Update on Court Proceeding With Sheree Whitfield

Front and right side of Chateau Sheree

Front and right side of Chateau Sheree

This post is a personal letter to my readers, so it would be great if Lipstick Alley etc, could refrain from recopying it.  Thanks for doing the right thing.

First I want to say thanks again to those of you who donated to the legal fund. It is much appreciated. I received the transcripts of Sheree’s testimony today that my lawyer wanted for tomorrows hearings. This testimony is from the March 5th hearing where the judge denied her request for a stalking order.  I have two more hearings tomorrow afternoon, because Sheree wants to try her luck in a different county. This time instead of asking for the order (which was already denied and in fact she refused to sign a mutual consent to stay away despite my attorney asking several times until the judge finally told her to..) she is doing a sort of citizen’s request for criminal charges of stalking and trespass. Yes, she did already lose the stalking case in another county. I don’t know what she is thinking.

Anyway, I will be sure to let y’all know about tomorrow’s performance by Sheree. In the meantime since y’all made buying the transcripts possible (they were SUPER EXPENSIVE!) I thought I would share Sheree’s testimony with you below. I added a bit of my own snark in purple. Kind of my thought bubbles during the trial. :) Thanks again.


    2          having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as

    3          follows:


    5          BY MR. HOBSON:

    6          Q    Can you state your name for the record.

    7          A    Sheree’ Whitfield.

    8          Q    Ms. Whitfield, what are you here for today?

    9          A    A stalking order.

  10          Q    Are you in fear for your safety?

  11          A    Yes, I am.

   12         Q    Are you in fear of the safety of your children?

   13         A    Yes, I am.

   14         Q    And who are you in fear of?

   15         A    Tamara Tattles.

   16         Q    And how do you know Ms. Tattles?

   17         A    I don’t know Ms. Tattles.

  18          Q    Do you recognize her in the courtroom here today?

19               A    I do recognize her in court today.

20               Q    How do you recognize her?

21               A    It’s been several — on multiple occasions, a car has

22          come and sit across from my house, also in the back of my

23          house.  I did not know until today that it was Ms. Tattles.

24          This car circles around my house repeatedly.  I’m so nervous. (Well I had this guy name Jason Lapene, which is kind of a porn name doncha think? anyway, he stalked her, uh he went and followed her to the mall and stuff. And so then I knew what she looked liked when I saw her today because he came to court with me and told me.)

25                    THE COURT:  Well, don’t be.  Take your time.  If

you’d like some water while you’re there.

MR. HOBSON:  I’ll get her a cup of water.

THE WITNESS:  Yeah.  She has — the street where I

am, there’s really no parking, so it’s very evident when

a car is sitting there.  So I do recognize Ms. Tattles.


7               Q    Has Ms. Tattles been to your house on more than one


9               A    I’ve seen the car on more than one occasion.

10               Q    And let me be specific.  The pictures that you see

11          that are submitted into evidence, is that your house?

12               A    Yes.

13               Q    Is that the property you’re building?

14               A    It’s the property — I am the builder.  It’s the

15          property that I’m building for my kids. (Sheree is building the house, because she is a builder now,  Ridiculous Houses by Sheree, it’s her new BIDNEZ.)

16               Q    Okay.  And are you at that house quite often?

17               A    I am at that house pretty much every day up until

18          this happened.  (She is there everyday, swinging a hammer, and ordering around the crew because her  10th grade education makes her the property supervisor. She just happened to be absent  when I came by. WOW I got so lucky! So did the neighbors who send me pictures of NOTHING HAPPENING ON THE PROPERTY FOR MONTHS!)

19               Q    Okay.

20               A    At least five, six days a week. (Wow, that is some work ethic. How is it that the house is not done after THREE YEARS of buying the property again?)

21               Q    And when you say that Ms. Tattles’s parked outside of

22          your house, have you ever been there when she’s been parked

23          outside?

24               A    Yes.  I’ve made eye contact with Ms. Tattles. (Really? If we’ve made eye contact, and you’ve seen me so many times…why was your description to the victims advocate lately completely wrong? Was I in my invisible car or in my Black SUV on this occasion?  Because in your initial complaint you could not even identify my car… By the way I have a very striking feature which is the first thing people notice when we meet and the main way people describe me when telling people how to find me. How did you miss that?)

25               Q    Have there been other people that have been there,

been with you and seen Ms. Tattles, as well?

2               A    I don’t know of — I don’t recall. (Well that is odd, because your attorney is about to call a witness that contradicts this testimony which is probably the reason he asked to come perjure himself. Did you forget that part of your story? The ole two against one offense?)

3               Q    Okay.

4               A    I just know I’ve seen her. (But not what she drives or what she looks like.)

5               Q    Now, you don’t live at that property right now;

6          correct?

7               A    No, I don’t.

8               Q    And you’re not sure if Ms. Tattles follows you other

places, are you? (No but she is sure this dude Jason Lapene  is following her…This guy who will later show up to court with me again and try to be in every meeting with my attys and hers.)

10               A    I don’t know.

11               Q    But you know that she has been at that property on a

12          number of occasions; correct?

13               A    Yes.  (Um really? It states clearly on my blog that I FINALLY GOT AROUND to driving by after a doctor’s appt in the neighborhood.)

14               Q    Okay.  Now, did Ms. Tattles take pictures of your

15          home?

16                    MS. MERCHANT:  Objection, your Honor.  Leading.

17                    THE COURT:  Well, I think maybe she can answer the

18               question.  Overrule the objection. (Despite winning the objection, her atty changes course..)

19          BY MR. HOBSON:

20               Q    Based on the blog, have you seen Ms. Tattles’s blog

21          after you filed for the protective order?

22               A    Yes.

23               Q    And what did you see?  What did she post on the blog

24          recently?

25               A    After the protection order was served and I took it

to mean that she should not directly or indirectly contact me,

she posted on the blog letting her fans or her bloggers know

that I filed a restraining order against her, which was kind of

like harassment because then they’re coming back, making all

these negative comments.

(SEE? Y’all are harassing her too!! She also thought the restraining order would make me stop blogging about her dumb ass.)

6               Q    Well, how long has she been posting about the

building of your house?

8               A    She’s been posting for a couple years. (lie.Blog just over a year old on this date.) 

9               Q    Okay.  And I want to talk specifically about the

piece of property.  When you purchased the property, did it
have a fence surrounding it?

12               A    No.  Initially, I did not have a fence surrounding

13          it. (And I still don’t I do have one on the busline side though, my dirt pile kept falling in the road and the city made me shore it up.)

14               Q    What problems occurred that led you to need the

15          fence?

16               A    Tamara coming over to my lot or standing outside

17          taking pictures of my house.  I put the fence up because it is

18          a construction site, to ward off people from coming onto my

19          property. (I made her put up a fence in April of 2012? lol. All pics were taken from a car.How did the fence help her?)

20               Q    Were you worried about potential liability of people

21          coming onto your property, as well? (Objection, leading, irrelevant, fairytale.)

22               A    Absolutely.

23               Q    Were you worried for your safety originally when

24          Ms. Tattles would come to your property? (Objection, leading, pictures of a construction site she did not own scared her?)

25               A    Yes.  I don’t know this woma

1               Q    You heard that she stated she has a silver Honda.  Is

that the car that you would see?

3               A    Yes, it is. (That is why I wrote silver Honda , you know B-L-A-C-K  S-U-V I also underestimated her weight, and did not get her hair color right)

4               Q    Did the fence stop her from coming onto your

5          property? (Maybe it was the HUGE OPEN GATE for bulldozers to get through that let her in, she is sort of fat.)

6               A    No, it did not.

7               Q    Did you take any other measures to prevent her from

coming onto your property?

9               A    The gate was installed, I believe, April of 2012.

Immediately I posted no trespassing signs, as well as private

property signs.  And they’re still on the gate to this date. (The giant open gates swung wide open probably isn’t useful for keeping people out. The trespassing signs are new and apparently as we found out in court not relative when people GREET you on the property.)

12               Q    Do you recognize these pictures?

13               A    Yes.

14               Q    And what are those?

15               A    These are pictures of the property and the gate with

16          the private property signs, as well as no trespassing.

17               Q    And did you take those pictures?

18               A    Yes, I did.

19               Q    And are those a true and accurate depiction of the

20          fence and the signage that is posted on the fence for people to

21          stay off?

22               A    Yes.

23                    MR. HOBSON:  Your Honor, submit these as, I believe,

24               Plaintiff’s 4.

25                    MS. MERCHANT:  I just have one question on — one

voir dire question.



            Q    Were those taken on the day that Ms. Tattles’s

alleged to have gone on your property, or were those taken


7               A    These pictures were taken April of 2012. (BULLSHIT! PERJURY! MAJOR PROBLEM!)

8               Q    April of 2012?

9               A    Yes.

10               Q    Okay.  Thank you.

11               A    April or May.  I’m sorry.  April or May of 2012.

THE COURT:  All right.  I admit the pictures.

(Plaintiff’s Exhibit 4 was admitted into evidence.)

MR. HOBSON:  Thank you.

You can hand those to the judge, if you don’t mind.



18               Q    All right.  Now, what do you recall on February 18th

of 2012 that Ms. Tattles posted on her blog?

20               A    February 18th, 2013?

21               Q    Of 2013.  Excuse me.  Well, let me back up.  Had you

22          ever filed a protective order against Ms. Tattles prior to

23          February?

24               A    No.

25               Q    What led you to feel that you needed to be protected?

1               A    I felt like I needed to be protected once I found out

that Ms. Tattles actually went into my home.  No one’s living

there, but I’m there all the time.  My kids are there all the

time.  I believe she crossed the line when she went into my

home. (Well, clearly not all the time, the neighbors never see you there and there had not been any construction in months so what were you doing in there? Home implies you are living in a place with plyboard walls and no facilities. Poor thing)

6               Q    And does this affect your children? ( You have GOT to be kidding me.)

7               A    Absolutely.

8               Q    How does it affect your children?

9               A    My kids would go to the house with me after I pick

10          them up from school.  Now they don’t even want to go to the

11          house.  This is a house that they were happy about.  They don’t

12          want to come over to the house because my kids are middle

13          school, high school.  Their friends read the — are on the

14          Internet.  Their friends’ parents don’t want them coming

15          because no one knows who this woman is or what she’s capable

16          of. (Their friends read Tamaratattles.com? I’m sure that is the reason the kids don’t want to hang out on a construction site all the time. Makes total sense!  It appears you live …. well let’s save that for later…)

17               Q    So –

18               A    She — I’m sorry.

19               Q    No, go ahead.  I mean –

20               A    She went past the fence.  She went past these signs

that says no trespassing and private property.  She entered

into a home and gave a blueprint, a floor plan, walked through

my entire house.  She knows my layout of my house, all my

entryways.  My kids don’t feel safe, and I don’t feel safe. (SHEREE, you GAVE A PICTURE OF THE “blueprints” to BRAVO to PUT ON NATIONAL TV, You fuckwit. )

25               Q    And she also communicated this throughout the World

Wide Web and posted it for anyone to come see; correct? (OMG NOT THE WORLD WIDE WEB!)

2               A    That’s correct.

3               Q    Now, has there been any problems — are your children

4          in fear for their safety? (At this point the lawyer is beginning to talk like Sheree)

5               A    Yes, my children are in fear for their safety.  They

asked me today, Mommy, do you think the Court will be able to

protect us?  I don’t know.  My kids don’t want to go to the

house.  (Please mommy, protect us from the invisible lady in the invisible care that no one has ever seen! WHO GOES TO A HOUSE MILES AND MILES FROM WHERE WE LIVE! HELP US MOMMY)

9               Q    And your kids go to that home regularly; correct?

10               A    That’s correct.  (LOLOLOL. Every middle school and high school kids dream is to go with “mommy” to play on the dirtpile.)

11               Q    Now, that’s not your primary residence, obviously;

12          correct?

13               A    No.  I’m building the house.  I’m in the process of

14          building.  And I am the builder.  So I am there very regularly,

15          pretty much five to six days a week. (You are less qualified to be a builder than Andrew. You keep saying you are the builder, do you know what that word means?)

16               Q    Now, do your friends — or, excuse me — do your

17          children — do their friends talk — have they seen these

18          blogs? (Oh I am Sure their friends talk,  about their mother holding a giant pink dildo on national tv, yanking a lady’s wig, claiming she was going to take there Daddy for 7 figures, reading all the stories on TMZ and the local papers about her criminal acts. It’s really me taking a picture of a construction site that is at issue here..)

19               A    Yes.

20                    MS. MERCHANT:  Objection.  It would be hearsay.

21                    THE COURT:  Well, with what I’ve heard, I think it

22               is, technically, unless you can show –

MR. HOBSON:  No, I understand.


25               Q    Let’s talk about the neighbors.  Have the neighbors

been affected by this?


3               Q    Has it negatively impacted your relationship with

4          your neighbors because she continues to come around your


6               A    Yes.  My neighbors have small kids, as well.  And no

one knows what this woman is capable of.  We don’t know why

she’s doing it.  So everyone around, my friends, no one –

everyone’s in fear for me, for me.  (SEE NEWSFLASH ABOVE  I bet those same “neighbors” won’t let their kids play when a realtor takes a picture of a house to put on the market. Their kids must be living in constant trauma.)

10               Q    And have you expressed these concerns to your friends

and family?

12               A    Yes.

13               Q    And you are — are you, in fact, in fear for your

14          safety based on what she’s done here? (Taking pictures of a construction site?)

15               A    Yes, I am.  I don’t know what she’s capable of. ( I understand that her camera is so shitty she can only take five pictures. THAT is frightening to me and my churren and the neighbors and everyone in the near vicinity!)

16               Q    And what are you asking for this Court today?  Are

17          you asking him to enter a stalking protective order?

18               A    Yes.

19               Q    And would you like the Court to reflect that she

20          stay — or to order that she stay 500 yards away from you and

21          your property?

22               A    Yes.

23                    MR. HOBSON:  No further questions at this time, your

24               Honor.

MS. MERCHANT:  Thank you, Judge.

THE COURT:  Cross-examination.



4               Q    Ms. Whitfield, where do you live now?  Where do you

currently live?

6               A    Is that — that’s private information.  I would

rather not — ( I would rather not admit, my kids are out of district)

MR. HOBSON:  I would object to her having to

state — I mean, this is a temporary protective hearing.

If we want to disclose the address and it wouldn’t become

public knowledge, that would be fine.  But I think –

THE COURT:  I’m not going to require her to give her

present residence if she doesn’t want to.

MS. MERCHANT:  Okay.  I’d just like to be able to

explore issues surrounding where she lives.

THE COURT:  Well, I just don’t want her to feel like

she has to come to court –

MS. MERCHANT:  Oh, and we have no problem with that.

And if her address is disclosed, we have no problem with

it being under seal.  That’s not a problem.


22               Q    My client’s never been to your house, though, right?

23               A    I don’t know.

24               Q    Have you ever seen my client at your house?  Do you

25          live in a house or a condo?  Your residence, my client’s never

been to your residence?

2               A    I don’t know.

3               Q    Have you ever seen my client at your residence?

4               A    At my residence, I don’t — I don’t know. (She has that invisible car and invisibility cloak, how am I supposed to know when she is there? Is this a trick question?)

5               Q    Have you ever seen her –

6               A    I don’t know.

               Q    — at your residence?  You don’t know if you’ve seen

8          her or not?

9               A    I don’t recall seeing her.

10               Q    Okay.  You don’t recall seeing her?

11               A    No.

12               Q    Okay.  And the place where you live is not the house

13          of the photos that we’ve seen on this lot.  You don’t actually

14          reside in that home?

15               A    That’s true.

16               Q    And has that home been issued a certificate of

17          occupancy?

18               A    Not yet. (NEVERLAND)

19               Q    So people cannot actually live in that home?

20               A    No.

21               Q    At the time, the date of incident, I believe February

18th, did that home have a kitchen, a bathroom, and all those

things that were functioning that people could use?

24               A    No.

25               Q    At that time, had anybody slept in that home?

1               A    No.

2               Q    Okay.  You or your children?

3               A    No.

4               Q    And on the date February 18th, did you actually own

that home?

6               A    I bought the house for my kids.  So it’s in my

daughter’s name.  But I am the builder, and I am there at least

five to six days a week.

9               Q    Okay.  So you don’t own the house?

10               A    My daughter owns the house. ( OH REALLY, NEW EVIDENCE SAYS PERJURY.)

11               Q    Your daughter?

12               A    Yes.

13               Q    So you do not own the house?

14               A    I don’t have to own the house.  I feel stalked. (I realize this entire thing is about YOUR FEELINGS but in court it is about the law.)

15               Q    That wasn’t my question, ma’am.  I’m sorry.  Do

16          you –

17               A    I do not own the house.  My daughter owns the house.

18          But I still feel stalked.

19               Q    Okay.  But you do not own the house.  The blueprint

20          for that home, did you put that on TV, on your reality TV show?

21          Did you show that blueprint on TV?

22               A    I believe they did. (They did? Or you gave them a blueprint to show your lieberry and skating rinks  and ballrooms?)

23               Q    And did you allow the cameras to actually go on this

property and film?

25               A    When I was on the show, the house wasn’t built.  So

2               Q    On the property, I asked.

3               A    On the property?

4               Q    Yes.

5               A    It was a dirt land, a dirt lot, with a house that had

6          to be torn down.  So, yes, they did see the house being torn

down, and they saw the dirt lot. (and the exposed toilet the neighbors passed on the road for days, and the big pile of dirt)

8               Q    Okay.  So the cameras came to the property –

9               A    Yes.

10               Q    — and filmed, and that was published on TV?

11               A    I’m sorry.  What is your question? (Hmmm you see to develop a hearing problem at this point.)

12               Q    That was on TV?

13               A    What was on TV?

14               Q    The property.

15               A    The property?

16               Q    Yes.

17               A    The dirt lot, yes.

18               Q    That was on TV.  Okay.  And you chose to be on that

19          TV show?

20               A    Yes.

21               Q    Okay.  So you allowed them — on your previous home,

22          you allowed them inside your home to film?

23               A    That’s correct.

24               Q    Okay.  And you allowed them to film your children?

25               A    Yes.

1                 Q    And that was all broadcasted on television?

2                A    That was.

3                Q    Okay.  Has Ms. Tattles ever contacted you by


                 A    No.

                 Q    Has she ever mailed you anything?

                  A    No.

                 Q    Has she ever e-mailed you directly anything?


1               Q    Has she ever texted you?

2               A    No.

3               Q    Has she ever contacted any immediate member of your

4          family directly?

5               A    Not that I know of.

6               Q    You testified earlier that you believe that she had

7          been circling your house in a silver car?

8               A    A silver Honda Civic.

9               Q    When did you come to learn that she drove a silver

Honda Civic?


12               Q    Okay.

13               A    I did not know it was her. (BUT YOU SEE ME THERE ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY! Yet, you don’t know what color my hair is or what I DRIVE?)

14               Q    Okay.  And when you took out this protective order in

15          this court, you had to sign a verification that you swore to

16          the facts in it?

17               A    Yes.

18               Q    And in that, you swore that you believe she drove a

19          black SUV?

20               A    I actually put down two cars, and I actually called

21          Salimah in the TPO office and asked her why both cars, because

22          I’ve seen a black SUV and I’ve also seen a silver Honda Civic,

23          and she said that the first one that’s listed is what goes in.

24          But it’s in the report.  Salimah has it in the TPO office. ( Oh my, I sure hope Salimah has this because that would be proof of perjury if oh I don’t know, you never mention my car in that sworn affidavit. ) PERJURY!!!!

25               Q    Okay.  So the information that you provided on this

was based on when you had seen her driving in that silver car

or the black car?

3               A    No.  No, no, no.  The silver car.  She asked what

vehicles I saw — PERJURY

5               Q    Right.

6               A    — either monitoring my property.  I gave her two

7          cars.  I gave her two cars.  I didn’t know what Tamara drove –

8          I gave her the two cars — until I see her here today. (Because I was invisible all of those times she saw me outside Chateau Sheree. I was in an invisible car that she could not see until she and JASON LAPENE drove by my house and took pictures of it. Then it morphed from an SUV into a civic!  I was also wearing an invisibility cape.)

9               Q    Okay.  So you didn’t know which one Tamara was in,

the black — have you seen her in a black SUV?

11               A    I’ve seen her in a silver Honda Civic.

12               Q    So who have you seen in a black SUV?

13               A    It was a woman that looks very similar to her.  It

14          was two women that’s come several times to my property. Now my twin sister comes too! PERJURY!

15          So I don’t know if that — maybe those are the people that she

16          sent over there.  I don’t know. Now, I am sending people who look like me over there.

17               Q    Okay.  So this woman that you saw in a Honda,

18          silver Honda, is that the description that you gave here of the

19          brown-haired female, hundred and sixty-five pounds? (Nope, and nope)

20               A    She’s sitting in the car.  Absolutely.

21               Q    I’m sorry?

22               A    Yes.

23               Q    Okay.  So the person that was in the silver Honda

24          Civic, your description is female, brown hair, 5-7, one

sixty-five?  (well I am female..)

1               A    Yes.

2               Q    Okay.  Can you give any further description?

3               A    She’s sitting in a car. (I was actually sitting in a chair, right in front of her, bringing my car in would have been difficult.)

4               Q    I’m sorry?

5               A    She’s sitting in a car.

6               Q    So is that – (My atty is probably wondering if my invisible car is in fact in the courtroom and she can’t see it at this point.)

7               A    I did the best that I could. (While she did not come close to my height, I thinking her magical height guessing skills of someone in an invisible car she can’t see is pretty amazing.)

8               Q    That’s what I’m asking.  Is that as far of a

description as you can actually give?

10               A    Yes.

11               Q    Okay.  So you didn’t see any more details?

12               A    No. (I am outside “your” property where you are EVERY DAY and You can’t give any identifying information about what I look like INCLUDING MY CAR or HAIR COLOR and I am stalking you?)

13               Q    Okay.  Your lawyer admitted three blog documents,

14          Petitioner’s 1, 2, and 3.  Are you familiar with those

15          documents?  These are the copies that he gave me.  I know the

     Court has the originals.

17                    THE COURT:  I don’t think so.

18                    MS. MERCHANT:  Someone has the originals.  Maybe the

19               court reporter.

20                    MR. HOBSON:  Right here.

21                    MS. MERCHANT:  Okay.

22          BY MS. MERCHANT:

23               Q    All right.  Plaintiff’s Exhibit 1, 2, and 3, are you

24          familiar with those documents?

25               A    Yes.

1               Q    And are those the blogs that Tamara Tattles website put up about you?

3               A    Yes.

4               Q    Can you show me anything in those blogs that is

threatening to you?

6               A    Okay.  Let’s start on 18th, Monday the 18th.

7               Q    No. 2?

8               A    No. 2.

9               Q    I believe that’s No. 2.  Yes.  Can you show me where

she’s threatened or harassed you in this document?

11               A    The threatening and harassing part comes in where

there are gates up to my property.  There are no trespassing

igns.  There are private property signs.  For someone to be

bold enough to go inside, break the law, walk into my house,

give a play-by-play — she knows exactly where I will sleep.

She knows where my kids will be.  My kids are afraid, and I am

afraid.  This whole blog is threatening, the entire thing. ( You are a real cunt for bringing your kids into your lies. And it is clear in my blog that NOTHING is complete enough to know where anyone sleeps.)

18               Q    So are there any statements in this blog that

threaten you or harass you?

20               A    Absolutely. (I meant to warn my lawyer of her limited vocabulary, I am being serious when I say I don’t think she knows either word.)

21               Q    Okay.  Can you point those out to us, the statements

22          that threaten or harass you.

23               A    When you walk into the huge door, there’s a wide

24          spiral staircase to take you up to the top floor.  The house is

25          three stories.  When you walk in, you’re on the second floor.

Asyou walk through the foyer, you walk into a large room on

the back of the house.  The ceiling that goes from the room all

the way up through the third floor.  It’s very impressive with

lots of windows overlooking the backyard and fireplace.  There

is a dome ceiling.  It was really impressed — I was really

impressed.  Also the backyard is full — speaking of the

backyard — wait.  Hold on.  If you take the hallway to the

right, you walk into a big bath — bath — bathtub

perpendicular to the hallway.  That room is round, as well.

The bathtub is dead center in the room with a wall behind it,

so you can walk all the way around the tub.  I had a hard time

imagining where the vanities would go.  Off the bathtub room

was a — to the right was a weird choppy room that also had a

center wall.

She’s giving a play-by-play description for anyone,

her or anyone, to come back into my house and harm me or my

kids.  (If someone wants to come harm someone they need a floorplan? I’m just asking because I don’t know, but I don’t think that is really how it works, but if they do, the blueprints are online from when Sheree showed them to everyone on national television. She didn’t seem to have that concern then… But now me saying the house is very impressive and the dome ceiling is pretty is harassment?)

18               Q    Where’s the indication of the harm to you or your

children in that?

20               A    When she’s going into my home, giving a description

21          of where my bedroom is, where my bathroom is.  She knows all

              the entry points in my house.  I don’t know what she’s capable

23          of, because normal people don’t do this.  It’s like an

24          obsession. (Normal people don’t  do this, it’s like an obsession. is her constant refrain in court. Its LAUGHABLE.)

25               Q    Do you agree with me that people have a First

Amendment right to blog, to do online blogging?

2               A    She does not have a right to go into my property.

3               Q    That’s not my question.  My question, ma’am, is:  Do

you believe that people have a First Amendment right to blog?

5               A    I don’t — I don’t have a problem with Tamara

blogging.  She’s been blogging about me for over two years. (BULLSHIT) I

have a problem when she entered into my home that I’m building

and put fear into my kids and fear into me.  That’s what I have

a problem with.(Really, so why have you before EVERY COURT APPEARANCE said you would stop if I stopped blogging about you? In fact last Thurs you made the same offer to two other bloggers? If you are so afraid… why do you just ask us to stop pointing out what a loser you are and keep trying to quiet us?)

6               Q    Now, you were talking about No. 2.  On No. 3 and

7          No. 1 that were admitted by your attorney, can you show me if

8          there’s anything threatening or harassing in either of those

9          documents?

10               A    Other than the fact that she keeps coming to my

house, sitting outside, and driving around, that’s just not

normal behavior to me, nor to my kids or my friends.  That

alone is enough.  I haven’t read these.  I don’t go on Tamara’s

blog.  Again, the only way I knew about her posting this blog

is because someone sent me a direct message on Twitter telling

me that this is disturbing and that I should look into it.  And

then, of course, after that, I read the blog and was very

disturbed. (OBJECTION! The witness was disturbed way before reading Tamaratattles.com your honor! ALSO IN COURT LAST THURSDAY SHE ASKED ME TO DELETE THIS POST AND SAID SHE WOULD THEN STOP DRAGGING ME TO COURT. )

19               Q    Have you at any time given her any notice not to

trespass, any actual notice between you and her to not


22               A    I don’t know that woman. (Really? According to you we are at the same place five or six days a week. You could have at least walked over the dirt pile to my invisible car that you have never seen before today and said hello. You might have invited me in since according to you I am parked in the middle of a very busy street! Or asked me to leave.)

23               Q    I’m sorry?

24               A    I don’t know her.  I put signs up.  She can read.

25          She has a blog.  So there are no trespassing signs, and there

are private property signs.  She has them in her pictures.

2               Q    I understand that.  My question is:  Have you ever

directly given her any notice?

4               A    I don’t have her information.  No, I have not. (Then how did you get to my house exactly? In someone’s raggedy BMW from God knows what year? My eyes wish YOUR vehicle was invisible, but I DID see you.)

5               Q    So that’s a no?

6               A    I gave direct information — I gave a direct notice

7          to everyone, anyone coming over there.  There are no

8          trespassing signs,(not there were not ever. And regardless I was invited to look around inside.) and there are private property signs, and

9          there is a gate.  There wasn’t a gate before. (A HUGE OPEN GATE BECAUSE FOR ONCE IN GOD KNOWS HOW LONG PEOPLE WERE WORKING) I paid to have a

10          gate installed to keep people like Tamara and the rest of them

out of my house. (Bullshit. I would bet money you never paid the bill.)

12               Q    My question is, though:  Have you ever directly given

her a warning?

14               A    My direct warning was the signs on the gate, yes.

15               Q    So nothing verbal?

16               A    No; didn’t know it had to be verbal.

17               Q    Okay.  Have you ever directed anyone to give her any

verbal or written no trespassing?

19               A    It’s on the gate.

20               Q    Other than that?

21               A    No.
22               Q    Other than a posted sign?

23               A    Should there be more?

24               Q    Legally.  But that’s another discussion we can have. (I love my lawyer. Have I mentioned that?)

25                    MS. MERCHANT:  Nothing else.  Thank you.

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69 responses to “Update on Court Proceeding With Sheree Whitfield

  1. Good luck hope all goes well for you :)

    • Contessa

      Hi Tamara,

      I follow you and like to read about the HW shows, I am so sorry you are going through this and have to say Sheree is an idiot, and desperate for attention. I think this is totally to keep her name out there to appear like some sort of “star” – LMAO. also I think she does not want people to know how ridiculous she is with money regarding the building of this house. All the things she mentioned on the show are totally ridiculous and as we all know, he son sleeps on a huge dog bed while she is out buying Hermes handbags. She is a loser big time and I know you will win this case. Sending you all my best and thank you for all the columns.


      • Sayub

        After reading the trial minutes two things are obvious: 1) Sheree is a moron 2) You’ve got a fabulous lawyer. Thanks for posting.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Rooting for you Tam I Am. Take Shezilla down!

  3. Good luck tomorrow, I hope all goes in your favor.

  4. 3 A She’s sitting in a car. (I was actually sitting in a chair, right in front of her, bringing my car in would have been difficult.)

    This could possibly be the funniest thing you have ever written. Bringing my car in would have been difficult. I had to stop mid-read just to let you know that you win and we win as a result. Although this ridiculous lawsuit is beyond annoying and expensive for you, it truly is comedy gold. I predict you’ll get a book deal when this is all said and done.

  5. Since you first started posting about this Whitfield silliness I thought and continue to think…where is the actual stalking? Having been an almost star on TV in a reality show that makes her a public figure. Which translates to…a lower expectation of privacy…if any at all. (Sorry I have worked for a defense attorney for 15 years and look at things differently than the average public). To have a “crime” committed–in this case you had to violate her privacy to such an extent that a “reasonable person” would be offended, for lack of better term. She claims to be “nervous”. Well dang I get nervous when I go to the dentist..is he therefore stalking me? That’s stupid! Its ridiculous that you even have to answer/defend the frivolous claims. Alas you have to do so and I’m sorry for that. I do wonder if its some odd attempt on Whitfield’s part for a last grasp of stupid pseudo-fame.

  6. KAM

    Good luck- don’t forget your invisibility cloak.

  7. khintx

    Hit this JUAN out of the ballpark, tamara! much love, kh

  8. Shellbelle

    Wow… To be honest, I was waiting on her to bust out with a ” boo” at some point. Good luck tomorrow! She should have to pay your legal fees for all this nonsense!

  9. Rose

    Are you a millionaire, Tamara? What does she expect to get from this?? Money to finish her house??? Sorry this has happened to you but I’m glad you are still blogging!! Good luck and thinking good thoughts for you.

    • Far from it, Rose. But I have a lot of nice people that donated to the cause so it won’t have a huge impact on things.

      • Rose

        I just cannot imagine why Whitfield would do this, except hoping for money. She was always going on and on about her ex not paying child support! BUT, I did see the blog/commentary…laughed and laughed! Do you think it ticked her off?

  10. michelle

    i wish you the best of luck, although it seems you won’t need it. Your lawyer sounds brilliant and Sheree is an idiot.

  11. Tiffany C

    This woman is such a nightmare. She is not fit to live in society.

  12. chell

    I love your Lawyer she’s good Sheree sounds like a fool Sheree need to go somewhere and hide I wish you well Tamara cause this lady has nothing better to do with her time

  13. Nicole

    Good luck! She just gave me a headache. There are alot of “I don’t know” from Sheree!

  14. L52094

    Wow, she’s really wasting the court’s time. How disgusting. And does she really think that people don’t go into houses that are under construction? It happens all of the time. So glad Bravo fired her. She’s really delusional.

    Best wishes and good luck TT.

  15. Dawn

    I think Sherre has some kind of delusions of grandeur. It is as if she thinks she is Michelle Obama or something but doesn’t have a security detail so is trying her “who’s gonna check me boo” in court.

    • MJ

      I was thinking about that same statement of her’s, Dawn. That was to a party planner; right? Who’s gonna’ check you, Boo? Tamara’s gonna’ check you!

      All the best to you, Tamara. I am very new here, but you’ll be getting prayers and good thoughts from here. (Here is Houston, BTW.)


  16. marehoop

    OHHHHHH TT thank you for not only posting but your added comments… I laughed and laughed and laughed!!! Oh this woman is CRAZY…

    As I said before, you will be fine and she will be lucky if the judge don’t make her pay you for wasting everyones time with all her drama.. And if you get a chance, can you tell her kids are precious gifts and she shouldn’t lie on them!! This woman…uugghh

    You will be FINE!!!!!!

  17. Patricia

    Has she not learned anything from Iyanla? If you keep meeting her challenges, she will get the message – especially if she NEEDS funds to keep this up…so if another donation is needed, let me know. I see it as my way of helping her move onto bigger and better things – if any are to be had by her. I mean this is just not healthy! I thought she had a fitness video, jewelry line, etc. stuff that she was working on? Sad.

  18. puravidacostarica

    “Striking feature”. Do tell. :-)

  19. Murphy

    Wow. Just found out about this. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago (because of your Jodi Arias posts). I also have a Bravo-filled DVR so I enjoy the other aspects of your blog, too. I just donated to the legal fund because (1) I know how expensive lawyers are and (2) I hate when ignorant people like Sheree misuse our legal system. If you haven’t already, please discuss with your attorneys any possible state civil remedies for recovering legal costs. She has no evidence/case, so, if possible, she should be made responsible for your costs. I wish that there were strong penalties to deter people from these frivolous actions.
    I wish you the best of luck…

    • Thank you so much for donating! It is so appreciated. My lawyer is very fair with her rates. And my commenters are very generous. On the other hand tomorrow is hearing two and three (she wrote the third in her daughter’s name) so when she loses again… who know what she will do. I think an abuse of court case is brewing on my end seeking all available remedies if this continues.

  20. isabella j.

    OMG, I had NO IDEA! My husband is an attorney in both Texas and Nevada, I will ask him in the morning if he has any contacts for you that could help with any pro bono work. Also will donate $ to your legal fund, I know how those bills rack up so quickly. This is dreadful and I am sorry that you are going through this. Prayers to you!

  21. Tamara

    Good luck tomorrow. Although I’m sure you won’t need it because this is a baseless case!!

  22. WAgirl

    OMG, I thought that Ms. Whitfield was really odd, but she actually has a shit head. The bitch was talking around in circle and none of it makes any sense. She always looks awkward and retarded. Her testimony confirms that….

    Tamara Tattles, I love your blog and please keep blogging

  23. Mimi

    If I remember from your original blog from your one visit there, one of the contractors asked you if you would like to see the inside of the property and you said yes. He is an agent of the owner and gave permission. I sure hope your lawyer has that information because all you need is him to tell the judge he gave you permission there is no case of trespass. Also ask her if she ever took a picture or video of you with her phone to prove you were there more than once.

  24. Eve

    What i dont understand is how can Nose ask for a hearing for a property (dump) that she doesnt own?
    I dont see how a judge wouldnt throw out the case because the actual owner would have to file.
    Plus, if Nose keeps claiming she is the builder, does she have a contractors lisense? Does she have the proper insurance? She should have to prove she is the builder.

  25. Lauren

    Wow, I don’t know what was more entertaining, her “woe is me” testimony or your witty commentary. This woman is uneducated, uninformed and just plain bored – and has made you a target while testing the legal system. Her case just lacks merit and taking it across county lines makes less sense than the first time you two went to court. I wish you the best of luck. :-)

  26. RahRah

    Ms. Tattles, I thought I was reading an SNL script. What you now describe is shopping for a judge, and courts do not like to have their time wasted because they barely have enough of a budget to prosecute legitimate crimes. Sorry this is costing you a small fortune and a waste of your time. Take care of yourself and believe me I got more than my money’s worth with this post. May our God continue to bless you.

  27. Stephanie Sanders

    I came her because of the Jodi Arias case and discovered you blog about lots of the shows I watch. Your blog and comments are hilarious and I am so glad I found you. Keep up the great job and good luck with Sheree… By the way, why the heck is the house in her daughter’s name, that sounds awful shady to me. (I don’t watch RHOA)

  28. Missy poo

    Why did she decide not to go after the 2 other bloggers? Its as if she has left them alone and keeps picking a fight with you

  29. Michelle

    I’m sorry that you’re being sued, because I enjoy your blog and would hate for you to stop. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think you crossed the line when you went in the house and took pictures. Legally she probably doesn’t have a leg to stand on, though I think it was just bad manners. Since she has sued, you must defend yourself. Taking away the lawsuit, do you have any second thoughts about what you did?

    • Perhaps a reviewing of the facts would clear things up for you.

    • WAGirl


      What are you talking about manners? The house is under construction and people can go there take a picture or even see the blue print if they want to….I think you use the word manner a little too loosely. Sheree is an idiot. She was born and raised in the US. Yet her English and vocabulary are very limited. The B*** talks in circle. The judge asked her 1 question, her brain couldn’t general it. Instead she just says the same damn things that she’s been repeating and memorizing 2 weeks before the court date.

      Tamara Tattles, I want to thank you for taking the time and write these blogs because I really enjoy reading them. I also pray that you will have good health and win all the court cases that hates challenge you.

      Tamara, may I ask if you are African American or Caucasian? I hope that it’s not too personal. If it’s, may you please forgive me

  30. L Harris

    I love this Blog/site!! We all know Sheree is delusional… Nuff said!

  31. Sharnee

    You’ve already won Sheree is an idiot the house is in her daughters name the house is in the state of Georgia name lol Tamara girl u are funny as hell u need ur own show wouldn’t that be a kick for u to get ur own show on Bravo where Sheree was fired from lol I’ll be waiting keep blogging u keep me up to date thank you so much

  32. Ms1dimple

    Much luck and many prayers for you TT~ The woman is crazy and this case has no merit. Proof is in the pudding with the house under her daughter’s name. “She by She Shady”!

  33. I’m back! I was a bit less than forthcoming with y’all yesterday. I knew there was a fair chance that my lawyer would not be able to come today because of a conflicting trial in another county. We rescheduled for May 2.

  34. Sheree and Tierra were there. Tierra is very pretty, btw. Nothing really happened with me except my judge despite having my atty’s letter of conflict still seemed to think she was going to be there. She had a morning trial in Forsyth and I can’t possibly see how she could have made a 1pm call. This is good news because now we can use Iyanla Fix my life which will be on Saturday night as part of our defense. If we even need a defense, I imagine it will all be dismissed without much testimony.

    • It must have been very awkward for you and scary for her to face off without your attorney there. Did she ask the bailiff to stand near them just in case?

      Glad you can use the Iyanla stuff, I sort of figured with the ads you could anyway? It will probably be tossed before it begins. but honestly? I’d like her to eat a little crow first. More like choke on it.

    • Eve

      Newsflash ! Sheree will be featured on another show……
      Dr. Fix My Nose surgery performed by Home Depot salespeople

    • I’m so happy you will be able to use the Iyanla Fix My life (which I’ll be watching right along with you & everyone else, btw) as part of your defense – just one more thing in your favor for the judge to see what a frivolous case this is. Good luck, T! My thoughts & prayers are with you. : )

  35. Namsni

    Good luck with this. Sheree is a hot mess. She just needed a new storyline for Iyanla ‘nem to work with. What I really want to know is if she got that lil boy a bed yet or is he still on that air mattress? Did she ever give Phaedra all of her coins?

  36. Cali

    I wish you would go to Kim’s molded azz house an take pictures. One of ther websites reported that it will 8 months to a year before they move in. The contractor wants to charge a million ++.

  37. I want more please. Where is the Testimony of the creepy man?
    Also, if I may ask please. You said you have a striking resemblance then you mentioned your invisible car and something about a chair? You can tell me it is none of my business, you seem to mention you are tired all the time, so you have MS or are you handicapped? I do not ask to be rude or nosey, I just wondered since you mentioned it.
    Funny testimony by the way. Why did you not get a chance to testify?

    • My atty is most interested in Sheree’s testimony. The invisible car stuff (and the invisibility cloak) is a joke because Sheree swears I am stalking her, but I have never seen her before court except on TV, nor has she ever seen me. So when she swore out her court requests she just made up a physical description and a car. So if she sees me stalking her all the time, I can only surmise my car must be invisible and I have an invisibility cloak.

      I said “striking feature” I should have said “distinctive feature” that had she ever seen me she would have mentioned. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Depression and am about to be treated for narcolepsy type symptoms. First I have to go get someone to check the back of my eyes for brain swelling. I’ve been too tired to do that. :( I just went to court for a few hours today and it was not stressful or strenuous but I feel like my body has been pummeled from head to toe and am exhausted. I don’t believe in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic lyme disease, … I think I am forgetting one. I believe they are all just catch all terms for something the doctors don’t understand. It’s all very random with me I am perfectly fine sometimes and nonfunctional others. I am not on disability. I am hoping we can get me straightened out so I can go back to work. Meanwhile, I’m trying to boost up this blog with readers so I can get under a profitable ad program. The problem is I am usually too exhausted to deal with all the hoops. :)

      • Tamara I have had Fibromyalgia since a car accident in 2003. I suffer daily 24/7 when that woman hit me it ruined my life! You may not “believe ” in it but I know I have it . It ruined the life that I had and some days I can hardly function or drag myself out of bed but I do.I would give anything to be able to work again. It is people who use the word loosely like Kyle did on the WWHL (actually having the nerve to say she had it ) on the after show and others making light of it like it does not exist that make people think it is not real. Just because someone does not look sick on the outside does not mean they are not. I have 15 migraines a month as well only a few close friends know how much pain I am in at all times.

      • I certainly did not mean to insult anyone who feels they have those “illnesses” I have been diagnoses with fibromyalgia years ago. I by no means mean to imply you are not in pain. It’s just my personal opinion that when the doctors don’t know what is causing the symptoms they create these catch all “diagnosis”. People with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic lyme, whatever they are calling it this week are all suffering from a real physical illness. It is my belief that no one knows what we have yet. Also, I’ve never seen anything that significantly improves the quality of life for those who are diagnosed with the flavor of the month diagnosis for they symptoms that all seem pretty much the same to me. Does that make sense? Those three illnesses all have the same symptoms to a large degree, different treatments and limited success. Look at Yolanda Foster as an example. I believe as patients we all want our painful symptoms to be acknowledged. We want a name for our condition, but the medical field frankly has no idea what our problems are. We’re called lazy or depressed, or whatever. I mean no disrespect to my fellow sufferers. I just reject the diagnoses they currently dole out which have no real objective test as a diagnostic tool.

        Okay let’s not turn this place into an aches and pains place. I used to mock another site for that. :)

      • I understand exactly what you mean, I just get so tired of having to explain to all that I really am sick as I am sure you are. i hope you can make it out of this without too much more problems :)

      • FAHLINA_T

        Maybe Magnesium Deficiency?

  38. That is fine you feel that way, but you do not lie to get a case. Sheree said she [Tamara] was there everyday to she didn’t know her or never seen her.
    What is astounding is what happened afterwards. Sheree had her minion; email blogs to say the order was granted? Why else would a “real estate” dealer/broker email blogs? Thank goodness these bloggers did the right thing and asked Tamara if she had a comment. She lied an said her neighbors were in fear; her neighbors is Tamara’s source some of the time. do you see where I am getting at?
    If I were Sheree, I would be more concerned with who let Tamara in. I personally would not have accepted the invite for the simple fact OF what Sheree would do! I did not say nothing but I knew this would happen! Sheree knows dog on well that she can not press with out making a scene.

  39. And who builds a big house like that right on the street?
    Sheree says she is building it for her kids? Her daughter doesn’t live with her ? By the time it is finished the two younger ones will be in college.

  40. You have to get time for the back of your eyes to get checked out? No, you need to get that done and get time for everything else!
    I would get checked for MS. My aunt had similar symptoms. You know what is crazy Tamara? She was on the board of a local MAAD program, against drinking and drugs. To get herself by, she moved back to Cali when they legalized Marijuana. Anyhow, please do not wait like my aunt did. It could be something else and very well may be, but if you do not get checked you will not be able to blog period.
    I will be thinking of you and checking in.

    • Thanks. I eventually could no longer to keep paying $600 for insurance so I currently have none. I am being picky about what I go to the doctor for (I will do the eye thing to see if I can take the meds but if they find a benign tumor, which is what they are looking for, it’s just going to have to stay there.) Meanwhile, oddly what makes me feel better is traveling. I used to do it 2-3 times a year. I am trying to go every June somewhere now. Its just been too long since last June …lol. But thanks for your concern. I will stop mucking up these comments now with my whining. :)

      • You are not mucking any comments up. My comments are out if order. Oops.
        Tamara, you can get insurance through your state when you have a condition! Don’t you dare be to proud.

      • I can’t type tonight. Out of order I am sure you see what I meant.
        Will be thinking and praying for you Tamara.
        Please, there is help out there. Will be researching for you tomorrow. If you do not want to take it for yourself, do it for us.

      • lilkunta

        tamara there are no ads on this website so how do you afford to travel 2-3 times a year.

      • Isn’t that a bit personal? And I see ads. Lots of ads.

      • The ads are the youtubes at the end of each post. I they do not generate much income at all. I REALLY need to move back to a place where I can do Google Ads but they kicked me off for “cheating” and refused to pay me, so I don’t really trust them anymore. And no, they do not tell you what you did wrong, they just randomly kick you out. They did that to a lot of Housewives blogs. I believe it was a deliberate attack by someone to bring down the competition. Anyway, on wordpress they have WordAds which are the youtubes. Nothing even close to the revenue of Google Ads. My anxiety related to all forms of bureaucracy makes me procrastinate on finding a solution.

        Also, I’ve always traveled very inexpensively, I have tons of air miles I didn’t use when I was employed. I also generally travel to whatever is on sale rather than picking the place first and then making plans. I don’t really care where I go, but I try to pick a place I’ve never been. :)

      • lilkunta

        tamara ,thank you for answering. i want to start blogging so I could work from home bc daycare is where most of my paycheck goes. I didnt know you were unemployed. I thought you did this in addition to a day job bc I dont see ads so i thought this was just for personal enjoyment. Excuse me if you found my question rude or nosy and again thanks for answering. I guess I cant yet quit my job.

  41. lilkunta

    tamara, something is wrong with the blog. the comments are appearing newest at top to oldest at bottom. or did you change the format ?

    so i asked a question that answered when i scrolled down. please excuse it.
    i hope your fibromyalgia gets better.

    lastly, why is sheree pursing suit against you but now straight from a or funky dineva ?

  42. Hi tamara, I was just wondering how if she claims she only saw you sitting in vehicles, would she know how much you weigh?

  43. Tamara thanks for posting the transcript. It was hilarious with your commentary and my visualization of Ms. Stupid Sheree (Sheree you old bat drag queen, you know you come here, read the blog and all the comments hoping someone will like your skanky ass but it ain’t gonna happen so go check that Boo!!) up on the stand making shit up left and right. Her ignorance in not answering the questions was about on par with Alyce LaViolette. I hope she knows what a fool she looked like tonight on Fix My Life. Sadly for her poor kids, nothing good will come of them having this twit for a Mom, she is such a fame whore and gold digger (in my opinion) that she can only see the world as it revolves around her. My wish is that the IRS gets wind of her scamming. I have to question Did she put the house in her daughter’s name to evade income taxes at some point? Maybe the IRS should be sent a copy of the transcript where they can see her try to file a bogus law suit for a house that she claims she is building but she doesn’t own.

    I sure hope your attorney can get her ass with perjury and then sue her butt off for false charges against you and then force Sheree to pay all your attorney fees along with a penalty like treble the charges for deliberately lying, the skank ho that she is.

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