EXCLUSIVE! Is Phaedra Parks The Next Real Housewife of Atlanta to Head to Divorce Court?


Tamaratattles Exclusive!

Last week I posted what I call a cheat blog. While I do enjoy blogging, there are always slow news days, or days where you just want to read a book and eat gelato and leave the laptop off for a while. On those days, I usually head over to Bravo and pay attention to the housewives blogs and try to make a post where there really isn’t much to say. So now you know my secret!  So last week I slapped up a Phaedra blog that included a few interesting tidbits from her Bravo blog. I got a lot of comments about the term ‘urban’ but there was also a lot of discussion about Phaedra’s marriage.

Most of y’all seemed to think that Apollo had been inappropriate with Kenya (which we will hear more about on Sunday’s reunion finale) and that things might not be so great with regard to Phaedra’s marriage overall. We have always noted things like Phaedra seems to act like someone who is not getting her needs met. There have been the usual rumors of Apollo perhaps having an alternative sexual preference with regard to gender (To be fair in Atlanta pretty much all the husbands have that rumor to some degree. This is a gay city and you are practically assumed gay until proven otherwise here. So I don’t put a lot of stock in that.) There were rumors of infidelity. Separate living quarters. All sorts of things her and there that were never proven. But collectively they do give one pause.

Today one of my commenters, (verneewaggin) has informed me that she saw Apollo in the Bahamas last weekend. She wrote, “Just wanted to say that I saw Apollo this week-end at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Nassau.  No sighting of Phaedra.” Well isn’t that interesting. Phaedra is very pregnant and is unlikely to have boarded a plane for the Bahamas. Although, I did mention that she should not have flown to NYC for the Bravo Upfronts but she did. I also continue to believe rumors around town that Phaedra has taken time off of work to be on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. If I were pregnant late into my birthing years, with a small child and put on bed rest, I would not be happy with my husband going on a gambling trip to Nassau for any reason. I can’t think of a single good reason for him to be going away for the weekend. Can y’all? Do you guy’s think that Phaedra is the next one headed for divorce court?  That would be quite sad raising two small kids alone. I certainly hope that Phaedra’s continued assertions that everything is great at home with her family is true. But do y’all believe it?


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44 responses to “EXCLUSIVE! Is Phaedra Parks The Next Real Housewife of Atlanta to Head to Divorce Court?

  1. lwickedgirl

    If not then this is sad situation but like they say you can’t make a housewife out of a hoe how much can you really do with a pretty thug? If he messes that up good luck to him. She took a chance and she is the real money maker so if it is like that than she should twist up her lip and tell his a** to bounce.

    • isabella j.

      LOL, perfectly said! RICO charges my ass. That man is low down and a gangster, she knew it. He does make pretty babies though!

  2. Tiffany C.

    Did Phaedra know Apollo before he went to prison? I think they were married soon after he got out.

  3. Sounds like this person was spilling late tea that you already talked about here http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2012/12/26/kandi-burruss-and-phaedra-parks-spend-christmas-in-the-bahamas/

    I actually think Phaedra has one of the better housewives marriages.

  4. isabella j.

    Do not care for Phaedra at all.She is shady and always has a new title for what her man does for a living.. remember Repo Man, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert??? She got pregnant, had to marry him and now has her babies and the legitimacy of doing it in wedlock which was what her mama demanded.

  5. Tasha

    Would we really be surprised if he they are divorcing? Anytime someone has to try to hard to convince the public that things are good in their life, it is generally a sign that things are NOT as good as they say.

    I am pregnant now, and sweet baby Jesus knows that if my husband were to go out of the Country while I am expected to deliver anyday there would be some slow singing and flower bringing!

  6. sammiejane

    I do not believe they are headed to divorce court anytime soon. I know when I was pregnant I encouraged my husband to go do things so he needn’t put up with my moodiness (which got worse when I was placed on bed rest). I think it is perfectly healthy for honest relationships to include partners spending time apart… But who the hell am I? Divorced and refusing to marry again!! I find it much cheaper to change the locks then go through divorce proceedings. :/

  7. My mind goes back to the scene in the strip club (I think that was the place) where Apollo was trying to have “smart” conversation with Cynthia and Peter about how much had changed. He didn’t seem happy at all. Weren’t there rumors at the time of his frequenting the clubs for business? Are there reputable business dealings in a strip club?

    • Buck Henry

      Yep, she will be next and it may happen before the next season filming. You as a man don’t go to Nassau in the bahamas by yourself if your married, period. If he was with alot of guys then I can see something like that, but I think he was seeing someone on the side and he hoped to do it outside of the country.

  8. Ms Urethra Franklin

    In my opinion Apollo is only pretty on the outside, and lacks any substance intellectually.

    This season he spoke more, and I made fun of him every time.

    When he talks he reminds me of Damon Wayans character from the “In Living Color” sketch named Oswald Bates; the prison inmate with a vocabulary full of misused words and malapropisms. Only Apollo is being for real….

  9. Lodak

    Regarding fidelity, all bets are off if wifey is on bedrest. Phaedra’s not a prude, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Apollo was on a long leash for the duration of their pregnancy.

  10. The Disher

    I wonder if they will stay together until Phaedra’s lawsuit against Vibe and Angela Stanton is over or if that will play into it. I wouldn’t want to piss off my husband lest he start spilling any beans on me…since he’s already done his time and can’t be punished any further.

  11. Dawn

    I agree, Apollo should be home. You just never know what agreements or disagreements go on inside a couples home.

    I would not be surprised she wanted a second child even if her marriage is on the rocks. Time is passing for her ability to have one, he is the man in her life. If he is or isn’t months from now, she doesn’t need him anyway. The marriage of those two “types” never made sense to me, as time goes on, it appears they are very similar, she is just more educated.

    I never knew Atlanta was a gay city. I am not in the know about a lot. I have known forever about San Fran, Provincetown, and Key West. Guys pick the pretty and expensive places. With 2 male incomes, it is much easer, especially before women got anything even close to fair pay.

    • Merrimack

      Atlanta is gayer than a sequined handbag full of kittens and rainbows. We love it though, everyone contributes to the southern hospitality and spunk!

      Just wish everyone would stop putting on airs and live their lives without false pretenses or fear of judgement. Unfortunately, I get it that there is too much at stake.

  12. Willow

    Ya know, I like Phaedra , I’m sure she has her shady moments, but they all do, Apollo is a nice looking guy, but I’m sure Phaedra knew she wasn’t getting any rocket scientist with him, so even if he has cheated on her, I think he does love her, and she probably knew before her marriage , that he may cheat, and decided to just accept it, as long as it wasn’t done in her circle of friends. That could be the problem, if he’s embarrassed her, by doing something “to close to home” As far as the trip, was he with another girl? He should be home with Phaedra , but she has plenty of money, to hire someone to take care of her while he’s gone, for a week or so. She may be happy to have the time by herself. I think they get along fine, maybe they are a bit unconventional but they have an adorable little boy, having another soon, so we’ll see! Hopefully they will be fine..

    • You know what I agreed, I like Phaedra, none of us are perfect or even has the perfect match person in our lives but it works. Everybody needs to chill until further notice, she and him got it going on.

    • CG

      He loves her alright…loves her $$. I’m sure she doesn’t delight in that.

  13. LakeGirl

    Off topic but still about Apollo. I like to watch a show called Lockup. On one of the episodes(rerun) from 2007 the guys were showing some of the exercises that they do in their cells. I about flipped when I saw the same exercises that Apollo & Phaedra are doing in their video!

  14. NAA

    haha. Nice way to deflect from the FACT that you are Phaedra, Tamara.

  15. Marilyn

    I doubt it. Last summer, in Nashville at a members only club called Citizen, I ran into Apollo and I’m pretty sure the white woman he was snuggled up with and smooching wasn’t Phaedra. Just saying.

  16. Dena

    Maybe Phaedra, Apollo and Brandi should get together. Or is that crossing the “Housewives Lines”? Just saying. Maybe he would like a threesome. Or maybe Phaedra should give him a hall pass.

  17. Lori

    Thay are such a mixmatch. Apollo is out if her league looks wise, and she is out of his in many other areas. I know that Apollo wants someone hotter than old donkey booty Phaedra. I mean come on… she is not very attractive. Especially with all those ugly expressions she makes. Yuck. I dont see him as being really into her and never have. Of course he’s cheating on her! I’ll bet she’s already let him get away with it more than a few times. Probably because he’s hot and her ego couldnt handle others knowing she couldnt keep her hot husband. But how many times until enough is enough. I’ll bet he ends up divorcing her. She will probably pay him off nicely to say it is she who is divorcing him. Thats what I think. I will be shocked if they last more than a couple more years (a year really).

  18. Patricia

    For some reason, I believe Pahedra. Furthermore, if Apollo made the statement, then I really believe him. Think about it – who gives up their meal ticket?

  19. Brillke

    Maybe Apollo is there for a paid gig. Celebrities, yes, Apollo could be considered a celebrity, get paid to show up at parties, casinos, concerts, restaurants, etc… all the time. This could have been scheduled before Phaedra knew she was pregnant and was supposed to be a couple thing.

    Phaedra and Apollo seem to have a pretty solid marriage to me. Maybe They have an open marriage. Maybe Apollo isn’t cheating.

    I like both Apollo and Phaedra and hope the rumors are not true.

  20. Tamar voice

    I don’t know what to say about this. Most times, Apollo appears genuine on the show. He was very up front about his attraction to Kenya, didn’t seem like he went out of his way to hide it, lol. I think if he is cheating on Phaedra or should they end up in divorce, it has more to do with him securing his individuality than with Phaedra’s looks. I don’t think she’s a bad looking woman at all, but she has more bad days than good days. She just needs to learn to style her hair and dress appropriately for her shape. She always looks good in her professional get up (lawyer-look). It’s only when she dresses “down” that she never gets it right.

    We can all see that she is very controlling, and trying very hard to have Apollo fit the mold of a “lawyer’s husband”, but he’s not. If she would just let him be his true self, thug and all (lol), I think they’ll be fine. But she’s all about pomp and circumstance…trying to dress up something that she needs to just leave alone. I’m not blaming her for his devious ways if in fact he is cheating, but she needs to accept her husband for who he is.

  21. worldgirl

    They won’t get divorced. Phaedra needs a husband, a handsome, light-skinned one to make pretty babies and make her a wife and Apollo needs a woman with some money to take care oh him. Having said that, I do believe he cheats and she knows.

  22. cns

    I think that Apollo may have had some indiscretions but I doubt seriously if he is going anywhere unless he’s got another suga momma on standby. Did anyone see Peter Thomas twitter advertising Real husbands of ATL getaway in mid-June with Apollo and Todd? Interesting time frame with a baby coming soon.

  23. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Side note: that kid is spoiled as hell and not in a good way. I’m not sure they ever showed him not crying or having a tantrum of some sort. And this is awful but I’m going to say it, if he didn’t have Phaedra’s mouth he’d really be a cutie…

    OK – go ahead and tear me up ladies but if I can’t say it on TT then I can’t say it anywhere LOL

  24. Iris

    Yes, she did know Apollo for a very long time.

  25. keshia

    Who wouldn’t of married her coming straight out of prison……she has money.

  26. Judy McKenzie

    Kenya is looking better and better! This is shocking!!! Excellent work.

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