they had all re-signed? Hmmmm….dang-it!!….

  18. Angie

    Her blog is more like farewell for now see you next season! She’ll be back for Season 6. BRAVO renewed all of their contracts. I wish Kandi would go– she’s too normal LOL

  19. Kate

    I wish we had seen this well spoken Kendra on the show after reading this I respect her.

    • Why would Kendra be on the show after reading this?

    • Eve

      Do you really think Kenya wrote it? No way.

      Im sure Kenya pulled a … one is relevent without me so i want a triple raise rant to Bravo.
      Bravo can hire another crazy real easy………
      I think Kenya could do an acne ad though……

    • Nicole

      Kenya did not write this. It is well written though.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Actually, I think she could have written this. I think she is a lot of things – imbalanced, crazy, a liar and the list goes on and on but she doesn’t strike me as a woman who is unintelligent. Misguided -YES / Dumb – I don’t think so. She does have a business and though she isn’t as a big of a filmmaker as she thinks she is, she has managed to maintain a business for several years.

      • Katrina

        Kenya could have written that blog. She won Miss USA and she is educated. She also managed to write a song and put it on iTunes, make a DVD, and make a video of “GWTWF.” Whether she comes back or not, she made the most of her TV appearance.

    • Twilly

      I love when people call Kenya KENDRA. I bet that pisses her off to no end lol!!!

  20. Phaedra worked for Geico; it makes sense she showed them how to successfully do what they did til they got caught. That’s my opinon. My opinion don’t reflect the owner of this sites opinion. :) *) 😉 :/

  21. James

    I’m not convinced/hope that wasn’t a farewell. Not only did she not even directly address it, I would think she would have given reasons for leaving, if only to counteract the inevitable “she was fired/no, I quit” rigamarole

  22. Linda

    IF she wrote that she should only communicate in writing from now on – just saying. I did wonder about all the shade Andy threw her way at the reunion. It is odd that this doesn’t say definitively I’m not coming back but that could be her ego. Bombshell Friday.

  23. lala

    ummm, that was “goodbye for this season”

  24. Are you just trying to tease some of the commenters Tamara? Everybody knows Kenya will be back sext season….

  25. phakedraparks

    One could only hope that it’s over for her!

  26. MsWife

    With all the mixed comments I’m interested to see how the show will be next season. It’s sad some people are so miserable in there own lives they hate on a women for tryna entertain y’all. I don’t take it seriously and neither does kenya, I feel no matter how she acted it made me tune in. Now I wanna see RHOA get those ratings with just Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra and Porsha.


      I thought I was the only person who felt this way about Kenya….

    • Twilly

      Oh come on. Such a lame comment “we’re so miserable in our own lives that we hate on women trying to entertain us”. Just because someone has a differing opinion of someone or doesn’t like who you like doesn’t mean someone is “miserable”. Get a grip. I bet you also think people who don’t like you are “jealous” when in reality they really just don’t like you. *sigh*

      • Hello there, Twilly! Welcome to TT. I think we will get along just fine.

      • Twilly

        Love the blog, TT! Keep up the good work :)

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Bwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa – Twilly, I am so with you on this. I cannot stand folk who blame jealously on the reason why all their friendships fail. I like to introduce those folks to a mirror so they can get more familiar with themselves. There’s not that much jealousy in the world…

    • They’re not ACTUALLY trying to entertain us. They are trying to make money. The roadblock between them and money is having to “entertain” us. They have no idea how to do that. Or they think acting foolish fits the bill. The joke is on them. I’m laughing at them and not with them. The producers/editors are entertaining me. Sometimes their edits are so snaky and tongue in cheek that they seem like brilliantly funny people.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        Actually couldn’t have said it better myself… The editors/producers definitely throw a lot of shade…

  27. lilmissdiva

    I heard all 6 women were signed up for the next season, but I haven’t seen anything concrete, so…

    I’m not a Kenya fan but she did bring drama and saved this season from being boring like season 4. Kenya likes to be overly dramatic, so maybe this particular blog entry is her way of saying farewell to season 5 and not the show. Can’t imagine Andy getting rid of Kenya now, especially when Bethenny Frankel seems entertained by her and Beyonce is quoting her for millions to see.

  28. Princess Diva Z

    I’m ready for her and her ashy crusty dragon feet to twirl outta of Atlanta. She is not fabulous to me. when I see her she looks overdone and like she needs medication. Not interested in her dramatics for season 6. If she’s on no matter how much I like the other girls I will NOT watch. She makes my stomach turn ugh!! Bye Kenya Bye Ashy lol

  29. Summer

    I hope she doesn’t come back. Her brand of toxic drama isn’t entertaining to me. She is downright malicious and that’s not fun to watch (same reason I don’t watch NJ anymore).

    • karen

      I so agree with you – I also stopped watching NJ for the same reason and if Kenya is back I will be done with ATL

      • “Her brand is toxic” says it all, Summer. And I stopped watching The Theresa Show (RHONJ) for the same reason last year. And the Jill Show a couple seasons ago in NYC) I’m concerned about the OC for the same reason, Tamra is turning toxic.

      • @TamaraTattles Great work as usual! Thank you for being my source for everything Housewives and JA!!

      • I agree with the last several commenters, TOXIC DRAMA, for sure. I stopped watching NJ, Kenya, Tamra, & Jill for that very reason. Bravo: This is not entertaining. It makes me ill. It’s not fun. I watch for eye candy: clothes, jewelry, homes, parties, hair, clever snappy dialogue. Violence & mentally ill, I can get on the news.

  30. smitsa

    Kenya’s blog gave me the chills. It read like a “final, final” goodbye letter. It is really creepy…ooooh.

  31. Aloha

    Well THAT was just as overblown as I thought it would be–that blog bit of Kenya’s “Gone With the Long-Windedness”.

    Is Kenya really NOT returning? It’s a mistake if she doesn’t come back because that chick is BONKERS! She is crazy, crazy, crazy and makes for a really great show.

    • Murphy

      Oh my god yes! How can we ever forget her jaw-dropping (and not in a good way) performance of Gone with the Wind Fabulous on WWHL? I was rolling on the floor. It is still on my DVR.

  32. Coif

    Go back obscurity you sad twit

  33. jarlath

    Why would they get rid of Kenya and keep Dumb Dumb. Makes no sense.

    • 1) I love Porsha. (2) Porsha has a storyline now and strong Atlanta ties.

      Kenya OTOH is mentally ill. I am not saying that to be mean, or insulting. She clearly has an issue that needs some medical help. Phaedra is right about that. She also threatened a pregnant women at the reunion with physical harm, I am hearing that was the nail in her coffin. I fully expect that either Phaedra will press charges against her for that, or that she made it a condition to Bravo that she not return or she would press charges for that. Bravo can’t afford to have someone showing mental health issue symptoms along with Walter asking if she took her medication sued by an attorney for threats or having her on the show and having Phaedra injured. Kenya threatened to harm Phaedra on national TV while she was pregnant. She became more liability than her “ratings” would support.

      • smitsa

        Tamara is absolutely correct. I forgot about Walter’s meds comment. At the time, I thought he was joking. After watching the rest of that episode and those which followed, I figured it out – she has major issues. Was she born on July 9th?

        Porsha and Kenya are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Porsha is still learning about men and life, a little late but still learning. Kenya – would like everyone to believe she knows everything and everyone. I agree with Bravo, if in fact, not signing her was based on the threat. I believe most of the reality shows are making a conscious effort to minimize if not eliminate the physical attacks. It’s not cute- down right embarrassing . Kenya musta forgot, Phaedra is an attorney and I’m sure she didn’t take the threat lightly.

        Watch Kenya’s eyes when she gets upset…her pupils double in the size.

        And maybe its just me, but, are there many 42 virgins are out there looking for someone to marry them. Kenya said she is saving herself for the right man. However she did say she does other things in lieu of VI. Good luck Kenya!

      • Oh dear God, she didn’t really claim to be a 42 year old virgin did she? Say it ain’t so? Source? I am dying here. I admit to not paying her that much attn. off the show.

      • smitsa

        It was one of the recent reunions I,II or III whre she said she won’t give it to anyone she is not going to marry (paraphrase) and she does other things. I have them saved check it out and let you know.

      • smitsa

        Tamara – take a look at Reunion III, about 10 and 12 minutes in.

      • Not a Kim Z Fan

        I agree Tamara. Kenya tends to say things to justify her crazy. That saving herself tidbit was a bold face lie. Tamara, do you know if she didn’t get signed or if she decided not to return on her own? If she walked away on her own that might indicate she isn’t in as much denial as I thought. I’d actually respect her a little if she walked away. This show was not a good choice for her…

      • worldgirl

        Part of making a threat charge stick is the belief that you are in real danger. Phaedra was in no real danger. But of course, she’s slick enough to use Kenya’s mouth against her. No doubt she complained but the other shows have had real violence and nobody left, Heck Teresa Guidice pushed Andy himself at a reunion and she came back. I think people just like to hate on Kenya for some reason.

      • FAHLINA_T

        Have you seen her EYES? At the reunion? Kenya is straight SCARY!!!! Something isn’t right with her.

    • I may have missed it, but where exactly did her ghostwriter state that she would not be back. I read it as more of a “ta ta for now, bitches.”

  34. What I read out of this is her deep jealously and hatred for Phaedra. Dag I did not realize how much she hates her. Why, because she wants Apollo? She did not show her phone to Andy to prove it was no sex texting. She thought Andy would agree with her.
    She looked like a fool! She does like this man. I hate she looked like a fool, and I lost respect for her. Also, she cannot rewrite history of this season, we can all review the shows. She needs to take her medication and remember she destroyed her reputation, not Phaedra, Porsha or anyone else. She came undone on her own. She will be back on the show. Those producers do not give a care if she looks stupid or what they just want her to act a fool again. As for as Walter, she lied on him. Who dates a man for two years and do not even tell their favorite aunt who raised you, yet never met or heard anything about him? Come on! That girl Kenya is greedy and lies to look good. Sadly she does have some problems, and I’m not a doctor, and I’m not blind.

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      And I’m sorry, two years of dating and no sex. Come on now?!? Had she said she was saving herself for marriage from the onset, maybe. But she clearly wanted to have sex with him. Women don’t usually decide when the relationship begins but we always decide when sex happens when it is consensual of course. So again, I say two years with no sex and you wanted it. Yeah, there’s nothing real about that… Just admit it and move on… Like you said, she destroyed her own reputation -no one else. Someone she respects must have finally convinced her that this show is not a good look for her. Now she will slip back into the insignificance from whence she came. Hopefully, she’ll be able to deal with her issues from under that rock… Good bye and good riddens…

      • smitsa

        I don’t think a reality show is a good fit for Kenya. I agree with Phaedra, Kenya is an actress and I think she is a darn good one. Hopefully, someone will give her a role in a series or movie. I think she will do well. She doesn’t play well in everyday life.

  35. Lori

    As unpopular as my opinion may be, I still like her. I truly believe that she played a lot of the the “crazy” up for entertainment. But either way, crazy or not, I like her. Miss Phaedra Parks used to be my absolute favorite, but I am sooooo disgusted by all I have learned and seen of her this season… all these rumors and talks of her involved in this illegal activity and just how she sells people out left and right. All of that mixed in with how she has just become some weird little gremlin with her mmmm hmmmms and other weird sounds and faces. IDK WTH happened to her! I really don’t see how anyone still likes her. I would pick Kenya over her any day of the week. She may be crazy, but I think Phaedra is dangerous, and not in the good way. And it would be one thing that she partakes in illegal activities. I mean, so what. But this ACT that she puts on! That’s the part that makes her terrifying. I am definitely going to be reading both of the books that spill the dirt on her. (unless, of course, I can just read about it here. That would be much better!). :)

    Sorry this kind of went off the Kenya topic. I am sorry to see her go! (Okay. I’m ready. Let me have it! lol)

    • Not a Kim Z Fan

      You nailed it with the sound effects and facial expressions. It’s all very weird to me. I don’t know if the rumors about Phaedra are true or not. I think they definitely could be BUT I will say that everything she does is extremely calculated… But as for Kenya, she may have played it up but it is based on something real. Something is wrong with that woman…

    • smitsa

      what did I miss. What did Phaedra do deemed as illegal. I’m not a fan of hers, but, I haven’t heard the tea.

  36. Vp

    Are you sure this her GRAND goodbye? Why would Bravo cut her loose if not all contracts have been signed?

  37. FancyPants

    Why do people think Kenya wants Apollo so badly? He’s an ex-con who does what? Oh yea, asset recovery, fitness videos, nutrition and fitness training. Other than he and Phaedra saying he does all these things, and the dumb dumb video they starred in (you can be the star of a video when you’re footing the bill) what proof have we seen of Apollo being anything more than an accessory to Phaedra? BTW, both definitions of accessory may apply in this instance, as we all eagerly await the real tea on all of Phaedra’s allegedly illegal shenanigans to come out.

    Who would want Apollo? He doesn’t have a Todd personality, he’s disrespecful to women (and so is Peter btw). We do remember him referring to Kenya as a bitch on the housewarming episode, don’t we? And his outburst on the reunion was totally unnecessary. I agree with Kenya on that one, Apollo presented a rehearsed performance to further discredit Kenya. Phaedra was definitely the producer, because she’s still pissed her “wonderful husband” palmed another woman’s ass on national television as well as Kenya shined the light on Phaedra’s ability to be underhanded and shady all while wearing her church lady hats and clinging to her prayer cloths.

    Apollo ain’t all that! Apollo, is the RHOA equivalent of Giggy, Lisa Vanderpumps purse pooch on RHOBH.

    • FancyPants

      Also, if Kenya actually did text Apollo begging to have sex with him, why wouldn’t Apollo and Phaedra produce the text messages on the reunion show? This would have been the obvious course of action for anyone to take, even those of us who are not attorneys would have whipped out our phones along with certified official text transcripts from our cellular service provider. Shady Pha-Pha at work! Don’t let the spandex fool ya, don’t let it fool ya (in my Sheree voice)!

      • smitsa

        Phaedra and Kenya remind me of lawyers in court. They throw out snippets of untruths for the jury to hear and have nothing to back it out. Fact or not, its out there and they can’t take it back

    • smitsa

      Some women are thrilled just by his looks. At first glance, he does looks pretty hot. But, when you look a little deeper and see that there is no substance… he doesn’t look so hot.

      • Apollo is as dumb as dogshizzle though. He uses big words and says he is educated but he uses those words improperly. I can’t stand people who use the word therefore more than three times in any one sentence.

    • Kenya did have the confessional that they showed over and over where she says he is “fine” in a Wendy Williams voice.


      SO glad SOMEBODY else sees this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot stand Phaedra OR Apollo!

    • Onyx

      Phaedra is one greedy, lying, $hady underhand crook. How can you tell when she is lying? … Her lips are moving. (Lawyer LOL) She baited Kendra to make herself relevant. As far as the text went I always knew they were business related and whipped Apollo told an outright lie season six to keep up the drama against a competitor.

  38. Not a Kim Z Fan

    So happy she is gone – I’m doing the crip walk like Serena at the US Open. 😉 Not just for my benefit as a viewer but for hers as well. Being on this show DID NOT enhance her brand. It gave her greater visibility but all exposure is not good exposure. Furthermore, I think she has some serious issues that she needs to work on and that work should not be done in front of a reality TV camera.

    To answer your question, if Omarosa could get a sweetie like Michael Clark Duncan then Kenya can score a wealthy African oil billionaire. I am convinced that men are very attracted to “broken” women in distress. Howinsoever, given Kenya’s history of lying about beaus it is really hard to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. I mean she still refers to Walter as her ex. She’s delusional and as evidenced by her final blog, completely unable to come clean about her shortcomings…

    I will say, I thought her words to Porsha were very kind, which leads me to believe that if she gets helps to deal with her various emotional issues, then maybe she can be a cool girl…

  39. khintx

    How did Kenya threaten Phaedra? I may have missed it having been hypnotized by Cynthia’s breasteses. kh


      REALLY? She fully threatened to “knock a woman’s teeth out, pregnant or not” right on stage on National TV at the reunion!!!!! Can’t believe you missed that! Boobies or not!

  40. Rose

    Hey to the other “Rose’ that is posting here!! I like your name!

    I think the fact that Kenya had never been married says a lot about her. Men MOSTLY stay away from, run away from crazy and Kenya does appear to have some very unhealthy mental issues. Walter did ask her in one episode if she had taken her medication! Hmmm….I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with her real mental health issues on TV this season. Perhaps she saw herself on TV and had al light bulb moment and realized how badly she needs help.

    • Yup, I said it

      Being married is not validation of someone as a good/bad person. That is such an antiquated, backwords, sexist and ignorant way to think.That’s like those culture’s that believe a divorced woman was “thrown away” by her husband or that a woman is ruined when she’s no longer a virgin. Tons of horrible people have been married just watch “Snapped” to prove that. There are great people that have never been married. Kenya does seem mental but her marital status is irrelevant to that.

      • …Although Kenya is desperate to be married. It’s odd that she said she wanted to marry Walter, but within weeks, they broke up and she describes as someone she wouldn’t even consider marriage material. (I missed a couple episodes, but that’s my understanding). How did the break up occur? Thanks!

        BTW, I’ll be glad to see her lying *$% go for a 1000 reasons, but the main reason is to wipe that “I’m the greatest” smirk off her face…if even for a moment.

      • Rose

        Whoa, Yup, you read a whole lot into what I said!! How you got all that is beyond me!

        I did not Kenya was a bad person or that marriage or being a virgin validated her or anyone else!

        I was saying that maybe she is not married because of the crazy way she acts!! And I happen to think the way she acts could well be relevant to WHY she is not married!

      • isabella j

        Why is everyone all up in the air about her needing to be married?? I’ve done it 4 times, it is not all it is cracked up to be! Lots of the HOUSEWIVES are not actual wives,,,

  41. Katrina

    I don’t think Kenya is leaving RHOA. I think she is saying good bye for season 5.

    • smitsa

      You may be right. But it caused a lot of chatter which is good for the blogs, Bravo and Kenya. They can view a good sampling of how the public feels about her and the other housewives.

    • I think Kenya has been fired.

      Bravo loves the housewives to lie, be certifiable, turn on each other, make fools of themselves, etc.

      BUT Bravo doesn’t like it when someone lies to Bravo. Since it is likely that she set up the Walter storyline, and never let Andy in on the truth, it’s a good enough reason to show her the door.

      Has another housewife been fired for telling lies about their background?

      Or maybe Bravo fires housewives who start shouting for Bodyguards, like Danielle Staub.

      • Joan

        Exactly Tamara Paris! I think Bravo was caught off guard on this one. While they love crazy, this type of crazy can turn bad quickly. Personally, I think Kenya is either the village idiot, or crazy smart. She reminds me of Kelly from RHONY…. In any case, hope she’s gone for good.

  42. Oscar

    I’m totally team Kenya. She better be back next season or else I won’t be watching. :/

  43. gigi

    Wendy Williams actually gave her an “A” for her “performance” this season… so Wendy was not as harsh as you say…

  44. Susan

    All I can say is I’m glad Kenya is gone and HOPE she stays gone. If she comes back I will not be watching. Wheather Bravo needs another crazy or not they are better off with out her. She would probably find something to sue them for, and since I said sue. If I were Phadra I would sue the twerl out of Kenya. The things Kenya accused her of I believe is sladerous and defamation. No one is right except Kenya just ask her and she will tell you she is the most perfect thing around. She says goodby to everybody – who cares just get her smerking face off my TV and shut the wagging tung up. I guess it shows I don’t care for Kenya. As far as the rest of the cast being friends with Walter that is none of Kenyas business. I think she is afraid that the truth will come out through Walter. She is one jelous person. Any of the advise she gave in the blog is done in an arogant mannor. Who died and left her in charge and yes I do agree that someone else did he blog.

  45. Atypical

    Kenya will be back…. I DO think one of the houswives will be gone next season. Last season Nene told Sheree something like, why are you on team small, I could’ve helped you. Poof she’s gone. This season she said she feels like one of the housewives has to go, that she would talk to Andy about it later… o_0. I don’t think its Kenya though…Her antics make for good tv. ..

  46. Atypical

    I think this is wishful thinking on your part @tamara. Kenya’s not going anywhere. ..Her foolywang antics make for good Tv. I DO however think one of the housewives will be gone. Last season Nene told Sheree something like while you’re team small you should be team Nene. ..I can help you… Then poof Sheree is gone..This season Nene told Andy she felt like it was time for one of the housewives to go, and she would talk to Andy about it later. . O_o

  47. jb44

    Kenya is the reason I continued to watch this season. Last season I stopped because it was so boring. If Kenya goes, so do I.

  48. Why do people keep calling her kendra, my name is also kenya and I get called. kendra a lot. I don’t think bravo or andy like the fact that moore lied to them about her faux relationship, that’s why he kept pressing the housewives for an answer. about whether or not they thought kenya and walter were a real couple.

  49. peachteachr

    Kenya, is that really you??? It simply can’t be. What a flake.

  50. Flo

    I hope they do get rid of her. SHE is not what attracts me to the shows. I can’t stand all the manufactured stuff be it from bravo or the ladies contriving to give themselves storylines. It got so bad for ATL that I stopped watching and only jumped back in to the reunion, where at least you get to see something real. Beverly Hills, has more of the good stuff – real life disputes that spill over REAL real life. I liked the Housewives shows better when the women weren’t so seasoned to know how to attract the cameras – you feel their posturing and it’s hard to believe the phony set -ups.

    I wasn’t a fan of Porsha, I thought she was a bit of fluff, but after her outburst I want to see more. Go Girl.

    And for Kenya Kerazy – she said to her Aunt that she was dating the guy for 2 years. SHE LIED – SHE GOT CAUGHT. Plain as day for us all to see.

    BUT I thought she and NeNe were firends? How come NeNe is hinting to get rid of her? Curious or Clever.

  51. eg

    All I can say is, that “farewell” or “adios” letter really reads like a proclamation on how much she hates Phaedra. Kenya is one of those type of women (or men too) that thinks EVERYTHING is all about them. The whole world revolves around them, and anything that is said or done is because of them. Yeah she did provide “cringe worthy” entertainment on the show, but damn, she is even more conceited than NeNe (has become). I hope they don’t bring her back, she probably needs to go see the same shrink that Kelly B. (RHONY) went to see, if she (Kelly B. that is) went to see one. Yeah ole PhaePhae can be kinda shady, but I’d rather watch her than this horny trainwreck who is a “star”.

  52. Patricia

    “Remember who gave you life?” That was odd. In any case, I’m guessing if she is gone, then that means Porsha will be back. I guess Porsha’s storyline of divorce was more appealing than Kenya’s line of dating?

    Speaking of Porsha’s I’m surprised she didn’t take a dig at Porsha. I guess she does have some class. I’m sad to see her go now.

    I guess if Janet J. can get her a wealthy middle eastern guy, Kenya can do the same. I hope everything works out for her. BTW – The Wendy Williams ass kissing was not necessary.

  53. Kenya initially wore on my nerves but eventually I came around to appreciating her role on the show as the Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs Wildcard. I figure you need on person to fill that seat on every cast, so as long as there’s no physical fighting, or criminal connection, or bizarre off-camera activities involved (think Danielle Staub going after Dina Manzo, RHoNJ season 1, with the CPS drama and the goons she sent to vandalize her mailbox)—once Kenya slowed down the arrogance and acting out at public functions…I was cool with her being the Crazy Maybelle of the Atlanta franchise.

    If she’s really gone for next season, I’m going to need them to bring me a Sideshow Sally into this cast, STAT.

    Dare I say it, had poor Porsha not been blindsighted by that horrendous husband of hers with divorce papers served, I think she would have been the one given walking papers instead: now, Porsha has a potentially action packed story line for the producers to follow next season—she has the potential to become the doe-eyed ingenue “Porsha in the City”, growing up an “discovering life on her own”, like a sweet, clueless, less literate version of “That Girl” or something. Part of me will hate to see Kenya go for the entertainment factor…but I’m also expecting Porsha to really step up her game if her contract is renewed and use the hell out this platform.

    • Yup, I said it

      I agree but if Kordell is smart he will get the legal backing to prevent Porsha from talking about the pending divorce, litigation or himself on the show. After watching image damage that Sheree and Camille Grammer did it would be wise for him to do that. If he does she will go back to having a flat story line.

      • smitsa

        It may be too late for Kordell putting a stop to Porsha talking about anything. I’m sure he signed releases or some sort with Bravo. I’m pretty sure he won’t be back for the next season, so the releases may expire.

        Is it true, neither of them signed prenupts.

  54. anniebannanie

    She is just one nasty, angry woman who thinks the world revolves around her. No wonder she isn’t married! She thinks it’s HER show, and just because Walter wasn’t into her, it is SO chickenshit to then accuse him of being gay. I am white and I think Walter is a HUNK. A lot of women either say that when they’re dumped, or they make comments about their former boyfriend’s “lack of endowment”. She was sitting just RAGING with fury at the reunion show and was even nasty to Andy, who has to be one of the most non-threatening, sweetest hosts on TV. Unless she’s gone, I won’t be watching the show.

  55. MamaJen

    I have always loved your blog… but reading this made my day! Gone with the wind…. thank you Bravo! I will even twirl to that! Notice how much effort she put into bashing Phaedra? Hate like that sucks the joy out of a normal person…. I’m thinking Phaedra may need security for awhile, hell Kenya may blame her if a bird shits on her car.

  56. Sammy

    Kenya is awesome!!! Between that twirl and that fan poppin, she is pure entertainment

    I agree that Peter, Apollo and Kordell were being a bit bitchy. And Walter may not be gay but he is a bit of a Mitch

  57. Sharrod

    Damn it, Why Kenya?? Shit Porsha’s dry ass should have been first to go followed up with Phaedra. I wont be watch the nes seasob unless the bring somebody with flavor.

  58. Dark Chocolate

    Wow… It was not wise to fire Kenya. She is the most attractive woman on the stage, although I have a love for NeNe that will supercede any housewife…now weather she is crazy or not is irrelevant, America loves drama what’s the use in havin some ole boring housewives on tv if they can’t produce. Kenya was the salt to my pepper. The lettuce to my tomato, the electricity to my lightbulbs, How dare u get rid of one of the best things that ever happened to Bravo, never a smart move”you can never win when u dirty” if Nene don’t start to go crazy and smacking a couple of housewives around then I’m gone with the wind also…..

  59. I feel Phaedra and Apollo should have been the ones to go. Phaedra is just to mean and evil. Porsha should be embarking on a new life as she learns from the other ladies and starts a career, NeNe will always be my favorite. I love how much she has grown “by any means necessary.” Some fault you for doing what you had to do to get where you are, I say “Do you thang!” Kenya should stay on and continue to look for love. It would be really interesting to watch that. Good luck Kenya!

  60. Anel

    This does not read like a “confirmed” farewell. The person, who wrote the blog, seems to be expressing herself, based on her perception of the relations with people and footage from the show (this season). I am not convinced she is gone for good. Kenya has studied all the Housewives franchises like a science. I am sure she has something brewing in the woodworks, and will likely do anything possible to make a bold come back. She has all summer to finagle up strategy. Unless she has developed poor relations with Andy Cohen, she will be back. Andy is a practical, shrewd business man, and is aware that the HWOA is the number one franchise amongst them all. If the numbers indicate she is good for business, he will bring her back. Again, she has the entire summer to come up with an entire drama line.

  61. MissCane

    I suppose by now you now realize that they’ve all (Kenya included) be resigned and are filming?

  62. Genni

    Fault lies on both sides, Kenya has forgotten what she did to start the war with Phaedra and Porsha. How can you think your innocent in all that have gone on. You do not pressure anyone to be with you, if you see that it’s taking a long time for him to respond, then you pull your big girl panties up and move the hell on and when you see that your girl friends are not doing right by you, you dont open your mouth and call them ugly names, you put on your best face and walk away. I’m glad Kenya is not returning to the RHOA she is messy and she dont look at the whole picture when something goes wrong. Goodbye Kenya

  63. Kym

    She should know she shouldn’t be making “friends” with someone’s husband. She had a fit when she found out that that Walter asked Kandi out once. Remember she had to leave the table and collect herself? I am sure she wouldn’t want any woman making friends with her husband. Kenya doesn’t like anyone to tell her no, she always has some kind of tantrum. Bye, until next season “Ashy”.

  64. Whatever

    It was dumb to fire Kenya she was the only one bringing the drama. Phadrea should have been fired for being the simple minded, donkey booty promoting lawyer. This is a travesty of justice. While Kenya got on my last nerve, however I surely didn’t want to see that sick Southern Belle next season.

  65. It doesn’t make much sense to get rid of Kenya and leave Phaedra she’s getting her own spin which certainly isn’t going to last. Kenya got on my nerves but she did bring what make reality shows. While we all appreciate NeNe it not going to much of a show with the remaining folks. So this could be coming to and end. Kandi don’t make a show, Cynthia’s my girl but no drama there, Phaedra too crazy to make sense out of anything and well Porsha is cool but nothing there either.

  66. kcv

    Relax…it’s not your life, calm down and chill with the slurs!

  67. sammiejane

    What a waste of “reprint”. Who gives a shit about this woman? kudos to whom ever wrote the blog for her for we all know she doesn’t know half the words used! I expect to read in the future that this bat shit crazy individual will be in an asylum twirling before long.

  68. Lee

    First of all Kenya, who never should have been a main character on the show to begin with because she wasn’t a housewife, but got in due to Bravo’s arbitrary, inconsistent decisions – was ganged up on by almost everyone. Everytime she and Porsha got into a disagreement it was because Porsha talked over her and lost her patience & never let her get in a word edgewise. Porsha seems to imitate her husband in that way. Porsha fought dirty and was hypocritical. Kenya does have an uppity attitude at times but she was never the instigator of any fight. When she got upset about her title, she chose to leave quietly and when she was in Anguila, Porsha chose to open the can of worms and start the fight all over again. And Nene was also an instigator by sticking her nose in Kenya and Porsha’s affairs by constantly bringing up the subject of “oh I see you women are all getting along” everywhere she went. All the women have uppity attitudes. It’s why we watch the show – it’s hard to believe such egocentric people exist on this earth. Phaedra was definitely shady and unfair in that she would not pay Kenya a fair share for her video contributions. I used to like Kandi but now I see what Nene means when she says she’s always wringing her face and rolling her eyes at everyone like she’s the only one that’s perfect. I’m getting tired of her pooh pooh attitude. Bravo has made 3 major mistakes in letting go of Kenya, Marlo and Sheree. Bravo had better re-assess their selection process because the ratings are going to go down if they don’t bring back these 3 interesting characters to the show.

    • LOL at Porsha over talking Kenya.

    • SanMarie

      LEE, I’m happy men are opening up talking about the issues here, but as soon as Apollo and Peter defended their new friend some women got highly upset like they was up there hitting Kenya for calling her butt out. Lee go back and watch the part when the went on that vacation. Nene was the one who started that junk, Porsha thought about and just went on and told her about it.

      • SanMarie

        Sorry for thy typo’s above, I forgot about Ms. Lawrence, he’s a lost puppy and at times I feel sorry for him. He’s a follower and most of all a fairy tale of a person and I had a lot to say about him and I had a heart of change. Because he is really lost, and people feeding into some of this drama like it’s real and not unhealthy. Then to ride on Kenya coat tail and condone her every plot to inflict more drama was also sicking too. I’m so happy the women across the world came together to say no more Kenya Moore. She only left a bad thought in my head and that’s sad I can’t say nothing good about her because all she showed was her ass.

  69. White Aussie Love Atlanta Housewives

    Well I liked Kenya very much. I don’t think she really started the fights. She seems very bright, and very frustrated. REgarding the constant digs at her regarding her marital status…it is most often the brightest girls that are left on the shelf. Men DO select for compliance, after all. I don’t think Walter the towing guy was any kind of catch, he reminds me of the 19-year-old schmuck I fell for as a child.

    Porshia is sweet and deserves every happiness, but she comes across as extremely spoiled and nasty when she doesn’t get her own way. The quintessential ‘little rich girl’. But she is lovely to look at! And, until crossed, she has lovely manners. She has obviously been brought up ‘the right way’. Wish she’d let her ‘clever’ out to play. :s

    Cynthia won me over this season, she is really showing class and grace. LOVE HER!!

    Nene is happy lording it over everyone, and has completely forgotten her disgraceful jealousy of especially Kim and also Kandi now that she is ‘on top’. We haven’t forgotten though. She is no place to lecture others.

    Kandi is a pretty dull…but she is so successful that she wouldn’t be bothered. She’s definitely not jealous of Nene.

    As the for the lawyer, when she first came on, she seemed kind of fun…the deal with Kenya WAS mean spirited. And it all went sour from there.

  70. Elizabeth O'Boyle

    Oh Lordy, I am so pleased to have my say about that crazzzzzy housewife wantabe Kenya!
    Some one please medicate the bitch. I think she is NO loss to the next season.
    I have the upmost respect for all the other STARS of the show for not killing the stupid delusional cow.
    Love love love Real housewives everywhere.
    Regards Elizabeth. Western Australia.

  71. Lori

    A few weeks after Kenya wrote this I heard on one of those shows (I think maybe Wendy Williams) that she was negotiating for a big salary increase. It sounded to me like she may not be leaving after all. Tamara, have you heard anything like that?

    • WW uses MediafakeOut as a source…Just sayin’

      • Lori

        Oh,okay. Thanks TT. I’ve never heard of them, but I figured if there were any truth to this that you would probably know. I am one of the few who actually wish she was coming back. If nothing else, she was the only thing that brought any drama to this last season. I can’t imagine how boring it woukd have been without her.

  72. dawn

    So very very sad to see beautiful strong successful black women at each others throats all the time think how fortunate you all are to be blessed with your talents gifts and beauty. Those who fought so hard for our freedom who suffered so much so that generations that came after would have the liberty, peace and freedom to be who you are would surely weep if they could see how anger jealousy hatred towards a fellow sister is the result!. Kim is a beautiful woman inside and out who quite clearly is not in the least racist embrace those who aren’t ignorant and see past colour don’t try to destroy that!! Nene remember you were close like sisters one time remember ?! Kenya as beautiful as you are wise up!! Of course Pheadra will fight for her man he is gorgeous she’s not going to let him go you should have known that and not expected otherwise. You are a beautiful women don’t let insecurities from your past destroy your present and future. All of you women should be supporting and respecting each other. Women have been down trodden for centries by men. So women don’t tread on each other pick each other up be happy live your life to the full achieve all that you can with good grace integrity serenity and confidence and like our forefathers before us do alll that you can to set a good example and pave the way for future generations to come black or white

  73. Emily

    I think she takes herself too seriously, I also think she is mentally ill. She doesn’t seem to be aware at how oddly she behaves. She was disrespectful to Phaedra, who was trying to be her friend. She acted desperate around nen and was very weird socially.

  74. tee

    Kenya and Evelyn from Basketball Wives have alot in common maybe they should become bff!!!

  75. maz

    I love Kenya, she bought us ” GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS” . kENYA you made me laugh ands sad. Don’t go ..UK here xxxx


    OMG!!!! This was the best SEASON but missing KIM too!!!! Bring HER+KIM back and kick out BORING PORSHUT!!!!

  77. yolanda

    I’m glad kenya is gone. That twirl was dumb she tjought everyone wanted her, she thought she wa better then everyone. I truly believe she was jealous of phaedra and porcha. She never had a man tgat wanted her like she wanted the man she was with. Bye bitvh now u go twirl with the wind.

  78. Mama Bear

    why was Kenya on RHOA in the first place she never was married so was she a ‘Real Housewife’?? Don’t Housewives have husbands?? Thank heavens that cuckoo for cocoa puffs is gone with the wind hope it took her and her butt implants to Oz….meh that woman has always been a couple of sandwiches short for a picnic basket, basket being the operative word #BasketCase

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