I Need Y’all To Plan to Watch Iyanla Fix My Life On Saturday

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I know we talked about Iyanla being on WWHL and seemingly saying that Sheree just doesn’t get it. DUH! And pointing out that Chateau Sheree is a monument to her stupidity. (I paraphrase) But I am DYING to see Iyanla Fix My Life on Saturday. Here is something I have not mentioned on the blog. Bloggers and mainstream media entertainment writers and producers talk to each other behind the scenes a lot. So before Sheree even knew she was going to be on the show, I was contacted by the producer from OWN. I won’t get in to what we discussed, but  I wonder how much that played in to the whole rampage of legal action Sheree went on toward me and other Atlanta bloggers. The only regret I have about this whole legal circus with Sheree is I sometimes feel like if it were not for me, the other bloggers would not be in her sites.

Front Door to Chateau Sheree

Front Door to Chateau Sheree

Bloggers have been talking about Chateau Sheree ever since she started spouting her delusions on national TV. If she had privacy concerns, she would not be on reality TV, she would not be taking film crews to her house, putting blueprints of the house with the skatin’ rink and the lieberry and the ballroom out there for people to mock. To quote her recent court testimony, “normal people do not do that.” She has made a public spectacle of herself and continues to embarrass herself in the courtrooms across county lines. This woman is willing to publically humiliate herself over and over on national TV and then abuse the court system with random frivolous lawsuits with no benefit to her whatsoever. And she’s not hurting me. Thanks to you guys, we’ve made a big dent in the legal fees. So what is her point? Why lie in court about three different people claiming you are in fear for you life? I believe her lawyer at the last fiasco tried to compare who to celebrities that need stalking orders. Is that her angle? She wants it picked up that she is so famous she is being stalked? So she goes after the Atlanta bloggers who are the only ones that still pay her any attention at all after being sent back to the realm of obscurity?

I want y’all to check out Iyanla Fix My Life of course to see the trainwreck that will be Sheree, but I would also like you to see Bob Whitfield. I think a lot of you have negative opinions of him based on false storyline. You may be surprised to find he’s a good guy and a good father. So watch and we will talk about it after. Set the DVR. It’s on OWN at….9 I think.


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46 responses to “I Need Y’all To Plan to Watch Iyanla Fix My Life On Saturday

  1. Paloma

    Good luck to you Tamara with all this nonsense that She is putting you through. Yes we did hear he gave her a pretty good settlement and she blew it on her selfish wants. Sad that this delusional woman didn’t put her kids needs first. Hope one day she sees the light for her kids sake.

    • FGF

      So true!!! Hopefully, he seeks custody of those kids sometime soon because it’s clear that Sheree is unfit!! Bob attended Stanford and had access to a quality education while Sheree was a teen mom, drop out, shoplifter!! From her tv antics, criminal record, to her inability to make financially sound decisons, I’m sure he could convince a judge to grant him custody. Maybe he reads the blogs that Sheree is suiting and will use that to his benefit!! Her testimony is riddled with lies about being stalked so he could use that show that her lifestyle and notoriety puts his children in danger! See Tamara, these frivolous court proceedings may help Bob get custody of his kids!! You did a good deed, after all!! :)

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Tamara, I stand behind you 100%, but sadly, I will not be turning into Iyanla with Sheree on. I can’t stand Sheree and I hate everything she stands for, which is why she will not be getting my ratings.

  3. Lori

    He sounds way too smart for her in this interview… like he may actually have some sort of head on his shoulders with a functioning brain inside. Can you tell me what time this show is on? I am going to wait the 3 days after dvr’ing it to watch it as to not add to the ratings (sorry Ilyana, but I cannot support anything with that woman in it. Not with the crap you’re pulling on my fav blogger).

  4. Sunny Days

    i gave it about 4 secs of thought….ummm no, I don’t want to tune in to anything sheree. after her madness w/ u, I hope anything associated w/ her is so poorly rated that even a leper would know to stay away from her. she’s a toxin & “when someone shows u who they are, believe them the 1st time” maya Angelou. please please write us a glowing review of bob. like I said b4, I was a fan of sheree – she got me w/ that child support & suing millionaires storyline & not getting anywhere on child support. but then after hearing & reading how she went after u, she lied ( let’s consider besides financially how those lies could hv changed ur world in a devestating way & she had no regard for that & actively chose that.) she has an ethics deficit & I’m disinterested in Sheree & her wares.

  5. Ellis Scarlett

    Would you give the link to contribute to the fund again please?

  6. I’ma watch! If she wants to publicize her crazy on another reality show (for an hour, not weekly) then pass the popcorn! From Iyanla on WWHL, it’s not like this was going to be a raving success, but more importantly, it’s not the kind of crazy that gets you your own series.

    I know we say she’s delusional, but think of how screwed up it is the stories of leaving RHOA, the divorce and being deceitful about $$ from the sale of the house she had with Bob, all the repossessions, the failed businesses, the court cases, then several more court cases…how many times does it take to get through her thick skull that the common denominator is HER? I’m willing to bet that any $ she got from filming Iyanla went on herself, and not her kids. Still not winning! So yeah, extra butter on the popcorn please.

  7. Mary Jo

    Tamara – I’ve DVR’d it but do you really want the ratings for that particular show (featuring HER) to be good? The woman’s clearly nuts and a media whore (this is the ONLY reason behind the lawsuits…anything to keep herself in the spotlight), and having hundreds/thousands of your followers tune in would just bolster the ratings. I’ve never seen an episode of “Housewives” and not a fan, but I AM a fan of yours. I’ll be watching soon as I get my little Granddaughters in bed. Were you interviewed or will your name be mentioned on the show? Now THAT would be great — we WANT YOUR name out there! The whole thing’s just ridiculous & I feel SO bad for you. Just love your blog & your fantastic writings – thank you so much! It truly is the best blog on the internet & I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner. I wish you all the best. Mary Jo from Michigan.

  8. KAM

    Am so watching this- saw the previews yesterday, and I can never get enough of Bob and his wonky eye. He’s gonna check her, Boo!!

  9. FGF

    This is off topic and I apologize to Tamara but I just read that NeNe’s wedding spin off got the green light! Now I’m extremely suspicious of her coming after Phaedra for communicating with her sisters because now her sisters are coming after her. Sounds like a set up for the spin off!! Also, it’s rumored that Gregg’s other kids will be on the show to reconcile and from what I’ve read they hate NeNe. PLUS, Marlo will be back as a bridesmaid!! This show sounds like MAJOR drama!!!

  10. RahRah

    May I remind you that you are better than Sheree. Reality TV shows created a new blogging niche and you have every right to take advantage of that and you are doing it so well. Look at the fans and respect you have garnered Tams. Even the industry respects you as a source. You haven’t manufactured anything, you are reporting on the actions we all saw.

    This is what I am afraid of–Iyanla comments that Sheree just doesn’t get it, right? Well she may as well kiss Chateau Sheree good bye because as you have personally learned, legal representation does not come cheap. Yeah, old Chateu Sheree is going the way of that Aston-Martin repo. This court thing with you, she has already testified that she is building the home for her and her children, and which room she is going to sleep in, even though the home is in her daughters name she just exposed her actual ownership of the house. This may raise red flags with the IRS and anyone else she owes money, maybe other lawyers. Did you think about that? Sheree is incredibly stupid and this is a trait of manipulators. The fail to realize that they’re stupid ones because smart people at least have enough sense to keep their mouths closed.

  11. peachteachr

    A good griend taught me over 30 years ago a thought that has helped me live my life since that day. She said, “When people SHOW you who they are, believe them.” You know, tt, that people do things for their own reasons. You did not cause the other bloggers to be sued; that was the cray cray in Sharee’s own mind. When people know better they do better. She just doesn’t know any better. I have come to believe that Bob Whitfield just got caught up in a lunatic’s web. I’m so sorry for their children. As I told my husband when we divorced, we can never be separated b/c we made these 2 children together. Poor Bob…to never be separated from crazy!

  12. Wouldn’t life be grand if our darling Tamara were to be featured on her own Bravo spin off!?! Many of your fans (such as myself) prefer reading your blog rather than watch RHOA. It would be wonderful to see you in living color spilling tea on one and all. When this nonsense with Sheree is over, use your remaining legal funds (which I have gladly contributed to) to hire yourself a publicist/agent girlfriend, you rock!!!

  13. Donna P.

    I’ll be watching for sure. I actually know someone who knows Bob’s stepfather pretty good and I really have a different perspective of Bob. For one, as we now know, he is really intelligent, I mean ivy league school intelligent and as I understand he had an academic scholarship to Stanford. So I think she was really outclassed in this marriage from the start and that’s one reason why she is so salty because he’s probably always one step ahead of her in her quest to get money from him. But the interesting thing is, he really never had what she claimed he had, so all that was grandstanding for reality tv and everybody figured it out. She’s just embarrassed, but hey…she put herself out there and this is what you get! Great work Tamaratattles!

  14. Tiffany C.

    I’ll be watching Iyanla. It is sometimes fun to watch someone like Sheree make excuses and not take ownership for any of the bad consequences her actions cause. She is always a victim. While she was on RHOA, she made it seem Bob was her enemy. Now that the divorce is completely done, it’s the bloggers. She needs to get a job and go away.

  15. Sheree is a liar, is dillusional and they are broke. ThiS is WHY she is doing this. i dont want to watch either. She, Kim and Phaedra are the two biggest liars on national TV next to the New Jersey Hosuewives

  16. Sheree is a liar, is dillusional and they are broke. ThiS is WHY she is doing this. i dont want to watch either. She, Kim and Phaedra are the two biggest liars on national TV next to the New Jersey

  17. I’ll be watching with you, I can hardly wait! When RHOA first aired, BOB was Sheree’s only storyline…besides her delusions of grandeur. Yes, I’ll admit that, at first, I had a bad judgement of him. Not any longer. I’m anxious to see the real Bob Saturday…well, at least as real as it can get on an edited reality show.

  18. NAA

    Why do the comments now go in reverse order? It’s because you hate me, isn’t it?

  19. I won’t watch it because it’s not my thing. However, I am so damn glad it’s coming on so I can stop seeing the freaking promos for it! I don’t understand why those two are going on the show, unless it involves money. I guess they want every drop of money they can get from being “celebrities”.

  20. Ms Urethra Franklin

    My 1st recollection of anything Sheree was from the her first few scenes on RHOA.

    Sheree was in her living room in her mansion while boxes & boxes of expensive shoes were brought to her home for her to shop. She was sooo rich that the merchandise comes to her…. Now she is just a ridiculed character in pop culture.

  21. KWM

    For as long as her house has been in this unfinished state how long until she cries “mold” blames the builder and walks away playing the victim the entire time.

  22. victori0us

    Nasty cold sore on Sheree’s lip. Yuck.

  23. Resa 228

    So like a bad accident, I stopped and” rubber necked” she’s already fake cried twice.. Bob didn’t even come home for 2 days after they got married …already a hot mess… smh…

  24. KWM

    Ugh, I can’t even. Kids can give 2 shits about a house, that house is solely for her to prove to everyone she has money.

    Hey a black SVU is parked outside of the Chateau, were you secretly there in your alternative car????

  25. Sunny

    All I can say is Iyanla saw right through Sheree. I pray that Bob will be fierce like he’s on the football field & do whatever it takes to be there for his kids. Sheree is more concerned with money & trying to preserve a rich lifestyle & it’s obvious.

    • KWM

      So true, the other thing that was painfully obvious was that Bob can own up to his mistakes. When she aske Sheree what are you going to do differently and her first response was I am open to him building the relationship. That is not you doing something different. She was so frustrating to listen to. I am seeing Bob in a new light, he is very articulate, thoughtful and was able to look at himself with a critical eye. Same cant be said for Sheree.

  26. The Disher

    In the history of Iyanla shows…her work here was “not” finished! This video should be Exh. “A” in TT’s court proceedings. Sheree is a sad woman. She refuses to look at herself and completely lacks any self-awareness. Bob was doing the same thing at first, but came around at the end. Sheree still would not take down the walls. I feel really sorry for the kids…and for all the ppl Sheree blames for her own issues, including all of the Defendants in her frivolous lawsuits.

  27. KWM

    Favorite part:
    Sheree chose not to provide an update.

    Lets provide an update for her:

    Since taping of the show Sherees relationship with Bob has remained the same. To fill her days, Sheree now files frivolous lawsuits in multiple counties.

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