Don’t Be Tardy Recap

RHOAkimshittodoTime for a new Don’t Be Tardy…I wish they would do the new episode at 9 instead of 9:30. Kim had great ratings for the premiere, about 1.2 million viewers. I am in love with Shun, Kim’s stylist. Kim wants to recreate her wedding in five days and Shun smiles knowing this is batshit crazy. Kim wants to be on Dancing with the Stars yet can’t dance even a little bit around when Shun tries to teach her a basic step together step thing. Kim and Shun are adorable together.

Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding Premieres With Big Numbers!Kroy is not happy that Kim wants to surprise him with anniversary plans. He wants to be in charge of the anniversary. This causes a bit of an argument. Countdown until y’all tell me how controlling Kroy is. Meanwhile, the location she wants her romantic dinner in is the place they met when Kroy won Atlanta Dancing With The Stars. It’s a foundry! It’s totally empty until you come in and furnish it for your event which usually would have a thousand or two attendees. Not two. Somehow Kim gets a mini replica of the wedding cake, the exact wedding menu, the same band, and most importantly the huge space is somehow decorated for a table for two. Perhaps the biggest miracle is she is in her size four *cough cough* wedding jump suit.  Kim cries when Kroy gets there. He is straight from losing the Saints game and can barely walk he is so beat up.

Meanwhile back at the house Brielle, her BFF and Ariana have snuck into Kim’s closet and are playing in her wigs. It’s cute.

Okay we have five minutes left, is this really going to be a sweet episode or will there be some last minute D R A M A ? Kim got Kroy a painting of…Kroy. Kroy got Kim four or five diamond bracelets. The show ends with the two of them beaming and dancing. I believe the whole thing. Especially, Kroy. You should have seen his face giving Kim diamonds.

Next week there is some bitching between the two over the house floor plan and where Kroy’s gym is going to go…Don’t Be Tardy!



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21 responses to “Don’t Be Tardy Recap

  1. oscar

    Great episode! Are you watching Kim live on ustream?

  2. Nope what does she do there. Recap me?

  3. Kelly

    Enjoyed the show, but I almost feel out of my bed when Kim claimed to be a size 4… she has a fabulous figure with lots of curves, but c’mon! A size 4 skirt wouldn’t make it over her hips. You are a full figured gal, Kim. Own it!

    • FLA-Beth

      I’m just now watching it and was so glad that I was not the only one to think that there is no effing way that she is a size 4.

  4. Linda

    There is something about Kim/Kroy that really seems genuine. I wonder what he will do after football? does anyone else wonder what they did with all of that cake?

  5. Never thought I would say this, but here to goes. I love watching Kim’s show. Those two little boys are so precious and KJ is a very smart little boy.

  6. I hate to admit it also, but I kind of like the show. Not her over the top self, but the mom/kids/family kim. I could go the rest of my life without seeing her side boob though.

  7. HA! Only one million, one hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety four of you left to out! #WINNING

  8. ILefttheGateOpen

    Sine when is 1.2 mill considered “great”? There are people on YouTube who get higher views in a single day (a la JennaMarbles) so why don’t they have a show? Kim is still a train wreck whether she made up with NeNe for ratings or not. Who cares.

    But Tamara I love how you speak in faith about this show being great and all. Kim’s 1.2 are bloggers and media folks watching. There’s not many other people who care. :-)

  9. KWM

    While Kim can bother me (put the boobs away and try not cursing in every sentence) overall she seems to be a good mom and wife. While there was no drama I was entertained and it is nice to see all the interactions. It is also amazing how good the years have been to Kroy, when they flashed back to him, yikes. You can tell how happy he and Kim are. I don’t find him controlling in an abusive way, I think they are two strong willed personalities that at times will clash because they will both want to control the situations. As long as they realize at some point there needs to be compromise or one of them needs to step back, they should be fine.

    Shun is my favorite. She completely cracks me up. The shooting of the video message was something my friends would do.

  10. Nah, I looked at about 2 minutes of it, those boys are adorable, but her husband comes off as Forrest Gump and the f-word every other word is boring and 1.2 million people watched, wow, people are getting rich for that, how do I sign up? But I think the true test will be how many watch in the upcoming weeks?

  11. theREALHONJ

    I don’t think Kroy is controlling. He probablly is just tired of it always being Kims way. As for the cussing-they both are big POTTY MOUTHS. I just hope they don’t have the nerve to correct the boys by washing their mouths out with soap when they start repeating what Mama and Daddy say all the time………..

  12. The Disher

    I also hate to admit that I like the show. Kim is more likeable. Kroy seems like a great father and attentive husband. The kids are absolutely adorable. I happened to see Kroy in person one time at a restaurant…and let me tell you something…he has one amazing body. TV does not do him justice. I couldn’t even finish my biscuit ’cause I was mesmerized by his fine self.

  13. James

    Kroy WOULD be controlling if Kim would let him.

    • Kym

      Ok I watched the show because I knew you guys would be watching. Cause I really am sick of Kim complaining about being so busy with things everyone HAS to do every day. “I have to get up, wash my face, brush my wig, drink coffee and all with 4 children and a husband” – geez how does she do it? She had the stylist helping her to fold and sort the kids clothes? What? Who can’t fold a basket of clothes? I use to like Kim, if she could stop mentioning her “boobs” and I guess we haven’t seen her in the fall/winter before, but she looks like a hot mess. Usually she films in the summer and she is dressed like she is filiming on a “porno movie” set. Alright, something nice, her little boys are the cutest little cherubs. I will only watch the beginning, because thats when they show the babies. I’ll read the rest of the episodes here…sorry. Kim has lost my interest.

  14. Rose

    I think Kim is a very pretty woman but all the profanity takes away from how pretty she is. And I think, for the most part, she is full of bull which makes me laugh. But, there is a great chemistry between Kim and Kroy and Kroy and the girls that I really like to watch play out. The boys are so cute and I have to admit that I am surprised that Kim is such a good mom. I guess it’s the family all together that makes me like the show. And did I hear that Kroy wants another baby…a girl??

    • Yes they want one more. And Kroy with the girls is the best part of the show.

    • Joan

      I agree Rose. I would rather watch an hour of Tardy for The Party than any RHOA. It’s weird cause I didn’t like Kim in the beginning. Maybe it’s the family aspect – we are a blended family and I know how hard it is to strike a balance and raise step children. Especially for Kroy! His kind heart is seen every week. He’s take those girls under his wing and helping them with a role model of what a good man should be. Whether things are different after the cameras stop rolling is another story – guess we’ll never know what is real here.

      I think Kim wanting to plan the anniversary celebration without him was a sincere attempt to get something in place while he focused on the game. Sportsmen have to focus, really. If they don’t, game day is a dark day. I wish Kim would clean up her potty mouth. It’s the only distraction on the show for me. LOVE the jump suit. I could never be a size 4, maybe a 10…but that’s it.

  15. SideBoob aka SweetTeaNShade lol

    Need more cowbell?…need more side boob. JK. But I love the dynamic of the family.

    Kroy is not controlling but I’m sure he wanted to plan the anniversary. He proposed to her, hello? He is good sport almost always and amazing with their kids. And…What. An. Ass.

    Disher, I am jealous you saw that booty in person, move aside both Phae Phae and Kenya, Kroy has the real badonk! I’d smack it a few times a day at least! Lol

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