WWHL With Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Harvey Fierstein

WWHLkimIt’s time for Watch What Happens Live with Kim Zolciak! Let’s see how Andy interacts with her. Kim’s tweets make it seem like she is not coming back to RHOA. She tweeted that it was hard to leave the stage at the reunion and that she had a lot of good memories. That sounds like a good-bye to me. Either Kroy has told her she can’t do it anymore, or Andy didn’t give her a contract would be my guess. Up until that tweet I fully expected her back and her tweets sounded like she fully intended to return. Let’s see what we can get from WWHL.

Kim Zolciak Talks Real Housewives on Wendy WilliamsThey talk about Kim’s shoes and Harvey says his are New Balance. I like his better. I’m serious. They were very colorful.

Questions for Kim:

You keep all of your old pregnancy tests? Are you a hoarder? No I just have a lot of stuff.
Andy shows Melissa Gorga and Lisa Hochstein in what appears to be the same dress Kim wore to the reunion. He asks what she thinks. She says the ones they are wearing are  knockoffs. They do appear to be a different shade of green and they have different cuts. I believe her.
Why don’t you wear your own hair more? Wigs are easy. I love them.
What’s up with the lawsuit? Kim just had to file the papers yesterday. She asked the court to dismiss it because she doesn’t have a case.
Why won’t you make up with your mom? You just see a portion of me and my mom. It’s complicated. (I paraphrase because the caller was all over the place.)
Is (sic)Kim and Sheree still friends? I haven’t really seen her but she was texting me a couple weeks ago. (I am sure to tell her that her non-compete clause was up and she was going to be on Iyanla Fix My Life! lol) Andy says “That sounds a little shady boots…” Kim looks down and says, “Yeah…”
Question about Kim’s lipgloss. Kim says people are obsessed with her lip gloss. It’s Mac Cream Cup and Sephora #14 lipgloss.
Will Sweetie be on the show? No, she is busy with school.
Kroy is much more vocal on this show… Kim says we really get to see more of who he is because he really liked the producer on the show more than the other one. (Interesting) So he is all footloose and fancy free this season.

Game is Kim Z or Kim He? Pictures that Harvey has to guess pictures of either Kim or a Drag Queen. Perhaps Andy is not a Kim fan anymore. It’s hard to tell. Also Kim implied that she wanted to bring Brielle and Andy would not let her. I don’t think kids are allowed in the clubhouse. So that doesn’t mean much.

Mazel: Carlos A. The guy in the cowboy hat who pinched the guy with the two blown off legs arteries all the way to the ambulance after the Boston Bombing.

Jackhole: Whoever invented condom snorting. He shows a video of a teen girl inhaling a condom through her nose and pulling it out her mouth. a) her mother must be so pleased and (b) isn’t that dangerous? Isn’t there a lot of potential to asphyxiate yourself? Dumb idea for a jackhole, Andrew.

Poll Question: Should Kim and Nene be besties again? Yes 58%


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34 responses to “WWHL With Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Harvey Fierstein

  1. oscar

    I love me some Kim and I hope don’t be tardy is a success!

    • Welcome Oscar, my onliest friend! Help me beat off the haters that I am sure are on the way! :)

    • oscar

      Btw Tamara are you even watching The Kandi Factory anymore?

      • Yes, Oscar, I watched it last night. I was just really burnt out on blogging yesterday I did a whole lot of posts and last week I didn’t get many commenters so I gave myself the week off from blogging KF. :) Maybe next week. This Jodi Arias trial is keeping me very busy!

      • Oscar

        I tried watching the first episode and I think I’m done with it. Which is kinda surprising because I really enjoyed the back door pilot that they showed last year. I don’t think it will last for more then one season. The ratings were awful.

  2. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I didn’t watch the show, I’ll settle for the recaps.

    But I did like the dress Kim had on the reunion, and whether or not Melissa and Lisa’s dresses were knockoffs or not, they all looked fantastic. Why Kim felt the need to throw shade is beyond me, because unless you get it couture, clothes are meant to be mass produced .. and yes copied. Ask Kate Middleton.

  3. Jarenov

    That dress was not flattering on her at the Reunion. While she was sitting down you could see her fat side rolls. She needed to cover that mess up! Melissa and Lisa in their “knockoffs” looked a ton better than she did in hers!!!

  4. sammiejane

    Kim looked less than stunning. The sides made her appear to be rolling out of her dress(and not in a sexy way). I don’t know about the “knock off” remark but I will weigh in that Lisa looked ravishing. Of course all of them are remarkably shaped women (surgery enhanced I am sure) but Lisa hands down wore her dress the best!

    • Just at a passing glance, Lisa’s dress simply looked like another variation of Stella’s Saskia dress from last year , which was worn from February of 2012 on, by about 50,000 British and Hollywood actresses. That dress is essentially 1,000 year extension of McCartney’s Illusion dress that people went crazy over during Film Festival time a couple years ago, and Lisa has been seen wearing the other Saskias (from A/w 2012) all over the place. The dress originally only came in black, but allowances were made for buyers to request additional colors. I’ve always liked that dress but it was not appropriate for Kim. Too much side cleavage in comparison to the original vision of how the dress should be worn, and the poor girl had a serious back roll going on.

      The only thing I can say about that dig at Melissa’s knock off and Hochstein (I need to take a longer look at hers) is that at this stage of the game, Kim and her discounted-RTW-McCartney-from last season-which was likely borrowed-and thus returned to the showroom floor from whence it came-after filming the reunion- needs to HUSH. If she was really high up on the television food chain she would have been wearing something from Spring 2013…preferably the current version of that dress for THIS Season which would have been kinder to her “meatier” places. Bless her heart… it was at least a wonderful color on her, though.

      • Missy QP

        Okay, re: the dress debacle. I attended the Black Charity Gala and had the opportunity to interact a bit with several of the RHOM. Having shopped at Saks for my own gown, I admired the Stella McCartney dress in green several times before deciding that one of the ladies would DEF be wearing this amazing dress. And one was from what I could tell. Additionally I like Kim enough I just felt that she sounded somewhat condescending when referring to the other ladies and while I cannot speak to Melissa Gorga, I am pretty sure that Lisa Hochstein can afford the original. Please no haters…just an unloaded comment. I dislike no one.

      • I don’t doubt Lisa can afford Stella. All Kim was saying is that those other dresses were not Stella. Not so much even knockoffs, just different dresses. I believe it was Andy who jumped to that conclusion. :)

  5. gigi

    I thought when she hugged NeNe to say goodbye, that was a clear indication that she wasn’t coming back. No?

  6. I am not a Kim fan, but I don’t dislike her either but I think she’s telling the truth about the other dresses! Melissa Gorga tweeted that she got her dress from Reve Boutique. On their website she and Lisa Hochstein are featured where the store’s clothes…a lot!

    The dress Kim is wearing is Stella McCartney. A search on the designers website shows the exact same shade of green, belt and no slit. I typed in “Stella McCartney” into Reve Boutique’s search engine and found no results… But then again I couldn’t find the actual dress on the site so I’m not 1000% sure.

  7. Kelly

    Kim wanted to bring Brielle to WWHL and she could not because “kids aren’t allowed in the clubhouse”? Hmmm… Dina Manzo was on (last year?) and Lexi, her teenage daughter, was there. She sat in the audience, but Andy had her on camera for a few minutes towards the end of the show – I remember him raving about how much Lexi had grown… is Andy throwing shade at Kim by not allowing Brielle in the clubhouse? I think Kim’s show is light & funny, much better than RHOA. Go Kim. Or producers / writers, ha ha!

    • I am assuming that kids are not allowed in the clubhouse. It’s an adult atmosphere. I am not sure what happened with Brielle, you can watch the show and judge for yourself. It just seemed to me that Brielle wanted to be there and for whatever reason could not. Andy made a big point to say hello to Brielle and that he wishes he could have seen her. I could be misinterpreting that entire thing. I did a million blog posts and moderated a billion comments yesterday in between several real life issues so by 11:30 I wasn’t exactly sharp.

      • Katrina

        Brielle and Ariana have both been at the club house. It was an episode where Kim and Kroy were on the show.

      • Kelly

        You are always sharp, T! Not questioning you, just wondering how Andy truly feels about Kim. He also gave her a hard time about shopping at a junk store – You don’t even know what a junk store is, Kim! But she surprisingly proved him wrong. I love all of the Housewives franchises (yes, even, GASP! MIAMI) and Andy Cohen is my favorite late night tv host. Your blog has the best recaps – how in the world do you post them so quickly?

      • I couldn’t really get a feel for how Andy feels about Kim. I think he is waiting to show his feelings until ratings come out. :)

        And thanks for the compliment. I try to blog while watching. This is why I miss a few things and sometimes get things wrong. :) I’ve found most of the time, my commenters just want to talk about it right after the show so I hurry. :)

  8. MissCane

    The Kandi Factory. zzzzzzzz…

  9. MissCane

    Kim is real. She really works pretty hard at looking good and it’s fun.
    I also feel for because it’s obvious ( to me ) that her mother is not normal and now, that she is a woman of a certain age, she’s losing a competition (that she herself, created) with her child. She’s jealous. It’s an, old old story.
    Normal mothers wouldn’t behave like this. (Ex. Kroy’s mom) When they threw her out it’s because they knew her tricks. Did you notice how Kim’s father seemed used to it all.? Her father made some odd, sexually inappropriate comments to Kim (and Kroy) too. Say, Boundary Issues. So they’re not going to get rid of this woman. She’ll tear Kim down for attention.

  10. delante

    I’m willing to bet Lisa’s financial status is far greater than Kim’s, so if anyone is rocking the knockoff, it’s the WIG.

  11. Kim is usually on point with her clothes and makeup. Maybe Andy didn’t want Brielle there because she inserts herself in adult situations. Kim doesn’t seem to reign her in, so Andy just said “no” to deter any issues.Kim and Dina have different parenting styles and it reflects in their children. I’m not saying one is better, although I prefer Dina’s style.

  12. I don’t think Kim was trying to throw shade on Lisa or Melissa. She was just pointing out that their dresses were not the same dress. Andy may be gay (fine he is. sigh) but he is not the kind of gay that knows women’s designers. He’s like a straight man in that regard. Which means he looks and says oh yeah, it’s a green dress with that see throughy stuff on the side just like…. Kim was trying to be polite in pointing out that they are not the same dress and the other two were not Stella… Andy may have been the first to say knock-off which wasn’t exactly what Kim meant… but technically they are knockoffs.

  13. shellbelle

    Kim is catching a lot of shit for the dress she wore… yes, she could have worn another dress but I thought she looked damn good for just having 2 babies back to back. I think one if the reasons her “back fat” was obvious was because it appeared there was some sort of strap there that was pulling the front of her dress. Was it any worse than Kandi’s black panties showing or Kenya’s ill fitting neckline that looked like my 2 year old trimmed the fabric with blunt scissors?!

  14. Ms1dimple

    Throwing in my two cents, I can’t stand Kim I think she has a lovely family but would rather NOT see her on tv. I think it’s horrible to treat the woman that birthed you the way she did. Maybe I was brought up to honor thy mother and father.. The woman had to pee!! I refuse to watch Kim’s boring storyline. I’m not a fan of Khandi’s either but Kim has shown her lies and shadiness over and over again. I hope she isn’t returning to RHOA if so I can throw that in the bin with RHONJ.

  15. I would say Kim was good last night as you do i your tweet, but I’d say she was entertaining at best. Once again she showed how superficial she can be when Andy asked her about the green dresses that Melissa and Lisa wore. She couldn’t just say they weren’t made by the same designer as hers was, she had to label them as knock-offs, as if designers only make one dress for each of their designs.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^ Not a dude that understands women’s fashion. Not the same designer. It’s like the magazines that show how to get a similar look for less. Kim’s is high end designer, at least one of the other two is the “look for less.” It is offensive to the person who paid thousands for the real thing to have some idiot say, oh look someone else wore the same dress and have it be a Ross Dress For Less copy.

  16. LC

    I have to say I like Kim despite the fact that she is less than truthful on big and little things, on things that don’t even matter and this has cost her a lot of fans. I think her kids are adorable and she genuinely wants to be a good mom. Everyone could tell that she was DONE with doing anything with the RHOA ladies but kept going for the $$$$. I worry for their future if Kroy isn’t able to reign in her spending or if he is just as bad as she. She is definitely a hoarder – who keeps 15+ pregnancy tests, really. Lastly, she looks younger than she use to – better make-up or just happiness hard to say – just saying. Had to shake my head at the irony of being mad at her mom for suing for right to see the girls but being peeved that she didn’t include the boys!

  17. No shade, but how or why did anyone expect Kim to be back on RHOA next season? She quit early on this season and probably broke her contract by doing so. Ratings for “Don’t Be Tardy” were pretty good last year but if they don’t come through for this second season then I would expect to see Bravo let her go. I would be very shocked if her spinoff outlasts Bethenny’s.

    I personally find Kim and her family pretty entertaining. Not enough to fit their show into my schedule and routine like I do with Housewives, but they’re fun. I just have to look past the fact that Kim will lie through her teeth about literally anything and everything.

    Now I would put time aside for Teresa Giudice’s spinoff. Bravo is so late on that one. The Giudice family is too funny to me. Milania could have a show of her own with her doing anything and I would watch.

  18. Ericzku

    I doubt whether Kim will be back on RHOA. She has burned all her bridges with the other women. Although I wouldn’t put it past Nene to fake “make up” with her for the sake of contrived story lines, I don’t think anyone else would want to have anything to do with her…unless next season has several new cast members who Kim can spend the season lying to and alienating.

    I also have a feeling that with a successful spinoff, Kim will feel that she’s “too big” to ne part of a mere ensemble…

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