Mob Wives Reunion Thoughts: Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Dr. Drew?

mobwiveslogoOkay Mobwives people, can any of you explain why DR. DREW is the moderator for the foul language fest known as the Mobwives reunion? Didn’t Joy Behar try her hand at this once? I think she was better. I suppose someone thought they all needed a mental health professional to referee, but this is beyond odd.

I love how when Big Ang speaks, no one interrupts. Big Ang says that Love was wrong. Renee seems to think that Love was fine, but it was not the right time. Karen said basically that Love had to do what she had to do.

mobwivesreneeCarla’s hair is GORGEOUS. Is it real? Sofa King shiny! Ramona must be fighting for storyline because she keeps going in on Carla even though everyone else except Karen is pretty much over that drama. Renee’s hair is super shiny too. I am sort of obsessed with this because I have naturally curly hair and shiny is not possible unless I straighten it. Sorry, off topic. :)  Renee is still very emotional about her recovery and the things that caused it. Lots of crying. For me this is not a good sign. She seems like she needs an antidepressant. Can I just point out she is wearing the damn housewives reunion glitter eye shadow. If you are over 13 you should not be wearing anything with the word ‘glitter’ in it. Renee and Carla cleared the air but not without Ramona trying to keep things going. Dr. Drew finally told Ramona to shut the fuck up be quiet, and she actually did!

Drita’s husband Lee will not be on the show. That sucks. But apparently he is smarter than we all imagined. Meanwhile everyone seems to think Karen and her baby’s father should be back together. He says they have moved on. Ramona continues to plan to marry Lee in jail. There is no getting through to Ramona. Suddenly, in bizarre reunion style, Nene and Kim Ramona and Carla make up when Ramona invites Carla to her wedding. And at the end everyone is laughing and happy and Dr. Drew did not get cut.


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23 responses to “Mob Wives Reunion Thoughts: Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Dr. Drew?

  1. It appears as though Love Majewski was MTV/VH1’s sacrificial lamb to let the Basket ball Wives know they aren’t going to allow the violence on their “Wives” show and I could think of a better example to sacrifice. All that woman ever did on the show was talk about how she has or was going to stab someone. I think it’s a little ironic that MTV/VH1 decided to raise their standards at the same time it appears that Bravo is lowering theirs. I guess we will have to see if Bravo takes any action against those involved in the fight on Married to Medicine.

    • There is a huge inference between allowing fights and allowing. Very obviously mentally disturbed woman with admitted rage problems caused by brain damage run rampant at the others. That is a HUGE legal liability if allowed.

    • Lori

      There has been physical violence on mob wives since the very beginning. I dont see how you think this is vh1 sending message that it won’t be tolerated when it obviously is. Love is a just psycho and she absolutely shouldnt be on tv, and imo probably not on the streets either. She would probably murder someone on the show to be relevant. Seriously. The chick is not properly wired.

      • smitsa

        You are right about Love. She admitted stabbing her boyfriend while his mom was standing there. She also admitted to having a mental problem. Everyone else has calmed down, with the exception of Ramona and Karla. I’m impressed with Dreta, and Renee. I think they got the message about the violence.

  2. Ashley

    Dr. Drew was horrible as the host. He couldn’t control them or ask any questions. The Reunion was too short. Love was a good character but she got fired from the show by Renee sister Jennifer. I was hoping to see Lee on the next season. I was wondering what he looked like since they always talk about him.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I think VH1 set up the Love/Carla tension for dramatic effect…Love’s psychotic tendencies took over, and she viciously attacked Carla….Carla was set up for that attack by VH1….. I think it is rather disingenuous of VH1 to be all high and mighty at this point. I don’t think VH1 intended for Love to be back another season…She was just a “one season” character to amp up a rather bland season 3.

    Ramona is a rabid possum.
    Another blog described her reunion demeanor as a mob wife on bath salts. That is perfect way to describe her.

  4. Watching now. Have not yet read the blog. But I want to remember: why did they not use the song? Didnt want to pay rights? And why is this shot on video instead of film or whatever. Looks horrid.

  5. jakies mom

    Love only has herself to blame for her demise. She spent the entire season telling us how proud she was that she stabbed, poisoned, maimed,…her boyfriends or anyone she didn’t like. It grew old and it isn’t hard to realize that the producers and VH1/Viacom considered her a liability. When Karen tried to equate Carla with Love at the reunion it was laughable. Once she attacked Carla, which is all she obsessed over all season, her storyline was done. There was nothing else to bring her back for. She isn’t multi-faceted. If she was interesting they would have kept her.

    Ramona’s only role is inserting herself in other people’s fights and planning a wedding for one. She needs the others to be relevant. I guess she is happy now that Karen and Carla have ramped up their war on twitter so she has something to do next season.

    Karen needs to move on. Daddy is no longer important yet she still pretends he is a hero so I guess the only she has is her relationship with Big Daddy so we’ll see that evolve. .

    Unless something major happens season 4 looks like Karen/Ramona against Carla and Renee/Drita/Ang in the middle. We’ll continue to only hear about Lee but instead of him being in jail he will be home. Renee will work on her recovery. Karen, Renee and Carla will talk about each other every episode and then the season will end with a party and a fight before they get to the cake. The end.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Ramona is planning a jailhouse wedding to 1.) have a storyline for the show, and 2.) so she won’t have to testify against her man in court.

      • jakies mom

        .Agree that Ramona has no other storyline for the show except to be Karen’s wingman for her fights and to hate Carla with Karen and Love. But she isn’t only having a jailhouse wedding. She met with that party planner where she picked out the food, drink and cake which if past seasons are any indication isn’t necessary since they won’t get to it anyway so she may as well save her money. I guess they are saving her soiree for next season so they will have a venue and party to have a fight at with the combatants to be advised. We already saw that she invited Carla to the wedding on the reunion so it looks like it will be Carla vs..Karen? the bride? unidentified new combatant? All of the above?

  6. I don’t watch the Mobwives, but I just had to drop in and say GREAT TITLE!! LMAO!

  7. Auntie Poodle

    I watched the season finale & reunion back to back. I was disgusted. I’ve seen all kinds of shows & this one turned me off. Love was the sacrificial lamb & is taking the blame for their terrible behavior. The blame, I think, rests with Karen & Ramona. Renee is not blameless, her drug addiction doesn’t excuse her for her actions, I think it’s a shame they’re using that to let her off the hook for her actions. I’m nit blaming Junior for this cause she’s been like this since the first season. It’s a shame Karen & her sister are producers cause we’ll keep seeing Karen & her fake tough girl act, reminding of that big childhood bully who acted bad but ran home crying when they got hit. I wish she would be with her daughter cause she seems like a nice kid. Love Big Ang, like the calmer Drita, & it diss feel like the anti Carla is a bit about jealousy. Where’s the criticism for this show & why do they only criticize the urban reality shows?

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Renee’s sister is the producer.

    • You don’t blame junior because she’s been there since the first season?

      Have you ever seen the show before?

    • jakies mom

      Hoot. Sacrificial lambs don’t spend an entire season proudly proclaiming their love of violence, stabbing boyfriends, and going after anyone and everyonejust because they felt like it. . Since you only saw the last episode and ther reunion you must have missed all of that. Love was hardly shining a halo.

      Renee hasn’t made excuses for her actions. She said she screwed up many times over the years even before the show. Her sister, not Karen, is just one of the producers. There are several production companies involved in Mobwives. Just Jenn, Left/Right, Weinstein Company and I think one or two others plus VH1/Viacom and they all had a hand in the decison to remove Love from the program. Love has no one to blame but herself.

      • Kym

        I co-sign what you are saying. Why couldn’t anyone tell Love she is crazy and she didn’t invent “wings” LOL! And can someone tell Karen that she is not in the MOB!!! Wasn’t she telling Carla she needs to honor what her father did for her uncle or some mess like that? Karen thinks she is “gangsta”, she needs to stop the madness and go sell her boring ass book.

  8. Lori

    Dr. Drew is such a kiss ass sell out. I used to love him BIG TIME when he did love line back in the day, but I cant stand him now. He is adding to what is wromg with this country by selling out the way he has, and imo he needs to leave working with addicts and alcholics to someone else. Someone who actually knows what theyre talking about. Mixing trying to save someones life with ratings is a joke. Especially when he always wants to look like a nice guy. Ick. I cannot stomach him. I wonder what Dr. Phil thinks about Dr. Drew?

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