American Idol’s All Female Top Four: Who Will Win?

americanidoljudgesI think this is the best top four in American Idol for quite a few seasons. I can honestly see any of these girls win.  Candace is very versatile and has a powerhouse voice. She was fabulous this week. Amber is  very pretty and sings very well and has a big fan base on twitter. I really, really like Angie. I think she is spectacular when she sings and plays the piano. I loved her tribute to Boston. Kree has been a huge favorite of the judges all season. I like her too. She is sort of a 70’s throwback to me. A Janice Joplin just stand there and sing type. She’s fabulous but doesn’t usually go for the huge belting songs. I don’t think we could go wrong with any of these four as the next Idol and overall the females were MILES above the males. It seems AI may have stacked the deck to insure a female winner.

This has been the year of the judges with the drama between Nicki and Mariah. I learned to love Nicki this season and I think she brings it. Mariah sort of loosened up from her Diva crap as the season went on. I’d like to  see all four back. Everyone loves Randy and I thought Keith Urban was great as the sensitive judge. What do y’all think?

So who does your head tell you will win? Who does your heart say will win? Who do you think America will pick? For me my head says Candace.  My heart says Angie. I think America will pick Candace.


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8 responses to “American Idol’s All Female Top Four: Who Will Win?

  1. Mary Jo

    I say Candace, however I LOVED Amber’s rendition of “What are you doing the rest of your life!” She won’t win, but that was a super-hard song to sing. I think America’s gonna vote for Candace, too. On the other hand, I think the judges are right about one thing — they’re only as good as their last song & we’ve got 3 more weeks, so who knows. All these ladies are talented, to be sure.

  2. Resa 228

    I have Candace, Kree & Amber as top three, with Candace being American Idol. I also like Amber but don’t feel like she is as strong across the board in musical variety. IMO she played safe with song choices

  3. Babsdeaner

    I’m surprised how much I enjoy Nicki’s comments. I had a hard time getting past her looks at first, but her insights are usually spot on. I agree Mariah’s toned down her diva act, but I could do without her next year. Love, love, love Keith!

    Back to the topic, I hope Kree wins. Hers is the voice that is unique that I would recognize on the radio. The others are great, but generic, imho. Based on previous results, odds are that the second or third place gal will have a more successful career than the winner. :)

    • Nicole

      Even though I like Nicki and I agree with MOST of her comments, I could go w/o having to hear Nicki rant about Jimmy. He is usually spot on. I am not all that impressed with Angie. I’m not “getting” her like everyone else does. She is cute and all and she can sing, but she is not my fav.

  4. Eve

    Lol i made a comment in the dont leave me Jodi thread about American Idol because Tamara said we could go off topic.
    So, im glad she started this topic here………
    What i said in my other post was that Amber and Candice are the most talented. Two extremely naturally gifted singers. I will add Kree into this catagorey too. They all have that special gift of having a special sound, the kind of voice that has a unique aspect. its hard to describe, except to say a lot of people can sing…..but its a gift to have a special sound/tone to your voice.
    I cant compare the 3 voices because they are all so different, but Amber has the most versatile voice. As I said in my other post she can sing all different genre’s and its clear her parents exposed her to all different music while she was growing up.
    It doesnt matter who wins because they are all talented enough to have careers. Its just a matter of hoping they pick the right manager, producer and make good decisions.

  5. Big Mamma

    I must say this is the worst season for judges. Nicki is by far my favorite judge. She seems to genuinely care about each contestant. Keith seems to temper his critiques to be aligned with the majority of judges. If Randy says “This girl is in it to win it!!” one more time I might throw the freakin’ remote at my TV. And while Mariah is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and truly a diva, her comments are worthless drivel, and her posing for the camera to appear angelically pleased by her minions is wasted on me. She grates on my last nerve.
    That being said, the 4 finalist are awesome! Candice has a slight lead on the others while I see Amber really rising to the top with her last few performances. Of course, showing her gorgeous legs that go on for miles cant hurt! Kree has been my favorite, but she seems to have run out of steam the last couple of weeks. Hope she can pull herself together enough to make it to the final 3. As far as Angie is concerned, she seems like a mixed bag. Sometimes all the posing and performing for the camera is distracting and rather off-putting, but then she hits a note that is so divinely pure and her eyes hit the camera pulling you in.
    I would love to see Kree win, but with the momentum Candice has it will be hard for anyone else to win at this point. They are all beyond talented!

    • Nicole

      Totally agree with Big Mamma and tc. My vote is for Candice! I ff through Mariah’s comments. She is like a Paula Abdul…

  6. LC

    Hi All: I have been a die hard Idol fan right up to this year. I started out disliking Nicki but have come to really liking her – she tells it straight up,sort of like Simon,NIcki is the one that I know will be interesting every show. I like Keith, Randy needs to go to the Dawg Pound and Mariah rambles on w/o making a coherent thought and I get embarrassed for her. I would like a 3 person panel much better. Candice is my fave, I liked Kree (still do) bu she has been off for about 3 weeks. I totally don’t get the Angie buzz but she is cute. I also have been really into The Voice and think they have the momentum even tho don’t know if any of their winners have really made it as far as a career.. Idol has put out people who do have a career – hope they pull it together better next year!!

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