Iyanla Tries And Fails To Fix Sheree Whitfield’s Angry, Bitter,Life

bob-and-shereeI am so excited! It is time for Sheree to make a fool of herself on national TV again! The first thing I noticed is that they put the accent in the right place on her name. Does this mean Sheree has finally learned how to spell her name? Was the Speak and Spell Andy Cohen gave her a factor in this vast intellectual growth?

In the car on the way to Chateau Sheree, Sheree says she did not have a marriage from day one. That as soon as the got home from their destination wedding in the Caymans, he spent the first night back somewhere else. Sheree is a really bad fake crier. I know, I’ve seen her try to force out tears in person. And now the hilarity begins. They pull into a driveway to visit Chateau Sheree. But Chateau Sheree doesn’t have a driveway. They have managed to get the neighbors right behind them to allow them to film in their driveway, outside where they will interview in winter sitting in little chairs. Because, Sheree can’t have Iyana seeing her apartment with the blow up mattresses especially on TV. Sheree seems to think this show is the bash Bob program. She is very defense and has “the face” already. That, why are you not agreeing with my bullshit face.

This is the neighbor's driveway where they sat outside and Iyanla tried to get Sheree to realize she is a moron.

This is the neighbor’s driveway where they sat outside and Iyanla tried to get Sheree to realize she is a moron.

Sitting in the cold metal chairs in the neighbor’s driveway, Iylana asks what Sheree was looking for in her marriage, she suggests “I man to love you?”  Sheree realizing that is the correct answer says yes, she was looking for love. Rather than admit she was looking for a meal ticket. Sheree says she didn’t have anyone to talk to. No one to tell that she was sad. Iyanla asks her why if she can afford to build and edifice lack that, points to Chateau Sheree did you have to sue your children’s father for child support? Why didn’t that money go to your children. (Not to take Sheree’s side or anything but she did not sue Bob for child support, ever. Bob sued her for her shady misappropriations of funds. Sheree did not want to go to court because she owed Bob money.) Sheree says the house is for my children. She has said this since filming in court with me on multiple occasions so I can tell you right now Sheree doesn’t get the point to this day. Iyanla says that Sheree does not want to accept some things about herself because she is bitter and angry and the bitter, angry Sheree rears up on her hind legs and says she is NOT bitter and angry.

It’s Bobs turn with Iyanla. He basically says they were an off and on thing and after the kids he felt like if he could do one thing right it would be to raise the kids in their home. So he married her. Iyanla asks if he was ever committed to her and he hemmed and hawed and Iyanla said that is a no. She was never in your heart, Bob.  Bob said Sheree would always be late to the games and this began to set up the resentments. Bob would isolate himself in the house.

Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield Court Drama Never EndsBob says that there are control issues. Sheree thinks she gets to designate what happens with the children, and he has to ask her for permission see them. Bob says he doesn’t trust Sheree. She had a vendetta against him and was trying to ruin his reputation in the public. Bob talks about his parenting philosophy which is based on having fun to teach the kids life lessons. Word on the curb is that Bob is a prankster. For example, in the infamous court scene where Bob is laughing and sticking out his tongue, that was a playful interaction with production. He was being the big kid that makes faces when the mom is trying to take a serious family picture.

Iyanla talks about Bob’s son being fatherless for the past 16 years. You can see Bob’s jaw get tense. Is this storyline? Because I know Bob sees his son. Bob relates a story about working out with his son when he was 14 (see? he sees his kid) and he got so angry with him because he could not keep up. Oh my goodness. Bob just made a football analogy about his love for Cairo and how he will be his blocker and open up a hole for him to get to the goal line, and if he needs him too, he will carry him on his back. He ends the story with “I love that kid.” Oh, Bob. My allergies are trying to act up. Cairo is in his heart. Now what about his baby girl?

Bob Whitfield Files a Petition for Contempt on a Very Special Episode of RHOAIyanla brings them together for her relationship autopsy. But first Sheree has complained to the producers about her interview with Iyanla yesterday. Iyanla asks her about it and she says that she was caught off guard and she felt like she was being attacked. OH GAWD Y’ALL SHE IS IN FEAR FOR HER LIFE AGAIN! Look out Iyanla! She’s going to get a protection order! She says she thought the show was about co-parenting and she doesn’t think the fact that her “finances aren’t up to par” has anything to do with her being a good person or a good parent! DELUSION PARTY OF ONE! DELUSION! YOUR TABLE IS READY!  Sheree spits out the word finances like a kid being force-fed spinach. Now I shall watch Iyanla for tips on how to deal with Sheree’s particular form of delusion. Let’s watch. While one can assume that Iyanla at this point two days in to knowing Sheree would like to shake her by her tired weave, Iyanla points out that she has 30 years as a champion of women and she has a good understanding as to what gets us to where we are. Sheree claims to have read all that. Maybe that is what Sheree is doing when she tells the judge she spends five or six days a week on the construction site! Maybe she is there readin’ in her lieberry! Now we know. When I say to you. “Sister woman you are out of order! That as not an attack on you. I know what I am looking at. I am looking at your life and I see what is there.”  Iyanla says that what impacts you and your relationship with Bob and the kids is you. The reason Bob is not in the space is not because of the kids, it’s because of YOU. BAM! Dayum I want to see this whole scene unedited. Sheree is pissed, ya’ll. She goes off on Bob and asks if she is the reason that Bob would go off and leave for months at a time, and all the people said YES! to the TV at the same time Iyanla did. And all the people said AMEN. Iyanla says a man can’t get in the space where there is feminine rage and bitterness. He can’t get in the space because he doesn’t know how to navigate it. You may think you are not angry Sheree but your way of being with Bob, your way of being with me is angry. Iyanla says what if you are and you are just not aware of it. Sheree says what if I am? What if I am angry about the way he has treated my kids.

Iyanla meets with Bob and asked how his homework went. He said he really struggled with it because the first part of his assignment was to have a clear and complete  conversation with Sheree in order to create a new relationship. Bob says he can have a clear and complete conversation but that the words would not lead to a new relationship. He’s done with her. Iyanla says that is okay. (commercial) I must apologize for this recap taking so long. I keep rewinding this is fascinating stuff.

Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield Court Drama Never EndsIyanla asks how they are feeling being in the same space. Sheree is all “Oh I am so fine with it.” and Bob is trying to get real. He says basically he is just over trying to have any sort of relationship with her because he just doesn’t like her. Bob says that he will respect her as the mother of her children, but I think it is best we don’t have a relationship. Iyanla asks how she feels and she says I don’t feel one way or another. Bob talks about Sheree telling the world on RHOA that he was a dead beat Dad. This is something that he brings up over and over. It seems to really bother him. He says that her whole storyline was to use the stereotypes to make her look good and make them look bad. He says that they were just accessories to her. He was her handbag and the kids were her shoes. Things to make her look good on TV. And she did it without any thought for her kids.

Iyana is telling them that they can’t co-parent if they don’t like each other. It will be a charade and they will be teaching their children to lie. Iyanla says that Sheree needs to take her hands off Cairo and let him be his father. Iyanla says that Sheree needs to make it clear that Cairo can talk to his father and see him whenever he wants. Iyanla says so when he comes to the door…and Sheree says he needs to call first, he can’t just come to the door. Iyanla says to Bob, “Notice I just said when he comes to the door, I didn’t give no instructions about how he was going to get there. and immediately the rock came up.” Sheree says basically that he can see Cairo when she doesn’t have anything else going on with them. Iyanla is going in on Sheree. It would not funny if it were not so very sad. This is about those CHILDREN that she loves to lie on, and she just doesn’t get it. Sheree wants to have something to whine about, “He never sees the kids!” And then won’t let him see them.

Back from commercial and Iyanla turns to Bob. How dare you not like your children’s mother. You picked her. You don’t have that privilege anymore. She turns to Sheree and says the same thing. You had not one but two babies with him. You don’t have the privilege. Iyanla whips out some papers and says my attention was to have you commit to this parental agreement. Iyanla tells Bob to bring his son to the finishline. What about baby girl, Iyanla? Why do you keep leaving her out? Oh she seems to add her as an afterthought. Bob gives a sincere thank you to Iyanla. Sheree says thanks for “attempting” to help us. Iylana grab their hands again.  At the beginning she put their hands in each others hands. Iyanla says she is not going to do that again. Bob reaches out and takes Sheree’s hand. She lets him Awww. That was a sweet moment. If only Sheree could be sincere. Iyanla praises Bob. Iyanla says for the first time in the history of her show, her work is not done. But she is worn out and she is going home. She tells both of them as she hugs them that they can call her.

There are endnotes. “Since the taping, Bob says his is working on building a stronger relationship with Kairo and Kaleigh…but says his relationship with Sheree has not improved. Sheree chose not to provide an update. I guess she is still bitter and angry…


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  1. I have to say, Sheree’ did not come out on top in this show. She came across as petty, narcissistic and bitter. Bob is no angel, but he’s not the one looking for camera time. Sheree’ is going to be a very lonely woman.

    • Sorry if this has been posted and I missed it, but how much did she get paid to be on this show? I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of her, there are tons of other shows out there that pay you to appear and/or give you free stuff. She is the ultimate grifter and I feel sick for her unfortunate chilren.

  2. Great recap Tamara. What really struck me is that Sheree babbled on and on about how everything was about the kids. She is building her stupid mansion for the kids (they will be grown and have grandkids before she finishes), it is all about she wants Bob to parent his kids. Her face never once shows any joy or lights up when she talks about her kids. That is not the face of a loving mother, that is the face of a poser who had kids with Bob Whitfield to trap him and have her meal ticket stamped for life, allegedly. When Bob tells the story about his son, his face just beams with love, it was so touching to hear his story of what he would do for his son. That Sheree seems to be the one depriving her kids that she claims to love (but i don’t think she can love anybody but herself, matter of fact in season one didn’t she try to pass off her oldest daughter as her sister or something like that?) is a damn shame. Not sure if Bob was settled enough but seems to me these kids would have been so much better off living with their Dad. I think Bob would put his son on a bed and not an air mattress so he could have his props to pretend and front that he was actually somebody.

    I wonder if when Sheree grabbed the opportunity to be on tv once again, she realized how the whole world would look at her like the fool she is. What does it say about her value as a human being (worthless) when Bob so clearly didn’t give a damn about her ever. She was just, as another lady we all talk about, a three hole wonder and it is clear Bob just used her for his pleasure and tossed her aside. Perhaps that is why Sheree is so angry and resentful, maybe she didn’t really want kids (as it looks to me because she certainly isn’t seen doing anything to make their life stable) and only had them as a last ditch effort to snare Bob and get what she felt she deserved of her seven figures.

    I am glad I DVR the episode because when I want a good laugh I can see it again. .

    • She definitely comes off has someone who never really wanted children. Like many up thread stated, she is not a true, loving mother to any of her children. She is such a phony ass bitch.

    • Sharnee

      could not have said it better myself she just uses her kids as pawns and she will continue to shop around for shows that will pay her evil ass to continue to sell her soul so look for her on Dr. Drew & Dr. Phil she doesn’t care if she’s belittled as long as the price is right she doesn’t give a damn about her kids and thats sad now you see why the oldest daughter wasn’t feeling her mom and those kids will follow suit she’ll be all alone Damn dummy lol you know there is a problem when you get fired off a show thats about your life that means she has no life lol

  3. steve

    even Iyanla cant fix what refuses to even aknowledge its needs it. i wonder what the good dr DeMarte would say about her.

  4. nellie

    Thanks Tamara for watching that and giving us a great update..Sheree is such an idiot she will do anything to try and stay relevant. Maybe she will go away now!!

  5. Katrina

    Sheree is so angry at Bob, she can’t see straight. I think Bob had given up. Without realizing it, Sheree is punishing Bob through the children. Cairo is suffering the most, because he is not going to have real relationship with his father, if Sheree does not approve. I hope Sheree will allow the children to have a relationship with Bob, without interfering. Sheree’s anger keeps her warm at night! It was sad to watch.
    I wonder if Sheree is one of those people who cannot cry?

  6. Sheree who is so vocal about “her kids” decided the very moment her non-compete contract was up with Bravo to go on a show to drag her CHILDREN into the spotlight in a grab for attention?

    I have seen her lie in court about her kids to try to silence blogs that bring up THE EXACT SAME THING IYANLA SAID. This house she can’t afford is not about her kids. It is about her. And while she is building it, her kids are shown on TV sleeping on air mattresses. She even goes on TV and says that her FINANCIAL PROBLEMS (aka renting lots of props for TV, clothes, bags etc) do not have anything to do with her kids?

    I can personally tell you that her raggedy ass shows up to court with a bad weave that is not even brushed out in yoga pants and a shirt with no fake Birkin in sight.

    • B boy in Harlem

      Sheree only gets dressed when she wants to. I can totally relate to that. You have to find a reason to put the energy into it, especially when you’re depressed.

      When I need to make an impression tho I’m dressed to the nines, other than that it’s sweats all day, everyday.

      But, much like Sheree, when I do get dressed, I shut the place down. Burberry down.

    • marehoop

      Tamera…first she needs to stop calling them kids like they are 5 and 7. Second, I read your transcript when talked about her teenagers making it sound like they are babies…They are at the house all the time, she is there 5 days..All I could think was damn, when do they go to school, Sheree needs a job and who the hell takes kids to play in some damn dirt 5 days a week.

      The judge should have stopped her quite a few times and asked does this even sound right to you…SMH

  7. I dunno, I felt bad for Sheree. She’s kinda inarticulate, but if my husband bugged out after the honeymoon, stayed gone for 4 months at a time with radio silence, and was inconsistently available to his kids, I’d be kinda bitter too.

    Also, if it was so important to ol Bob that he see his kids, he’d have spent some of that court time banging out a custody agreement. I’m thinking that song and dance about her not letting him see them for years on end is total bullshit. He chose not to get legal orders to have access to his kids.

    Oh, and if I was his daughter, I’d just write his ass off completely.

    Finally, Iyanla gives me the heebie jeebus with all that close talking and fakeass earnestness.

  8. Why am I not the least bit surprised at how she acted? She looks like a man! Sorry. That is off the subject. Your blog was brilliant Tamara. Absolutely brilliant. She is so full of rage and hate. I guess she doesn’t realize and it looks doubtful that she ever will, is all that does is harm her. Everyone else will be fine. Those kids will eighteen soon enough and hopefully can develop a relationship with their dad then. She has done so much damage to those kids by keeping their father away. Karma my friend. Karma will bite her in her ass.

  9. I feel bad for the time and money you’re losing on all of this Tamara, but you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty funny that Sheree managed to get you tangled up in her dramatic delusional life. I LOVE that we get a first hand account of her off-camera crazy from you.

  10. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Sheree is the problem period.
    It’s all about her, her denial, her image, & her need to be on tv for an easy paycheck.

    Sheree used Bob, their divorce, & her children to prolong her storyline on RHOA to continue getting that Bravo check. She pimped her soul for a tv paycheck, and she has damaged those kids in the process.

    She is disgusting. Instead of building Chateau Sheree for her children as she claims, she could have lived in a more modest house to provide a home and some immediate sense of stability for the kids. But no. She has to waste hundrends of thousands of dollars and years of her kids adolescence while waiting for that house to be completed. By the time that place is finished they would be living at college.

    That house is for Sheree, all her personalities, ego, & wardrobe.
    Iyanla knows it & called her out for it.
    Bob has known it for along time.
    Us tv viewers speculated about it, but after this seeing this show, we all know Sheree’s number with absolute certainty.

    She is a manipulative whore & shrew that got pregnant on purpose to trap a rich baller, and tried to secure her meal ticket with a 2nd pregnancy. Bob is 100% at fault for getting her pregnant a 2nd time.

    And if I remember correctly he was suing her because she basically stole a bunch of money from him in a deal instead of acquiring it legally through divorce proceedings…That is why he refused to give her any more money for child support (Still shitty of him though). Because Sheree already took what Bob considered was enough money for his kids to live on. Instead Sheree was using that money on her ego for leased Jaguars, Hermes bags, Louboutin’s, etc just to keep her profile “high” on RHOA.

    Sheree came off very unsympathetic on the show. I hope that OWN check was worth it to the delusional crazy bitch.

  11. Mary Rawls

    Sherree is never going to change she just did this for a pity party and she probably got some $$$ that she desperately needs and so she could say oh look at me I’m on tv again…

  12. KWM

    I posted in the other thread. I am guessing this did not go down like Sheree thought it would.

    She just does not get it, she really is disconnected. Kids don’t give a crap about the house. She still thinks that giving is the same as loving.

    Hey was that your super fancy black SUV I saw parked at Chateau Sheree? :-)

    Bob came across much better than Sheree, you can tell he was willing to do the work. He was smart, thoughtful, articulate.

    It was an interesting hour, I could have watched more.

    Now I think we need to do Sheree’s update:

    Sherees relationship with Bob has not changed. But she fills her days filing frivolous lawsuits, building houses and trying to stay relevant.

    • @kwn, I agree with you’re post. Why would Sheree start building a house this late in her children’s life. They will be ready very soon (before the house is even completed) to start their own lives elsewhere, not in her mansion. I do feel she used Bob for her story line. I do feel Bob should pay child support and make sure the money goes toward something for their children. She absolutely did not need to spend that kind of money on a home. She is out to impress people. She is building this home (that she can not afford) for her own selfish reasons.

      • My understanding is that Sheree lives in the apartment we saw on TV but has goons constantly trying to post here that I am a lowlife for owning my own shack in the ghetto (truth) outright. I paid cash for my house and my car. Can’t nobody repossess them. lol.

      • So true Tamara, wish I could say I bought my home good old cash.

  13. I agree Trho, about the daughter. I think despite my personal glee in seeing Iyanla call out Sheree and OPRAH caling out Sheree on the twatter tonight, this was a HORRIBLE idea for the kids and the for the daughter especially. Sheree is living in some sort of Farrah Abraham fantasy bubble. But BOB is educated and should never have agreed to this show. :( I also blame Bob for not making Sheree spell the kids names properly. He’s not blameless but he is the better parent.

    • KWM

      The sad part is without knowing much (I only started Atlanta in season 4 I think) that you can tell Sheree uses the kids as a weapon. I do feel some sympathy for Bob, I imagine it must be exhausting dealing with Sheree. At some point you can tell he gave up.

      That conversation at the end showed us exactly what it must be like dealing with her. You can see the kids as long as I do not have plans. I have a feeling she thinks going to publix counts as having plans.

    • omg Farrah Abraham Fantasy Bubble…. lmao

    • marehoop

      LOL LOL LOL at blaming Bob for not making Sheree kids names properly….

      Great job TT.

  14. Sherree is never going to change she just did this for a pity party and she probably got some $$$ that she desperately needs and so she could say oh look at me I’m on tv again… TT great job!!!

  15. karen

    Sheree looked real bad on this show. Who is she kidding that house is not for the kids its for her. Kids will live in a two bedroom apartment and be happy if they are surrounded by love. Bob is no angel but he came out looking a lot better than her.

  16. Rosie

    It’s interesting that Bob never loved her. He married her because she was pregnant, or already had his child. There was an initial attraction, but he doesn’t/didn’t love her..or like her, from early on, which is totally understandable since there’s nothing there to love.. Watching her on this show reminded me how truly cold, empty and clueless Sheree is. If she had let go of an inch, they could have made some progress. She wasted a great opportunity with iyanla, complaining that her ass wasn’t properly kissed during filming by Iyanlia and the production team.
    She’s still as lost today as she was while filming RHOA. Maybe more.

  17. puravidacostarica

    Sheree is a living example of (other than narcissism) the decaying and embittered effect that a failure (or refusal) to forgive has on the human soul.

  18. Kelly

    Sheree surprised me. I heard her state the truth, even if it was only once. “I have no one to talk to”. Bingo! Not a friend in the world. Her poor, poor children :(

    • That was sad. It explains why she has no one who brings truth into her life. And why now after denying her oldest daughter even EXISTED for so long and refusing to help her with her education because she was jealous of her, she is now trying to befriend her as an adult child and drag her into court to be her pawn…

      I have the paperwork on her allegations in her own scrawl. And it is clear she filled out the paper work for Tierra and … well.. that will all play out in court. It’s sad she is choosing to drag her child (IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN, remember?) And she is hiding assets from the IRS in her oldest child’s name that she denied as a “family friend ” in season one, but now that she is useful is using to abuse the court system.

      • dorothy mcgrath

        I have been a sigle Mom after 30 years of stress and I to this day try to present an example of living below ones means , Having good work ethic and earn your own way and always extend a hand to those less fortunate. I do not owm one big named bag or even one pair of shoes over 75$ My new summer sandals from a local store I love and are $32 and I feel so lovely in them. Sheree got a great sum of money at the divorce and she has no home but she has bags and shoes and the car that could be a mortgage payment. Georgia on one of the low cost housing markets no excuse not to have a sweet cottage or condo. The young men should have a job and do volunteer work . I think this is what Bob would encourage if he could. I think most missed where he said he was trying to protect the childrens future. I really get that. Any money he would pay Sheree would go to her delusional materialsm. She has done such and injustice to all of kids as Kim and Theresa by just gong beyound reasoon and dressing and excess what do these children have to look forward to in later years. I doubt andy of them will be well educated , articulate , lead meanigful lives in helping make our world a better place. I really hope the best for the children but somethings reall have to change . So much for Bravo and bravolebraties meaningful futures. Thank you T for your work.

      • Sunny

        You made some really good points! Unless she is stashing that money away somewhere (which I wouldn’t put past her), she has really wasted a lot of the money she got. I think she feels entitled to live a certain lifestyle & won’t settle for anything less even if it is nice/comfortable. I think that’s why she’s so bitter & makes dumb decisions with money.

      • Sheree came off as a stupid dam fool. There is “NO THERE THERE.”
        What a ridiculous self-serving bitch.

      • FAHLINA_T

        I’m sorry, but that is just DISGUSTING!

  19. dawnspitfire

    Alright….you’re just makingeme bust a laugh all thru this post!

  20. mojochaos

    I have a question… Is Tierra the daughter that Sheree completely interfered with a possible proposal too? I recall an episode where Sheree invited herself along to assist in the picking of an engagement ring. She repeatedly humiliated the young man because (she felt) he was not spending the appropriate amount of money on the ring, didn’t know how tell clarity of diamonds, and alluded to the fact he was an alcoholic because he kept asking for drink samples while shopping with her? As a result of Sheree’s actions and comments he decided he was NOT going to propose to her daughter!!! One thing I know for a fact: If I ever had to spend time with Sheree alone I would need an intravenous wine drip… I would also be tempted to find that one special button to push that would get that neck vein bulging and purely, for my own entertainment, I would press it every minute!!! This woman IS the definition of “bat-shit-crazy”. :-O

    • Yes, that was her good mothering of her eldest daughter who I now have to respond to in a court of law. That same child which she denied having on RHOA has to sign off on some court papers last Thursday.


  21. Excellent recap, Tamara! I had to watch the rerun…my husband is an MMA nut & some big fight was going on. lol

    I really wound up liking Bob a lot. He was willing to try & work it all out…Sheree wasn’t, because, of course, she’s always right.

    I clapped, howled & yelled throughout the whole thing. I was SO happy when Iyanla told Sheree that Chateau Sheree is for HER & not for her kids! BIG BURN!!! Then, again, when Bob said they were her accessories on RHOA…he was her purse & the kids were her shoes! BIG BURN AGAIN!!!

    All-in-all, it was a great show, I just wish Iyanla could’ve gone even deeper with Sheree.

    • MMA is important. My friend in Korea is an MMA fighter in his spare time when he is not defending our country. MMA is way more impt than Sheree,

      • LOL I can agree on that! I watch it with him once in a while & know who’s who. I was just so anxious to see Sheree get busted tonight. Has your friend ever had one of his fights televised? Please tell him thank you for defending our country. I have so much respect & gratefulness to those who serve our country.

  22. Lharris816

    She is nutzo for real..it’s pretty clear why Bob didn’t really “love” her so to speak…she has the nastiest personality..and she comes off as a wannabe…I never knew who she was before RHOA season 1 and her “7-figure fantasy”..and it was obvious then that “the mall was open but ain’t nobody shopping” ….the show has moved on w/o her. It’s funny how at first you didn’t even know she had on older daughter, she was labled “a friend”…now she’s the perfect mommy looking out for her kids…get outta here…actually all the so called “bullying & harrassment” is the only thing keeping her relevant….and she messy as hell and tv producers love to make her look even more pathetic and she don’t even see it….what’s[ a shame is the little coins she is making, she’s wasting on a house that she can’t even afford even if it ever gets finished…how the hell can she afford to maintain it, and legal fee’s….does she have any regular income…she’s just messy all around…

  23. Contessa

    Sheree is a loser and she proves it time and time again. Who in their right mind builds a mansion with very little money and her children are sleepign on air mattresses and she is running around with loboutins and hermes bags (guess she rented them – but that still costs a lot of money). She was bitchy on the show and is even worse now, because her money dried up. She got herself pregnant in hopes of marrying a high profile athlete, and when he didn’t marry her, she got pregnant a second time. I truly believe she did this deliberately, as she knew he wasn’t madly in love with her. She couldn’t even play at being married by doing the one thing he asked her…to show up at his games on time. If she had been a better wife, he would have been a better husband. I will say this he came across much better than she did. She lives in an alternate universe building this non-sensical home with rooms that no one will ever use. She doesn’t even have bedroom furniture – what a joke. I hope the judge fries her a$$ in court big time, as she is an evil idiot. Wishing you the best Tamara!

  24. TracyMC

    Where is the money coming from to build a mansion?? I honestly do not understand this woman’s finances.

  25. i told yall that Sheree is a fake, phony, granduer woman. She lies terribly and actually i feel sorry for her kids. NeNE told her right she was definitely on the wrong team and I guess after getting fired from the only place that was given her money, she also blew that. She was a gold digger then and still is. Phaedra and Kandy liked her but her jealousy issues with them got in the way of her friendship with them. her and kim are just alike two broke lying idiots with no money. Kim and her husband are closet racist and Sheree no class, no money and no man. I also like Bob better because at least with him you know what your getting

  26. jarlath

    I thought Sheree and Kim were friends, so why does she claim she does not have a single friend? Or did Kim drop Sheree because she felt jealous that insolvent Sheree is building her dream home whilst she has to buy a foreclosed home?

  27. KAM

    I think the show just reinforced what was already obvious- that Sheree got pregnant before she and Bob had an actual relationship- that if she hadn’t become pregnant, he very well would have moved on. Sheree wanted the lifestyle. She didn’t care so much about Bob, but by having kids, she thought she was going to keep him, and his money. That’s what this is really all about: Not the kids, as Ilyana pointed out, but about money. PS: Great recap Tamara !

  28. Shellbelle

    I have a close girlfriend who works with her oldest daughter Tierra. Tierra did not tell her co workers who her mother was ( previous to her appearing on RHOA) and after she appeared on RHOA with Scheree, she still would not openly talk about her mother. I have always found that interesting. I’m sure she is embarrassed by her mother but why she is allowing her mother to hide assets in her name I will never know. I wonder what it is Sheree is holding over her…

    • SnookumsLynn

      I think Tierra loves her mother and knows she has bad money management skills, but when her dumb ass mama comes and gives her the game, she tries to help her. I hope that Tierra doesn’t get jacked up behind trying to help her mother, I see it happen too often

      • Tierra has her entire credit history tied up with Sheree now. I don’t think she realizes what a bad idea that is. I imagine she wants to be able to trust her own mother but she can’t. I feel sorry for her in this whole court fiasco, she is as much a victim as the bloggers. That said, she is a grown adult and needed to learn to say no to her mother when it comes to protecting her financial ratings…

      • SnookumsLynn

        UCK! Poor Tierra…we aint’ talking about the regular 25 year old financial f-ups…Sheree is getting that poor child in DEEP!!! Step away from your mama, the time is now, she’s gonna have you in financial and legal trouble BIG TIME!!!

  29. Jasmine

    A woman who truly cares for her children would quietly fight the ex in court, start making a living for herself and her children; give the ex every opportunity to see the children and trust in God. Bitterness stagnates the spirit and gives the man control over the situation. The best revenge is success. Cleanse the mind, body and spirit and see all the blessings that would flow through.

    It’s hard work maintaining a relationship with a man who doesn’t love you or have a friendship with you. She should have done everything in her power to allow Bob to fall in love with her through her actions. With all the groupies clamoring for athletes, a wife can’t fall down on her duties, particularly a wife who became a wife by default. Believe you me, Bob would have been a push over. He’s the type of man who needs his ego stroked, lots of love and comfort and support. Shower him with love and kisses, have dinner ready, get to home games on-time, tell him he played a great game etc… I bet he would have made a good husband. When a man expresses what he wants for his children, the first thing you do is to ensure that he has a stable home. Sheree didn’t have a clue. She wanted the benefits without the work. Sad!

    • SnookumsLynn

      LOL Jasmine, you are so right, if she truly was smart, she would have tried to be that wifey that he wanted and he probably would have been a push over. Trust, she stroked the ego while trying to land the man…she’s a lazy ass and that’s why everything she is aligned with turns to crap…she’s had plenty of opportunity, but won’t put in an iota of work for anything…
      These people having babies with any random chick in their face reap what they sow…I think Bob may have initially had great intentions and that’s why he tried to marry & make it work, but he was lazy and needed too much ego stroking and maybe he wasn’t a great communicator or he was assuming too much, but either way PEOPLE STOP HAVING BABIES WITH PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW!!! Bottom line, that’s the biggest fix
      She by Sheree is HELLA BITTER!!!

  30. Sheree has her faults but Bob is not exempt from how he treats his kids. He was clearly unfaithful and unwilling to commit. He never wanted a wife or kids, that can be the only way he is comfortable with not contacting them for months at a time. Im sure he could of slid them a cell phone if he really wanted a relationship. I get the whole feminine rage thing but he helped create it. He is and should always be responsible for 50% of their lifestyle. Her kids are teenagers, I imagine they would run far away off to college before that house is finished.

  31. peachteachr

    That other saying, ‘He who laughs last, laughs best’ could be in your mouth right now, tt. So sorry for their children. When I divorced I told my husband that we could NEVER be separated b/c we had made these 2 beautiful children together. We spent every birthday and Christmas together with our children until he lost his battle with cancer.

    • Gigi

      Love what you said — that is how a MOM thinks kids first all else is second. Hope your children have good memories that they can cherish of their dad.

      • peachteachr

        Thank you, Gigi. They are wonderfully healthy adults. Our son is a youth minister and our daughter works for the American Cancer Society. I love that they have chosen to serve others. BTW, my grandchildren call me Gigi.

      • FAHLINA_T


  32. Gigi

    This was an eye opener for me about Bob. Sheree did herself no favors by going on this show. She possesses a closed mind and a very bitter heart. I believe Bob truly wanted resolution and came to receive it. All the while we have been hearing Sheree’s side of the story Bob gave insight into his side. From what he said it was quite evident that he “married” her out of sense of obligation NOT love and she in my mind did the trap him thing. Now the children are the only ones that suffer. I feel he wants a relationship with his kids but Sheree is the wall the keeps blocking him and he grew tried of trying and GAVE UP. Not a good thing though. Sheree took offense to what Iyanla said to her on the first day because it was the TRUTH. We as people find it hard to face the TRUTH about ourselves when we do the best to put LIES out and people read through them. However, Iyanla did not back down, but she was too closed minded and bitter to pick it up. I wish Bob the best with his children. No matter how Sheree has been towards him he has done his children a wrong by not providing for them or BEING there for them. Hopefully he and the kids can turn this around. The thing about kids, they grow up and begin to see who wronged them and how they were wronged – and draw their conclusions from there. I felt very different towards Bob after this show.

  33. B boy in Harlem

    This was a very good, yet sad, episode. You really can see how complex and troubled that family unit is. I love Sheree, but she is very much at fault and Bob is too. They are both extremely selfish.

    You guys are giving Bob a pass and I don’t know why. By no means am I excusing Sheree, but I have had more than my share of smooth talking brothers trying to sell me the moon. Bob talks a good game, a real good game. If you don’t pay attention you will overlook the fact that he is a egomaniac. There is no excuse for his lack of involvement in his children’s life. Yes, Sheree is difficult, but you don’t what you have to do to carry your children on your “back” as he so profoundly put it. He has not done that. He would rather deny his children then find a way to manage his relationship with Sheree.

    Sheree has to own the fact that her disease is materialism and appearance. She has to own the fact that she used her children for upward mobility. She has to realize this to correct her issues. She has to own the fact that all the questionable characters in her life are a result of her own questionable character and integrity.

    • victori0us

      I agree with ur comment, but I personally know the hell some women put men through to get access to their children. But a good father never gives up. Bob gave up…he gets not a lick of respect from me.

  34. Abby

    Sheree posted on her FB page yesterday the following:
    Tune in to OWN network tonight at 9pm EST I will be on Fix My Life. Please share your thoughts….can’t wait to share mine.

  35. The Disher

    Sheree needs to read the book “People of the Lie.” It’s about people who scapegoat others in order to avoid or deny their own spiritual growth. She refuses to look at herself, and everyone else pays the price. Unfortunately, her kids will pay the greatest price.

  36. Eve

    First off, i cant stand Sheree’s voice. It is like fingernails on a blackboard for me.
    Second, its obvious she will never finish the house because she has no money. I would think there would be ordinances in that area that state that a home cannot sit unfinished for more than a certain period. The neighbors i would assume would also want to file a grievance too. What will probably happen is that Sheree will be charged by the city to tear it down.
    As far as claiming in court she is the builder, did the judge or your lawyer ask for her contractor lisense?
    Anyway, as far as im concerned, both Bob and Sheree came off very badly. Neither one of them gives a shit about those kids. If Bob cared so much, he could of gone back to court for more visitation or custody. If he cared so much he could of paid the child support and made sure it went directly to his kids and their care.
    He certainly doesnt strike me as being “educated”. He is extremly inarticulate and acts like a child himself.
    Sheree is and always has been a thug, a liar and a con.
    Bob and Sheree should be on the poster for permanent birth control.

  37. There was a time when I couldn’t stand my ex husband. We were married for 20plus years and dude did a number on me! I never wanted more than the state of NC said I was due. He hated me too, I think that is safe to say. He was a provider but not a good dad.For the past 4 years we have had a pretty good relationship as we try to co parent our youngest child. I had to just put all the BS behind is and go forward. I am kind and cordial to his new wife. I don’t make disparaging remarks about him to our 4 children.I did this because for me it’s easier to get along with him than fight and argue. Sheree should try it. If Bob is so bad his kids will figure it out. My oldest daughter doesn’t have a relationship with her dad now. I don’t encourage it and I honestly don’t know the reason. However, that is between them and definitely based on his past behavior. It really bothers him. Hopefully they will come together. I do disagree with Iyanla though, this is not the only case where she didn’t “fix” a life.

    • Linda

      A thin line between love and hate but you are rising above. Someimes being decent and fair stops the BS and keeps them guessing. Kids should always come first. Hang in there – it does get easier. If Sheree did a 360 and modeled your behavior, she would be amazed at how much easier your life can be – anger and bitterness take a lot of work.

  38. So what did Oprah twat about?

    I hope the $ was good, because she did herself and her children no favors by going on the show. Too come off as sympathetic, you have to actually be a little sympathetic. I saw no effort even to consider anything Iyanla was discussing, because she just wanted a bash Bob show. Everyone has already said it all. Neither are saints, but at least Bob was ‘suffisicated’ enough to say the right things on camera. Oh, and I forgot how aggravating it was to hear her speak. She can’t. finish. a sentence or thought. to save. her life.

    • So true, she can’t finish a complete sentence without stumbling. also agree that bob needs to put more effort into seeing his children and pay child support. I thought she took him to court over child support. Does anyone know what became of that?

  39. Kara

    I used to strongly dislike Sheree but now I just feel sorry for her. She truly is a sad, bitter, pathetic woman who will never have the self-awareness to change. She’s the victim and everything is someone else’s fault. I feel very sorry for her children.

  40. NAA

    I’m pretty sure the best that can be said is that they are both crappy human beings who deserve each other. The kids deserve better but they will figure it out when they get older. They wouldn’t be the first to have crappy egomaniacal attention whores as parents.

  41. jb44

    Bob is no saint. He said he didn’t pay child support because Shereé could afford to care for them. I’m sorry, but they are his children too and he needs to pay child support. Basically, he admitted to never really being into the marriage or loving Shereé. Then, he complains she doesn’t come to his games on time. WTF? He didn’t stay with her 2 days after they were married. He slept somewhere else. I understand why Shereé has so much anger towards him. That being said, she should put aside her feelings for the sake of her children and make it easier for Bob to see his children. They will come to realize which parent was really there for them. Let’s face it, if you really love your children and want to be in their lives, you would move heaven and earth, or Shereé, to do it. He didn’t.

    • BUT he did give her an advance to purchase a new home for the children, $250k I think, and she not only blew that $ but trashed the home she agreed to sell in the divorce.
      I also understand he pays (directly) for their schools, etc. Paying it to SheBroke would be pizzing in the wind.

      • She actually trashed the home? Why would she do something like that. That just goes to show what a wacko she really is. I’m guessing she did this because Bob would of received half of the money from this home. Can’t believe she would do this. If the money was suppose to be split between the two of them, she hurt herself by doing this stupid act. She is so full of hatred that she not only hurt herself, but Bob and their children.

      • @Robin, why would she trash a house that she would be receiving half of the money from. Just goes to show how much hatred she has for Bob. She cut her own throat by trashing a home she would of profited from.

    • How could Sheree afford to take care of them. Has she ever actually had a job or made a dime?

  42. Tamara, it was painful but I watched for you my friend. I love your site and appreciate you allowing me to post, especially after I take an ambian before going to bed and make lots of grammatical errors, LOL. I am so sorry this woman has taken you to court. She will do anything to play the role of the victim. I can’t imagine living in Sheree’s world with such bitterness and hatefulness. So sad too, that some of us who are new to your site for the JA trial and lost a child/children and do not carry the hate and bitterness Sheree thrives off of in life. She is a sick, hateful, vengeful woman who is down right lazy, always trying to make ends meet off others. Her children are not even enough motivation for her get get off her lazy butt and get a real job like the rest of us. No, she wants to sue people or go after her ex which I agree he is no saint either. Very sad for the children involved. I hope Sheree has to pay for your legal fees. I just donated to the Support Travis Alexander website but will try and catch up with you next month to help out. God bless and stay strong!

    • I once posted while on Ambien. I swore up & down that someone had impersonated me and that the post sounded nothing like me. That’s why it’s 2:05 AM and I am still awake!

  43. becky white

    I don’t get the OWN channel but I plan on watching this show on demand. However I watched it once before and I found Iyanla to be obnoxious. However, despite my pretty much hating the show I really have to see Sheree in all her glory myself.

    I want to see if she gets asked anything about when the house will be done. Heehhehe


      Is it just me or does Chateau Sheree bear a striking resemblance to the Builder’s Foreclosure that Kim and Kroy purchased?????

      • It’s just you. Kim’s house was 90% done and had an exterior. I guess all the “towers” are similar (and ludicrous to me). Perhaps that is what you mean. But Kim’s house is nearly finished and well… you know.

  44. Aloha

    Sheree’s bitterness is eating her up alive!

    That’s why she’s an ’empty shell’ just like her unfinished Chateau Sheree.

  45. bendy

    If you can’t be a good example for your children be a really, really bad one so they know how not to act.

  46. Aryana

    Sheree would have given an update if she got paid for it. This girl is fake through and through.

    • Ladyblahblah

      Yall dont know???She married Bob cause she looked into his good eye, and saw PAYCHECK. She heard CHING, CHING after each kid. She heard TV show and said PAYDIRT. Sad thing, it didnt pan out the way she thought. She’s a wanna be. I had her pegged from the start. She wanna be pretty ( not with THAT Bob Hope nose), she wanna be rich ( HOW????) , she wanna be famous ( try INfamous). All in all Sheree go back to the way your name is REALLY spelled, to the life you REALLY have and take care of them babies!!! They didnt ask to come here.

  47. Ms Urethra Franklin

    The lack of activity and near silence on her twitter timeline since the show aired is very telling to me. Yes I am stalking her timeline. Can she get a protection order for that too?

  48. RahRah

    As a black woman I have nothing, absolutely nothing in common with Sheree. Your money can change anytime, I speak from experience. At first I got a part-time job to go with the full-time job. In my divorce I was not awarded child support. My daughter received paid tuition in lieu of child support, that was more important to me and the child support was significantly less than the tuition.

    The point I am trying to make is this: I have never waited around for anyone to do anything or pay anything for my child. As long as I am alive and my child is doing something progressive and productive, I will work to support and encourage that behavior. Yes, I would have liked a newer home in a new neighborhood but I can make this mortgage as long as I work every day. I have learned to budget to the penny and gone from being a hoarder to being a frugal person. My daughter gets most of what she asks for but that is within reason.

    Even though the child custody issues were established by the court, my ex has had full access to our child and they travel extensively together. I want him to be the father she needs and sometimes it’s not about the money especially when you are able to do what you need to do regardless of the financial situation. But no, I would never use our child as a weapon to hurt the other parent.

    • Dlister

      Wow, RahRah! You are inspiring. In fact, you make me want to get up and “RahRah” you — I’ll be cheerleading for ya!

  49. ed

    just saw the rerun and a few thoughts:

    actually i felt iyanla was on sheree’s side thru some of this. for her to start with bob, getting him to acknowledge that he never made room for sheree in his heart, i thought was pretty powerful and if sheree saw that part it must have felt sad but understandable at the same time. and for sheree to say later that she basically felt nothing for him, really represents the opposite of love: total indifference. that is much sadder than hate, to me. i hope sheree got it that she is putting roadblocks in bob’s way when he wants to connect with his kids and that it is wrong of her. not expecting good behavior from such selfish people but the show provided a lot of food for thought.

  50. mimi

    Your grammar is the WORST. I can’t keep up for rereading with all these errors

  51. Sheree is never going to be happy until she lets go of whatever stupid thing she’s holding onto from childhood. She’s not only hurting herself but now her innocent children who hopefully have good teachers at school who inspire them and show them how good life really is outside the walls of an unfinished “home”.

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