Porsha Stewart Brings the WWHL Ratings Plus Real Housewives of Orange County Tea

RHOAPorshaheadbandNEW YORK – April 23, 2013 Bravo Media’s interactive late night talk show “Watch What Happens Live,” hosted by Andy Cohen, delivered 1.1 million A18-49 and 2 million total viewers, up 35 percent and 43 percent, respectively, from the prior Sunday’s episode (4/14/13), according to Nielsen. This marked the highest-rated episode of the season to-date among all key demos and featured guests Porsha Stewart from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and actress Vivica A. Fox. Immediately following, “Fashion Queens” scored 693,000 A18-49 and 1.3 million total viewers up 11 percent and 15 percent, respectively, from the prior week’s episode (4/14/13). This was the highest-rated episode of the season to-date among all key demos.

NEW YORK –April 23, 2013 – Bravo Media’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” moves to its new timeslot on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the super-sized 90-minute premiere of “Newlyweds: The First Year” at 10 p.m. ET/PT.



On “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” after the drama at Tamra’s party, Alexis struggles to turn the other cheek despite her Christian belief in forgiveness. Tamra’s newly-repaired relationship with Vicki goes sour when Vicki is a no-show at their new wine business. Meanwhile, Lydia celebrates her free-spirited mom’s new sobriety from marijuana. Vicki does her best to navigate a bitter rift between her family and her boyfriend, Brooks, and Gretchen breaks down in tears contemplating her complicated future with Slade. Heather receives an exciting offer to guest star on a sitcom, only to have Terry selfishly ruin the moment.

Then, on the series premiere of “Newlyweds: The First Year,” four couples seal their vows and embark on their first year of marriage. Kathryn and John, who have only known each other for a year, unite their traditional families in a big fat Greek wedding. Kathryn leaves her independent life in New York City to move into John’s suburban Long Island home. Cultures clash as Tina and Tarz wed in a lavish Bollywood-themed wedding in South Carolina. Determined to overcome their family histories of divorce and neglect, Blair and Jeff make their love official by signing domestic partnership papers. Blair still dreams of his fantasy wedding and has bigger plans for an upcoming over-the-top commitment celebration. Kim and Alaska rev up their fast-paced lives after a wild seven-year courtship and rejoice in their new status – but Kim’s vision of a slim bridal party causes serious beef with her closest not-so-skinny friends.


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5 responses to “Porsha Stewart Brings the WWHL Ratings Plus Real Housewives of Orange County Tea

  1. soccermop59

    I can see WWHL having huge ratings with Ms. Stewart….cause we all wanted to know what the hell happened? But I will bet, should she ever return, the ratings will plummet….the girl is hopeless.

    • Joan

      Personally, and correct me if I’m wrong, but every time a “Christian” housewife comes on a show everyone knocks her down. They mock her choices – like the strip club. I don’t go to strip clubs. It’s out of respect for my husband, and I don’t really enjoy them in the 1st place. I find it odd that when someone has a different opinion on life, or a belief system that the others don’t agree with, they find a way to knock that person down – constantly. Just because a wife doesn’t do exactly what they want her to do, or act a certain way – it’s said she’s controlled, or that she should do whatever she wants. Sorry – that’s not true. Not one person who is married, and married for quite a while will tell you, it’s not about doing whatever you want – you consider what your husband wants as well. If he’s opposed to it for a good reason, and there usually is, then you don’t go down that road. However, it works for him as well. There have been many times I’ve suggested to my husband that a certain choice isn’t a good one. He re-evaluated it – and agreed.

      Just my two cents…that’s all I can spare today.

  2. I am confounded as heck as to why Gretchen or anyone else would want a future, complicated or otherwise with Slade?

    • Joan

      I just don’t see the attraction of Slade. Neither now, nor in the past. Maybe there’s ‘something’ about him that we don’t see – maybe off camera?

  3. sweetning

    I don’t agree with rhe comments that state that Porsha is hopeless… I think that she is young and inexperienced and hopeful. I think she could benefit from being around these women, while she grows. Her wide-eyed wonder is refreshing.

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