Bravo Pushing The Kandi Factory Down The Assembly Line

RHOAHkandiKimWhile Kim Zolciak’s spin-off Don’t Be Tardy is off to a great start in the ratings, sadly the Kandi Factory is suffering. As a result Bravo is dumping the series out as quickly as possible moving to put out two new episodes a week giving the flailing show a Sunday night slot after Married to Medicine in addition to the Tuesday night slot after Don’t Be Tardy. Bringing legal action against a cast mate is never appreciated by Bravo and doing so over a song that was made for a Bravo show is major. In addition, Kandi has pulled the song from the winner of last season’s Kandi Factory from Tunecore at the same time she pulled the theme song for Don’t Be Tardy. I suspect that Kandi is striking out at Bravo for refusing her royalties on Kim’s theme song for Don’t Be Tardy. I’m not trying to start a rumor and have no basis for that statement other than an objective assessment of observable facts. I think the legal action may be more of an issue with Bravo than and issue with Kim because she could have gone after Kim at any time before now. It almost seems like Kandi is taking her ball and going home. Will she be renewed for RHOA next season? Do you think she is the one on Nene’s it list? We will know for sure when Nene goes to WWHL on Sunday.

Here is what the Bravo press release has to say about the next two episodes. They sound good to me!

NEW YORK – April 24, 2013 –Bravo Media brings music to your ears with two new episodes of “The Kandi Factory” airing Sunday, April 28 at 10pm and Tuesday, April 30 at 10pm. Immediately following “Married to Medicine” on Sunday, April 28th, there’s a meltdown at the Factory. The team brings Lizzy, a talented 22-year-old singer/songwriter full of potential but with a dark, painful relationship with her mother that has kept her emotionally repressed from her music. Kandi pushes Lizzy to the limit to face her pain and channel it into an emotional ballad. Up against Lizzy is Brandon, a 23-year-old Disney parade performer. He has all the ingredients for stardom, but his lack of ‘flavor’ could keep him marching permanently if Kandi can’t find a way to break his shell. Then, tempers erupt in the studio when Don Vito pushes Selasi’s buttons too far. Phaedra Parks makes a special appearance to help mediate the dispute and whip the team into shape.

Tune in to another tune-filled episode of “The Kandi Factory” on Tuesday, April 30 at 10p.m. when Kandi’s team takes on Garrison, a “Soccer Mom” looking 42-year-old administrator with rock star dreams. But, Garrison’s aspirations become her nightmare as she is forced to confront her deep-seeded fears about sexuality when Kandi writes her a pop anthem titled “The Mighty O” – based on Garrison’s own personal journey with her sexuality. Facing off against Garrison is Kevin, a successful 28-year-old lawyer, eager to become the next R&B sensation. However, Kandi is not fully sold on his swag, and tries to teach him how to “woo” the ladies. The stakes are even higher this week as American Idol winner Ruben Studdard joins for a special guest appearance.


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59 responses to “Bravo Pushing The Kandi Factory Down The Assembly Line

  1. Marty

    Bye Bye Kandi! NOT A FAN.

  2. That’s ashame I am a fan of Kandi and she’s so much classier than KimZ

    • Kandi is not fake, self-entitled or narcissistic like Kim Z. However, and I am embarrassed to admit this even! I do like her show better as it is entertaining while Kandi’s is to me, flat out boring. Those babies are adorable. The first one she had looks just like his dad! Just imo, I like Kandi better as a human being much more if she is as she appears on tv and not blowing smoke!!

  3. karen

    I like Kandi but I am not into her show to much. While I love Kim’s show.

  4. I like Kandi, but there are too many musical competition based shows on the air. I think a show based on her meeting and becoming engaged to Todd would garner better ratings.

  5. George Reed


  6. stephey

    I finally caught the first episode and I think the whole format is silly. Are these people going to be stars after 15 mins of screen time on this show and one mediocre song? NO, people are going to forget about them and their song. I would be surprised if it comes back next season, but then again I am consistently surprised by this Network.

    • Katrina

      I totally agree. Unless Kandi is going to mentor after the series, these people don’t have a chance. However, i don’t think Kandi will help anybody if it doesn’t benefit her financially. Kandi was so mad at Kim because she said she did not get enough money. Then the issue came up about Lawrence and Kandi said he did not get any money from itunes because it did not sell enough. So in other words, Kand gets all the money until it starts making a profit. Kandi took his song down too. There has to be a fair way of distributing the money so that both parties can recieve a benefit. However, Kandi was perfectly fine with the arrangement she made with Lawrence because it is Kandi’s song and she gets all the money. Now she can sell her track to someone else.

      • cns

        Well making money is the main reason why most people work. If she writes a song, spends many hours producing it in the studio then she should get her paid for it. I hear that studio time is very expensive so if a person does not want to pay her for all her hard work the just pay her by the hour to use her studio and go in and create and produce the song on your own. Kandi should get paid for everything she does which is write, produce, provide studio time, and mentor the artists. She also has to pay her team and utilities.

  7. Kandi is just not likeable. And the world doesn’t need another singing show as idol and the voice wind down. But mostly she is not likeable.

    • kym

      I love Kandi, and I watch the show. I like the format of pushing people to show them, just because you think you look good dancing in the mirror that doesn’t mean that is enough to make a star. There is alot of hard work in becoming a “star”. I like it when people finally “get it” and find confidence in themselves.

    • smitsa

      Just out of curiosity, exactly what don’t you like about her?

    • smitsa

      Just out of curiosity, exactly what don’t you like about her?

      • She has a much higher opinion of herself than she should. She is a fake. She’s not a nice personal tall. And she does not seem to like white people.

      • smitsa

        Hi Teecee66! I know we are all entitled to our opinions. With that said, I disagree with you. To me, she seems to be the least “fake” person on the show. (aside from the weaves and other exterior stuff which they all wear). Until recently, Kandi lived in a regular house in a regular neighborhood. She doesn’t chase men for money, as, she has her own. She’s was worth approximately $35 million when last checked. She doesn’t seem to try to impress like the rest of the crew. Now if you want to talk about fake, I can name a few…but out of respect for them, myself and TT, won’t.

        High opinion of self, may be a cultural difference. Many of us (African Americans) are taught to do that in an effort to survive in a society which many times choose to degrade us. I admit, I have a very high opinion of myself. If I don’t, who will?

        Thanks for responding.

      • If you shouldn’t you shouldn’t. And just because she is cheap and chooses to live in a…pedestrian…lifestyle does not mean her personality is not fake.

      • Oh and the other reason I don’t care for her is that she so often chooses to lead with her sexuality. WAY more than is necessary. And the last image I ever want in my mind is her being sexual. Makes me want to hurl. Keep your dildos in your drawer. Nobody wants to see that. Unless you’re unloved and desperate.

      • cns

        Kandi seems to be the most down to earth of them all. She has never bragged about her wealth nor does she flaunt it. It’s nothing wrong with having expensive things it just nice to see someone who can afford nice things it just refreshing to see a wealth person not always bragging about. Sort like Bill and Melinda Gates and Wissam and Janet Al Mana.

      • Mrs Mavis Gibson

        She comes off OK with me, don’t like nor dislike her, she on the show is like a vase of flowers, just there and funny as she has never been married, so, how is she a ‘housewife,’ that said, the only one who comes or came off as not liking a race was Kroy, it was painful to see him with the others.

      • WAIT WAIT WAIT. did you say $35 million??! Bwahahah. Either you are lying or being fed some bad info, or this world is more fucked up than I thought.

      • smitsa

        Tee.. google her networth

      • smitsa

        Tee… let’s not make accusations. Check it out for yourself…. and calm your nerves. Its not that serious.

      • smitsa

        Tee.. this is my final comment on this subject. I agree with you on all the sex, and sex toy stuff. I too believe it should be private.

        No there!

      • keepingit100

        Wow! I’m new to this site. People get quite angry when people disagree. I’m not sure if I want to say here! That’s unfortunate, I thought most people had a high degree or intellect until now.

      • Oh. Lol. You’re getting that from the google their net worth thing? Um…yeah. That’s real. It must be true if its on the internets!

      • smitsa

        No Tee, what do your records show about her networth. You are definityly more trustworthy than the And clearly must have the last word.

        Don’t worry TT. I’m done. For real this time.

      • Really Keeping…? Who has gotten mad here?

      • HersheysKiss

        If you would check you will see that Kandi amassed her fortune when she was quite young and a member of Xscape. She had sound financial advisers and Kandi has since gone on to write award winning songs across the spectrum of music. Kandi also owned her own home w/studio prior to purchasing her current home FOR CASH, I might add. And if you don’t believe that — look it up..matter of public record. Kandi is not racist — she has worked with so many people of diverse cultures that your comment was laughable to say the least. Yet you are entitled to your own opinion as I am..Have a blessed day!! SMH.

    • Heartland

      I agree 100% with this entire comment!!

    • smitsa

      Just for the record, I don’t care for Kandi’s show. Nothing against her, I’m just not into those kind of shows.

  8. Ms1dimple

    I really like Khandi, but her show is a bit boring, I agree with most posters in that there is enough singing shows out there. I’m not watching the liar Kim and P**sy whooped Kroy. I can’t take it!

    • Mrs Mavis Gibson

      I agree 100%, Kim and her man are of no interest to me at all with that nasty stuff they yap about and mobile home park mindset with a couple of coins that will soon be gone, although, the one episode I did see, he seemed more comfortable than he did on RHOA where he seemed scared to be around all the Black folks!

      Now that RHOA is done, no more interest in anything from Bravo!

  9. cns

    I like Kandi’s show. What I am more impressed by is the fact that she writes the songs based on the contestants personality. I think that takes talent. I like Kandi also on ATL HW’s. I like the fact that she will never bow down to Nene and she does not have to. Kandi had success before the show and I sure she will have success after the show. Most of the others on ATL wives will disappear after these HW’s shows are gone including Nene.

    • Katrina

      Kandi may have had success before the RHOA, but a lot of people did not know who she was. Some people remember the group escape and not necessaily Kandi. Success is like a roller coaster ride, you have ups and downs. That’s just how it works in the entertainment business.

      • cns

        I can agree with that. From what I have seen Kandi is a talented songwriter that has and is still writing songs for pop and mainstream artists. She is well known in the industry as a talent songwriter. She is very good with money and her other ventures not related to music or Bravo so I think she will be okay.

  10. Heartland

    I read on a couple sites that Kandi was hospitalized, do you have the tea on this? If not, I’m just gonna go ahead and put it out there that she might be pregnant and had a little scare? Am I reaching? Lol

    • RealitySux

      I read that – it seemed the “site” it was reported on is always blowing things out of proportion. Kandi tweeted she was okay…though she didn’t deny going to the hospital. Only that she was home and didn’t have a life threatening illness. LOL So…she’s okay.

  11. RealitySux

    Well I like Kandi … and I think if her show were tweaked a bit to show more of her family and her work – it would be better … but if her show doesn’t go on – I’m still rooting for her.

    So far as the lawsuit – I am firmly in Kandi’s corner. It’s just interesting to me how it seems everyone just wants Kandi to forget what Kim did to her. Should she let it go? Hell No. If Kim wants to release the OTHER DBTFTP song that the country western star wrote
    – fine…but if she is going to use the song that Kandi re-wrote and produced…without paying – then she needs to be sued.

    Also, even if the Kandi Factory isn’t renewed, Kandi has achieved her objective – which is showing the music world and artists that she can, indeed write many types of songs…and I think that is her true goal.

    Kim needs her spin off … Kandi, doesn’t need the spin-off…and if she left RHOA (though I thought they all re-signed) …she’d be just fine.

  12. Sayub

    Kandi’s new show is totally cringe worthy. I was not only embarrased for her & the 2 contestants but for myself for watching.

    • smitsa

      Well, like most shows.. it should be given it a chance. As I said, I don’t watch singing contestant shows. Kandi seems to succeed at most, if not all of her business endeavors. I believe her goal, aside from making more money is to find talent and help them make a career out of it.

      • RealitySux

        I agree … I think on one of her USTREAM shows, she said that she wants the Kandi Facotry to be more of a professional development type of place … I think someone did that for her – showed her the ropes …so she is just giving back. I’m going to give it a chance … I’m not crazy about it – but I don’t hate it. I find it truly interesting though, how she cranks out those songs!!! People can say all they want about Kandi – but that is pure talent.

    • Joan

      More than cringe worthy to me – it’s boring. Sorry, I do like Kandi away from this show. For me, it’s just boring. Partially because we’ve seen this before in several incarnations, on different networks….just old and stale.

      Meanwhile, listening to Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees, because I can’t sleep. There’s something about a disco beat in the early morning hours….ok, next up…Donna Summer.

  13. Tamar voice

    I’ll preface this by saying that Kandi is one of the most down to earth and humble housewives of RHOA and all of the franchises…she’sone of my favorites. She doesn’t really keep up much drama, for the most part tries to get along with everyone, not superficial, and is not afraid to go against NeNe. That being said, the show is kind of boring. Most people (me included) love drama…and there’s not enough on her show. Also, the future musical prospects for the contestants seem unpromising. The most they get is a music video… but if they are serious about their music careers, they should aspire for a lot more. Also, I think Kandi is good at song-writing, but not at artist development. Plus everybody on her “team” from the wardrobe person to the choreographer seem average. The songs she’s written thus far for the contestants are really good, and I think they should have been saved for established artists who have the potential to get music on a Billboard list or something.

    But do your thang Kandi girl! I’m rooting for you!

    P.S. I am Team Kenya, but you see she didn’t run up on Kandi this season. She know the deal. Love you Kenya, lol.

    • smitsa

      I’m Team Kenya {sometimes.} However, when she bucks her eyes, and feels she needs to defend herself-she acts a little cray-cray.

      I believe she is an accomplished, educated, most time intelligent person. She shows those qualities most of the time.

    • RealitySux

      True … but I think that Kandi is kinda smart by releasing the songs in this way. It’s more interesting to hear other people sing her songs, than to hear her sing all of the songs. I think, it is a smart way for her to get her songs/team out there. When I watch the show, I immediately think of more established artists who could sing the songs. I think she is clever…she knows that the show most likely won’t last…but she is getting her talent/writing advertising in a very unique way.

    • RealitySux

      Oh yeah … and I did notice Kenya hasn’t even ATTEMPTED to mess with Kandi…LOL

      • smitsa

        I think the ladies on the show are finally maturing. Most of them understand, Bravo is paying them to be more mature (now). Before a few lawsuits pop-up up on another popular show, they may have been encouraged to create drama, by any means necessary.

        I will continue watching, now that Kim, Marlo and Sheree are no longer on.

      • Wow. Yeah. Um…bravo is not paying ANYONE to be mature. When they start acting mature, they get the boot. No one wants to watch mature women on bravo. Toddle on over to lifetime or orca’s channel if you want sane and mature.


      I think Kandi may be hoping to revive her OWN career in music with this show….you know, remind people in the industry that she is still around?

  14. digal704

    Has Kandi had any recent songwriting or song hits? I guess she’s okay but I cannot stand her singing voice. Also her “hits” were written with partners, so it isn’t like she is a lyrical genius.

  15. yogirldee

    i just can’t understand why peter was so upset and interested in what was going on with Kenya? he never seemed that involved before and none of Kenya situations had anything to do with him so why peter? his whole demeanor towards Kanya all season was un-befitting a man

  16. FGF

    I think the show would have been great had she worked with established artists that were looking for a hit to revamp their careers. The audience would be somewhat familiar with them and their loyal fans would have a chance to see their favorite artist attempt a comeback. Her writing skills are exceptional and that’s where she’s best suited in the music biz.IMO….

  17. JusSayn

    Love Kim’s show; did not even attempt to watch the “Kandi Factory”. Kandi is egotistical and she can’t sing, she screams…she WAS NOT even RELEVANT until she came on the RHWOA, yet she asks like she has been living in the sea of luxury forever. She should give Tiny a “back end” for declining the show and recommending her. She and Fake Phaedra have some real self-esteem issues because ultimately you hook up with people you think you deserve. Todd had a 9-5 “job” but I would not consider him a boss and Apollo is a trophy husband. What lawyer marries an ex-con????Really. Love Kim’s show and I hope Kandi’s show continue to crash and burn, like her sex toy line will as soon as she is off the show. It was ONLY successful because of the show and would not have made it if she had launch it without the storyline. I’m just saying…

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